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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Angel of Death's Taijutsu Training

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1 Angel of Death's Taijutsu Training on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:18 pm


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It had been a few months since a young girl with dark blue hair graduated from the academy. She had her headband, she had her team, and she had her sensei. However, only on of those three things were actually useful to her. Her teammates we're both boys that liked to fight and argue. There hadn't been a meeting in quite some time. The sensei had decided that the best way for now was to train everyone separately until the boys could mature. Of course, she would be with the two boys more than the "angel child" but there were still times where their sensei wished to teach this young girl. Most could say that she was the favorite but they could also say that she was the most distant.

The name of this young girl was Asami. Her mother was a normal everyday civilian but her father was a shinobi of the Village of Amegakure. He was quite busy most of the time so Asami took training into her own hands. The faster she learned to teach herself The more skilled she could become and she could also become more independent. The girl had one interest and one interest alone. This one interest would be making her parents happy. They wished for her to become strong and we'll know. So, she wished for the very same thing. Listening to others goals and making them her own was all she had ever known. It was actually all she would know for quite some time.

Although Asami wished to train alone, she couldn't simply decline her sensei when the woman asked Asami to train with her. There was always the chance that she could learn something useful and grow stronger. Besides, she was fairly new to the world outside of the academy so she wasn't very experienced, which meant she wasn't very knowledgeable. She needed to learn to teach herself from somewhere so this woman would be the start of Asami's road to self teaching. This woman would be the beginning of Asami's growth and one day she would be repayed for that.

So, that morning Asami had woken up slightly earlier than normal and gotten dressed. Her outfit consisted of a black sun dress, black shorts, her headband that sat on her forehead, her shinobi sandals, and her hair pulled back. She had been told to put up her hair and wear something light. However, she wasn't told why or what they would be doing. She really hadn't been told the definition of light so this outfit was what she chose. The young girl had also been told to eat a good breakfast before she headed out for the day so she would also do that. Then, she would be out the door without a goodbye considering both her parents were busy in their own ways. Asami's father was on a mission and her mother was asleep. The girl wondered what it would be like to sleep like her mother did. She wondered if she would feel more energized if she slept longer or if she would feel the same normal feeling she felt everyday. Asami wondered many things about her mother ad what it would be like to her. These thoughts were always short lived because her mind would be filled with training.

Asami would walk her way to the very location her sensei had told her to meet at. This location would be a rather good sized area with a flat rock surface. It stuck out from the side of a building and was surrounded by railings on 3 sides. It seemed like the perfect place to train. However when Asami arrived, there was nobody arround. This would make her shrug and assume her sensei was late or she was early. So, the girl would walk to the right corner of the area and look out. All she saw were buildings and people. It was the usual except for the fact that it hadn't rained on this day. Asami found it rather odd when it didn't rain considering it did most days but nothing was ever constant.

Asami had been standing in the corner by the railing for a few moments when she heard a noise. It sounded as if someone were running so the girl would of course look over in the direction of the noise. Her eyes would widen as she noticed someone was running straight at her. The person came closer and closer. They were so faster that Asami's eyes almost couldn't see them and her brain almost didn't have time to process properly. What was she supposed to do? Who was this person?

Asami would stare with wide eyes as the figure came closer. 'Come on, move. Do something!' Asami would think to herself. As the figure came about ten feet away, Asami would turn and roll away from the corner. Soon after, she would stand up and turn around as fast as she could. However, there was nobody there. Did they fall? Was it just her imagination? No, they were definitely there and she knew it. If they weren't in front of her then... that's when she heard it again but behind her. More running. However, this time she wasn't going to run away. She was going to do something. She was ready for this challenge.

So, Asami would closer Her eyes and count to five. The running would come closer and closer. Every step echoed in her mind. Until finally, "Five," she would speak in a whisper as she turned her body. The girl would spin around counterclockwise so that she could kick the person running behind her. Asami was very certain her heel would connect with this person's side but it didn't.

Asami now stood on her right foot with her left heel in the right palm of her sensei's hand. The girl stared at her sensei with eyes that showed complete surprise. "Hmm.. that was quite weak child. Anyone that had taken that kick would have simply laughed." Her sensei's words put a frown on the child's face. "Oh child, don't give me that look. This is what I'm here for. This is what you're here for." The woman would let go of Asami's foot so the child could stand properly, which she would. "So, it was just a test huh? What if,I didn't dodge you or attack you?" Asami asked her eyes were now holding no expression. "Then, I would have simply flicked your forehead. What do you take me for? A killer?" The woman was now crossing her arms. "Well, aren't most shinobi?" Asami would ask her face still expressionless. "We aren't so much as killers but survivors. We do what we can to keep our villages safe. We do what we can to keep ourselves safe. We do what we can to keep our friends and,family safe. Anyone who threatens the things important to us deserves punishment." The woman would speak as she gestured to the village, herself, and Asami. "You mean death?" Asami would ask. "Well, there is more to it than just death but most of the time yes." The woman would answer. Asami would continue to look with her face expressionless as she thought through the conversation.

After a while of silence, Asami's sensei would would speak. "Well, if that's all then let us get to work shall we. You have a lot to learn if you wish to get anywhere with your strength." Asami would nod at her sensei as she awaited instructions. However, all she got was a simple, "Ok then, punch my palms," which would make Asami blink. "Do.. what?" "Are you deaf child? Punch my palms... as hard as you can." The woman would stand with her legs about shoulder length apart and her palms facing Asami. "Ok?" Asami would whisper before she drew her hand back and punched the woman's palm as hard as she could. A small popping sound could be heard as well as a small scoff. "Is that all? I didn't say to stop. Continue." So, just as she had been told Asami would continue to punch the palms of her sensei's hands. Each time, a small popping sound could be heard but her sensei said no words. The woman acted as if Asami's hands were pillows and her palms were brick walls. It was as if she felt no pain.

This simple punching exercise would continue for about three hours. Asami's face had turned slightly red and sweat seemed to drip from it. Her sensei stood in the same position and looked the same. It was almost as if she had turned into a statue. Her eyes focused on the young girl as she punched away at the woman's hands. Her eyes were either a dark blue or black. Asami had never been able to pinpoint the color exactly but they seemed to be able to pierce you like a knife. They almost seemed to be able to stare straight through you and see everything: your thoughts, feelings, your deepest fears, your darkest secrets, etc. It was one reason this woman was so good at gathering information. It was one reason why she was well known in the village for making people sing like a canary. This woman was scary at times and Asami liked that.

It had been another thirty minutes since the three hour mark. Asami's arms were getting tired and her breathing was quite heavy. However, her sensei still hadn't moved and still looked exactly the same. "Your punches have become immensely weaker, your breathing is heavy, and you're most likely starting to think what the point in this is." Just like that the woman had broken from her paused state and her time seemed to resume. However, Asami continued to punch away. "Well, this was actually another test to see how long you could last. Both of your teammates lasted about an hour. You are still going, which shows me your determination, your strength, and you will get more from Taijutsu training than the others. It shows me that from the three of you, you will prevail greatly in this field and the others will gain very little. However, it wasn't just a test. It has smoothed your punches and has helped your hand eye coordination. If you haven't been able to tell yet, all of your punches have landed straight in the center of my palms, whereas in the beginning you missed or punched the sides of my hands. Though, they are still weak. You haven't gained any sort of strength from this. Weakness will get you nowhere." Asami would growl at the woman. "You just said you saw my strength. You just said I'd be better than the boys. You just said that I have great accuracy and potential. Then, you tell me I'm weak. Don't ever call me weak. WEAK IS THE ONE THING IM NOT!" Asami would be angered at this point. Her eyes showing it plain and simple and just to make sure her sensei knew Asami would pull her hand back as far as she could. The girl would then bring it foreward and as it connected with the older woman's hand, a loud popping sound could be heard. "Oh. That one stung a little." The woman would say as she shook her right hand out. This would cause Asami to stop and bend over with her jands on her knees. Sweat dripped from the girls face. Although it looked dumb and boring, that test was hard for Asami to have continued for three and a half hours. She was very happy.

The girls sensei would smile at the bent over girl. "You lasted longer, you showed more strength and determination, and you also punched harder than those boys did. I'm proud of you..." At this time, it would begin to rain, causing Asami to look up and smile. The rain felt cold and nice sliding over her hot skin. "Go home, child. Get some rest. I will train with you as often as I can. Today, I still have some important business so I have to go. Until next time, Asami." The woman would say before she body flickered away. Asami would look in front of her where the voice had just come from not but a few moments ago. 'That woman...' Asami would begin to think before she noticed the feeling in her arms. They felt rather weak and almost like mud. Squishy and might even possibly be able to run through your fingers. So, with that note Asami would begin to walk to her home. She couldn't wait to go and relax with her mother.

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2 Re: Angel of Death's Taijutsu Training on Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:59 pm


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It was another rainy day in the Village of Amegakure or "Village of Wet Dogs" if you asked Asami. Well, even if you did ask she might not say that aloud considering she didn't wish to upset anybody. Besides, she didn't speak to many unless she were agreeing with them or obeying them. In which case, she would reply with "Yes ma'am. No ma'am. Yes sir. No sir," the usual. This was one of the largest reasons that Asami was still considered "Angel" to almost everyone. However, this reminded her of the one from the history of the village. It reminded her of the one they used to call "Lady Angel." Asami could never remember her real name but she did know the woman was part of a group of evil people. Though, apparently the woman would come to rule over the village after the man with her had died and attacking the village of Konohagakure. The girl never payed attention to the full history of it but she did sort of like the woman she had learned about. Asami sort of wished that she could be like her but then again she didn't wish to ever go against the village of Amegakure nor did she ever wish to rule over it. She only wished to fulfill her parents goals and wishes. Speaking of goals and wishes, Asami had risen in ranks not too long ago and was looking forward to another promotion.

Asami had become Chunin about a few days after her fourteenth birthday, which was about a year and a half ago. Since then, she had heard many things from the people of the village about her skills and head work. They had taken a great liking to her but they still spoke about her lack of social skills. It wasn't that Asami couldn't be social it was that she chose to be alone. Well, she could never be completely alone considering she always had her team and sensei. However, she tried to keep away from them as much as possible and really had no trouble with it. After the Chunin Exams, which the team was so lucky enough to have taken in Konohagakure, Asami had split off from the team and began to train on her own. Since that time, She hadn't heard anything from anyone and just figured that her whole team had left her to herself, which Asami didn't mind. It would make the fun they had at the Chunin Exams feel like a thing of the past and the relationships they were so close to forming sink back to the way they were before the exams.

Just when Asami might have thought they were gone for good, she received an invite from her sensei for a training session, which she would accept so she could keep her image nice and clean. She wondered what type of training her sensei wished to teach her. Perhaps, Ninjutsu or even that sensory stuff. They had already figured out that the girl had a lack of skill in Genjutsu and Iryo Ninjutsu, which Asami didn't mind much because she found little interest in them. There was also no questioning wether or not the girl had skill in Puppetry because Asami refused to even try. She didn't find it in anyway fun or even the least bit interesting. However, she knew that any,of the ther training she would be doing today wether it be raining or not would get difficult. She also knew that it would get slightly hot so she would dress in her normal training attire. A black dress, black shorts, her black shinobi sandals, her headband, and her hair tied back was all Asami would do to get ready. Her angelif features would cause her to look amazing no matter what she was wearing or how she thought she looked. However, if she had received the memo that her teammates would be joining this training Asami might have worn something a little different. However, Asami wouldn't know of anyone else being there until she arrived.

Asami would remember exactly where the training area was and how it looked. It was surrounded on three sides by railings and the fourth side was attached to a large abandoned building. It seemed like the perfect place to train wether it be raining or dry. Well, it would have been perfect had Asami not walked out onto the large area and seen him standing there. Asami's eyes would blink three times just to make sure she wasn't seeing something wrong but no matter how many times she blinked he didn't disappear. The girl would sigh almost in frustration since she hadn't been informed of the eldest of the team's joining. Asami didn't mind him but he was the one that had formed the strongest relationship with the girl in the Chunin Exams and she just couldn't allow herself to have any distractions. She thought about leaving but just couldn't bring herself to do it. Leaving would be weak and all Asami wanted was to become strong. So, she would stay and bear with the suffering.

The girl would stand by the side of the building as she awaited her sensei hoping that Hiro, the eldest of the team, wouldn't see her. However, nothing ever went as planned, which Asami would realize in this moment. "Hey Asami. Long time no see." Hiro would say as he began to walk towards her. "Oh there are reasons for that." She would mumble almost inaudible. "How you been?" He would ask her with a smile on his face. "Just fine, Hiro." Asami would speak with a blank expression. The boy now 3 feet in front of her. "Oh Asami, don't pull that tough girl act with me. I know that you have a heart somewhere in that she'll of yours." This statement would make Asami glare at him with anger clearly present in her eyes. "Alright Alright. Calm down tiger." Asami would growl as he continued to speak. However, before she said anything Little Nagi, the youngest of the team, would appear. His real name was Nagikami but he had gained the nickname Little Nagi because he was younger and smaller than the other two. However, that didn't mean he was weaker but he was a bit more childish and not as smart. Though, he had matured quite a lot since the Chunin Exams and had grown up to be quite a cutie. He looked to the older two like they were his brother and sister. However, Asami tried not to show any connection with him but she wasn't rude to him either. "Hi Little Nagi." The two older teens would say almost in unison with one sounding more blank than the other. "Uggg I'm not little anymore! At least just call me Nagi." This would make the two older kids look at eachother and again in unison they would speak. "Nope." This would make the younger boy growl. "Oh look at that. We got us a whole family of tigers." Hiro would say before laughing. "Oh shut it, Hiro!" Little Nagi would say as Asami stood with a glare covering her features. The two boys would carry on arguing and picking at eachother as Asami stood and watched.

It had been about an hour and their sensei was nowhere in sight. The boys were being just as they always were. Playing pranks, trying to best eachother, hanging over the railings, and running down the building as fast as they could. "You're going to tire yourselves out before we even start training." Asami would finally say as she looked up from her sitting position. Of course, it was still raining and had been the whole time. The three just went on like it was a normal day with the sun shining bright. "Oh Asami, your such a bore. What's life without a little fun?" Hiro would ask with a grin. "Productive." Asami would simply answer back and then everything would fall silent aside from the rain and the boys breathing of course. Asami would look down as she sat with her knees curled up to her chest. The boys moved to her left to look over the railing And everything seemed peaceful. However, it only lasted a moment as Asami heard a splash. When she looked up, she would notice a speedy figure heading their way. 'Well, about time you showed up." Asami would say with a grin as she stood herself. She would then run in the very direction this figure was coming from, which would cause the boys to turn around. It seemed as if they had no idea what was going on aside from the fact two people were running towards eachother. As the got closer, Asami would grin wide. She knew exactly what she was going to do and how she would take advantage of the surrounding environment. 'Closer, Closer, closer aaaand NOW!' Asami would say in her mind as she dropped into a sliding position. She thought for sure she would get her sensei this time. However, she had slid too soon and the woman simply jumped over her. This would make Asami blink slightly as she slowly slid to a stop. If the ground weren't so slippery she may have been able to stop quicker. Due to this, the girl would stand up and turn around to see her sensei's fist in her face. However, she would simply flick out a finger and poke Asami's head.

"That was a great start but you didn't pay enough attention to your surroundings. You didn't plan for your stop, which means you didn't plan your attack all the way through. You get what that leads to right? " The woman would say. "Yes. Miya sensei. It means death in most cases." Asami would reply to the woman. "Correct. Though, I couldn't help but notice your teammates over there did nothing to help you. So, if something we're to happen to you they would be most at fault. What is the one thing that you all must do?" Everyone would blink and look at eachother as the question came out for the woman's mouth. At that point, Miya would sigh. "You must learn to work together and help eachother. You cannot simply do things on your own your whole life. So, don't say that you can, Asami." The girl would frown as her sensei pointed her out. "There will always be those that can overpower you or someone who is better in a certain field than you, Hiro." The boy would rub the back of his head as the woman spoke to him. "So, you need people that can help you because alone we are nothing but with others we can become something. Isn't that right Nagi?" The youngest boy would grin. "Yes ma'am!" The two older teens would look at the younger boy with slight smiles evident on their faces. "Good now that we have that out of the way. It is time to begin." Miya would begin to speak until she was interrupted by Nagi. "What are we doing today?!" The boy would shout eagerly. "Pacience Nagi." The boy would frown. "Yes Ma'am." The woman would laugh a little. " Today we are going to be doing simply... Taijutsu. However, we will have spars. The reason being you will have times where you must fight alone. There will be times where you must put it all on the line. So, that is what this test is for unlike the first. So, let us get to it shall we. First, will be Nagi and Asami. Then, whoever wins that will face Hiro. Then, me." Everybody's eyes were wide now. "You?" Asami would blink as she asked the question. "Yes. Me." Miya would grin as she looked at Asami, who was also grinning at this moment. "Let's go." Asami said with a look of determination in her eyes. The boys would shrug and agree signalling the beginning of match number one.

Asami and Nagi stood about 20 feet from eachother. "Ok. Remember. This is simply a spar. The rules are Taiutsu only. Aaand... the last one was.. oh yeah. Killing is a no but knocking someone out is not forbidden. So, stay strong, do your best, ad begin when you are ready." The woman would stop speaking soon after saying these words. She sat about 20 feet to the right of Asami but more in the middle of the two. Hiro stood about 20 feet in the other direction near the building but more in the middle of the two. However, Asami payed them No attention. Nagi on the other hand would glance in there directions every minute or so. He was nervous it was easy to tell but Asami wouldn't go hard on him Sure she didn't particularly care for his safety but she wasn't that cold hearted. They had been standing at this distance for quite some time, which would make Asami bored. "Looks like I'll make first move." Asami would mumble almost inaudible. Then, she would take off into a Sprint, which would catch Nagi off guard. He hesitated before he began to run himself. 18,16 10, 8, the feet between the two began to shrink. 6 was the number Asami reached into her small side holster, which was strapped onto her right leg. Then, she slid just as she had done when confronting Miya. However, Nagi still wasn't ready and had been tripped. Asami watched as his body was thrown over her like a rag doll then she would pull out a kunai and dig it into a crack in the surface of the ground. This would cause for a quick stop and make it faster for Asami to jump up and turn around. Nagi was just begining to pick himself up off the ground when Asami jumped on his back and sat on him. Her kunai was now back in her holster and her fist was pointing at the side of the boys head. His eyes were wide and showed a slight bit of fear in them but he mustered up words. "Wow Asami. That was fast." His words were soft but weren't heard over the yelling of Miya. "Asami wins! Now, Hiro and Asami. Tell me when you're ready." Miya would then turn around to lean over and look out from the railing.

Asami would stand up and then reach a hand down to Nagi. "You're really fast Little Nagi. Are you ok? I didn't hurt you did I?" Nagi would grab Asami's hand and stand up. "No. I think I'm ok." He would sort of wince a bit as Asami held onto his hand so she would quickly pull away once he was up. This girl would look at her hand to see blood but it wasn't hers. It was hard to tell because the rain was washing it away. However, she knew what it was. "Hey Nagi. Lemme see your hand." Asami would say as she grabbed for it only to see a scrape across the boys palm. Then, she would grab the other hand to see another scrape across his other palm. "Oh, Little Nagi I'm sorry. I guess I should have been paying more attention to you instead of winning." Asami would say with her eyes glued to the boys hands. "Oh no. It's ok really. I'm a Chunin now. I can't let a few little scrapes get in my way." Nagi would say as he winced again. A bit of blood escaping each time he did so. "I think you need to go see a nurse." Asami would say as Miya approached. "Mmm. Yeah. I can take you. I have to leave now anyway. You two feel free to spar or go home. I have business and I'll take care of Nagi here." The woman would say as she looked between the three. She then began to push Nagi towards the exit. "Well, have fun. Great job today Asami." Miya would say before disappearing. Asami would look at the ground seeing small red puddles where the water and blood had mixed. "Damn it , Asami." She would whisper to herself before feeling a hand on her shoulder.

"He'll be fine. Don't worry out him." Hiro would say trying to reassure the girl. 'Damn it. He's still here too.' Asami would think as she rolled her eyes. "Yeah. I'm not worried." The girl would begin before she was interrupted. "Don't lie to me. I know you better than that, Asami. You were worried I saw it." Hiro would say as he spoke once again. "You know nothing about me!" Asami would begin to shout as she whipped around. "You don't know what I think. You don't know what I feel. You don't know who I am. You think you do but you don't!" The girl would continue to say as she continued to yell. "Woah there. I didn't mean to upset you. If you want you can take it out on me. Right here. Right now. Just swing." Hiro would say before Asami would grin. Her fist immediately would fly at his face but be blocked by both of his arms. Her punches would continue to fly at the boys stomach, face, and side. The boy would begin to back up as Asami kept punching. Asami would follow watching as the boy blocked her punches. It seemed like only second had gone by before Hiro bumped into the railing and got thrown off balance. He would wobble slightly and almost seem like he would fall over before Asami grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her. The boy would the be close enough to her where there was no space. Asami would blink at him as she let go. The girl would then turn away and begin to exit the area.

As Asami exited the abandoned building, she would hear footsteps bounding after her. "Hey. Why don't you let me walk you home?" Hiro would say but Asami wouldn't speak to him. Her face now showing no emotion. "I'll just take that as a yes." It seemed like everything was going to stay quiet until Hiro began to speak again. "You know my parents are going to be concerned about these bruises." Asami would glance at the boy's arms. At this point, he would grin noticing she looked. "I know you care but you just refuse to show it. Why is that?" Asami would continue to look forward And say nothing. "Fine but one day. I will find out. You wait." Hiro would say as he continued to walk beside Asami. The rest of the trip would be silent until Asami reached her home. "Goodbye, my Angel." Hiro would say as Asami rolled her eyes. "Not your Angel. Never will be. Bye Hiro." Asami would say with a blank tone. "Oh you will. You wait." Hiro would say with a grin but Asami would ignore him. Closing the door to her home. This would end her day.

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