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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Sweat and Iron(Training/Private)

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1 Sweat and Iron(Training/Private) on Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:43 am

Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
Wave was walking through the village heading towards his family home. This house had been in his family for many generations and currently it was where his parents lived, and when they died it would be where he lived. Wave got to the house and opened the door to be immediately greeted by his father who said "Hey kiddo! How's the new job treating you?" Wave smiled and said "Its ok I guess dad nothing to special." he said as he sat down on the couch looking at his father who was standing before him. His dad then grabbed a large crate filled with all sorts of weapons, ninja tools, weights, and exercise equipment. He looked to Wave and said "Help me carry this outside so we can start your training." Wave quickly got up so that he could help his father carry the crate. Once the crate was outside they sat it down out in ther backyard and opened it up. They each grabbed a sword and got into a battle ready position. The two of them each took 10 steps back away from each other, and after doing so mentally counted to 3. When they reached 3 the duo began to duel.

Wave attempted to make the first move by going in and attacking first, however his swing was easily blocked by his father's superior skill. After having his first swing blocked Wave would try to attack with a series of consecutive swings all aimed at his fathers chest and arms. All of these swings but one were blocked easily. Wave's father looked at him and said "Put more heart into it boy." Wave then took a leap back that placed him about 10 meters from his dad. Wave then put himself in a defensive stance as he waited for hs dad to come to him.

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2 Re: Sweat and Iron(Training/Private) on Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:00 am

Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
Wave's father Marcellus watched Wave jump back and go to defense, however he was not impressed. As Marcellus charged Wave he threw 3 kunai towards his face. Wave blocked 2 and the third kunai would glide across his cheek and make a shallow cut on his face. Wave was almost tempted to hold his face and wipe the blood away however, just as he wanted to do so his father closed in on him with a wide sweeping arc type swing. Wave used his sword to block the arc's advance however the two were now in a deadlock. Wave looked to his father and said "You quit yet?" and Marcellus laughed and said "Not a chance in hell." This was when the two began to get serious as they both pulled of their black trench coats.

Wave and Marcellus were still sword loked that was until Wave put a nice amount of force behind his blade and pushed as hard as he possibly could. This knocked his father back a foot or two, and set him off balance which was perfect for Wave's next attack. Now that his father was off balanced Wave did a leg sweep to completely knock his father off his feet and send him falling towards the ground.

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3 Re: Sweat and Iron(Training/Private) on Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:52 am

Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
As Marcellus would come falling to the ground so would Wave however, due to the fact that at some point in time Marcellus wrapped Wave's leg up with a very thin yet durable wire. Wave would get pulled off his feet by the force of the wire and they would both hit the ground. They quickly both got up however and were now practically on their hands and knees fighting. After every hit they blocked from the other they would begin to stand up more and more. Once they both were completely up and on their feet they both pulled out a kunai and began to have a knife fight of a sort. All that could be heard was the sound of metal clashing every 3 seconds as the fight got more and more intense. After about a minute the fight got far more intense when they each pulled out a second kunai. The sounds of metal clashing became more and more frequent, until Wave knocked one of the kunai from hs father's hand and the same was done to him by Marcellus.

The father and son were now back down to 1 kunai a piece however this wouldnt be for long as Wave  broke off from his father and made his way 5 meters backwards at the original starting point of the duel, right next to the crate. Once next to the crate he grabbed a 7 foot bo staff before his father could get over to him and replaced his kunai with it. He was now at a advantage over his father, who was still using a singl kunai. Marcellus wanted to get into the box to get another weapon however it didn't appear that was meant to be when he had to play defense to Wave's countless number of staff swings. After about a minute Marcellus realized that both his sword and Wave's were still on the ground from earlier. This would be his salvation as he would grab the two sowrds and use them to fight Wave.

As Marcellus got next to the swords he blocked one last ht from Wave's staff and scooped down to grab them, however when he did that it was game over for him. Wave swung his staff in a horizontal arc that would smack Marcellus right in his jaw. The hit landed and Marcellus admitted defeat as he fell to the ground holding his face a bit. "You could have been more gentle son, you do realize im a old man." Wave laughed a bit as he dropped his staff and went to help his father up. After Marcellus was up and on his feet he looked to Wave and said "Now onto the next part of your training. So lets get to it." Wave looked at his father with slightly narrowed eyes and said "Uhh dd what exactly is the next part of my training? Yu never even told me we would be doing this when you invited me over." Marcellus laughed as Wave said this, however he didnt answer the question he simply walked away.

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4 Re: Sweat and Iron(Training/Private) on Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:52 pm

Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
Marcellus then set up some weights that were a little less than what Wave himself weighed. Marcellus looked to Wave and said "Ok son lift these weights until you get tired and can lift no more." Wave looked at him as if he was confused, as he thought this couldnt be real training however the look his father gave him made him think otherwise. And with that Wave began to deadlift the weights over and over again. It had been about 3 hours and all that could be heard was "1000...1001...1002...1003...1004..." and then the sound of a bang which was the sound of the weights banging against the ground. Wave was now dead tired and he could barely move a muscle. He then collapsed onto the ground and remained there until his father picked him up and carried him back in the house.

The next day Wave woke up in his old bedroom with his father standing other top of him saying "Get up boy time to do more training!" Wave looked lke he wanted to die as he wasnt ready for more training seeing as he was still tired and sore from the day before. However Wave got up and heeded his father's words by beginning to do push ups. For the next hour all Wave did was push ups and after that hour he had done 2,781. His father looked at him almost as if he was slightly disappointed however he then helped Wave get up and said "Ok now you will spend a hour practicing your fighting on this punching bag." Wave sighed in discontempt as he began to takee a fighting pose and began to throw hits at the punching bag. The combo he used was a basic left hook right jab rinse repeat combo. He did this for about thirty minutes until Marcellus yelled out "Change!" which meant he wanted Wave to do a different combo. Wave then changed his combo to a weave left weave right weave back left jab right jab combo. He did this combo for about a hour until again Marcellus yelled for him to change tactics. Wave then began to do a barrage of 5 different jabs and then rest then repeat again. He did this for 2 hours and after that it was time for a new method of training.

Wave and his father now went outside in running gear. Wave's dad had on traditional running gear while Wave himself had the same thing but with an addition of weighted arm and ankle wraps. He wore 4 weights each of which weighed 15 pounds. Wave and his father would then go and run laps around the village meaning Wave had to run with 60 pounds of additional weight on him the whole time. After doing abut 5 laps Wave was getting close to being exhausted even with his parasite increased stamina. After the five laps they took a break in which Marcellus said to Wave "Take all the weights off and lets go for a few more laps." Wave took the weights off before they did some more laps. It was such a relief to get the weights off and when it was time to run, Wave took off like a runaway slave. It seemed like Wave was going five times as fast as he usually did. Him and his father then did 10 more laps and at that point they were both pretty damn tired. Then then returned to the house where they would go and sleep off the long and hard day's work. The next day it was back to the training. Marcellus and Wave went back out into their backyard and started sparring hand to hand. Just like they did with swords just two days prior.

Marcellus had on punching pallets on his hand so that Wave could ht his hand as much as he wanted without hurting him. Wave began to treat his father as if he was a real enemy out on the battlefield. The two swapped blows for about a hour or so and then it was time to trade positions as Wave took the punching pallets from his father and now he would play defense while his father played offense. After about a hour of this they stopped and called it quits for yet another day. Marcellus looked to Wave and said "Im proud of you son now go and get some rest."

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