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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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A Hard Days Work [Closed]

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1 A Hard Days Work [Closed] on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:55 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
That day Grey had been assigned to do various missions that day. They both differed extremely however he wouldn't mind doing them because he would be escorted by his adult brother into the process. After eating cereal and putting his clothes on, he swiftly made his way out the door with Shousha right behind him. While the Kage was technically his sensei at the moment, Grey felt as if the older Uchiha was really his teacher as he was the one who came with him whenever he was out trying to do a mission or training or anything of the sort. The two spent a relatively large amount of time with each other. However, he was happy about this as it despite the fact that he annoyed the hell out of Grey and he wouldn't even call him Grey but rather by the name of "Ukutsushi" he didn;t mind too much because it was him doing it.

So the two made their way to outside of the Academy where the Genin would be. Grey had been assigned a Genin and he would be teaching the Genin a few jutsu, It wasn't too long ago that he himself had been a genin so he didn't mind helping out someone so close in rank to him. Shousha would only be there to assign pointers as well as ridicule the younger brother at his early attempts of teaching. The funny thing was that while this Genin would likely be a novice when it came to most things, he could indeed know more than Grey himself as there were a wide variety of jutsu one could learn without becoming a Chunin. He found himself wondering what the new guy would look like and if he would have a squad. THough the two would be working alone today.

When he arrived, his expectations were a bit incorrect. The boy before him was clearly a Hyuuga, one of the rivals of the Uchiha. Instantly Grey grew angered by the mere site of him despite how nice everything in that day had been prior to that moment. It was not one of those days where everything had a grey tint and you were a bit drab just for living in the world. No, it was one were everything was over saturated and reds were redder and the blues shown bluer, The clouds in the sky were nearly blinding. But that was good because the sun was just peaking behind them. And the fact that a Hyuuga was the ninja assigned to him caused the shade of grey to drop back onto the surface, but only in his eyes. To everyone else it was probably just as great. He looked to his brother suddenly and expected to see the same feeling of disdain in his eyes but only saw a neutral look in the eyes that followed a smile, the appearance of his emotionless brother. He smiled all the time but Grey could tell by the eyes that there was something deep inside him, killing him slowly.

After clearing his throat, he slowly approached the kid who had not yet moved his gaze from what seemed to be a rock over in the corner of where the grass met the trees. Grey looked at the one tree in the middle of the clearing and began to speak after walking towards it and looking back at the boy after opening his mouth. "So, my name is Grey-" all of a sudden he could hear behind him his brother saying "Utsukushi." so that the boy might gain confusion. "My name is Grey." Grey repeated to the boy. "And I'm here to teach you all about Katon Ninjutsu. While my knowledge is limited I can show you a gre-" and again the younger Uchiha was cut off, but this time by the Hyuuga. He spoke with a rather apathetic tone within his voice. "I don't know Ninjutsu nor do I have a desire to learn it. Not even the basics." The eyes of the Uchiha widened as he heard this. He looked at the boy with utter awe.

"You mean you don't even know how to body flicker?"
"Substitution? Grey asked hoping for a change in answer. Obviously he would be disappointed with the answer.
"What don't you understand about I don't know Ninjutsu?" said the yet to be named Hyuuga.
Grey sighed and looked at the boy with a grudging expression. Not only was he Hyuuga but he also had no clue how to muster chakra into ninjutsu. "Scrub." Grey whispered.
"What was that?" The boy said with an angry expression.
"Nothing..." Grey said trying to think of the boys name but to no avail. "What did you say your name was anyways?" Asked the sexy Uchiha.
"My name is Nonu of the Uzumaki clan, main branch, direct descendant of Naruto Uzumaki." The eyes of Grey rolled as he found out the boy belonged to two of his rival clans. The only two in the world and the boy had to belong to both. He had heard of the seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, though he forgot that the man married a Hyuuga. He also had an Uchiha as a best friend. Grey was sure that the man was idolized by many, but not by him. "Alright, lets get this over with and we'll increase your physical strength and speed mister Taijutsu master."

And with that Grey lunged at him with a passion. "Byakugan!" said the boy under his breath. The veins in his eyes bulged out and he dodged the first attack by moving his head slightly to the side and going to jab at Grey's side with two fingers. 'Gentle Fist.' Grey thought to himself. He had never fought it but he had indeed studied it. "Sharingan." He said to himself as his eyes turned red. In heat of the battle he activated his doujutsu. The boy seemed just as surprised as he was by himself. And so a flurry of strikes invisible to many with little perception commenced as the two scrapped. After about ten minutes, the both of them were worn out, but Grey was the one who was still stading.

"You got moxie kid, just not as much as me." He said panting.
"Fine." replied the Genin. "But I will fight you again. Just you wait."


After wearing himself out, Shousha walked alongside Grey as he attempted to catch his breath. "So how was the training?" asked the obviously or not so obviously concerned older brother.
"It was *pant pant* great." He said with a sly grin. That kid was no joke. What made him even sadder was that now he had to go lift heavy objects for some construction workers. At first he was going to do this first thing but the workers had to reschedule. And so he arrived and all of the workers seemed to be dripping sweat at as the hot sun poured down on each and every one of them. The sun had no mercy for those who were willing to do hard labor for the likes of others. Grey would not be the exception this time. For the next few hours he would learn what hard work really was. "
You there! You Uchiha fellow!" An old man sitting at a chair with an umbrella shouted at him. The man was about five feet tall and had a curly white hairdo that sat atop his head with a swirl at the tip. Five wrinkles seperated his hairline from his eyebrows that were covered by a pair of sunglasses. He had a large nose that was a skin tone redder than the rest of his body, proof of the world's saturation that day. A mustahce was on his face as well, just as white as the hair on his head. His lips were what seemed to be the only dry part on his body, the rest was covered in sweat. He wore a tanktop with no shirt over it, exposing his spotted skin and hairy body to its near fullest extent. His shorts were an eerie green color, though it seemed as if they were originally white and went bad after a while. The worst part about this man was that he wore a pair of socks with sandals on top of them.

How he knew Grey was an Uchiha, well he never found out. That wasn't as important as the list of things he was told to do right after the man announced the boy's clan to everyone around them. A few greedy looks were shot at Grey but the crooked stare of Shousha caused them to go right back to work. One man greeted Grey with a smile however, explaining that the old guy was the boss and further clarifying his orders. The man was rather tall and brawny. He had short hair that was pushed up by his head band that was keeping sweat out of his eyes. He had thick eyebrows that came close together but a happy set of expressionless eyes under them, they seemed almost generic. His nose was rather flat but his lips seems just a bit fuller than average. Truly a unique individual. He said his name was Clark. All Grey could really do was take his word. Such a westernized name for someone in the ninja villages. He instructed Grey to pick up steel beams with the rest of the group and Grey listened. The edges of the beams were crazy sharp and at times Grey felt as if he was soon going to drop them. Generally at that time Shousha was there to pick up behind him, helping him wherever he needed it. He wasn't going to let his baby brother fall in front of a bunch of strangers. While he himself was not prideful, he knew Grey's pride would be devastated should something like that happen.

"You gotta admit, these beams are pretty heavy." Said the Macho Man referred to as Clark.
"Nah its cake." Lied the younger Uchiha. He had a smile in his face but it was shaky along with the rest of his body.
"Right. The finest of cakes." Said the older Uchiha. Shousha didn't seem to be shaking at all. In fact he was having zero issues with it whatsoever and it made Grey a bit frustrated.

After moving the beams the group finally made their way to the concrete sacks which were about two hundred pounds each. "Two hundred pounds!?" Grey exclaimed as he looked at the sacks. But he grit his teeth and managed to carry all ten of his assigned sacks. Shousha took care of six while Clark got the other four. Twenty sacks of two hundred made up two tons of pure weight. One ton of which was carried on the back of Grey, not all at once of course. But either way, that was a shit ton of weight, literally!. However, he was happy that at least he got to go home now. He passed out on the way back. Shousha graciously picked him up on his sore back and carried him all the way.

WC: 1886


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