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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Mugen Character Genin PLS APPROVE

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1 Mugen Character Genin PLS APPROVE on Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:10 am

Name: Mugen
Nicknames: Puff Daddy
Gender: I identify as a demisexual panda, but hold male reproductive organs. On all planes except physical, I am a Panda. *Nomnoms on Bamboo*
Age: 16
Clan: Furue, whatever they get I want it? I was given permission I promise.
Village: Kaka-kakcarrotcake. I mean Kirigakure.
Rank: Can I be a D Rank if I make a really low quality application? Does it work like that here?

Height: Like 5'7. I haven't hit Furue puberty yet so I'm still small.
Weight: 2 Talents (120 Minas)
Description: Mugen is not necessarily one of the most attractive individuals in the world, but he is known for his playful kawaiiness. Mugen himself holds the appearance of a little boy. He seems to be much younger than someone would anticipate despite his height and the like. He is not as tall as other people who are like six feet tall, but he's tall enough to make out and figure out a portion of his age if you were smart enough. He has very tan and luscious lips that curl with fine elegance with portraying his signature stare and smile. He his huge blue eyes that shine with iridescence upon his purity and innocence. Black linings circle them, but at times his eyes can be rather dilated, and thus such a line is barely distinguishable.

He has a measly arm span due to his measly height. He is not as scrawny as someone would expect because he is a Ninja and works out a lot. He has a lot of muscle mass that can be noted upon the stripping of his apparel, but why would he ever strip? He's far too pure for such promiscuity. He has masculine eyebrows that do not unite and has a very charming smile whilst his teeth compliment this adoring feature. Their stainless purity is notable upon first glance and is one of the things he likes the most about himself. His apparel is known to change dependent on his mood and situation. As some moods and or situations would call for ninja apparel, but others may ask that he wear formal or informal apparel. This is all dependent on the circumstance. He also has dark blue hair dat can sometimes be confused for black.

Nindo: I believe that one day all girls will serve me wearing nothing but aprons.
Personality Description:

Mugen is a really nice guy who cares a lot about what other people have to say. He's willing to pay a lot of attention to people and be a nice guy to people who are nice in general. Mugen is real cheerful and pure and doesn't think about anything sinful of impure. He doesn't like killing people because he believes that killing people is super impure and the like. Being impure is not as good as being pure so he chooses to indulge in only the best and finest of all forms of spiritual purity. The only time that killing is seemed pure is when Mugen is choosing to deal with those who are impure through his pure means.

Mugen has a strong, but loose sense of what purity is. Purity can come in all different shapes and forms. Small people and big people can be pure and so can black people believe it or not. The person who you are defines you and your level of purity and if you are impure, then are shouldn't be in Mugen's general vicinity. He does not take very well to those who serve impure agendas unless said agenda involves defeating the impure ideology through pure means.

Mugen has a very strong sense of loyalty too. He believes that loyalty shouldn't be held towards a Government, but more so the people who make that Government. Respect and loyalty is a very personal thing to Mugen and because of this he chooses to only respect those he finds pure enough to gain his respect. Mugen will go as far as to break Ninja Code if it involved a rule that had to do with an impure individual whom he did not respect or give loyalty to.


Mugen likes Men because he finds men able to hold a more abundant form of purity in comparison to other sexes.

Mugen likes meat that is not chewy because chewy meat is not meat in its purest form.

Mugen likes his food well-done. Including his fries.

Mugen's favorite part about himself is his pure white teeth cuz it's so white and pure.


Mugen was born in Kirigakure to a family of Furue people who were huge, but his mommy was small and he inherited her genes and has yet to fully evolve into a Furue-like-bodymass. He has a real small frame so he might never become as huge as all the other Furue, but for his build he weighs a lot. He began the academy at a young age because his parents were real stronk and thus he was a natural. He also had his parents training him whilst he grew up she was becoming stronk at home too.

He would join the Academy and join it with flying colors. Going through the test he had to do something he found impure though because one of his teachers wanted him to kill another student in a fight. It appeared to be because of personal reasons, but Mugen has to follow his order because he was training to be a mission. Upon doing so he figured out just how impure such a drastic thing was and went against the impurity of his teacher and struck him to death with his own form of purity.

This was well hidden because it was an internal affair and Mugen was able to graduate from the Academy considering he killed a big-ninja guy as a student and caught him off guard and stuff. Mugen passed and found a new ninja way which involved aprons and women serving him in them, but due to his personality he sought this pure ascension in a fashion that involved slaying off those impure with his form of purity. In hopes that his purity would lead to his ninja way and life goal.
Key Events:

Mugen was forced to do impure things.

Mugen found out that he was too pure to do these things.

Mugen fights impurity back with his own form of purity.

Mugen is a Genin with a world of impurity to purify.
Writing Sample:
Mugen wrote:

~Before it was rebuilt~

It appeared as if many things were finally going in order with the young and hasty Mugen Heikou Uchiha (Nara). His adventures were to be long as they were sorrowful and what else was he to accomplish? Despite the dependent drags of everyday life his paranoia was now just starting to get to a new all time high. Despite his new achievement of releasing a new strand of his mindset he could not truly comprehend what tore him between two different fantasies in his life. Was he an intellectual or was he a god forsaken brute. So many different things running throughout all three Mugen's mind as the original had made quick work of the office which was already being set in stone by various civilians. A beautiful thing it was when Mugen stepped in and began to help to allow the process to go even faster. Mugen was somewhat as an architect since he was able to build various mechanisms, but compensated his skill into the arts of ninja puppetry. He would explain such a thing to the people whom banded together to rebuild their last name of pride.

Mugen understood something Izanagi did not and that is what frustrated Mugen a little. Mugen understood that within the ninja heart there was never such thing as defeat. There is only defeat if you believe that you are defeated and who would dare believe such a thing in a cruel world? Only the weak of heart and the strong survive. Were they to rule the world with a brute force of reconstruct it into a stronger entity. Mugen was weary of the prospering goals and he had hoped that things would begin to get better over time if they had a meeting to see what everybody was truly planing with all the things they had done in the past, present, and future. Mugen would sigh as he helped the civilians build something to his liking as he explained the current situation and the niceness of his ability to be merciful despite it being against the code he was given. He promised them various things if they helped him in his reign and they were bought over with hope. Such a fragile thing a person could put on a table with people full of will power. It was Mugen's triumph card in the creation of a new building and specifically a new office.

Overall Mugen was very surprised at how prideful and full of will these people were. They never let their injuries get to them. They never allowed the death of their family to get to them. They mourned like every human being, but somehow, someway, it only made them stronger. They listened to Mugen because they acknowledged his kind heart in wanting them to become better. Mugen told them stories of his adventures and they listened in awe as they all worked together to rebuilt the one thing that made their village truly theirs in the first place. So Mugen felt very safe with his new brothers and they understood where he was coming from when he said he wanted to be one with them and protect them and nourish them as a village and villagers. Since they respected this specific concept they didn't act that bad to him despite how they longed for his death as he was apart of the destruction of Kumogakure. That was sure enough and Mugen even confirmed that he took part in its destruction, but said that now he only sought to rise it from the ashes, and that's why he was able to change any schematic he didn't like and order everybody around while simultaneously working with them since Mugen was too a hard worker and a cool cat.

Mugen would work hard hours whilst awaiting for everything to get back into high gear. His chakra levels were still rather high and due to his ninja endurance he was able to work while everybody else was resting. It was beautiful how much everybody helped him because if they didn't he wouldn't be able to do what he had wanted to do. By the midway point of building such a beautiful building Mugen crossed out the floor and rooms right under the Office floor which was on the highest floor in the building. This meant that instead of there being an actual floor on that level there was just walls solidifying around a wooden staircase that took you up to the Office Floor. It took you to the room right in front of the office which was layered with a couple more doors for secretaries and such because Mugen wasn't about to do all the paper work himself. So in replacement to this floor Mugen would instead do a series of under thing. He would actually layer trap doors throughout his office to send people to the confinement of the steel layered room with no windows or lighting right below the Raikage Office. Whilst Mugen at the same time took away all the windows in the Raikage Office and made it so there were steel plated walls all around, a steel door, and rough steel flooring. Basically, someone could explode three dozen explosive tags all at once and the room would still be in perfect condition. Someone with chakra enhanced strength could punch the wall and bend it severely, but never shatter or and or break through it due to the adequate strength and thickness behind the material.

Mugen was basically pulling out all the stops to hinder anyone from getting the best of him in his own office. Such a thing would be impossible and the way they built the walls which were also steel plated ensured that the foundation was much stronger than what it used to do and would be able to withstand brute force and many techniques that could cause it to collapse. Basically, he was just reinforcing it so it could withstand any form of tomfoolery. Mugen, while taking a break with the civilians and the people working on building the building itself he saw one of his clones coming in the distance on one of his Cheetahs. Finally the one with the puppets had returned, but where was his puppets? Mugen forgot that he needed to give him some sealing method to put them in, but apparently that wasn't an issue. Mugen would explain ninja techniques to the civilian who knew very little of how things worked with ninja and apparently they were in awe at Mugen's epic ability to clone himself to such an extent. His clone stopped five feet in front of him before vanishing and storing its memories, knowledge, and chakra back into Mugen's body.

Mugen felt very well rested when he finally received his chakra back and somewhat saddened that he had to go through such an emotional time when thinking back to all the things that made him who he is today. He would never forgive Konoha or Kiri for what they had done to so many good people in their selfish and unjustified divine retribution. When Mugen was thinking back to all his feelings from earlier he noticed four black balls on the ground. Yes, he had stored the information of what they were and how they worked. Mugen was delighted to hear that Caesar was truly a mechanical genius and that the new design of his puppets did fit his ominous new persona and apparel. He would store all four of the balls within his pants pockets for safe keeping to ensure nothing would ever happen to them. Apparently they had all their weapons filled out by this time and even their average working great axes. Mugen assured the civilians that his summons meant no harm and would probably be very beneficial when working on higher ground. So Mugen and the civilians continued working to ensure that the Raikage Building will be done being built at least in the next day or two.

Whilst working on the building his other clone came to him whilst riding one of his Cheetahs and using the other in its assimilate all creations sandy form to carry it with him or something. Mugen didn't know and he really didn't care as long as everything was taken care of. When that clone made it close enough to him it did end up poofing and giving him back all the information and chakra he used to conjure it. Everything sure was going rather finely and Mugen, the original, already had three of his cheetahs scouting the outside of the area ready to attempt to kill anything or anybody that came within a 100m radius of Mugen's destination whilst telling him of their arrival 200m in their ascent to his destination. He held three Cheetahs with him and three more in the outskirts of the building ready to attempt to pounce on any hostile creature with swift speed, as fast as they can go, and rip out their necks with one clean sweep of their jaws. They would attempt to do a three man tactical attack if the person that came was of any hostile ground or understanding. One Cheetah would attempt to come from below the ground and rip off their right foot as they would attempt to swallow it whole from the ankle down. Another would attempt to impale it using assimilate all creations blizzard in its steel form and the other would simply be there to counter any of its movements with valid interceptions by attempting to tackle them to the ground so the others could feed.

Everything would be going rather well for the most part and Mugen was working very hard with everybody else to build this building as fast as possible. It would take them a couple days to finish but every day his cheetahs would remain doing the same tactic to ensure no one could fuck with them. It actually only took a specific number of two days after his arrival to finish up the building and make it look like it did before. So many things were changed in the interior if you consider him changing the usual office and the floor below it a drastic change, but the outside remained with its usual look and colorful assertion because it wasn't in Mugen's heart to completely destroy what they were trying to build. He only wanted to make sure he could give enough valid entries and valid points so everything could go well in his favor and no one else's and he wasn't really one to just tear up their ideas. So he simply gave them pointers and tips and made sure they did what they said while at the same time continuing their own sense of free reign over the project.

It was a shame that the previous one was burned because they had lost all the records to the people of the village give or take a couple. However, he would have to rebuild from the bottom up and provide enough understandings to everybody. There was much work to be done and how could Mugen do it all by himself? He was learning much from these people and they were learning from him as the building was restored to its beautiful fine elegance once again in a rather quick and uninterrupted amount of time. Something to not be taken lightly. The passing of these actions all vividly coursing through his head. Mugen could remember every second of how he came to be within his very nice and comfortable chair in such a quiet and enthusiastically mundane room, but he enjoyed it. Dedication allowed for such a thing to take place. All detailing up to its accomplishment.

~After it was rebuilt~

Mugen could recall the enjoyment of the valid accomplishment that brought a smile upon everybody's face. The unanimous painting and its overall completion to its current shine. Such a thing had boosted moral for the citizens that he now ruled and he was given a gift for the information and hope he had given them. A young female walked up to him when he was admiring the beautiful glimmer of the outside as it did not truly reflect that it was made of metal because of the paint, but it held such a glimmer for its reflective properties. Everybody else behind him enjoying a meal he had paid for with his own money. Encouraging everybody to eat at much as they could as he ordered many supplies that were already installed on the inside. He was amazed to see all the people that gave a hand in doing the simple tasks and even the harder ones. These people truly were gifted in their lifestyle, but regardless of that he was given something nobody wore for a long time. A freshly stitched Raikage hat. Not many people wore it and nobody knew where it was due to previous Raikage's standings. So they made Mugen one which he wore with gratitude as he faced the crowd. Applause and appeals. The ones that came to help him were followers as of now and as such the area that was slowing restoring itself was beginning to be coherent in its new found leadership.

Of course there would be bicker of talk and rebellion, but if everything was kept under careful observation with fair rule who would dare do such a thing? It was only a matter of time before the whole village would be considered much more prosperous than it was in the past and that is exactly what Mugen was hoping to do. The creation of the building was laced with many secret things and many things old all together. The area held many rooms and one large staircase going up several floors to make it to the top one which is where the office is located. Everything other than the top two floors were the same. The office was previously stated had no windows and was simply a large metal room. If one was to notice there would be one giant rub all across the floor that seemed to be glued right onto it. A moderately sized 3/4th of the distance away from the door to the wall with a wooden shelf to the right of the room if one was looking to the door from behind the desk. Such a shelf used for storing the information of his shinobi that he had to retrieve as of now.

The best part was the not accessible floor directly beneath the Raikage office floor with a specific room directly under the Raikage Office. The Raikage office itself was pretty big. The room itself could be considered huge with around 5,000 square feet with a rectangular dimension. The sides slightly longer than the front and back if you were to walk in the office or out facing forward. There were small straight lines traced on the rug practically unnoticeable to the human eye. Each one covered an exact area of 250 square feet and were located with a large series of them being the distance in front of the desk. Like, directly in front of the desk and it's not like anyone would have a reason to go to a distance beside his desk anyway. The only other notable piece of furniture having its back to the right wall and and about 15 feet in front of the area where the desk was located. This being to the side and forward and not directly in front of the desk. All of these small almost untraceable lines were schemed up by Mugen when he touched the schematics for the office earlier in the before. These lines held a mechanism that allowed them, due to their close proximity with one another as they covered the whole area in front of said desk and to its sides and just the room area overall, to open at a downwards arc to reveal a trap door that can vary in area consumed based on the weight accumulated on a specific location. Mugen's desk was about seven feet in length and three feet in width. It was wooden with steel plated under the layer of wood. The front was smooth and caressed downwards to not reveal anything behind it. The only thing you could assume was that there was leg space. Being a rather long desk and wholesome desk in the area with the leg space were two bottoms at the edge of the edge under said desk. Mugen could put his thumb on the edge of his desk and reach one of these buttons with an index, ring, and or even middle finger if he wanted to due to how close they were. The bottom that would be to the right worked with the ability to control a series of four depending on the weight of the victim. For every twenty lbs one panel would open below them and others around them to solidify the attempt for them to fall through to the chamber of secrets. There is no line or beam or support beside these openings. They are all conjoined to work as one and that's why these cracks are considered very very small for they layer out throughout the whole thing. Pieces of the rug moved specifically to cover up their existence and make it look normal like any other rug. Anyway, the other button to the left opened every single panel all at once. What was below these panels you ask? Hundreds and Hundreds of spikes. The office itself had its ceiling 35 feet high. So these spikes were naturally very thin and possibly even in the thousands. There was only two or so inches of distance away from the tips as they were each 27 feet tall. There were no spikes in this room under or behind the Raikage Desk. There would be two chairs placed in front of the desk that were each about 40 pounds. They were really heavy chairs and that was an oddity, but they were moderately sized comfortable chairs with large round "feet." Mugen would argue that they were meant to stop them from getting stolen and allowed them to glide freely on the rug for easy movement. Anyway, there was one door directly under the large Raikage Chair right behind the desk as long as the desk and with the width of the desk that it extended forward which was three or so feet. This door was placed right on top of the Raikage chair where it was practically glued to the ground much like the desk and rugs. This "door" would retract opening a small door capable of letting Mugen's body drop on top of a very fun slide. The weight prompting a landing in the room below him in an area away from the spikes so all who came down were in good hands. A door leading to another staircase that took the person down being present in front of them if this method of escape was ever used. It was activated if Mugen stomped his foot hard enough on the area around the chair in at least a 7 foot distance.

~In the Now~

Mugen had taken a liking to the silence this room granted him. It wasn't very unique and it was very bland and he enjoyed it. The vibe that trickled down his spine was one of authority, excellence, and bluntness. His legs tucked into the leg space of his desk was one was over the other. The largeness and comforting fabric of his chair being ever so delightful. His right leg was over his left and his position was tilted to the very right of the desk since that's the side where the buttons were located. His elbows rested diligently upon the wooden top of the beautifully wooden carved desk as his fingered intertwined together whilst forming a bridge for Mugen's chin to rest on as his upper body leaned forward and the chair being at a close proximity. It was able to slide on the square exit tablet it was on and that's how Mugen always got himself comfortable. He was pretty pushed in because he wasn't the biggest lad in the business, but that didn't matter. Now he had time to rest and see who would come to him searching for answers. It was only a matter of time before the duties of taking care of a village truly started rolling and as of now he was only on a spiral to Kageship.

His pets felt much at home in the awkward quiet and they were actually taking the time to sleep. Mugen's eyes glared forward in any attempt to meet eyes with the first person to have through his door. His summons were at home and sleeping, but as soon as that door opened they'd wake up in a fiery. Three were to Mugen's left and three to his right. Cuddled up next to one another in the area conceived behind the Raikage Desk and to the sides of Mugen they would be visible to those who came inside. Their emotions would be that of awe if they were to be awoken so lets hope they didn't because they'd probably be angry. They were fire tired from their earlier workout and helped build the villagers build the office so he had very little leisure time. Mugen enjoyed their company and regardless of such felt that he was somewhat off. Tyrone couldn't really sleep that well to be honest and he remained awake, but cuddled with his cheetah bitches, and remained with his eyes closed so he could at least try to recover energy. He would tell Mugen of any specific person coming in and out of the area and building within a 300m distance and would advise him if anyone was using the stairs to come to the room in front of the office or to the office in general.

Mugen's eyes would be fixated on the door at all times. His main goal in order to see who would miraculously come barging in first and he wanted to establish as much eye contact as possible as in antecedence to anyone coming in he had established a singular hand seal that allowed the shadow of his own body to swerve around the take place right in front of the door. Two shadowy stripes blended in with the dark brown tinted rugs would each take place right in front of the door and move to intercept anybody entering and or stepping inside the office in their tracks as soon as they opened the door. This technique would be used to immobilize the first and foremost guests if they were of different status or hostile accordance and as such blindly stepping into his territory when he knew of their arrival through the use of his summon would render them caught in the attempt to become breathing puppets to his own will and command. It was only an attempt if they were to blindly step into his office for if they were skilled ninja they'd be able to see such a fragile tactic portrayed. Nonetheless it would stop them in their tracks if deemed plausible.

In accordance with him allowing his shadow the ability to loom in front of such an entrance in hopes of capturing the first pray to set foot into the room Mugen also peered forward as he awaited any visitors. It appeared that things were finally coming to an end and he was to start an active duty as being the Raikage. He had retired the black robe gimmick and now wore something flattering to his ninja heritage. Across his chest from his right shoulder down to his left waist there was a strap that held four black balls in place. Under the strap was a black flak jacket that extended down to his mid abdomen whilst under it consisted of flexible black shirting with long tight black sleeves. Mugen wore tight black flexible leggings with his beautifully worn ninja sandals. His black hair could not be seen due to him actually wearing a valid Raikage hat on. His emotionless eyes peering forward as he himself admired his new change in wardrobe. He had hoped that someone of his village would come and talk to him because he was getting awfully lonely and bored whilst his secretaries in the other rooms worked out all the missing ninja records.

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2 Re: Mugen Character Genin PLS APPROVE on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:20 pm

We usually don't approve animals, but u da exception.


[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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