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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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A new side (Taijutsu training closed and done

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1 A new side (Taijutsu training closed and done on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:42 pm


Konoha Jonin
Konoha Jonin
Kuro stood, in front of him the punching bag that he had been pounding away at for the last three hours, his mind a turmoil of dangerous and angry feelings. Kuro was nine, and had just suffered a great dissapointment. A fight that he had istagaited with another two children had gone awry, and the boy whom he was hoping to win had lost, knocked completely unconscious. The child whom had been beaten was one of the best taijutsu trainees, and whom Kuro was pretty sure might have actually been better than he was. The fact that he had been defeated by a another academy student, was not  good thing. So here Kuro was, training hard for taijutsu.

In the 6 years that Kuro had attempted practical taijutsu, the skill had never quite clicked for him. When he was very young, taijutsu seemed to be his favorite thing, there was nothing that he liked more than beating his opponents up and then roasting them with flames. Like an badass Uchia. Unfourtunatley for him, at the time he was not uchia, and if he was it would not matter. No way he was “beating his enemies up” and then “roasting them with flames” Kuro chuckled to himself. Some people were embarrsessed about actions they had made when they were children,  to kUro they brought him no ends of amusment. WHile some people shrank up and went red when their mother started bombarding friends with tales of her offsprings childhood, when someone told stories about Kuro, he laughed to no end, and then told company some more stories. Well, if people where to tell stories about himself, people who would share their experience, that was what he would od with them. He had never been in a situation like that, but he knew if he was, he would probably do something like that, or at the very least, enjoy it.

Kuro cleared his head of the thoughts that assailed him. No he was here to punch a punching bag. Learning from the last time he had came here to learn, he quickly reserved a punching bag, rather than bruising his hands on some log, as he had done last time. Taijtutsu had never really clicked for him. For some people it was there life and joy. For Kuro it usually meant nothing more than hitting someone with your fists. It was just another weapon to be utilised by a skilled shinobi. “Some people find art in this?” Kuro thought to himself, as he hit the punching bag. He had seen people create techniques, ninjutsu, or rather, taijutsu around the practice of hitting someone with your fists. The whole thing just confused him. And he didn’t really have anyone to teach him taijutsu. Well at least anyone competent, people whom were good at taijutsu tended to want to fight you, while Kuro would much rather just punch a bag until he got good at it. His eyes clouded, and he got lost in the rhythmic motions of punching.

Kuro was 30 or so minutes into his session, he had no way of knowing. He was estimating by the size of the pool of sweat that had fell on the ground in front of him. Kuro made up for a lack of refinment in punches, with pure brute force. He gave 100% into every punch, although he had not much in the way talent for the subject of Taijutsu, but he made up for his lack of knowledge by hitting the punching bag really hard. And for him, that was all there was to taijutsu. Kuro was certain that he could be taught, bu he just really did not want to...

Kuro drank some pretty coffee, it’s earthy tast reminding him of the world at the end of the road. It occured to him that his master may know how to help him. The last time he had seen him was when he had requested to be taught the secrets of ninjutsu, and his master had ended up getting him to discover it for himself. B”But with a skill that I am unpracticitsed with, like taijutsu, he should just have some direct advice for me, right?” The opportunity was worth it, but to be honest Kuro was a little scared about going back to the world at the end of road. It was a little creepy how everything dissapeared and was replaced by a strange and swampy land. kuro was not 100% sure if it was real, his master did not seem to be very human, and a few days ago he had realized that when his aquatinces had told him about an old shinobi that was willing to teach him, he had gone to the wrong adress. So they had not known about master Adoy. Out of curiosity, Kuro had gone to meet the learning opportunity that he had missed out on. His shoulder was still a little sore, and as he rubbed it involuntarily, he remembered how it had got that way.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Kuro was knocking on the door of a house that was quite unpleasant looking. It was different from the other houses. all the tiiles on the roof were not the usual kohonagakure red or orange. They were a black, and all the paint was of a similar shade to the tiles. It looked like a really large tombstone to be honest. Present were signs of wealth. By looking through the window Kuro could see  some marble flooring,  but only for an instant. The door burst open so quickly that Kuro was pretty literally blasted back. Although if kuro had been epecting a fight he would have been able to sense the chakra signature of the man who had charged him, this time Kuro was taken at a complete disadvantage, being thrown over the fence and gate that he had opened and walked through only moments prior. Kuro quickly got up, rolling to backwards so as to get as far away from his accoster as possible. after doing thi he would look up to locate his assaultant, and now potentially, opponent. The person whom had did this to him was a male, tall and lanky with dirty black hair that wa of medium length, probably the longest strands reaching the nape of his neck. His clothes were black and his eyes were alight with some ungodly aggression. He charged again, like a mad dog, “assasin!” he yelled as he closed with Kuro, lifting an arm to punch him. The hasty attack wasn’t much of a thrreat to Kuro, whom lifted his own arm to block it. Too late, Kuro realized that it had been a feint. the strange man instead of punching Kuro, put his hand onto the ground and pivoted himself on it, like a cartwheel, using both of his legs to come down and kick him instead.  The sudden change of direction had completely thrown Kuro off, and his lifted his arm to try and counter the blow that was the puch was now useless, the legs came down, and hit Kuro straight in the head, sending him sprawling into the dirt. kuro did not stay there long however, anticipating anaother attack, he rolled to the left, using his feet to pivot himself up,and then swung his leg with the momentum of the roll at the onrushing man. The blow never connected, the old man dodged under the kick, and then utilised and uppercut punch to try and break in Kuro’s jaw presumabley, and Kuro leant backwards, the punch mising by centimeters. Obviously a practionier of Taijutsu, the man spun with the upward momentum of the uppercut, his left leg spinning counter clockwise, smashing into Kuro’s ribs, causing them to splinter. Kuro went flying like a ragdoll into the fence, this time fully collapsing it. from the mouth of the strange man came a whining, like a dogs. Kuro had no idea what that could be, but had to assume it was desperation to attack him, this man really was very strange. The man vaulted over the fence and charged at Kuro again. “Taijutsu again, uggh, I’m realy getting tired of this....” The ain in Kuro’s ribs was pretty bad, but worse was the fact that he was getting beaten up by a man whom was most likely a retiree. “Arghh” Kuro in general did not like fighting, but now he had a little bit of a grudge against this person. It did occur to him to try and reason with the man, and Kuro excused himself for not doing with the thought that if he had attempted to communicate anything, the man would just continue to attack him. This may have well been right, but deep down Kuro knew he didn’t what to sue for peace with this person until he had proven to himself that he could hold his own against a retiree. With Taijutsu at least. Kuro, instead of waiting for the man to ccome to him, charged at his opponent as well. CThe man came in with a low flying kick, his body only a few inches from the ground, and somehow maintained that height for about 3 meters. It was an easy matter of Kuro’s to jump over the kick, but the man quickly pushed his other leg up against the ground, lifting himself up. His leg, one horizontal, was suddenly nearly vertical, his foot at the same plat as Kuro neck. Kuro’s onrushing jump meant htat he could not stop himself from the kick which was delivered straight too his neck, crushing his throat. In the part of Kuro’s mind that wasn’t in agoony he thought to himself “What’s funny is that he may have ended my only hope for survival...” As Kuro fell backward, a rasping noise coming from his neck as he breathed in from the pain. Kuro jumped backwards his body horizontal to prevent attacks of a similar nature to the one he had just suffered, and turned to face his opponent once more.Kuro almost wished he hadn’t his opponent was holding a makeshift weapon, a piece of the fence that Kuro had collaped, a nail sticking out rather pintedley at him. The makeshift weapon was held at full swing, obviously meant to just be a K.O, no longer bothering with fancy martial arts or whatever it was movements. Kuro, however, knew that this was his opporunity. His arm was only at full power to swing in one direction, he had not compensated for a target that was not only moving back, but also to the side. As the man swung, he completely missed, and all of a sudden his balance was off center and Kuro hel, a leg out, as he went to balance himself, and tripped him. The man fell over, about to do a kind of push up get up thin, when Kuro promptly stamped on his head. Crude, but effective. The man fell uncoincous. Kuro briefly considered tying him up and asking him so questions, but decided against it. After all, this man would probablyjust attack him again. So Kuro would just leave him there, and walk off to tend his wounds at the nearest hospital, and then go and practice some taijutsu, becuase after an ass whooping like this one, he felt that he simply needed to get better.

Kuro stopped rubbing his arm, the only place that the nurses at the hospital seemed to have missed. Kuro thought, letting his mind wander and a gamble, when a little green voice, perverted by nothing other than Kuro himself, waylaid his thoughts and molested them viscously “Like you minds’ ass, I do hhhmehemeur” “Master Adyo! of course!” Disregarding the strange way that the thought had come to him Kuro got up and began his walk down to the street with no end, being very careful not to get the wrong one, and end up with the over paranoid sensei that he was supposed to have. I suddenly occurred to Kuro that the people that had suggested that he go to him for guidance might not actually like him very much, and might have advised him to go there as a method of killing him, as disturbing as that may be. Kuro vowed to at some point go and check them out a little further, not get back at them overmuch, just investigate their social life. A small revenge, but one that he would find satisfactory.

Kuro came to the end of the road, and sure enough the city scape was replaced by a swampy terrain and his master’s house was sitting in the, little bits of smoke occasioanly chuffing out of a chimney that Kuro had never really noticed before. Kuro peered in through one of the 2 frameless windows “Sensei Adoy? are you home?” There was a small wheezing gasp, and the little green creature appeared at the window. He had aged terribly again, his body shriveling into a small hairless mass, the only thing covering him were the strange looking robes. He reached out an aged clawed hand, and touched Kuro on his hand. A croaky voice came from his master, whose head was now covered by a hood, curiously Kuro had no way of seeing his face. “A second, you will need to give me.” The old green creature stumbled away, and there was a soft “ahhhh” and a sound like a plunger being pulled. And then suddenly his master came back into view, looking a little younger, around the same age that he had appeared the last time Kuro had seen him. He threw away something that looked suspiciously like a syringe. I just had to question that “uhm, master Adoy, what was that.” Adoy Looked at him an eyebrow raised, some small white transculent hairs suddenly popping out of his brow “Faith” he said simply and then vaulted out of his window. Kuro was still a little curious about what the syringe, if that was what it was, contained. “Master Adoy” Kuro bowed respectfully, and contnued “I have come for training in the art of taijutsu” “Hit people harader, that is you wish hmmm? yes !” The little creature got a little more exicited. And then using a pretty impressive jump for someone of his age, leapt from the ground onto my shoulders, and squeezed the muscle in the bicep. “Hmmm, in dire need of training you are. Finnese and skill, later you must have. Now for pyhiscale ability hmm? Yes!” He then kicke my side with his tiny little feet, I did not realise that he had basically spurs on the end of his feet, and I suddenly knew what a horse might feel like when people make them gallop “Run like the wind, run jump turn when I tell you, the time is nnow, not later. GO!”  He kicked me a second time, and spurred into action, I dashed off. I had to learn to take all the meaning out of Master Adoy’s speech, and then follow it to the letter. He did not like it when I attempted something and then did not do it. Adoy preffered it when I over did what he aksed, rather than under undershoot it. So the best idea was to overshoot. And so Kuro ran and jumped and turned to the best of his ability wenever he was told to. He leapt throughout the jungle, sweating and panting, any time he slowed to point where his speed was no longer “satisfactory” he would recieve a shap jab in the kidneys from his master, who seemed to be enjoying himself at Kuro’s expense, and was being rather blunt, instead of concealing it. “Whaheeee! Giddy up, I meant jump by that by the way.” After about three hours of this treatment, Adoy finally let Kuro have a rest. About five seconds later though, Kuro was woken up from his instateanous sleep, by his master pouring some kind of very meaty stew into his mout, and then with surprising strength, prevented him from spitting it out by holding his jaws shut, until he swallowed the terrible food. Your muscles, damadged they feel, hmmm? Yes!” “Y-yes...” Said Kuro his head flopping to one side nearly falling asleep. “No sleep!” Said Adoy, hitting him in the groin with his staff. Well noow Kuro was definetly going to not get sleep, because the aching was now so bad that tranquilizers would be the only thing that could put him out. The little green creature that Kuro knew as Adoy said, with a strangely malicious smirk “now.. for stamina practice it is huheuheuhe”

Kuro saw everything as upside down. The pain was so bad that it could not be more different than he was not so long ago. The beating he had received at the hands of the crazy guy did not compare at all to the strict and soul killing training regime of his evil little master Adoy. The crazy green midget ettentric was the reason he was upside down right now. And had been for th last hour. On his right leg sat the despicable creature, instructing him about punches and kicks. Apparently Kuro would be allowed to stand up if he could stop master Adoy from being on one of his limbs. Kuro had at first desperatley tried to kick him off to no avail, and now would occasionaly jerk his leg in an attempt to throw him away. Hours more passed, until he finally managed to do it, by distracting him by letting his arms go slack for an instant and as his master fell a tiny bit, kicked his leg to throw Adoy away against a tree. It was a little mean, but it was a good revenge for what the little bastard had done to him.

Kuro’s next task was to defeat his master, with only his legs, they both had their hands tied behind their back. “When ready you feel” said Adoy, pausing for a moment to finish the knot on his own bind. “Attack you can.” Adoy jumped from the ground high up into the trees “you’ve got to be kidding me...” Kuro ran up the trunk, to reach the lofty heights that his master could reach with a single jump. running along a thick branch which was longer that the width from Kuro’s tree to his master tree, Kuro attempted to engage, leaping up into the air to hit Adoy with a spinning kick, while Adoy brought down with a dangerous drop kick. The aged master was incredibly acrobatic and strong, easily able to keep up with the now competent Kuro. But Kuro was slowly getting the upper hand. Using a low blow to trip his master off his feet, and then spinning from that position to hit him again with his other leg, he sent his master  flying to another tree, whereupon he fell limply unto the thickest branch. Kuro knew by now not to be fooled by these playing possum moves, he had once gone to see how his master was after Adoy had “accidently” banged his head against a branch and then collapsed on a similar branch to this one. When Kuro had gone to help him, he had leptt up and kicked him half a dozen times in the face by the time that Kuro had recovered. Kuro sprinted towards him, aiming to kick the little beast hard in the back, his foot coming back, in the same way someone would kick a ball. And then his master jumped up, his bonds untied, and caught Kuro’s foot and showing off his surprising strength once more, threw him into the air, and then ran up the tree, and as he was falling, kicked him again. Kuro was a little outraged, rolling off the branch, and landing on a smaller one, before picking himself up from the embarssement and leaping to an even higher branch. Kuro leered down at his master and shouted at him; “You told me not to try and undo the bonds, and neither would you. You cheated.” His master then sprung up from the thick branch unto and even higher one. “Yes, tell you that, I did. But when a master you are, follow my instructions, you will not.” Kuro respected such reasoning, and was bending his legs to leap up to his master, when... the branch beneath him broke, a clean snap which sent the entire thing tumbling down to the forest floor. All the trees started doing this for little reason, the branchs higher up beginning to snap and fall. His master was completley unperturbed, the little green creature leaping from falling branch to falling branch, descening faster than a fall. Kuro had no time to think about it, he attempted the same maneuver, with perhaps not the same amount of success, but it worked regardless. Kuro ascended saftley, looking to clash with his master for hopefully the last time, thow him off his foothold and let him ge tsmashed by the falling branches.... And then Kuro realised something, no matter how fast he was ascending he was still going ot hit the bottom, looking down, he saw the ground only meters away, suddenly looking up to warn his master, he saw that he was not there, he was now secured saftley to the trunk of one of the branchless trees, leaving Kuro to his fate. Wham.

When Kuro woke up, he was bond still. Something that he was getting rather tired of. “master Adoy!” “Student, over here, I am” Adoy came into Kuro vision Kuro was tied to some kind of ctraption, which look a little like a pulley. The second thing that Kuro noticed was that they were far above the ground. The third that the rop that the pulley had was very short, only a few meters.  The fourth was that master Adoy was holding a knife to that rope. Before I could question him he said “You next task is to get free. You must do this.” I took a better look at my ropes they looked like solid wood wrapped around rope. I estimated from this height, even if I did get free, I would still die from the fall. “You want me to try to survive, that’s what you are telling me?” There was silence for a second berfore master Adoy said “No. There is no try. Only do.” And then he cut the rope, and Kuro fell from the heaven. Kuro wrenched with all my might on the bods, and felt something pull, and looked down to try to see, but quickly closed his eyes. at the speed that Kuro was falling, his eyelids and eyes could hurt from the air whipping past his face. He was also drenched wet. The steamy climate made precipate for mon his face and clothes when he fell through the clouds at the speed he was going. and crunch, with an almighty tug of his arm, he managed to dislodge the bond, so now instead of being like a band, the the bond was more like a blade, lying horizontally, digging into his skin. Kuro realized that he would need to break it to free himself. Kuro then put his hands on his hips, and pushed, and slowly, the interlocking wood and fibres began to come apart, with a loud “crack” and he was free. But still doomed. Using the sensory technique, he looked around for chakra signatures and...
Kuro came too  lying on the road. His sensory jutsu still active. He had escaped, free and survived. cold sweat lined his brow and drenched most of his body, and the ghost of a voice touched his mind “congratulations”

Kuro could not help but feel a little dissapointed. Up until now Adoy hadebeen a kind but firm master, not taking any horsing around, but liking Kuro’s company. today the little oddity had taken on a different, and darker shade. Much like Kuro himself, he had been in a bad mood when he had gone to visit his master. Maybe the place at the end of the road really was all in his head.

Kuro stood up from his sitting position, wiping from his brow the sweat that had collected there so recently. He flexed his arms. Even if the world at the end of the road was just a hallucination, it’s effects where undoubtley real. inexpleicabally, his muscles felt stronger an more tense, and perhaps a little bigger. Kuro had no idea why, he just knew that the vision, or whatever it was, had made a difference on him. But now to see if any of the taijustsu training would really stand up against a real opponent. Kuro walked down the road, and made his way towards the sensei that could have killed him. Standing a little away from the door, Kuro said “Excuse, me I’m an assassin here to see you mr crazy paranoid stupid mad sir?” Kuro did not feel guilty about this misleading comment. If this man were to press charges, he could easily say that he told only the truth, which he had. All shinobi were ultimatley assassins, almost all of the descriptive words he had used for the old man had been true as well. He was old, stupid, mad an dparanoid. The only problem was Kuro calling the man fat, that was not neccasarily true, but Kuro had been in a bit of a hurry. He could just excuse it away as that he hadn’t really seen what he had lookedd like, and that it was a mistake. Almost instantly bursting from the door the moment Kuro finished his speech, the crazy old shinobi appeared “You, you’ve come to finish the job! ARGHH!” and he charged hhim again. This time Kuro charged as well, lifting his leg, he attacked with a massive number of kicks, creating a virtual mirage in fron of him. The crazed man had the sense to try and avoid this, but the moment he begun to look like he was going to dodge to the side, Kuro grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, which had been bending down to prevent himself from being kicked. Kuro then lifted him up into the air with one arm, and drop kicked him, sending him flying into the side of his own house. Not giving up, the man got up again, roared and charged once again. This time Kuro was waiting for him to get close, not letting even a iota of movement be suspicious in his body, leading his opponent to believe that he was not planning what he was planning. Kuro’s intention was to sweep his body underneath the mans outstretched arm, and then use a kick to blast the man off of his feet. It worked, the momentum of the person whom had charged at him carrying him forward, his body now well and truly midair, his legs positioned horiizontally. There was no way for him to save himself from the fall. “Crunch!” the man smashed into what remained of his fence. As stubborn as alaways, the now bleeding man roared again, this time managing a few words “for Kohonagakure” and attacked again. This time he seemed to be utilizing actual taijutsu techniques “Dynamic entry!” as he flew in with a kick, trying to decapitate Kuro with his kick. Kuro ducked and then rolled forwards, so the man passed harmlessly over him. Kuro quickly stood up, already on his feet by the time the man had begun his next attack. The man spun his legs around again and again, yelling something about a whirlwind. It was pretty effective, Kuro could not see an opening, until he realized that the attack/defense was only two dimensional. Kuro jumped into the air, summer salting maybe 3 feet above the spinning attacks of the strange man. Kuro then did something pretty childish. Sticking a hand down, Kuro pulled the man’s rather long hair. Still holding onto the hair of his enemy, but still aware that if the situation arises, he may need to let go. But the situation did not arise, and Kuro held on as his flip was completed. The hair did not break, and Kuro pulled the man off of his feet. Kuro then let his hair go, the mans body was in a lying position, his head up however, positioned at the same height as Kuro’s leg, but his legs lying pretty horizontal to the ground. Kruo let go of his hair, however the mans hand were still holding on. This was not much of a problem. In fact it may have been an advantage. Kuro lept into the air, his left hand remaining in the strange mans vice grip. Kuro performed a back flip, the mans body lifting slightly into the air, and his body lost all it’s traction, he no longer had the strength to pull Kuro down fast enough to prevent what was going to happen. Just before Kuro landed, his hand woul dhave been in a handshake position, extending forward at a downward angle. but Kuro did not land to shake his hand. Using his momentum, Kuro kicked forward, his foot aimed to connect with his enemies chin. It connected, an instant K.O. Kuro leapt back from the limp body, deciding to leave him alone for once. Hopefully, Kuro would never have to return to this place. Or his former master, Adoy’s.
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