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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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A mission of Kuro. (Done)

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1 A mission of Kuro. (Done) on Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:16 am


Konoha Jonin
Konoha Jonin
Mission Name: Hunting down the Criminal
Quantity: Inf.
Type: Normal
Mission Rank: A
Mission Reward: 800 Ryo
Mission Description: Quick get him! He's on the black list! A Specialist in a CS of your choice is on the loose and terrorizing the village. Challenge him to a faceoff to do away with his evil ways!

Kuro woke up. “huhuhuhuhh” Breathing fast and shallow he rolled out of bed, landing on his face on his rice mat floor. “Rghh” He shifted again, now more desperate, and crawled towards his doorway, which he pulled himself up on, ran to his kitchen, his mind in too much disarray to bother too Body flicker. Kuro arrived in hi kitchen, and was tearing open another coffee bag, while simultaneously emptying his coffee strainer and setting the stove alight to boil the water. Kuro poured the coffee beans into the strainer. Now all he had to do was wait. And wait…. A whistling sound filled the room, an Kuro lifted the kettle, and poured the water into his strainer, pulling hard on the knob to extract as much of the heavenly caffeine as possible. Now Kuro could think a bit clearer, as he breathed in his soon to be coffee, he body flickered to his fridge and withdrew some milk. Running back to the strainer, Kuro poured the mixture of coffee out into a mug, Kuro’s left hand then came up and poured the chilled milk into the hot coffee. Kuro back flipped, back to his fridge and grabbed out a frozen box of noodles. Body flickering back to his stove, Kuro withdraw a pot from a small cupboard that was directly underneath the stove. Placing the pan quickly on the stove Kuro turned the gas up to high and lit it. Kuro quickly produced oil from a pantry that was underneath the stove, in the same place as the pot’s. Quickly pouring the highly flammable liquid onto the pot, Kuro used body flicker to go back to his fridge and grabbed out an egg. Smashing the egg swiftly against the table edge as Kuro bent down to grab some seasoning and bacon that he had put in the pantry to defrost last night, Kuro threw the entire lot in there. And drank his coffee. The perfect start to any morning. Are, but of course there was one mix up. in this “perfect morning” “Any time I really start to enjoy myself,” Kuro thought to himself, as he slid onto his bench and sipped his coffee, watching his egg carefully for any signs of possible burning, “something goes wrong. Any second now these wonderful looking eggs are gonna become the hieous mutation of unfertilsed embryo fuel in package malutrition. Ah, but the chicken always would do their job well, and today was no different. The eggs turned out alright in the end. However, Kuro’s suspicous turned out to be correct. And hawk flew in, dropped a small package. When a summon hawk would be used to deliever missions straight to the jonin, usually meant that things were not going down so well somewhere in the village. It was urgent. Kuro, literally inhaled his eggs, almost choking on them, and washed them down with some coffee.  while unwrapping the package that the falcon had left. It read “Master thief Curoindo Bawaze must be stopped on his rampage. Last time he struck, he stole three people and an entire shop. This is paramount to temporary murder, or extreme kidnaping. Kill him.” Kuro sighed to himself. Although these missions seemed so terse \, instructing him to “kill him” A little dramatic for his tastes. Regardless, the seriousness of the situation seemed to have been relayed pretty well, and Kuro immediantly went to set himself up in his gear, ruffling his black hair a little.  Kuro assumed that he had to pull the plug on this guys life because he was simply too dangerous to bring in. He had heard of this guy, something about a super good fuinjutsu specialist, whom sealed the contents of his marks, and then himself, before throwing around hundred of pieces of paper, and sealing himself in one, and then unsealing presumably when the cost was clear. He was dangerous, he could partially seal you, taking your arm off in a single jutsu.... Very dangerous. Kuro would have to watch himself with him.... The thoughts of danger washed over him, and Kuro completed his jounin ensemble, placing a vest over his singlet, and tying his headband around his head, tapping it experimentally with his fork, which had recently been used to take leftover egg from the frying pan, into his mouth. Using weapons was useless against this man, he could seal them as soon as he touched them, or whereabouts. This would probably be a game of ranged attacks. Ah, but the man could probably unseal hostages. This was a difficult situation. Ah well, it was not much good thinking on theory of the fight, Kuro might not be able to get a good idea about what was going on with his opponent, until he actually saw the situation. Or, more dangerously, Kuro may have developed a dangerous assumption about an opponent he ha never met. So before he mutilated his fight with over complex strategies to do with an opponent that he knew less than thirty words about.

Kuro was hidden in a building, not 15 meters away from his quarry, in fact. Luckily, it seemed that sensory was something that he had not practiced very hard on. Kuro Could easily conceal his presence, and the man of whom he was hunting, Kuro was sure was not expecting an attack. He should have known that stealing people and property would soon garner the attention of a village elite like Kuro. And truly a killer Kuro was this day. In his mind a theory about this man’s jutsu, and thoughts of how to end his life. He had settled upon using his Katon ninjutsu. It would be the best bet probably, his ninjutu did not require proximity to the target, hopefull all he would need was to sneak up and then blow some fire. Being in the middle of even the great fireball jutsu, a C rank, could very well be deadly. What Kuro planned to use was a jutsu called “intellegent hard work.” It was a small and rather unimposing fireball, which up explosion, would explode to a massive size and incinerate nearly everything in it’s path. This stratergy should account for his usaul escape technique, which was to throw thousands of little pieces of paper into the air, one of which contained him, and literally blew away, unsealed himself, and then found somewhere to sell the stuff that he had stolen. This was to be the last time. Kuro unfourtunatley had to destory the merchendise and the people whom had been sealed. The way that he could make these cold decisons surprised and scared him a little bit. WEll, he usually did kill the people after stealing them anyway. They were often customers or staff in the shop that he would sell. Fortunatley for Kuro, he did not have to kill the people inside the outlaw. Or rather, the oppotunity to not kill them had presented itself. The outlaw had unsealed them, and was systematically knocking the four of them uncoincous. Kuro, waited until he was finished jabbing each of them in the back of the head before attacking. His main gaol was now no longer to kill the man, it was about saving the people. and to do that, he would have to get down and dirty. Kuro, rushed forward using body flicker, and then kicked the outlaw in the chest. Hard. Sending him flying out of the tin warehouse. Kuro Then uses the pre mentioned Katon technique to ignite the area which he had kicked the man. He needed not be terribley accurate, the katon jutsu would killl the man regardless, unless. Kuro turned around, in time to see the fires die down. There was no sign of a corpse, or even a little bit of charcol. This means bad, Kuro turned to the people whom had been knocked uncoincous, and checked their chakra. it didn’t match up. A middle age man was not whom Kuro thought he was. The criminal had underestimated Kuro, whom knew his jutsu better that the outlaw did. Katon ninjutsu very rarely leaves no evidence when a body is involved. Kuro knew he had to act fast before the outlaw made his next move. Kuro, punched him hard in the face, stunning him momentarily. Had he brought a kunai or other weapons, this would be all he needed to kill him, a quick stab in the heart would sort it. But he had no such weapon, Kuro raised his arm into the sky and used the raiton ninjutsu “Wave of inperation.” This would stun him, and then he could use taijutsu to effect something more... Permanent. All went according to plan, and Kuro started repadtly punching the man in the face, each one hard enough to break bone. Soon he had a red ugly, mess. Not the most nice of way to end someone’s life. But, what worked worked. Kuro Left with what was remaining of the man’s body, to go and collect his reward, after seeing the hostages on their way, and reporting the stolen goods into the lost and found.

1528 wordcount / 1250 for an A rank mission.

+ some 800 ryo

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