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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Medical School(Training/Private/Flashback)

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1 Medical School(Training/Private/Flashback) on Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:05 pm

Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
Lets rewind the clock by three years back to when Wave was sixteen years old. Wave was a smart teen and he was at the top of his class no matter what school it was. However when Wave was sixteen he was currently in medical school. He was just starting out and his class was full of the best medic prospects in all of Sunagakure. The class was thirty five students with more than half being female. This showed that females were more suited for this line of work, and the few males in this line of work were slightly intimidated by the females. However this didn't stand true for Wave he was fully confident in his medical abilities as he had been practicing his whole life to be a medic. On top of that his family specialized in the medical arts, which was taken a step further for him due to his mind parasite.

The parasite was a bug that had been placed in Wave when he was 2 ears old by his parents. The parasites were usually only put into random people and children as test subjects. However the parasites successful host bonding rate had increased so much that they decided to put it into their own son. This is what gave Wave his competitive edge against his peers, however he was also at a slight disadvantage due to him being younger than most of the people in the school but this didn't phase him either. The school was one of the most advanced medical schools in the whole world, and Wave was about to begin his journey.

It was year 1 of Wave's medical school and he along with all the other students in his class were given dorms to live in. Wave was fortunate however seeing as his roommate left the program due to being weak stomached. On their first day the class walked into the mock surgical room and they were greeted by two professors or doctors rather. Both wore white coats however one was fair skinned like Wave and the other was darker skinned like the people of Kumogakure. All of the students sat down in a seat and then the doctors would begin to speak "Hello doctors and doctor's assistants in training I am Dr. Coleman and my partner here is Dr. Sehie." The doctors then paused and the students then began to say "Hello doctors." all in unison. "So I wold like you all to have a guideline of how the course will work. Mind you tis is a 4 year course, however we are aware some of you may finish in 3 and possibly 2 years."

Everyone listened to the doctor's every words however this isnt what anyone came here for. Everyone had come here to learn how to be the best doctor they could be. After a long 45 minutes of talking and going on about common lab safety procedures the two doctors were now ready to start up doing a mock surgery and have the students observe them. All of the students then left the room so that they could change out of their white lab coats and into surgical scrubs and anti germ shoe covers. Once everyone was changed they all went back into the mock surgery room and watched the surgery performed on a special ninja tool for medic ninjas. The toll was a doll capable of copying many different known illness and health problems ninjas could experience and allowed people to gain practice on them.

All the kids began to practice on the doll one at a time. The type of surgery you got was determined by your grade on the entrance exam that was given out when they first entered the program. After a while it was Waave's turn however he wasnt sure he was too ready. Either way he went up there anyway and he began to work on the doll. The first step was to diagnose the problem, which in this case was a blocked chakra pathway. Usually the way to unblock the pathway was to push your chakra into the person in the opposite direction in which the chakra usually flows. Wave did this however it didnt work and that wasnt good seeing as he was being timed. He then attempted to make it flow in the same direction as the doll's however it didnt work either. However he realized a flaw in his technique, it was that the output of his chakra wasnt enough to push the chakra of the doll. After he increased his output it worked and the doll had its pathways cleared.

The two doctor instructors were pleased to see Wave's performance in the surgery. They were sure the young boy could do more sure that he was capable of becoming something much more than the rest of the kids in the program.

WC 815/800
Medical Trained to M3

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Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
It was still year one of Wave's time in medical school however it had been some time since his first day in the class. Wave was now in the top 5 students of the program being ranked number four of 5 which didnt make him very happy but he took it for what it was. This can be assumed because of the fact Wave knew he would make it to the top one day. Today was a new day in class and Wave was determined to do his very best no he wanted to go beyond that he wanted to go 110% and surpass all who were better than him.

Wave put on his scrubs and grabbed his medical tools and went down to the classroom to see what they would be doing today. After about 10 minutes he made it down to the classroom and he was apparently late for class and as a consequence he was marked down 5 points something he could afford to do two hundred times and still graduate in 2 years. However this wasnt important but what was important was the day's lesson. The lesson was precision chakra control, and to be more specifically it was the coveted medical technique known as chakra scalpel.

The chakra scalpel was used to make small inscisons and such inside a person however it made it impossible for the person being operated on to get a infection. Wave was happy to lern this technique as he had studied it and he knew that it was one of the best tools for a surgeon. The doctr instructors got up in front of the class and began to speak. "Ok class so to perform chakra scalpel you must focus the chakra outward, while at the same time limiting your outpt greatly. Also you must contain the chakra to just the area around your hands. So now everone go and help each other practice and we will watch."

Wave began to do exactly as he was instructed in his attempt to do the chakra scalpel, however it was no easy jutsu. He began to manifest the chakra outward and it claded his whole body which was not correct in the slightest. He then focused on pushing the chakra back in and then back out but only around his hands that time. After about 20 minutes of pushing his chakra in and out he finally got it right as the chakra was projected around his hands and his hands only. Now all that was left was to get his output corrected. The key to the chakra scalpel was its low chakra output but, to compensate for that it had a high chakra vibration and rotation rate which gave it its high cutting power. After getting the rotation and vibration down pack in 10 mnutes he tried to use the scalpel on a practice dummy that would turn red if it got infected.

When Wave cut the dummy it didnt turn red around the cut area which meant he was good. He had mastered the ability to use the chakra scalpel. Since Wave had some free time he would now train a technique that he himself had been working on and created. It was a technique that utilized the parasite in his body and their close bond to each other. He would train the parasite to know when he is dead and to trigger a ability upon his death. This ability was something that would take Wave and his parasite a long time to train, and a long time to build a partnership. Wave sometimes felt like his parasite was like a tailed beast seeing as it gave him many many benefits similar to the latter. However he knew that besides that the two were nothing alike at all.

Wave went to his dorm that night and meditated for several hours hoping that maybe just maybe his parasite would speak to him. As he meditated he then heard a voice, a small and faint voice call out to him. "Wave I can hear you. What is it you need my host?" Wave was happy he finally heard his parasite. This was a sign and a good one at that. It was a sign that he could actually build a relationship with the parasite and rely on its help during battle. Wave then began to think to himself which the parasite would hear. *Hey parasite guy thing you can hear me right? Well thats good I just wanted to talk to you because I was hoping that we could be friends.* And so would be the start of something more... something special.

WC 793
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Wave Kiseimu

Wave Kiseimu
Suna Anbu
Suna Anbu
Wave and the parasite began to converse and after long they became friends even though their relationship seemed like that of a jinchuriki and his bjuu, it was nothing like that. The parasite had told Wave that this would be the first and last time he would speak to Wave ever, this saddened the youth however before he caught off their ties he told Wave something. The parasite told Wave that he had complete and utter control of Wave's body and could do anything to alter and help it. Wave knew about the bugs ability of assimilation however what he did not know was tht he could do other things to his body.

This made Wave ask the bug if he could make the medical goo in his body change acid levels. The answer was obviously a yes seeing as the parasite is the one who created the goo. Wave then told the bug that he would make a jutsu tht would send a signal to him so that he would know to watch out for Wave's death. "When you get the signal you are to watch my vitals closely and when you see im dead you are to up the acid content of the goo and destroy my body inside and out. In the future who knows what I may get into, and assimilate into my body but the point is if I die my body need not remain." Wave made sure the bug understood loud and clear and so with that he then began to teach the bug the handseals he would make when he wanted him to start looking for his death. Once he was finished teaching him the handseals that he would need to look for he then tested it to see if the parasite would recognize it when done.

The jutsu was a sure fire success however this was due to the teamwork Wave and the parasite put into making the jutsu, teamwork that they wont have after today due to the fact that the bug didnt want to deal with Wave. The bug then began to test hs ability to boost the acid level of the medical goo and it was successful. All Wave could feel was his body burn up inside and then he saw his skin distigrating on his arm so they stopped it. This wasnt because he didnt respect him or care abut him but because it is against the parasite code. Not many of them were capable of human communication but the few that were, werent allowed to do so as it could be seen as to heavily changing the host's destiny. After the jutsu was learned the bug bid his farewell to Wave forever before cutting their mental tie to each other and telling Wave "Go learn to transfer chakra it will help..."

WC 768/750
Trained Parasite Destruction Technique

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