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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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b ranks alone

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1 b ranks alone on Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:39 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Daniel woke up by 5:30, the rays of the sun was already resting on his eyes and as he removed them, he closed them immediately, he rolled on his bed and fell down , he unzipped his shirt, his trouser , after that he slid them off His body, Daniel went to the bathroom and brushed and took Hus shower, after 6 minutes he was done and cane out with a towel wrapped around him, he dried himself in his bedroom and wore a random attire rather than his usual aattire, he slid an orange shirt with the uzumaki symbol emblazoned on its back and then wore a ¾ trouser, he took his sandals and wore it, after that he took His scroll and a brush and tied them to his back through a rope
The weapons weren't placed tightly so he eventually adjusted them by tighting it , after that he passed through the hallways in the house and jumped on the sofa, he made a perfect jump on the chair that his butt landed on it, his back rested on its back, he yawned and noticed that the morning came swiftly, it was 5:30 and the sun had illuminated everywhere, it didn't even look like there was dawn. After some minutes of sitting there, he went to the kitchen to boil some water, he placed it on the fire and sat Down waiting for it to whistle, after some time, the kettle began to whistle and after that he took it off the fire and offed the fire, he poured the water Into a cup with the steam running out vigorously, as the water poured and the steam came out, one would think that they were running doe their lifes,
After he poured the water into the cup , he went to the fridge and poured some cold milk and beverages inside it, that reminded him of an instance when he mistakenly poured the beverages in His eyes and water began to emanate from His eyes the more he rubbed till an elder told him how to remove it, the elder removed it for him and Daniel chuckled when he remembered how anxious and how nervous he was, he wished that he could go back in time to draw how he cried and would have laughed at himself
After that, he went to the slab and poured the milk in the cup first, after that he poured the beverages, he poured it slowly so that the hotness of the liquid to deteriorate, he drank his tea after pouring the beverages and milk in the hot liquid, and he didn't use ant tea bag cause he preferred beverages to them, he rinsed the cup and went out of the house
Daniel began to draw and paint lots of images that he imagined, this took the attention of many and after some minutes a crowd had been formed and everywhere was noisy, Daniel found it a little hard to concentrate and because of that he had to get out of the place by using the body flicker technique,in just a second he was gone and the people were disappointed and thereafter left for their work places
A jounin that was assigned a mission by the hokage to give any chuunin the mission and complete it with a new citizen that had just been given the chuunin. He had a scroll held with his hands that contains the contents of the mission, he experienced Daniel drawing and used the body flicker technique, he knew that he was a ninja but wasn't sure if he was a chuunin, he sensed Daniel and appeared in front of Daniel as he saw Daniel editing his previous works, he introduced hinseld and the reason why he followed him to his current spot, he complemented Daniel for his gift in painting and drawing and asked Daniel if he was a chuunin, Daniel answered His question by telling him yes and after hearing that, the jounin sighed, as he had been looking for a chuunin since the previous day, the jounin handed him a scroll and told him he contents in it and thanked Daniel for accepting it, the mission read Mission Name: Heavy Lifting
Type: Normal
Mission Rank: B
Mission Reward: 600 Ryo
Mission Description: The architects of the village need a strong guy to assist in their building. Due to your physical prowess, you have been assigned to complete this task. You will be lifting many heavy objects to help them with their production.
he was told at the end of the scroll that a taijutsu adept would join him to make it more easier
Daniel packed his things with a happy expression cause he is always delighted to get more money, he tied them to his backand went to the construction sites, he met a boy with the konoha headband there and assumed that he would be the one he was looking for, he approached him and said" are you the chuunin told to complete this mission with me", the chuunin said "no your'e the oneone assigned to do it with me, whatevs, am a chuunin though, ive been waiting here for some days now, let's start immediately"
Daniel wondered whether he bathed and brushed or just stood there for the days he had no partner to attempt the mission with, but he concluded that he atleast left the place to take care of his body since he doesnt have bad breath nor body odour, Daniel followed him and bought some ramen in a nearby shop and then proceeded to start his job with the unknown chuunin, the chuunin carried the objects with little difficulty but Daniel carried it with more difficulty, he was Two ranks below a taijutsu adept ninja(I2 is two ranks below A1) after an hour, Daniel's hand was almost done for and he was panting but the chuunin had help carry the rest, the chuunin healed his hands and Daniel was surprised that he was a medic ninja, he gave him some drugs to give him energy and the chuunin disappeared
After some minutes of laying on the floor panting, the drugs began to work. And was able to stand up with ease, not long after the chuunin came back and handed Daniel His pay, Daniel thanked him and rested on a chair for 40 minutes, after that , his body worked perfectly fine once again


Mission details:Mission Name: Heavy Lifting
Quantity: Inf.
Type: Normal
Mission Rank: B
Mission Reward: 600 Ryo
Mission Description: The architects of the village need a strong guy to assist in their building. Due to your physical prowess, you have been assigned to complete this task. You will be lifting many heavy objects to help them with their production. Taijutsu Adept required to do this mission.

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