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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Angel of Death's Fuinjutsu Training

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1 Angel of Death's Fuinjutsu Training on Sat Jan 31, 2015 4:02 pm


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Akatsuki Member
Asami woke up early as she did every morning. On this morning, Asami was particularly nervous though. The reason being the girl would be training with her father today. He wished to teach her Fuinjutsu and she was told it would take a large portion of the day. She was told that although it seemed easy, it would be rather difficult. She was told that she had better be ready by the time her father had. So, Asami would be up early and hoping that she was ready in time. The girl was afraid of what might happen if she wasn't.

Asami's father had undergone something that he refused to speak about and everyone else did just the same. Something had happened to him to cause him to become mentally unstable. Something had caused him to think that everyone should obey and do as he says. He began to believe that anyone who breaks the rules or doesn't obey what they are told deserves punishment. So, everyone tried to stay on his good side and keep him happy. They all tried to do everything they were told and not screw up in his presence. They all became scared of him. Many of them were not scared of him, however they were scared for his family. Asami was of the few that were scared for both of those reasons. The girl was scared of the man her father had become and was scared for her mother. They would have to endure it though because they were stuck where they were.

So, Asami got ready as quickly as possible. Her outfit for the day would consist of black pants and a short sleeved black shirt. She wore her headband on her forehead and put her hair up in a ponytail. This is exactly how her father believed she should dress. He believed that wearing anything different would be a complete distraction to others and/or herself. He believed that the headband should be exactly where it was designed to be placed and nowhere else. He believed that hair longer than a person's shoulders should be placed up so it doesn't get in the way. He believed that the shining sandals should be worn whenever a shinobi was doing something pertaining to their job. The last thing the girl had to do was eat and she would be completely ready for her day. So, she would exit her room to do just that.

Asami ate a quick breakfast and hurried out to the backyard. She didn't see anyone so she would wait. It seemed Asami had made it to training before her father and wouldn't be punished for lateness. That would take a huge weight off her shoulders, until she heard his voice. The voice seemed to cut straight threw her like a jagged knife. It seemed to stir up her brain like it was being cooked over a fire. "Good morning, Angel." The words were sweet but the person behind them was anything but. "Good morning, Father." Asami would speak with a smile as she turned to meet her father's eyes. The looked soft but deep down Asami knew the coldness they could surface. She would just have to last the training then he would most likely be gone again.

The backyard was quite large being about 40 feet by 40 feet. There was a small pond in the farthest right corner and a large tree in the left corner. Smack dab in the middle was a good sized fountain that only ran water when it rained. Around the circular fountain, was a large, flat, square slab of stone. Connecting the back of the home to the fountain, were circular stepping stones. How their backyard could stay so nice with all the rain Asami didn't know. Maybe it was because, like today, it didn't always rain. It was just her little theory though. Really, she didn't think much about it because the only time she was in the back was when she was training alone or with her father, who kept her on edge.

"Are you ready, Angel?" The man's word slicing through her like she was butter. " Yes, Father." The girl would say with a smile. The man would return the smile and walk across the stepping stones with the young Terumi following not to far behind. He would pull a few scrolls and some writing utensils from a small bag he carried. All Asami could do was stare as the man sat down on the stone slab, which the fountain sat on. "Come now, Angel. Sit with me." The girl would listen to the man's words exactly as he said them and do exactly as he told her to do. The girl would move next to him and sit down directly beside him. As she did so, he would begin to draw something. "Angel, can you tell me what this is?" Asami's eyes would widen as she looked at the scroll. She would blink and start to get nervous. She really didn't exactly know what it was but considering the training was Fuinjutsu the girl would guess. "Is it... a seal of some sort?" The girl would ask as she stared at the scroll. "That's correct, Angel." The man would say and the girl would smile.

The man began to draw more seals on one of the scrolls. He described every one of them to Asami and told them exactly what they do. He told Asami of the Uzumaki clan, who specialize in this Fuinjutsu. He told Asami if certain types of Fuinjutsu that she should never use. He told Asami of the types of Fuinjutsu he used on some of his missions and he told her how to draw them. So, father he had explained everything to her he gave her a writing utensil and a scroll. "Now, Angel, take these seals, which I have drawn, and copy them onto your own scroll." Asami would nod her head and begin to draw. The first one didn't look completely right, which would cause the girl to get a bit nervous, but the rest looked normal. Asami's father would look over the seals and nod. "I want you to do them all again. You will continue to do so until they all look better than... that." The man would say as he pointed at Asami's scroll. This would make the girl frown. "You're not getting angry with me are you?" The man would say as he locked his eyes on the young Terumi's face. This would make her get slightly nervous and she would smile. "Oh. Of course not. I was just upset by how I have done. I will definitely do better, Father. " The girl would say with a smile still on her face. The man would respond with, "Oh I see. Don't worry. I know you will, Angel." Then turn away to grab more supplies. The girl would almost seemed to melt as he looked away but quickly perk up as he turned back.

"Now, Angel, continue to draw these seals until they are just as mine are. When you believe you are ready, call for me and I will take a look at them." The man would speak as he handed Asami three scrolls. How would she get them exactly the same with three scrolls? No matter, she would have to do it somehow....
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