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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Konohagakure Info Card

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1 Konohagakure Info Card on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:55 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

Village Name: Konohagakure no Sato
Village Leader: None
Village Location: Land of Fire
Village Description: Konohagakure was the first of the five major villages to be established, leading to the advancement of its own production. Therefore it has been around the longest and serves as the largest of all of the villages. They are evenly affected by the seasons as they have a mild climate. There are a rather large amount of shops in the village as well as its going for a more modern feel. At the northernmost part of the village a large rock sits with the faces of the first seven hokage's etched into it. As the rocks ran out of room a museum of Kage's was opened instead.

Village Upgrades
Weapon Shop Level: 3
Armor Shop Level: 3
Item Shop Level: 3
Ability Shop level: 3
Wall Level:
Barracks Level:
Transportation Level: 0

Ryo: 2,500 Ryo
Population: 500
Deaths last season: 0
Number of PC's: 12
Number of Leader Shares: 7
Number of Jounin Shares: 5
Number of Chuunin Shares: 3
Number of Genin Shares: 1

Additional Defenses


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