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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Dray Yuki[DONE]

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1Dray Yuki[DONE] Empty Dray Yuki[DONE] on Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:05 am


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu

General Info
Name: Dray Yuki
Nicknames: Ice
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Clan: Yuki
Village: Kumogakure
Rank: Anbu
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112lbs
Dray Yuki[DONE] Img_2011Dray Yuki[DONE] ?di=414175671220
Description: Dray is a young man with extreme beauty. He has a face like one carved by angels though no one except his parents have truly seen his full face as he always covers his mouth and nose. Pretty small for his age, senses, ability, intelligence and rank. His hair is mostly black with a beautiful patch of white and two grand locks of white hair lying downward.. Ice as he loves to call himself is clearly fair in complexion. He has nice soft skin that gleams in the sun and could also make a lady want him every second. He has beautiful pure white eyes with dark blue iris that glow in the dark. While he was still at the academy, dray wears blue shinobi shorts and blue vest but after ranking on to chunin, he began wearing a version of his own ninja attire consisting of a blue head band, a black clothing covering his nose and mouth,a  light blue/ dark jacket, with a blue inner vest. He also wears bandages on both arms and leather gloves on both palms. He wears blue shinobi pants with a large piece of white clothing held by a blue band on his right thigh and he wears blue open toe sandals. When he joined the anbu after accepting the raikage's proposal, dray was given the standard anbu armour or preferrably, attire. Consisting of a wolf mask, armour to cover his upper torso, another piece to cover his knee
to toe, another piece to cover a fragment of his hands...but dray still maintained the bandages wrapped around his arms and leather gloves too... On days when he is not anbu, he still puts on his usual version of his shinobi armour as stated earlier above.
Nindo: My limit is yet to be met..
Personality Description: Dray is a fun loving person. Always trying to make those around him feel happy. He plays cool but his pretty funny when he talks. He knows the time to be serious and the time to be funny. He loves guys the way he loves girls but as a know what I mean. He spend quality time training his abilities till there is nothing to train anymore. He loves his comrades as much as himself and regards everyone as his familiy except those who behave irrationaly...  Draygglez is an execellent man of
principle and philosopy. He believes that there is no loss in losing, afterall, you will learn something from loss itself. To him,he believes that since he could fend,cater and provide for himself after his parents and sister were brutally killed in a hostile war at a very tender age, then, he was absolutely sure and courageous that he could definitely find his way
through life itself. Draygglez is a man of nature. He loves being in contact with mother nature and would sanction anybody that tries to hurt any creation of
nature regarding the smallest of ants even if it means employing drastic and harzadious methods to stop the intruder. One of his greatest philosophies is 'never
giving up'. He says this every morning to remind himself that he is a man of goal,a man of fufilment, a man of achievement and a man of acknowledgement. To him, all this things can't be achieved if he gives
up. If he gives up,then his father's death would have been in vain. His mother's death would have been for nothing and finally, his younger sister's blood would
be on his head. That's why he is solely bent on making the best out of himself even if it means training all day and all night. Even if it means learning to control his appetite,his mode of sleep, his inner Draygglez and finally, gaining all the knowledge in the world. Other people wonder how a mere human, a mere orphan can gain all the knowledge in the world. But, he made them undastand that when he sets his mind on a track and when he listens to all instructions and learn from both the strong, the weak, the poor, the rich, the wise, the stupid, then, he might actually gain all the knowledge in the world since no knowledge is lost.
"I am a product of nature". For this reason, I must acknowledge nature says Draygglez to himself and whoever cares to listen. His affection for nature is
immeasurrable and can be hardly seprated just as salt water can be hardly seprated from the whole beach.
Draygglez, being a member of the Yuki clan has given little reason to why he loves the water so much.
As said earlier, As much as he likes being in the
Water, he also likes being with his friends since they are the only family he has left. He hates it when people mess with his friends. For this reason,he does everything to protect them even if it means giving up his life for them and for this common attitude of his, Draygglez has gained quite a recognition in the
village.When his parents died, he felt like he lost a part of himself and that he was not fit enough to protect them. So when he was offered a chance in the anbu by the raikage, he gladly accepted with the hope of getting stronger to protect his village and comrades. Though, joining the anbu tried to make him take the cold and dark path but in every dark part, there's always a light no matter how small and in every cold situation, warmth is always present...
Favorites: Dray likes training a lot, sparring with others, building his ability, eating, and mostly, having sometime to himself.. During missions, he likes doing it discreetly as expected of anbu members and he doesn't take failure as an option.
History: THE BIRTH:
Draygglez was born into a small family of the Yuki clan that lived on the outskirts of the village close to large,thick and abundant forests. He was born on the afternoon of the day. After hours of labour,he came through. The moment he was born, the sun began to shine very brightly and the rain poured down really hard as never before. To everybody present at his birth, they were all very aware that Draygglez was no ordinary child. He was  a child destined for greatness, success, honour and all other great things of life. As he grew older, he gained knowledge, every minute, he was sharp, bright, agile intelligent and more thrifty than the other children his age. He was always in the water side learning new things about nature,playing with the creatures and as he began to undastand nature,he undastood the world.
It happened on a sunny afternoon. Draygglez was resting in the shade of a tree. Eating fresh fruits like apples, mangoes, oranges and bananas which mother nature had given him. He began to dose off when he heard the whining of a lady in the forest. He was puzzled that what could a girl be doing all by herself in the forest. He hurried over. Hopped on trees, ran on foot and he finally got there. The litlle girl about his age was terrified about the spider crawling toward her. Draygglez looked dumbfounded. "How could she be scared of a spider"? He took away the spider and comforted the girl. She said her name was Aimi and they both introduced eachother and since then, they built a friendship bond with eachother.
As Dray through life, he learnt to depend solely on himself and believing that he had no limits yet.
It was on this fateful day that dray almost lost all hope.. He was woken up by his younger sister after he had undergone training all night. He jumped up consciously as he prepared to leave the house for training. His mother called to him but he wouldn't listen until his father spoke a word that stopped him in his tracks. Quickly consuming his food, dray headed to the nearby forest where there was water in abundance. His younger sister nagged to follow him but dray wouldn't allow her to. Running through the village swiftly, and bumping into many villagers, dray finally reached the southern forest. He heaved a sigh of relief as the forest seemed rather empty except for the chirping, tweeting and different sounds of animals that filled the forest and water splashes from fishes too. He had trained all night, true but he was not worn out a bit.. He commenced as he warmed up by performing hand stands which he counted. He did about twenty of them before going down to perform about twenty five push ups. He hoped unto a strong tree branch for fifteen pull ups before getting into real training as he pulled out both of his wooden swords and began fighting imaginary figures. He gripped firmly at his swords building up his wrist muscles as he took a fencing posture, thereby exercising his thigh... Once he got a chance to defend an attack with the sword in his right, he quickly launched a strike with his left. Dray was beginning to like it but he was being conscious as his village was at war so, he had to be careful... He continued training, building up his skills and abilities to become one of the village's greatest ninja and make his parents proud some day as he was able to push himself forward with such thought... As dray was about to leave the forest, he sheathed his swords as he saw birds flying away from the direction of the main village. What was happening? There was surely something going on... Dray left the forest and began racing down home....As he continued running through the forest, the atmosphere grew extremely cold and silent... The birds had stopped flying as earlier and the very tense environment had now become still. Dray landed unto the streets of the main village as he saw people sobbing silently, shinobis lying injured on the floor, injured, medic nins patrolling the area and other higher shinobis pacing the area consciously... What the hell had happend was the question that filled dray's head... He heard a shinobi mumble to the other...while we had mustered our men to the front gates hoping that they would attack head on, they tricked us by sending in elite ninjas from the shadows and now, see what this has cost, shinobis, comrades, friends, he fell to the floor in grief.... Hearing this little but relevant piece of information, dray raced down to his home. The thoughts of his father, his mother, his sister, randomly moving in his head. A part of him was rest assured that they were safe because his father was no ordinary man when it came to skills in bukijutsu but another part of him was still restless...
As dray got to the frontage of his home, he opened the door to emptiness. He could not find anything but his eyes quickly caught someone with a mask flying out the he had a faint voice coming from a dark corner of the room.. He recognized it to be his father's blood and quickly moved over to him. Upon getting closer to him, dray felt a thick liquid under his foot even though he was wearing a pair of sandals. He managed to look down as he saw thick pure red blood flowing around him as he traced it into the corner of the room where the voice from earlier had come from. With eyes wide open, dray could see his mother and younger sister lying in the arms of his half dead father... Dray was short of words...he opened his mouth to speak but no words proceeded forth... His father saved him the trouble and explained that a group of elite ninjas stormed the village and did this...probably to other families too... With last words of encouragement and some presentations to dray, his father gave up the ghost... Understanding what had just happened, his father dead, his mother dead, his younger sister dead, It all felt like it was his fault.. If he had stayed home like his mother had wanted, things could have changed or he could have died with them... If he had allowed his younger sister with him to the forest, her life could have been saved... With all these guilt swarming in his head, dray vowed to never let his comrades die cos of him
Key Events: THE CHUNIN EXAMS: After Dray had successfully graduated from the ninja academy with outstanding results. Even though he was now a full genin, his parents died. He felt sad, he felt grieve. The ability of not being able to protect them but that did not change him negatively. He did not stop there. The thought of not being strong enough was always ringing in his head. He went on training his abilities till he was called upon for the chunin exams.
He applied for the exams. The first round was pretty tough for him as he could not concentrate well enough due to his parent's death but he made it to the last round. His skill against a puppeteer in the last round so much impressed the kage of his village that after he was promoted to chunin, the kage seperately called him and asked him to join the anbu. Seeing the chance he wanted, he gladly accepted the offer.
THE ANBU: life in the anbu was not fair at first as most older members were taunting him about his age but he was well aware that his abilities were extraordinary... As he went on missions and completed them successfully, he felt himself evolve into a new being. More stronger than he was though he still had to deal with killing people. He loved the anbu and the will to protect his village and everything in it.

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2Dray Yuki[DONE] Empty Re: Dray Yuki[DONE] on Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:49 am


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu


"Admit it Guest, I am a god"
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3Dray Yuki[DONE] Empty Re: Dray Yuki[DONE] on Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:01 am

Add more to the appearance, personality and history, ANBU should have at least 1.5k words for history, and appearance / personality at least 500.


[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu


"Admit it Guest, I am a god"
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5Dray Yuki[DONE] Empty Re: Dray Yuki[DONE] on Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:46 am

Dray Yuki[DONE] 1jxXaNm


[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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