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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Two assburgers with one chode, please [Closed; Training]

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On a sunday afternoon in the wild west known as Konohagakure which is actually not a wild- west a title claimed by some random mumbo jumbo village who enjoys hiding itself in the sand bla bla Sunagakure we all know and love (hate - there really isn't someone in Speers logical mind who would enjoy the weather of Sunagakure anywhere other than the beach with sand and sea and shit you know). When he thinks of Sunagakure the first thing that pops up in his mind is ebola. And various other horrible- ill diseases brought up by mind kind from baboons and fecal matter. Sunagakure seemed too strange, they had running cacti. They were born in the light, molded by it. They didn't see the dark until they were grown up. Or some shit. Too deep for me stuff which too philosophical to understand is seemingly popular in the culture of the nations.  

Spook was a man that was born in cynicism. He didn't like no shits and no fucks. Throughout his entire day there were things that bothered him. But these things have bothered him so much that he doesn't get fazed by most of the things that he bothers himself with, as example autism. He doesn't pay attention to it- whenever he can. Which is rare, because it's an elephant in the room when someone has autism. After Spook got out of his bed he jump boobaloo mumbo jumbo filler words got to his closet put on his clothing, shaved his pistachio nuts because they are delicious fruits of the nature. got dressed and left his home. There were no particular assignments he had to be present for today thus he took it for himself to do the basic stuff that he wanted to do himself, alone- solitude. Being lonely was one of Spooks habits.

He moved to a training area, privatized to himself alone deep down in the forest of the unknown where people cannot find him - where he can executes his tasks alone. Because it was privatized it allowed him to be more free- with his techniques. There had been a case of people oddly staring at him, as if they were trying to analyze him or something. He thought this because he was paranoid- and albeit felt a bit insecure about using his techniques to his maximum. Here, he can let himself and does not have to filter himself in order to hide certain stuff. This helped in his secrecy- no ability of his has ever gotten documentation after he left the academy. So the state only knows of his basic pre D ranked stuff on the exception of Body Flicker a D ranked jutsu. Which was positive, were someone to break into the hokage's office to steal information and gain an advantage over him there would be little to nothing to gain. He didn't need a partner to train- he enjoyed doing these things more casually all alone. It's far easier when he does this stuff alone.

Today he decided that it was a good idea to train up his bukijutsu. After all, his skill wearing his armor was shit tier. He basically couldn't even hold a kunai properly without dropping it or missing his mark completely. To vanish in a battlefield and rule as winner the of the battlefield he needed proper equipment. Well, he has this but just lacks the proper etiquette to properly wear it. Beneath his mask- there was an idea. A philosophy. Something hard to bring down without brute forcing it certainly. After wielding and fighting with a kunai for an afternoon he got a pretty good idea of how bukijutsu worked. It was then time for him to go to a library. He'd rather read a book about bukijutsu than ninjutsu at the moment- because theorizing about the stuff he wore was a good idea - he thought - as he read through the books of the weaponry stuff. By the nine divines it was boring as sheeit. But it had to be done either way, reading old blue prints that were ancient was stupid and boring. Educative, but lame. After a few hours of theorizing reading about min maxing and learning the properties of the materials in his ANBU gear he pretty much learned how to properly wear it without struggling. Being able to freely move around was the key part about his gear- which is what he realized upon just simply looking at some images of other ANBU wearing it. He learned that every village has other types of ANBU protective gear which he thought was interesting. He studied upon them to learn their weaknesses more in depth and then studied his own weaknesses to properly move around in a good manner to not expose this weaknesses to his enemies with relative ease. So that they have to work for them. After he was done with this work, he wrapped up his work. He bagged his books and his other materials and went home with this bag. He put his bag in his basement where he kept most of his sikret stuff and put on his ANBU gear, prepared his kunai up his sleeves and whatnot.

N3 -> I1 Bukijutsu

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The art of physical perfection? Such an interesting one - he thought as he sipped purple drank that he got from the fridge. It was purple and the ingredients were unknown albeit referred as that purple stuff. It reminded him of explicit drugs of course the stuff he was drinking wasn't illegal at all, it was just junky garbage bullshit you buy at the convenience store. As he was thinking about martial arts all whilst standing in front of his fridge he reminded himself of the battle that was going to be held later that week. He of course was involved in this fight and he had to prove himself against the village this time by fighting this man known by Zanji. Never had he heard of him nor did he care about his opponent in particular. Even though the great general always should- it did not fit his persona to have a string of thought that would consider his opponent. It would make things too easy he likes it when battle is difficult and he can challenge his intellect on the spot and make split second decisions that one way or another positively influence the outcome of the battle for Spook. He brushed his hair to the side using his fingers attached to his hand. Because how would he otherwise do it? He isn't some kind of freak or something you retard. He put the juice back in the fridge and put on his ANBU garb and left his home. He moved towards a mountain where he could practice his Taijutsu in a private training field. A place where he wouldn't be afraid of shedding his sikrets to his enemies.

He wrapped his fists in bandages, because that's what he saw on those crazy kung fu artists who used them. It wasn't very to difficult to imagine what kind training he would need to do to properly train his fists. To make sure that his fists are ready to punch his opponent to dead and make sure that he can run as fast as he needs to. Even though he flickers from place to place most of the times base speed is still a very important thing to have especially in cqc- close quarter combat where moving in an agile manner and optimizing the time you have to move as freely as possible to the maximum. Because of this importance Spook thought that this was a good idea to train it. Racking up the skill to properly coordinate his strength with his other senses wasn't very difficult seeming. Bukijutsu was the more easier things he trained, but Taijutsu would be a close second. He began hitting a tree with his hands wrapped in bandages. It hurt at first but after a while the pain in his hands began to numb down slightly allowing him to continue without stopping. After a few hours of punching eventually the big ass tree he was hitting was starting to crack down - indicating that it would fall over soon and break every thing around it. Such comes with the brutality of nature. Spook moved to another way of training his taijutsu. Running, basically. He was quite slow at the start. But as he kept training on his taijutsu he was starting to get faster and faster. It was noticeable, gladly. But he still wasn't satisfied with the speeds he could keep up for a while. His stamina was getting pretty decent compared to his other physique so he had to balance out his speed some more. He was currently running at the speed of an average adult fit properly built adult. Obviously he wanted to be faster than this because escaping from large area of effect attacks would be difficult without properly coordinated speed he thought. His punches kept getting more coordinated with his natural speed which kept on increasing as he kept on training. Oddly enough he didn't seem to be able to do this all in one day and thus postponed some of it until the second day. After which he got to the same mountain to train the same principles once more. He wouldn't pass as higher as intermediate with this type of training. But it was fine, like a hotfix for his body. Something temporary until he gets more time to train his body to be up to the latest strength that society finds acceptable. After he was done training he unwrapped the bandages from his knuckles. They seemed clad with dried up blood from his knuckles, nothing too bad. He could use his fists again in no time- so they would be reborn for his match later in this week. He did some push ups when he got home and hit the gym because it suddenly is modern times. He took a shower and went to bed for a fap and sleep obviously. When he woke up in the morning he felt his muscles ache, the day after that the aches were gone and he felt like he was physically stronger compared to before. He would train taijutsu some more on a later date.

N3 -> I1 Taijutsu

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