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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Hyūga, Raphael

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1 Hyūga, Raphael on Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:08 am


Kiri Anbu
Kiri Anbu

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.”
Name: Raphael Hyūga
Nicknames: TBD
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty Eight
Clan: Hyūga
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: A

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs
Description: Raphael had grown up a rich child, and as such always had everything that he wanted. His clothes, always custom made to the highest degree of skill that could be found, would not have looked out of place at a ceremonial party. Raphaels Garb consists of quite a few pieces, to the unknowing eye, it would seem that it was the top half, and then the cloak, separated. In actual fact, the entire thing is composed of five pieces, not including the headpiece. To list the pieces in the order that Raphael puts them on they are as such; First the shirt. It is a simple white t-shirt with gold and blue rimmd sleeves. The palm facing side of the sleeves has been cut open diagonally, so as to make things easier to conceal weapons, and withdraw them. The shirt ends at the hips, the tails being secured by a belt, but yet they do splay out a little, creating a smaller set of "tails" that technically consist of the first part of his lower body garments. The second part is the first layer of pants. These are black in color, and have the same gold followed by blue rimming as the sleeves.. The pants have two "tails" at the top, which splay out to the side. The third is second set of upper attire. This one consist of a kind of cardigan, except it is made from the same material as the rest of his clothes, only there is nothing overly feminine about it. This piece completes his upper half, and has a second set of sleeves, virtually the same as the first, save that the shirt ends at his abdomen. The neck opening of the shirt creates a high cuff, which conceals the majority of his face. The fourth piece is another lower body garment, and is an extra set of tails, also with the same rimming as the rest of them. finally, the fifth part is Raphael's "scarf" it is put on by tying it around raphael's neck, and then, one side being far wider than the other, put as a sort of mini cape to cover his back. Raphael does have one other garment, however. The headpiece is highly ceremonial looking, and has a highly stylized kind of headband on the front of it, built into it. The color of the headpiece is blue, and looks a little bit like a chefs hat. If a chefs hat could be bought with some ungodly amount of money. The top of the object is shaped like a diamond, and is a white color, the two smaller sides of the diamond shape, which is placed on the top of a cylinder looking thing creates a sort of hangar for the sides of the hat, which are a blue color. It is in this way looking a little likes a chef's hat only turned upside down.

Raphael's face is rarely seen, but if some where to peel back his extensive costume, they would find quite a handsome face there. Raphael has rather pale skin, which covers a face that, despite living a pampered life, is not overweight or chubby, or giving him the demeanor of someone who has spent his life talking down to servants. His faced is chiseled and holds a powerful demeanor. Raphael looks like he is in his early twenties.

Even more unlikely would be for someone to catch Raphael half dressed, but if they did, they would find his body quite surprising. He is not scarred, but again, one would find that his body looks like it has been through much hardship. It is lean and Athletic, yet he is ripped with chiseled muscles. It would be obvious that he has trained hard for quite a long time.

Raphael's anbu attire consist of black clothing, a pale blue flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for traveling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on his back-waist. He also sometimes wears a black cloak over his uniform.

Nindo: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
Personality Description: Raphael is a mysterious man with a even more mysterious expression; a demeanor that does not change. He never really lets anyone know his true intentions and keeps the more of his serious thoughts to himself. The only person or people that possible have a idea of what this man is thinking are his closest of friends. Friends which have known him since they were children. Even some of the things he does are shrouded in mystery. He somehow has a powerful information line and manages to keep everything about himself a secret; at least the things he wishes to keep secret.

Raphael is the definition of a leader. He never tires of helping someone perfect themselves. Raphael does not care about what village or land the person belongs to, if he notices how they can improve he tries to help them out. This even carries over into battle. He has a deep bond with all that he encounters as if he had known them since they were young. Many Shinobi even say he is like a father to them.

Raphael is a strategist at its finest. He knows he has a great amount of power, but he prefers not to rely on it. He feels because there is always someone out there stronger than you or someone who has the perfect abilities to counter yours. In battle he is extremely graceful, but has devastating attacks at the same time. Putting it differently this man is a graceful as a leave fluttering in the wind then gently landing in the middle of a pond sending soft ripples outward, and as powerful as a Silver back Gorilla that feels threatened.

Raphael is a cool, calm, and collected individual through and through, but there are times when he can become angered. It hasn't happened before because there is only one way to do it and no one knows except for him. So even in the most stressful and anger inducing situations Raphael remains grounded. He knows that anger can lead to mistakes and mistakes can lead to a premature death. He tries to teach everyone the ways of serenity to put it plainly.

Despite his age compared to other Shinobi who have been around linger than him, Raphael is quite wise. He shows insight on many subjects and situations presented to him. Many people have come to him asking for his insight on certain topics. No one knows really knows how he became so wise, but they do not try to peer into it to much. They also say this is one of the reasons he has such a powerful presence.

Raphael is the definition of kind-hearted. He shows kindness to all kinds of people, which means he has many friends. As stated before he is a calm person keeping his cool in most situations that would stress most people out. Raphael has a tendency to ignore people that he doesn't care to talk to. He also can be found sleeping in odd places.

Raphael is fiercely loyal to he kind, but still prefers not involve himself with the affairs of others. He is reliable in a pinch and refuses to ever turn his back on his beliefs. This probably contributes to his dislike for people who turn are quick to back down on what they believe in. Raphael often uses sarcasm as his main staple of conversation when annoyed.

  • Sweets
  • Complex Puzzles
  • Chess
  • Kirigakure
  • Hyuga Clan

Raphael was not born in Kirigakure, but in Konohagakure. After all this is where the Hyuga Clan originated from. He was born into the main Branch and was fed with a silver spoon since he was in his Mother’s womb. Even when Raphael was a unborn child his Mother did not have to do a single thing; she had attendants who would bathe her among other things. Only the most calming music was played around his mother for the entirety of her pregnancy. When Lavii was born it was just another average day in Konohagakure, although a average day in Konoha was far more beautiful than most villages. There was nothing special about his birth at least not for those who were born to the main branch. He was met with various attendants who would immediately clean him and check his vitals and various other things before bringing him back to his mother and Father. His cousin who was older than him and who was the first child of his uncle would be brought into the room. The boy was no more than 5 years old, but had a full understanding of what his purpose was once he saw his younger cousin Raphael.

Growing up Raphael was indeed pampered like most assumed he was, but his Father made sure that if the time ever did arise that Raphael could stand up for himself instead of relying on someone to come save him or fight for him. Raphael even as a child had shown that he would someday be a great shinobi, how did he do this? Even as a child Raphael had almost seemingly mastered the Byakugan and this was way before he would even join the academy to begin formally learning the ways of a shinobi. Even though this was the case many people tried to shelter the Hyuga child in whatever he did. Raphael could not even go outside and play without being followed by either his cousin or a attendant. All that his life consisted of was studying and training, but none more so as his cousins who had begin to have a grudge against Lavii for being born to the main branch and having everything handed to him, yet complained about it. Jun, Raphael’s cousin, did not understand that Raphael wanted to be a normal child who could get dirty outside of just training. He wanted more friends and wanted to play more. This would lead to problems between the two later on.

The day had come and Raphael was finally old enough to join the Academy. He enjoyed his days at school more than he did at home because it was the only time neither his attendants nor his cousin could bother him. He had actually gained many friends and was well liked. A day came were his cousin had gotten wind of this and spread a horrible rumor about his younger cousin to those that were in the Academy, so from that day one they all began to treat Raphael different. They no longer made him feel like part of the group; he had become ostracized and ended up hating coming to the academy more than he hated being at home. Raphael at first tried to figure out why everyone was treating him different, but no one would talk to him. He couldn’t figure out how come one day they were all so nice then the next they would not even want to look at him. Raphael ended up telling Jun whom he thought he could trust, but in actuality Jun would laugh about Raphael’s loss of friends. Instead of remaining somewhere that he was unwanted Raphael would progress through the Academy quickly and would graduate within the year a feat that many had not done before.

Raphael was swiftly assigned to a squad with no one that was exactly special. Time passed slowly during his time as a genin. Luckily missions kept him from home a lot, but Jun was not to happy that his cousin seemed to be enjoying himself as a genin. Jun would begin plotting against Raphael once again, but this time he would do something far more drastic. Jun was now 15 and a chunin, while Raphael was 10. Raphael was indeed enjoying his time, but he did not talk much due to what had happened in the Academy 2 years ago. More time passed and Raphael and his team would have entered into the Chunin exams. This year in the exams just like many others death was possible, and unfortunately for Raphael the team that he had been with for so long and had done, so much with would not be with him during the finally stages. They died on what was called freak accidents, but Raphael wasn’t too sure that the only people who died were his team; he started to become suspicious of people and began to wonder who could sabotage his life like this. Those thoughts would be put on the back burner however so that the young Hyuga could focus on the exams, as many would have guessed Raphael was promoted to Chunin after beating a Uchiha in the final round of the exams.

Raphael was now a Chunin and was 15 meaning Jun was 20. During this time Jun plotted against Raphael and went as far as threatening the life of his parents through anonymous means. Raphael still had not caught wind of it until one day Jun was being sloppy because nothing he had been doing up till late was effecting Raphael enough for him, so he was venting his stress about it and said that he would just have to murder Raphael’s parents, as soon as he would say this Raphael would burst into the room. What would follow would be a fight that would result in the death of Jun. Raphael understood in this world it was kill or be killed and he wasn’t going to let Jun kill his parents. During the fight Raphael did learn that Jun had been sabotaging him since they were young; Raphael was obviously hurt by this fact, but did not to grieve over having to kill his cousin for long because he would soon be discovered standing over the body of his cousin which caused him to flee the village. Raphael would flee to Kirigakure. He no longer had any affiliation with Konohagakure, because he knew they would want his head if he ever went back. It wouldn’t matter if he told them the truth they would not believe him because there was no evidence to back him up. Raphael joined the ranks of the Kirigakure shinobi, but changed the way he dressed so that he would not be recognizable to anyone from Konoha.

Raphael would soon be promoted to Jounin after showing his prowess as a shinobi. He continued to perform above and beyond the expectations as a Jounin. He was met with a lot of adversity, but each time would come out on top. He was truly a fine shinobi and was able to live how he wanted. Free of a plush life, able to get dirty and grind it out. Years passed and Raphael no longer missed his family and felt as if he had been in Kirigakure his whole life. He had gained many friends and built various bonds with the villagers. He was not the only who began to make waves during the year he was 19 a new Mizukage was inducted and she was only 20. Her name was Kali and she even approached Raphael and asked him to join her Anbu Corps; being interested in this woman becoming the Kage at only 20 Raphael would agree.
Even as a Anbu Raphael continued to show his skill as a shinobi. He went on many different missions everything from assassination to sabotaging other nations. He was truly a hound when it came to things regarding Kirigakure. The years have passed and he was now 28 and he continues to be loyal to Kirigakure and most of all Kali the Mizukage.
Key Events:
  • Birth
  • Entrance into the Academy
  • Academy Life Sabotaged
  • Promoted to Genin
  • Team is Murdered During Exams
  • Promoted to Chunin
  • Kills Cousin|Retainer Jun
  • Leaves Konohagakure|Joins Kirigakure
  • Promoted to Jounin
  • Promoted to Anbu

Writing Sample:
“Lavii! Lavii! Lavii!!” Kukoro Uchiha, Lavii’s Niece, would come running up to him as he made his round around the Uchiha Stronghold. Lavii noticed the paper in her hand before she even began to tell him what it was that she needed. It’s appears that he was being called out on a mission once again. “This letter was dropped off by someone at the front gate.” The younger Uchiha child would say before holding up the letter to her Uncle. Lavii took the note and read it. He continued to read the letter and read the letter and read it; he read it about 20 times making sure that the mission was drilled into his head. This mission was going to keep him from home for a while at least that’s what it looked like. “Thank You Kukoro.” Lavii said with a smile as he placed his hand on top of the head of the young Uchiha girl. She smiled and ran off, while Lavii would head home and grab some things before heading out. Lavii’s attire would be close to that of an anbu, yet he would wear no mask. A simple compression shirt would cover the lower portion of his head.

Lavii would soon find himself leaving from the village and heading towards the land of Sound where he was to intercept some criminals who had stolen ‘The Key’ of the royal family of the Land of Marsh. This key meant that one could literally control the money flow for the land. This had become more of a assistance to prevent a national security crisis. Lavii quickly headed out moving as fast as his body could carry him; his Katana was securely strapped to his back in a sheath, which was located in a holster. Lavii continued on for days and watched as he entered one ecosystem to another. The Uchiha man had not been tired nor was he hungry. He was solely focused on the mission at hand. He knew he was already at a disadvantage with this mission due to the time that had elapsed between the request for assistance and when the item was stolen. That being said the culprits could have thought that they escaped and could take it easy, so there was a possibility that they were moving slowly compared to Lavii. Fortunately for Lavii and those of the Marsh Village there was only one route to the Land of sound that did not threaten one’s life, so Lavii would run into the men if they had taken a break.

As Lavii continued his mad dash towards the Land of Sound he could tell that he was getting closer and closer to his destination. Lavii would see a large tree that stood above the others. The sun was setting and he wanted to see just how far off the Land of Sound was. He saw that his journey was almost at an end. It had taken him a few days to get here, but from where the men traveled Lavii should have caught up to them. A cloud of smoke suddenly caught the eye of Lavii as the sun had all but vanished under the horizon. It was not far but it was not close to where the Uchiha currently stood. Lavii would remove himself from the tree and head towards the location of the smoke cloud. He had hoped it was the culprits and as he moved silently through the tree tops he would be pleased to find that there was a group of men huddled around the fire below. Lavii was close enough to hear the men, but far enough that he could not be easily seen; that and his black clothing helped.

“Haha! Those idiots are probably still probably running around like chickens with their heads cut off.” The largest of the men would bumble out; it caused the other four men with him to begin laughing. “We are almost there; then we are going to get the payday of a life time!” The men roared in excitement and held up the drinks they respectively had. Lavii continued to listen in hoping to gain more information on whom it was that hired them or if they just decided to steal the Key. The men continued to blabber on, but it was just a whole bunch of non sense. Honestly Lavii was beginning to think that these men weren’t even smart enough to pull of something like this. Although it wasn’t like the people they stole from had a strong military. One of the men then staggered to his feet. “Oi, I’ll be back I’ve got to take a piss.” His group of cohorts nodded their heads in what appeared to be unison as the man strayed from the group.

Lavii made sure he was not noticed by the man, but figured this would be a good chance to pick off one of them, as well as search him to see if he had a key. As the man strayed farther and farther Lavii made sure to keep his presence hidden from the man. When he would finally stop to begin peeing Lavii would silently drop behind him and cover his mouth before slitting his throat. Blood shot out of the man’s neck as if it were a sprinkler. Lavii eased the body down and began to search the man for the key. It appeared to be Lavii’s lucky day as he found they key in the man’s inner pocket of his clothing. Just as Lavii pulled the key from the man’s pocket he heard rustling coming from the direction of their camp. Without hesitation Lavii would launch a Kunai towards what would be the location of one’s neck. Lavii could hear a thud and when he went to check it out there on the ground was another one of the thieves, with a kunai lodged into his mouth and protruding from the back of his head. Lavii would yank out the Kunai and head towards the camp. He might as well finish of the other two. Lavii quickly dealt with the other two, which was easy considering how drunk they were. After he had finished with that Lavii headed back towards the land of fire to deliver the key.

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Kiri Anbu
Kiri Anbu



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Kiri Chunin
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