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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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You can't camp in a circle / Hokage Trial /

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1 You can't camp in a circle / Hokage Trial / on Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:26 pm

Intense drought through the arena where the kage battle was going to be held. A barren land where once the fruits of nature grew. The arena in a circular shape, at the edges of this circle there was a dome going high up into the air. The high height designed for the protection of the audience. A few trees near the side of the arena. Earth in the circle spreading throughout the arena with a lot of loose earth (sand) as well. Very small bits of flora dried up and dead looking around and in some parts of the circle. It could be noticed that this arena was rarely used. It seemed plain and had no other special features within the arena. Both of the nin wouldn't get any special/non-special supplies from the stocking that they had or anything alike. The diameter of the arena was fifty meters.


  • Death Disabled
  • No chakra regen
  • Normal battle rules (no metagame, no godmod etc.)
  • Spectators can post in an individual thread
  • Characters changes will not apply if made after this post
  • Winner becomes Hokage

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    Zanji Uzumaki

    Konoha Jonin
    Konoha Jonin
    Zanji walked slowly into the arena his heart was pounding with nerves. The day had finally come today he was to fight for the title of hokage. He felt a little ashamed of himself deep down in the pit of his soul. He did not wish to fight against his fellow leaf shinobi but he had no real choice. He sighed as he walked into the arena his feet kicking up some dirt as he moved. It wasn't a bad place plenty of space. Though not much of a water source for water style shinobi such as himself. He would be at a small disadvantage. He cracked his fingers nervously as he stood on his side the audience members soon piling in to watch the spectacle. First thing he was going to do if he won this fight was to return the old ways of nominating a hokage no more of this fighting against one another crap. He believed in the old ways of the shinobi following there guidelines and respecting traditions.

    He looked out from the corner of his eye to the stands and gasped as he saw his parents settling in the front row. He gulped nervously as he saw them wave at him enthusiastically. He took a few breaths and calmed himself and waved back at them. His father gave him a thumbs up signaling him to do his best and Zanji returned the gesture in kind. He really didn't want his parents to be here but it was there choice after all. He couldn't force them not to come to this fight it was their choice. Once his fellow leaf shinobi would arrive he would slowly walk towards the center and smile at them and give the traditional leaf village symbol showing his respect towards his fellow leaf shinobi. He had on a kind smile on his face as he gave off a friendly attitude towards the shinobi and awaited his response.

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    Spook a true fucking savage entered the arena at an early hour and prepared up his arsenal well before the time of the time of his fight. He had his weaponry ready and strapped to the parts of his body where he would need it. His weaponry was well prepared to be used as well. He had five kunais and five explosion tags on him. The explosion tags of course yet to be activated. The explosion tags were each individually connected to kunais. So one kunai and one explosion tag, five times. The explosion tags would explode upon contact with his target but required a very small amount of chakra on them to light the fuse. He wore a breathing mask known as a face mask to be able to breath in water for a short period in time. He figured that an ANBU mask wasn't needed this fight, a hit to the head would be fatal in any way shape or form. Though he did wear his ANBU robe that would protect him from projectiles.

    His sharp mind was on point and his concentration was perfectly good just as usual. The cheeky grin on his face indicated that confidence was running in his blood. He was alone the entire time that he was preparing. But he could hear the audience outside. It was silent outside. Spook made his way out of the preparation room onto the battlefield. His opponent already present- which was all fine. Immediately upon his entry Spook threw his three kunai with explosion tags attached to them towards his opponent. In a direct horizontal line, with no kind of obstacle blocking the pathway of the flying kunai. His opponent, in front of him had his back faced to Spook upon Spooks entry. Exactly four meters away from him pacing away from him towards the center of the arena. Spook threw his kunais at the maximum speed possible. One kunai aimed at the back of his opponents neck - the nape to be more specific, whilst another aimed at the center of his opponents body - his torso - and the last one near the crotch of his opponent, between his inner thighs very close to his buttcheeks. The tags attached to the kunai would explode immediately after making close contact to the targets of the three kunai. Prior to throwing the three kunai he ignited the seals attached to the kunais so that they would detonate upon the kunais finding their target. The tags easily would do lethal damage and kill Zanji on the spot he was standing. Considering that Spook came from behind the element of surprise would certainly take in and make a drastic factor on the outcome of Zanji escaping. Because of Spooks positioning there was no way for Zanji to spot him in any way during his action sequences where he waved to his parents and began walking to the center of the arena. How unfortunate.

    The kunais would find their target in under half a second. With his kunai finding their target the tags attached to these kunais would explode, shrapnel of iron from his kunais adding into the impact of the grave destruction of the exploding tags. The shrapnel missing Spook because he was standing at a range too far away to be hit by them. But for someone as close as Zanji they add onto the total damage of the explosion tags- which already grave and fatal. Directly after throwing his kunais Speer rapidly formed the boar sign in under a seventh of a second and then became transparent right after. He was using his sensory and focusing on his opponent, allowing him to locate him with eyes closed not that they were. Because of this he could track his every move and be responsive to his every move. Right after that sand opposing the front of Zanji would form quickly into a shape resembling a sphere and move in a straight horizontal line towards his opponent with high speeds proving itself to be lethal upon contact of the upper torso of his opponent. Exactly aimed at his opponents solar plexus. The high speeds surely would knock the boy off his feet and cause him not to be able to breathe for at least two minutes/ if not knocking him out right off the bat. Spook being undetectable for Zanji to notice would properly react to certain reactions and actions that Zanji might pull off during and after Spooks actions. During the time Spook formed his sand bullet, Zanji was found to be still walking towards the center and thus his kunais would easily find Zanji because of this.

    Jutsu used:
  • Sensing (-13)
  • Sand bullet(-13)
  • Weapon used:
  • 3 Kunais
  • 3 Explosions tag
  • OOC: You edited your post, you asked to do this yesterday and I said no and you said that you understood, yet you still edited your post. Unfortunately for you, I have your original post saved in a screenshot. My post will be based off your original post. In case you forgot what your original post looked like. Because you're not allowed to make edits during combat without permission.


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    Zanji Uzumaki

    Konoha Jonin
    Konoha Jonin
    Zanji smiled as he watched his parents they had such proud looks ont here faces. Something was definitely off his opponent should of been out here when he arrived. His cheeks puffed out and out from his sleeves thousands of snakes. The snakes Hissed wildly catching the scent of a intruder in the arena. In less than  0.3rd of a second the giant tidal wall of snakes was formed. Then with a crashing boom the explosive tags went off murdering a few of his precious babies. His snake wall remained intact  and they hissed louder in anger at the pain they felt from the explosive tags. He  remained hidden behind the wall and growled as he brought his attention back to the fight. It seemed his opponent was not going to give him much leeway in this fight or in that matter proper respect. The snakes spread out and soon formed into a tidal wave like formation spreading out into a thirty meter wide radius spanning out even towards the sides leaving no marginal room for evasion.

    The snakes opened there mouths and Kusanagi-like blades Blades emerged from there mouths.The snake wave proceeded out wards and would crash into the arena stabbing everything out in front of him in a thirty meter raidus with the swords. He would laugh as they would crash into the ground the blades sinking into the ground and possibly his opponents flesh. Even if he couldn't see his opponent it would be almost next to impossible to block this attack. He was very very agitated at this reckless shinobi and  would make him pay for his arrogance. He was not going to lose so easily as eh quickly formed the handseals for a substitution jutsu. it never hurt to  have a back up plan in case of a emergency especially if he was fighting a opponent he could not see at all. He quickly brought his hands together being ever vigilant and ready to form and handseals he needed at any given second.  "I know your there i may not be able to see you but my pets can still smell you."

    Jutsu used:
    Name: Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes
    Rank: B
    Type: ninjutsu
    Range: snakes can reach up to 30 meters away
    Duration: four posts, 5 post cool down
    Hand Seals/Charge up:
    Description: With this technique, a countless number of summoned snakes crawl out of the user's mouth and sleeves and hunt down the enemy. With such overwhelming numbers, a true "wall of snakes" is formed, making defense and evasion meaningless. The enemy can do nothing but become buried by the snakes. The snakes can bite the enemy with their poison fangs that will cause them great pain and cause their taijutsu/bukijutsu ranks to go down by 1 every 2 posts until treated, and open their mouths to extend Kusanagi-like blades with B rank sharpness, making them even more deadly. Furthermore, when the inexhaustibly crawling snakes gather together, they become a defensive wall, and can block any kind of attack of A rank or lower.
    Weakness: cannon but must have snake summoning contract.

    Name: Body Replacement Technique
    Rank: E-rank
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Used For: Supplementary
    Element: None
    Range: Contact
    Duration: 1 Post
    Hand Seals/Charge up: Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake
    Description: With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. It's a basic ninjutsu even taught at the Academy, but it's a useful art that can be applied in variety of situations.

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    Seemingly from the scene snakes would come out rushing from the man and come to his aid, blocking the three kunai with exploding tags attached to them. Barely. They were in time just to block one kunai, considering that the wall of snakes wasn't perfectly positioned because of the unknown position of Spook. The explosion tag of the one kunai that fended off still went off very close to Zanjis body- half a meter to be exact. The other two kunai would easily land, one kunai penetrating the nape of Zanjis neck and instantly paralyzing the lower portion of his body. The explosion tag detonating attached to this kunai and conflicting a lot of collateral damage to Zanjis neck especially considering that it would push in the kunai deeper and cause shrapnel wounds. Thus the kunai that penetrated the nape of his neck would push in further, and thereby severing his carotid artery and thereby cutting of the blood stream to his brain and other parts of his head. The kunai was big enough to cut through both carotids in Zanjis neck. The handle of the kunai was blown up by the explosion tag, and shrapnel would be found across the back of his body, causing permanent body damage (scars).

    The other kunai that hadn't been deflected by the snakes of Zanjis jutsu dug deep into Zanjis lower back. Hitting his spine and crushing it with the added force of the explosion tag which detonated a few centimeters away from the kunai it was attached to the sand of sphere hitting him simultaneous in the solar plexus making Zanji unable to breathe the kunai that bended off the skin of the snakes would explode into shrapnel from the explosion tag it was attached to, bits of iron destroying the snakes that were remaining. Unless Superman were to fly in and jizz over Zanjis body with medicinal properties to cure Zanji there was no way for Zanji to breathe and not bleed out immediately. The victor being Spook.

    In case you're too dumb to figure my post out.

    His cheeks puffed out and out from his sleeves thousands of snakes. The snakes Hissed wildly catching the scent of a intruder in the arena. In less than  0.3rd of a second the giant tidal wall of snakes was formed.

    You were smiling before, then you ' puff ' snakes out of your mouth. Those snakes rushing to your aid do not come from your body and defend you in that speed and detecting someone away from you and having the conscious to move to that correct position. It's much, much slower, if possible at all for them to have such a conscious. Especially considering that you had to react to me being missing and me doing my attacks right from the get-go.

    Also you edited your original post again- just pointing out that I never gave him permission to do this.

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    Zanji Uzumaki

    Konoha Jonin
    Konoha Jonin
    so taking the hit but my jounin vest protects me fromt eh shrapnel well most of it but still paralyzed so yeah no point in me posting just ssay i fell unconcious from thepain and so i give up to spook he wins nothing i could do.

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