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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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A Lost Soul

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1A Lost Soul Empty A Lost Soul on Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:35 pm

A Lost Soul Wolfboy36__s_Rasshu_Riun_by_osy057
NAME: Caelus Aulburne
AGE: 17
CLAN: n/a
VILLAGE: Kirigakure

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: Caelus stands at a height of 5'10 he has unruly sort of short cropped hairstyle that seems to never settle when he walks, the hair is a rich brown in color, but it gives off a deeper shade tinted color under the lights reflection. He has piercing eyes, a deep amber in color; his face is chiseled and nicely defined. He has a nice dark Tan color to his skin; he's not too tan but just enough for his physique. Caelus isn't very tall but he is defined, and toned under his garments is a nice put together physique. He has nice muscular definition. Aside from his muscular and medium sized body, he has a few tattoos that adorn his body. On his back Caelus has a long saber that goes from end to the other, with a serpent wrapping around the entire saber. Finally his right arm, the arm he dubs his "Knock out Punch" is tattooed with Celtic style runes that go from his wrist up to his shoulder muscle.

As for his clothing, Caelus wears the typical shinobi attire, a long pants that stop a little past his knees as he walks, except with a few added accessories. Firstly the long baggy sleeves of his family's robe run down so far that they go past his elbows but stop just above his wrists. Secondly it's not the same for the bottom part his feet are visible; Caelus wears a pair of finger less black gloves one on each hand. The gloves each have a red stamp on it with the Kanji for unity. Caelus's uniform is kept neat and clean despite it being so baggy for whatever reason, under this baggy uniform he wears a more tightly fitting sleeveless shirt. The shirt is all black, with the Kanji for peace stamped smack on the back of it. Over his regular attire is his family robe.

PERSONALITY: Aulburne, Caelus is a man and child of great pride, since he was a little boy he had always been aware of the weight and authority his name, his family and his Clan has carried. It is for this reason that he carries himself with great pride though he still remains humble. With pride comes stubbornness, something that often gets Caelus into sticky situations with others, namely authority. Some people say that Caelus has a rebellious spark and he will often ignore the demands of his higher-ups in order to do what he feels is right. In no way is he disrespectful to his elders, always treating adults and elderly with the most utmost respect but in his eyes all people must earn respect to gain it, only when they give the respect they require will they gain his respect. Caelus demands a calm demeanor about hi,, often keeping himself level headed during situations that require it, but if he is pushed too far he has a short fuse in which he can snap when placed under too much pressure and when he does snap it takes a lot for him to become calm once again.

An optimistic attitude in life is Caelus's frame of mind, something others find strange due to his unusual upbringing. Often he tries to keep a positive attitude as much as she can, taking to heart the words his Grandfather spoke before his death, even in the most dire situations his gran-papa's words repeat on him giving him the strength and hope she needs to push ahead. After many painful experiences Caelus's social skills could use some work, he has become accustomed to being the loner child, always happier in a segregated and quiet place where he can relax, think and train. When approached by strangers Caelus has the tendency to invade into others boundaries and personal space, often unaware of the way normal people should act.

BACKSTORY: Caelus was born into an unfortunate family, his father was a business man of...questionable morality, and his mother was never truly healthy. As a child he was quickly neglected, as his mother's decreasing health made it hard on the family and kept his father distant from little Caelus. Responsibility was quickly established for the young boy, and he always tried to help. however his mother Sayana Aulburne was ravaged by the disease and was transported to a far away hospital as they tried to save her life, Caelus was never told where she was taken to...

After his mother was taken from them his father spent less and less time with Caelus, preferring to be at work rather than home. Caelus's constant wondering about his mother caused him to seek out his father trying to find the answers, but his father refused to speak of such "depressing thoughts." When he turned seven Caelus's raven hair lost all color turning a rich brown, not even the tips of his hair showed color. His green eyes also changed into a strange bright amber and yellow with shimmering pupils. It was that day that his grandfather Seiei Aulburne came to him, he had been searching for Caelus ever since he had learned of his birth. However, his father Neryul Aulburne loathed the idea of the retired shinobi spending time with his son, even more so than his hatred for shinobi and their Clans. However, as time wore on he could no longer look at Caelus without hatred and gave in to Seiei's demands to take his grandson away.

Caelus was taken to a small house in another part of Iwagakure where his grandfather could train him to be a shinobi, and until his tenth birthday that is where he stayed, constantly training to be the leader his grandfather hoped he would one day become. Training was hard for the seven year old child, he was constantly injured and took to crying in the beginning, however his grandfather hated crying and told Caelus that such weaknesses would not be tolerated in their family. It was then Caelus learned to smile no matter what was happening to him, he smiled all the time, through pain, blood and sweat. Then when he turned nine Caelus was trained not only in ninjutsu but also in the history of the Aulburne family, for one year Caelus became blissfully happy, he was ahead in his training and his grandfather seemed pleased with him often. However due to his success he was sent to TSU at the age of ten.

Caelus's time at the academy was extremely short, however due to his personality he made alot of friends and excelled in his studies. During the last few days of his training at TSU, Caelus discovered he was disowned by his father, and that due to his grandfather's condition he was adopted by a ninja from the Senju clan, however he has still not met this man. He was also given the honor of becoming an honorary member of the Senju clan but he refused. Caelus is now in the hands of two powerful Clans though he struggles to keep his own surviving.

Caelus's grandfather died before he could return to Kirigakure, thus a present was waiting for him at the academy. On the day Caelus graduated from the academy he inherited the right to receive the Cursed Seal of Earth, he also met Oketsu there, his cousin who at first was a little agitated at Caelus's presence and social standing, but they parted ways in high spirits and were fast friends. And now Caelus resides within Kirigakure spending his days among the members of the village.

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2A Lost Soul Empty Re: A Lost Soul on Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:36 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Yer good mate. Moving this thread. WE'll edit in yer info card when you finish


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