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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Katashi Sakumotsu

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1 Katashi Sakumotsu on Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:04 pm


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin

   NAME:  Katashi Sakumotsu
   AGE:  13
   GENDER:  Male
   CLAN:  N/A
   VILLAGE:  Kumogakure

   APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION:  His entire five foot five inch frame is a series of lean yet corded muscle that one only gets from spending more time than necessary exercising and working out, most of his thirteen years to exact.  Other than his slightly taller than average height, Katashi has a rather average figure overall.  His face ad body is as average in description as the next kid's.  The only thing that sets him apart is the roughly calloused hands that mark him as one who uses his hands for most tasks.  On top of his average frame is a head of long, spiky hair that often changes from white to light grey depending on the light.  His eyes are black in color but are often filled with wonder and amusement at the shinobi world only a kid could possess.  Katashi does sport a scar on his right hand from where he accidentally cut himself on a shuriken.

He normally wears a tight, black, long sleeved shirt that extends over his neck in a faux-turtleneck fashion.  Over this black shirt he wears a baggy, white t-shirt that ends just below his waist.  Around his neck, Katashi wears a large scarf, easily as long as he is tall and nearly a foot wide, that he uses to keep his neck warm, free of dirt, or as a mask.  On his muscular legs Katashi wears black shinobi pants devoid of pockets, though it does sport a white line going down the outside seam on either pants leg.  The plain pants lead down to a pair of normal black shinobi sandals.  At the small of his back he carries a few pouches for scrolls and shuriken.  Attached to his left leg is a holster for his kunai.  Unlike some of the more adventurous genin, Katashi wears his forehead protector exactly where it should be.  Proudly on his forehead.

   PERSONALITY:  Katashi is just your average, every day teen.  That is if your average teen was also a highly trained soldier and killer, despite not having killed anyone.  Yet.  Because of this, Katashi's psychological profile is devoid of any post traumatic stress or any problems that would come from such an incident.  Because he has been trained since he could walk, Katashi has become a cautious person.  Always having a plan of escape when he enters a room.  Despite this cautious nature Katashi is a friendly guy.  Often preferring to hang out with friends than train.  Even with this cheerful demeanor, he is always ready for a fight and sometimes he even starts one.  For some reason Katsuro has developed a problem with controlling his anger.  He often loses control when put under the proper circumstances, though it is rare.  Often times these moments where he loses control turn into long held grudges against the people who cause him to lose it.

Like a kid who is hitting puberty, Katashi is just discovering what he likes and doesn't like.  Mainly girls.  He finds he can't live with them or without them.  When talking to a girl he finds particularly attractive, his palms get sweaty, his knees weak, and arms heavy.  Even though he can't control it, he tries to not let it effect him too much.

Katashi was raised with two principles to follow.  Respect your superiors.  And never leave a man behind.  Even if it means disobeying an order.  This has persisted into his post-pubescent life as he would do anything for a friend, even sacrifice himself if need be.  He would even risk his life to save someone he didn't like if he considered them to be an ally to him and the village.

   BACKSTORY:  Katashi was born into a family with a long legacy of strong shinobi hailing from most of the major villages, even a few minor ones, stretching far back into the history of the world.  Their family name is said to come from one of their many strong ancestors.  Several generations ago, the family immigrated to Kumogakure from Konohagakure.  Since then the family has proven their loyalty to the village, almost to a fault, and have gotten their hands in almost every aspect of the village.  Save for Kage.  None of the Sakumotsu had felt they were of the Village leader stock and refused it.

Growing up, Katashi was born the youngest son in a family where no one died mysteriously or tried to kill their entire family under the orders of the Kage.  His mother was a respect Bukijustu user and a chunin, his father was a recognizable Ninjutsu user who had a curious Lightning Release.  Because of their jobs they never hesitated to punish their children when they deserved it or reward  them when they had earned it.  Because of this Katashi grew up with a respect for his elders and a complete arsenal of manners.  Also instilled in him was the inability to leave an ally behind and to follow orders unless it interfered with this belief.

When Katashi joined the academy he was no better than anyone else and needed just as much training as everyone else did.  The only thing that set him apart from his peers was his need to surpass everyone so that he could protect those that needed it and punish those that deserved it.  It was during this critical time in his development that he developed the trademark anger issues that persist to the present day.  No one knows how he developed it, just one day he lashed out after a kid tried bullying him.  A few bloody seconds he was pulled off the kid and even to this day he holds a grudge against the kid.

When he felt he needed help, he would often find himself either in front of his mother or in front of his teacher asking for assistance, he never wanted to bother his father with such trivial things seeing as he was a Jounin and was often away on missions.  Either despite this or because of this, he maintained the spot in the middle of his class's average.  Neither better or worse than the others, though he had some areas like Bukijutsu which he excelled at thanks to his mother.

During his time in the academy he made sure to make plenty of friends, and even a few enemies despite his efforts not to.  He even got into a few extracurricular activities that including fighting with other students outside of the academy to settle disputes.  He lost almost as often as he won those fights but he didn't care either way.  When the time finally came to graduate, he did so with a little difficulty but not enough to cause any worry to his teachers.  After that he was placed in his first genin squad.


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2 Re: Katashi Sakumotsu on Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:03 am

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