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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Axel Rover

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1 Axel Rover on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:41 pm

Axel Rover

Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

NAME: Axel Rover
AGE: 15
VILLAGE: Kumogakure

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: Axel is a light-skinned human with an athletic build, as he has played a lot of sports and worked out a bunch when he was younger. He has chestnut hair and green eyes, is 6 feet and 1 inch and weighs 191 pounds. Some of his facial features are of average, like his eyebrows and nose, while others aren't, like his small ears and the bottom of his chin, though some may not consider odd like Axel does. Axel's voice is in the middle of high-pitched and deep, and his skin is rather soft.

What Axel doesn't like to show much is the numerous amount of scars all over his torso and legs, some even going up to his neck, but all of them are hidden by his clothing. He got them from a result of his grandfather's harsh training. Most are from sword strikes, and come in straight lines, crescents, or even circles, while some are from arrows and explosions. Due to getting the high amounts of damage that caused these scars in his legs, Axel has a hard time getting up, and sometimes even limps while he is walking, or probably even trip while he is running. When he kicks too hard he feels a bit of the pain as well.

His primary outfit includes a grey polo shirt with a black tie, a white overcoat with green stripes over that, black flat front pants with a black belt and black-and-green shoes. Axel keeps quite a few pears of that in case they get dirty or torn during his fight, and when he is feeling for a change he puts on a black short-sleeved T-shirt that shows his muscles, with blue jeans and black vans. He also keeps a pair of black shades on him in case he needs to look more cool.

PERSONALITY: Axel for the most part is a calm and fun guy who doesn't mind hanging out with anybody, as long as they aren't rude to him. he doesn't discriminate based on anything, and loves to make as many friends as he possibly can, since it is never fun to be alone and it is always a good thing to have backup, in his opinion. He has many faces of emotion, the one he uses the most being a smile since there is usually nothing happening him that bad that would make him angry. He can get sad at times if things don't go as he planned, and if someone he knows gets hurt. He doesn't show a sad face usually, trying to hide it from others.

Axel is very adventurous, always jumping at the chance to explore new places in the Land of Lightning when he is not on any missions. While traveling he also tends to make many friends due to his friendly nature.

Axel also likes to fight, as it is like a second language to him and it has been ever since he was just a boy. It was the only way he knew to protect himself from those that wanted to hurt him and his friends, and it stuck with him, eventually causing him to be the ninja he is today. He hasn't perfected his fighting ability, but he trains everyday.

Speaking of fighting, Axel doesn't just go in charging when he does. Instead, he thinks about the situation first, including how many enemies there are, the strength of each one if he has that information, and the amount of allies on his side. After taking a few seconds to do that, he then formulates a plan in his mind, whether it be before the fight starts or as it is happening, and then attempts to execute it. Of course, there are almost always backup plans if the first doesn't work, which might not work as good as the main one, but are still effective nonetheless.

when being lead by a leader he moves how they tell him to move and attacks how they tell him to attack, trusting their judgement, and if that fails, he attempts to regroup with the leader of the battle and suggests other actions. If he is leading, than he expects those following him into battle to do what he tells them to do, and if they don't or the plan fails, he thinks up some more ideas until they win or lose the fight. Usually if the team doesn't form a leader-follower formation, then Axel thinks of it more as a brainstorming situation, where everyone can suggest ideas and they are executed on the spot, if there is not a better idea. He is not afraid of killing his enemies if it is necessary to his current objective.

BACKSTORY: Axel lived in a small village in the Land of Lightning. He was raised by his mother Sylvia Rover and his grandfather Alexander Rover who was the father of Sylvia. Axel's father Alex died during an assault on the village by ninjas from the land of fire, and though he was a ninja when he was young he left that life to marry Sylvia where they moved to thay small village, so he wasn't able to defend himself. Feeling lonely, Sylvia asked Alexander to live with her and her then-infant child Axel. Having lost his spouse as well years before that, Alexander accepted, re-building the dojo he ran in the village. As a child Axel was very social, hanging out with all the other children in the village and playing for hours on end. Alexander didn't like that he was having fun instead of learning to protect himself, so he made Sylvia agree that he would train him once he turned 9. Axel was told of this, and he was excited to learn anything from his grandfather because he loved him, despite his harsh attitude at times. This training was all the young boy could think of when he was 7 and 8, and though he wanted to learn now, Sylvia insisted that he didn't until the age agreed upon, since she saw the bodies of the trainees in the dojo Alexander taught, and it wasn't pleasant. He promised he would start easy though.

Once he was 9 Axel began training in his grandfather's dojo which he would only be in for 3 years since he wanted to join the academy in kumogakure. The first year wasn't so bad, as he was only learning the basics of chakra control and taijutsu. He didn't get a lot of bruises on him since his grandfather didn't want to do that so early on, but after that the training got kicked up a notch. If he wasn't as fast as he needed to be at the time Axel got hurt, as Alexander was trying to teach him that his enemies wouldn't be so kind to spare him. They trained for hours a day, to Axel's disliking. What he was looking forward to was now what he resented, but he knew that his grandfather was just trying to get him ready for the way of the ninja. After Those 6 years the boy was now ready to go to the academy, battered and bruised but stronger than ever. He thanked his grandfather before leaving, saying bye to him and his mother.

He was only in the academy for 2 years since he already knew most of the stuff. After graduation he decided to have a year of private training instead of joining a squad so that he could make sure he was strong enough for his squad leader to accept him. He spent most of his time on taijutsu training since he treasured close combat more than anything. After that year passed he was now ready to take on missions for his village and find a squad to join.

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Kumo Anbu
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