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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Lunar Knight

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1Lunar Knight  Empty Lunar Knight on Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:58 pm

Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight
Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
Lunar Knight  Shiba_miyuki_render_by_blovao-d7dzbef


NAME: Lunar Knight
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
CLAN: Sutinga Clan
VILLAGE: Kirigakure.

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: Lunar stands at 5"6, weighing 44kg and holding a rather calm posture,  he black shoulder length hair is shiny and we'll kept though it doesn't bother her if it were to all be cut off,  her attire is one of basic creation. A single long sleeve dress of the whitest white covers her from her shoulder to her knees,  the dress has snowflakes around the bottom sparkling with cubic zirconia, a white and blue jacket is added to the top half for layers and warmth while simple slip on white saddles cover her milky white feet.  Around her waist a translucent material with a snow like pattern flows gentle behind her adding a beautiful tint to her outfit.  This dress and translucent cape like item flow gently in the wind adding to the innocent look her personality seems to revolve around, It is as if she is as pure as snow inside and outside. She shines with a soft glowing radiance like snow itself making this young woman a sight to behold, many believe when she radiates in the glow of light that her natural beauty is that of angel hands. Believed to have been crafted by gods finest angels. She of course does not believe this. Her eyes do not help this though, for those eyes that shine with beauty and light show the essence, the very light of a young girls innocent soul. One whom though he hands are stained with blood, has never lost that thing within. [not talking about her virginity]. That very thing is her dream and her will. It shines through the way she holds herself and the way she speaks. From every hair upon her body to the clothes she wears. her shinobi headband located upon her neck and her kunai pouch upon her left leg top of her look. Even with the kunai pouch its hard to believe that she could use it


Lunar  like every human being has an array of emotions and through her life has and will repeat a generic cycle of each one.  Each emotion manifesting in unique ways through out the many different circumstances that life has and will continue to throw at her.   Each scenario no matter how similar would most likely be met with different reactions depending on the difference hidden within the circumstance.  With this in mind it is almost impossible to give a full description of how Lunar would act without listing the millions of different circumstances.  Below will describe three to four bases of her personality.  Lunars  Base personality is generally one of a vibrant warm female whom enjoys the company and adoration of others,  for one who has been trained in obedience and discipline through the art of ninjitsu,  it doesn't seem to show in her behaviour what so ever,  in fact it's as if it never existed in the first place. She is kind hearted though has been known to become angered rather quickly when feelings of disgust towards a person circulate this anger can explode and her warm demeanour can become incredibly cold resembling an element of ice.  She is inquisitive and nosey,  pushing her nose in to other people's business. In battle if it is simply a spar or for fun her vibrant demeanour remains. If she is in an official battle,  she is known to become rather protective over those whom had obtained the title of ally and to those whom respect her and her those. She has devoted her life to protection and knows her limits. Loyal and lovable she is truly a ninja loved by all she meets.  She likes to go out and have fun with her friends and adores having those rare days were they can lounge about without fear, many ask with her personality why she became a ninja and her only words show her will her determination. "To protect"


The young female was born on the eleventh of April, her parents are known as Toya and Noah Nakigoe, they were well known for there use of the loud voice techniques. As a young child Lunar was given freedom from the knowledge of her parents job. She was not forced in to the ninja profession nor did her parents expect it. She was not abused or beaten as a child nor was she subject to any form of torment. In fact there was nothing major to sway her decision to join the shinobi army. The only thing she could imagine that swayed her choice was the upset of families she saw around the village. Families that passed away due to the lack of support and defensive based shinobi as well as the lack of medical shinobi. This was the only thing that swayed her. She had always been fascinated by life and the protection of it.

Her time in the academy was in deed boring, though she was one of the lower class students due to her late start in learning about the shinobi battle system. Lunar would realize that her area of expertise or her wanna be area was one that was rarely taught. The offensive strategy and ambush strategies seemed to be the focus of the shinobi world. Thus she would learn the basics of the specialities each ninja held and soon decide that as a student her area of expertise would serve her well in the form of ninjutsu.

When she passed the academy exam, as a genin she would proceed to serve in the basic squads. Her training in the clan techniques went well and she was aware that she could manipulate them in to her own formation. Her ninjutsu would be best suited for barrer based abilities. Though she needed mediums for this it was a simple thing passing chakra through objects to create barriers and defensive walls. She knew her areas of expertise. Ninjutsu - Fuinjutsu and Medical ninjutsu would be her fortei, she would focus on traps - barriers and defensive based abilities as well as status ailments.  

Darkness slowly turned to light, A process that would continue repeating itself until the light won out. What was this process. This process was a curse to many because after sleep your supposed to feel relaxed and energized. Sadly this never seemed to be true. When the violet headed female first allowed the light to creep into her vision the sensation of burning hit her eyes. Well not burning but everyone knows how it feels when you first open your eyes after what should have been a re-energizing sleep. Pulling the fluffly blankets off her body the female shinobi would slide her leg's from the bed and allow them to slowly touch the floor.

A yawn so loud you would think the T-rex's had come back from the dead would erupt around the small house like creation that her mother and herself currently lived in. It was a rather small house but it was livable, Her house was small only because of the area they lived in, they were raised in the lower accommodation of Amegakure where the ruffians and rascals lived. Thanks to her parents and of course her families clan connection they were never bothered or annoyed. So it was amazing that Lunar turned out so well. was a special day, though. Lunar Knight had become a fully fledged shinobi, Sure the academy here was was'nt really an academy at all in the disgusting under belly of amegakure.. But Lunar had shown her potential and even though she had no official headband, This female was ready to show everyone what this down in the dumps raised ninja is made off. Her hand's moved to the table to pick up the hair brush that would soon be forcing its way through the mess of hair that after twenty minutes of brushing would be sorted into two short pigtails that would hang behind the female's shoulder's.

Her fluffy night gown would flow behind her as she mustered up the strength to pull herself from the bed, her feet taking her sluggishly to the wardrobe which kept all her clothing. Keeping to true anime fashion she had hundreds of clothes yet only one outfit. All these skirts tops and coats gloves and shoes all ended up making her every day wear. What was this? Well Lunar after removing her night gown and placing her bra and underwear on [no im not describing this part ya pervs] she would cover her pants with the short  lack or mauve skirt and black leggins, Her coat was a beautiful one and it looked expensive. I swear she's not a snob or anything ok. So her ensemble would be almost complete, what would follow next would be her shoes. Her white trainers would cover he feet yet not halt chakra flow allowing her to still stick to stuff.

When she flew down the stairs, fully dressed the young girl would shout to her parents that she was heading out, though her mother seemed to have other ideas as she came bustling through grabing the young girl by the waist and lifting her effortlessly to the table. "Your not going anywere till you have something to eat, its your first day so you have to eat up everything on your plate" her mother would say with a smile. As she did what her mother wanted she would eat the delectable meal as quick as possible, this seemed a waste due to the fact that the food was so lovey but she did not have time to savior it, leaving she would give her mother a hug and exit, her father had already left while her mother was having a rare day off. It was nice to see that though they work together there marriage was still as strong as ever, it filled Lunar with hope for her own future.

What was her plan for today? The information in her hands would allow her to get her first solo mission, upon reading the information it was stated that a rogue beast would be her opponent, it was currently having a rampage down town she would head in the direction of the noted area upon the map, with her arms and legs moving to give her a quicker run. She would dive over the water touching upon the wave, her hands touched the metal kunai as the large serpant shot from the water. The metal connected and with the skin of the serpant and rebounded. One of her kunais managed to lodge itself in the creatures eye. Channeling her chakra in to her voice as the serpant began to chase her, she would release a powerful wave of sound that forced a screech from the creature. It seemed that the creature was failing and with another scream it would halt its movement as it flew through the air, it would land upon the ground with a harsh thump before the flailing halted. the sound from her voice had allowed her to launch the creature in to the air.

The serpent that as believed to be defeated would stir as the Kunoichi turned her back to it. The deadly glare would be directed towards her, the body would move and shoot forward towards the young girl, she would turn in time and put her hands upwards and with vengence the clans ability would erupt around her creating a barrier. The serpent had no chance it struck the barrier and its head erupted. The barrier remained and blood now revealed the invisible area that had protected her. She simply stared as a single tear fell down. She had intended to kill the beast, she had known this would end with its death. But she did not intend to murder it in such a vicious way. This was not what she had intended. Ever since that day she tried to avoid taking a life,  she wanted to heal and protect not destroy,  making a vow to kill only if all else failed,  years would pass and she relocated to kirigakure with  her family after an event transpired that forced them to flee the land of rain.

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2Lunar Knight  Empty Re: Lunar Knight on Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:44 pm

Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight
Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
Forgive the spelling, this tablet doesn't want to work properly, im finished with this app though ^^


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Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu

So sad you didn't describe pervy partz


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