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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Ichiryuu Aburame

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1 Ichiryuu Aburame on Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:57 pm


Kumo Jonin
Kumo Jonin

NAME: Ichiryuu Aburame
AGE: 12
CLAN: Aburame
VILLAGE: Kumogakure

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION:  Ichiryuu is five feet four inches and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. He has a darker complexion(one that bares a heavy resemblance to chocolate) then most people, with hazel eyes that many others have called beautiful. His hair is rather short, but has many spikes and is black in color. He isn't fat nor thin, having just the right amount of bulk necessary to become a decent shinobi. On his face, he has a few acne spots, but other then that its clean. His teeth are as white as snow, as he makes sure to brush regularly.  He has incredible posture..everything about his walk and gestures exudes an aura of confidence.

Like most Aburame, Ichiryuu prefers to wear a trenchcoat to hide the bugs that are creeping around his body. The trenchcoat is a solid blue, a similar shade of blue that you would see when you looked at a morning sky. On the back of it in the middle is the Kumogakure symbol, which is enough for identification. On his neck is a necklace made from actual gold, a gift from his parents. Around the chain is a heart shaped locket also made of gold that contains a picture of him, his mom, and father. On his feet, he wears a simple pair of sandals that match his trenchcoat. The socks match the rest of the outfit, as do the pants he wears. The pants have holsters of the same sky blue color, along with various pockets meant to hold his weapons.

Alternatively, he can be seen in various other outfits, but his second most favorite outfit consists of a black jumpsuit with black goggles along with black sandals. He does not wear the chain with this outfit. This outfit is mostly used for missions, but can be used for casual stuff. He has no symbols of Kumogakure because of this, but carries his headband on his right arm.
PERSONALITY: Polite- Ichiryuu is very polite, no matter what kind of people he's around. Even if you're bullying him, he'll still lend you a kunai when you're in need. He avoids using any curse words, and always says "Please" and "Thank You." Even when facing an enemy, his polite demeanor remains. However, he has no problems killing his enemies, viewing them as a threat to his own utopia. Ichiryuu despises villains with a passion and seeks to eradicate them from the world. Around his elders and those of higher rank, he gives an aura of even more respect for his authorities, although this comes after he's scared half to death by the way these jounin look.

Analytic- A man of few words, Ichiryuu prefers to hang back and observe the current situation. This trait even follows him into battle, where he prefers to see the opponent's habits and warming up before going all out, at least in a direct battle. Ichiryuu always tries to take the most optimal route to end the battle the quickest.

Good-Natured: The reason he became a shinobi was to help everyone get along, and make the world a better place. Sure, it might sound extremely corny and naive but Ichiryuu could care less. He works extremely hard towards this goal. Ichiryuu constantly helps around the village, helping strangers and friends alike.  If you're that one kid who's alone, fear not! Ichiryuu will become your friend. Even when he gets to a higher rank, he'll still be doing the basics such as helping to find a lost pet, or painting a house.

Determined - When Ichiryuu sets his mind on something, he does it without fail. When he makes a promise, he doesn't go back on his word. That's what his father told him to do..always stay determined, and you'll always win at life. The most dangerous and influential shinobi were determined, he said.

BACKSTORY:  Ichiryuu was born in a line of Shinobi, so it was inevitable that he would become one himself, especially since he belonged to a prestigious one. At the age of four he was already practicing his shinobi skills and was becoming good friends with the people who would soon join the academy with him. Even though he was quiet, according to many females he was kind of cute. The males were interested in his cool toys and athletic ability. He was quite the popular kid.

The kids being trained at an early age like him were annoyed by it, however Ichiryuu wasn't. When he overheard all of the things wrong with the world, it got his blood boiling. Even though he was so young, he was determined to fix it, and that determination stuck with him even to this day.

In the academy, however, once the kids found out he was an Aburame, they were a little weary of him. Aburame had a history of being extremely creepy, plus, they loved insects! They were dirty! But, the awkwardness ended. Ichiryuu was simply too nice of a guy to hate, and so his bonds with his classmates were restored. However, he never hung out with people THAT much. He would go to parties when asked, but other then that, he preferred interacting with his bugs. His classmates thought this was a tad weird, but didn't label him crazy, since he was an Aburame after all.

He was noted to have very good chakra reserves for his age, but poor close combat skills, which didn't phase Ichiryuu at all. After all, Aburame didn't specialize in Taijutsu so it didn't really matter. As the years went on, he continued to perfect his control with the bugs. He wondered what type of insects he would breed when he got older...although the aburame were famous for the chakra draining bugs, people like his father used bugs with various other effects like delivering lethal toxins. Still, to this day, he hasn't made a choice, using the basic chakra draining bugs.

At the age of twelve, he graduated from the academy, however, he was the unlucky one who didn't get a squad or sensei due to the class having an odd number of people. So, he stayed at home, learning more and more about his clan. His parents taught him various life lessons, such as always being kind and determined. Ichiryuu took these lessons to heart, and vowed to show the world kindness and to change it for the better. Currently, he is training and doing missions to help improve the village, but occasionally looks for any squads that need a third member. After all, he can't be the best he can be without the help of friends.

Thankfully, his parents are alive and healthy. He has a pretty normal life right now, and is glad that he has that, unlike others who have to deal with the pain of no family. He's also trying to become friends with many kids around the village.

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2 Re: Ichiryuu Aburame on Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:28 pm


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu


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