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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Katashi's Dojo

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1 Katashi's Dojo on Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:19 pm


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
Katashi was excited for the day. Just yesterday he received an invitation to practice with this newly opened Shinobi Battle Dojo. Of course he didn't know what was going to go down once he entered but he was hopeful it would allow him to vent some frustration he had bottled up lately, mostly due to the new 'protective measures' the Mizukage implemented. He understood the positive effects the new mist had but he also could understand what a lot of people where worried about the mist doing. This could potentially allow the Mizukage to spy on the citizens and arrest them for doing nothing wrong. Of course if that happened, Katashi may just sneak out of the village to avoid being associated with such a negative thing but his umpteenth great grandpa, Katashi had a code of honor and a deep love for his village so that was not likely to happen.

All of a sudden his reverie was broken by the sudden realization that he had arrived at his destination, and the thought that maybe the Mizukage was spying on him right then. With a visible shiver, he stepped through the entry and towards the location where his mission was to take place. As soon as he entered the Dojo he was met with a cacophony of noises that would have reminded him a battlefield, had he ever been on one, but more likely reminded him of his days at the Academy. He stood at the door for a few seconds watching the brawling that was happening on the inside when the Master of the Dojo approached him.

"Greetings, Katashi-kun. We have been expecting you. For your first time here, I have paired you with one of our older students to acclimate you into our regime. First thing is first, anything goes. Real weapons are used to simulate a real environment with real consequences. But once blood is drawn by a weapon, the fight ends. However when fighting with our fists, the bout isn't over until one of you is unconscious or surrender. You are free to choose your weapon of choice." The old man's words seemingly flowed like a sap down a tree. Each word was slow and carefully enunciated so as to not make any mistakes. Katashis own reply was poorly executed in compare to the elderly man's.

"Thank you Sensei. I would like to use my Katana for today, as I am the more comfortable with it than I am with my fists. May we start immediately? I'm too excited to simply watch."

With a simple wave of his hand and a soft laugh, the Master of the Dojo sent the young Katashi scurrying to where his sparring partner was waving at him. After a brief introduction between the two, Katashi pulled the three foot blade from it's scabbard and held it in front of him with both hands spaced. He then moved his left foot backwards but kept his body facing his opponent. The Sagan no Kamae was his favored stance and it was this reason that he chose it over the others. And then in a blink of an eye the fight started.

A simple stepping thrust was all it took for the first round to be over for Katashi. As soon as his foot left the floor and he moved forward, his opponent was beside him and his sword was no long in his hands. Then it was only a matter of synapses latter that Katashi's nose was bleed and he was on the floor, nose first. But it only took a matter of seconds for a medic to heal the break and to stop the bleeding, though the blood was still on his clothes and on mat. It didn't seem to matter to his sparring partner as he motioned for him to continue the bout unless he wished to call it quits already. With a big grin that showed off bloody white teeth, Katashi stretched and retrieved his Katana from the ground.

He assumed the same stance as last time but instead of a simple lunge, he feinted forward and then did a diagonal slash that resulted with his sword being dropped as soon as he felt the fist that impacted his ribs and the subsequent cracking of said ribs breaking. This time he was on his knees gasping for breath as he waited for the medic to arrive to heal the breaks. Of course that didn't take too long and he was back at it. This continued for several hours until the Master of the Dojo finally said that the training day was over and that it was time to return home. Katashi thanked his sparring partner profusely before he moved to leave but before he could make it out the Master of the Dojo waved him over.

"I like your perseverance young one. It reminds me of myself when I was much younger. Back when I was a Jounin and a young hothead mind you. That's why I would like to invite you again, if you like, tomorrow to attend again. This time though, lets try going back to the basics so leave your weaponry behind. We will be using our fists. We would like to see how you operate if you were to be disarmed without suffering broken noses, arms, or ribs." The old man gave a small chortle before allowing Katashi to speak.

"Thank you Sensei. I like that a lot. It was really fun getting clobbered like that. Do I get to spar against him, like I did this time? I would really like that. I need to get a few hits on him." Katashi's own hyperactivity seemingly got the better of him as he spoke, jumping from one topic to the next giving no time for the ears, or tongue, to rest.

Of course the soothing voice of the old man quickly calmed the young Genin. "Of course young one. Tomorrow it is then. Same time tomorrow as today. Now run along." With a kind smile on his face, the old master dismissed the Genin with a wave of his hand before closing the door to the Dojo.

After that it was only a few streets from Katashi's house from the Dojo. He almost sprinted home until he felt the bruises forming on his ribs and arms and face from all the broken bones and cartilage suffered under the masterful touch of his opponent. By the time he arrived home he could barely eat before he decided to turn in, with hopes that the pain would be gone by morning.

Despite the agony he was in Katashi was ecstatic for the coming day. He was to return to the Dojo to test his might against the student who thoroughly thumped him the previous day. And he was glad for it. It showed him holes in his attacks and his defenses. He was sure his umpteenth great-grandpa, the White Fang some called him, was looking down on him with pride for his perseverance and pride to not call it quits despite receiving a few hard knocks. Of course, despite his discomfort with using his fists, he was more than ready for the challenge ahead of him. He was sure the day would end with him with quite a few more bruises and his mother confronting the Master of the Dojo about the possible implications of abuse and subsequent beating of the Master by his mother, which Katashi hoped would not happen.

It wasn't until after he ate the breakfast his mother forced him to eat that he was able to wince out the house and up the street towards the Dojo. He honestly was entirely sure why he was so happy about getting the shit knocked out of him but he found it enjoyable, not sexually though cause that was just weird. Especially to the young Katashi who was just discovering what kind of girl he liked. Of course he wasn't thinking about that as he walked towards the Dojo with a permanent wince on his face as he cradled the bruised ribs with his seemingly permanently black arms. Despite the bruised bones and muscle, by the time he arrived at the Dojo he felt invigorated. The pain seemingly melted away as soon as he saw the smiling face of the Master of the Dojo waiting for all his students to arrive, including Katashi it seems. Of course Katashi was one of the last to arrive, as per usual, but that meant he didn't have to wait for that many people to arrive, three to be exact, before the class started. That didn't take long at all. Unlike the previous day, there was no speech just an order to pair off and begin sparring between one another. This time Katashi was the one waving his opponent over to the same mat, minus the blood stain.

Of course, with his previous wounds, Katashi was not at one hundred percent but he was going to fight like it. Of course this time, because he react to close quarters combat, Katashi fair a bit better over his opponent, even scoring a few hits before being put on the mat with a simple hip throw. Of course this was just a warm up. Katashi needed to conserve his energy and health if he was to make it through the the session without another visit from the medics. First he would assume a defensive posture with arms and fists covering valuable ribs and face from attack, at a sideways stance so he can rotate into his punches. Of course against the excellent strikes and form of his opponent he wasn't able to put up much of a fight against his opponent. Though he was able to, luckily, win a round by catching his opponent's nose with a right hook, breaking it and splattering blood on him and on the mat. This caught the eye of the Master of the Dojo as he did not expect the Genin to be able to land a hit on the Special Jounin that was his opponent.

The exchange of beatings between the Genin and the Special Jounin continued for several hours until it was time for them to stop for a lunch break, mainly to give the shinobi time to rest from their exertions of the previous five hours. After a brief thirty minutes spent drinking green tea and eating rice cakes, Katashi was back at it on the training mat with his opponent.

With the delicious meal he felt his body fill with more energy than he had when he woke up that morning. He didn't know what was in those rice cakes or that tea but he was pretty sure by the time he was finish training with the Dojo he was going to need more. Of course he wasn't able to think about that due to the fact the continual ass whippings that kept getting handed to him by his opponent. Their skill levels were vastly different but he was still able to get a few licks in before he was put back down on the map.

By the time that days training was finish, Katashi had only suffered a few minor contusions and a dislocation or two. Nothing that needed the healers to reset bones and then heal, much to his delight. The feeling of bones knitting together after being broken was excruciating to say the least. Of course, Katashi was able to break his opponent nose twice, in a row, before said arm had been dislocated. As he cradled wounded arm and felt his pride soaring, the Master of the Dojo pulled him aside just before he could get through the door to head home. With a forlorn glance at the setting sun, he turned to face the Master as he spoke to him.

"Ah, young one. I was wanting to talk to you before you left and lo and behold here you are. Now, classes are over for a few days to allow the bodies of those who train here to heal before we begin again. In four days, I want you to come back. As you might have noticed those shinobi around you utilize a special fighting style that I designed to be deadly to those that need to die and painful for those that don't. It's an ancient fighting style that has been passed down from master to apprentice for over a hundred years. It's time for you to learn it as well and become an official member of the Dojo. Now hurry home and rest up. I shall be anticipating your return in four days time."

Katashi nodded with a beaming smile on his face before uttering a single word response. "Osu!" His arms were brought out to his sides with fists clenched as he said it. Then he was gone, running down the street to his home where he family waited to eagerly listen to his stories of his abuse at the hands of a Special Jounin.

The four days of recovery after leaving the Dojo were tough ones for the young genin. He had extreme damage to his muscles and ligaments from all the hard work but he was able to heal in time thanks to the help of a cousin who worked in the medical corps. Of course even if he wasn't fully healed he would have went back to the Dojo anyway. He found the constant fighting and beatings to be calming, and useful for him to learn how others fight. Of course now that his body was one hundred percent healed and the four days were over he was going to return to the Dojo and hopefully impress the master enough to end up becoming an official member. Of course not everything worked out as planned.

After finishing his breakfast which consisted of rice and dried fish, he was immediately out the door running down the street towards the Dojo. He was excited that he was finally going to get back into the action of such amazing training. It was the only training he found that he actually enjoyed. Which would probably seem weird to some but to him it helped him understand other people. People who didn't hold back in a fight, even a friendly one, wanted to be seen as powerful. Someone who held back was confident enough in their abilities that they didn't need to use their full force. Katashi alternated between both of these tactics to insure his opponents wouldn't know what he expected to do.

Upon arriving at the Dojo, he was quickly met with the other members arriving around the same time as him. Some were surprised to see the young genin had chosen to return after the beating he received the first two days. Most were not. They had seen the determination in the young Genin's eyes during his bouts and they were pretty sure that the Genin would be back as soon as that four day rest period had ended. And they were right. And boy was he eager to get right back into the action.

As soon as he stepped in he was met with the smiling face of the Master of the Dojo and the face of his opponent, the Special Jounin. After a brief conversation, Katashi came to the realization that the Special Jounin was the Master's great grandson. Just how old was the master. He didn't get long to dwell on that thought before the Master sent the teams to begin sparring. This time, however, Katashi was not fighting the Special Jounin but he was going to be fighting one of the actual members of the group. A jounin master taijutsu user.

With a smile plastered on his face, Katashi entered the circle and took his fighting stance, fists low and forward while his body was position with his right foot behind his left. And then it happened. Rather fast as well. In a blink of an eye, the Jounin was gone from his position and in front of Katashi throwing a punch straight at the Bukijutsu users face. Then there was the smack as skin and bone hit skin and bone. With bruise already forming Katashi entered the fray with a knee to the jounin's side which responded with a cracking sound of ribs possibly breaking. This resulted in Katashi getting another fist to the face, this time it resulted in his nose splattering blood everywhere thanks to it breaking under the strength of the jounin. And then things began speeding up. Punches were swapped with kicks were swapped with punches. Soon what was once a nice face of a jounin and and genin, was mush. Eyes were partial closed and blood was coming out of places it shouldn't have. Of course they didn't stop until they both ended up on the mat. Apparently the Master grew tired with their display of skill and this resulted in him ending the fight rather unceremoniously.

After about twenty minutes of healing and other stuff, Katashi found himself being brought before the Dojo master. He didn't know what to expect but he could only think of two outcomes from this meeting. Either he didn't do good enough and would be ejected from the dojo or he did good enough to get an official membership there. His worries, however were short lived as he saw the smile plastered over the master's face. He actually did it. He had officially joined one of the most prestigious Dojos in Kirigakure and only as a simply Genin. Could this day get any better.

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