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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Kirigakures adventure begins. [open to kiri ninja only/nk]

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Lunar Knight

Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
Lunar Knight Begins! 

The small creeping rays of sun that managed to penetrative the mist that lingered across the sky,  the young girl would feel the slight change of temperature as the rays slid upon her milky white face. Waking up gently she would stretch her thin arms upwards to the fullest before releasing a powerful yawn,  sleep still lingered in her eyes and upon her mind,  she would debate to stay in bed and pass out once more. Th e we to do something today overpowered her lazy urges and instead Lunar Knight would slide out of bed.  With a gentle yawn she would wipe the sleep from her eyes and glide gently to the door,  opening it she would it p toe to the bathroom so as to not wake her mother or father,  now in the bathroom she would grimace as she looked at the tangled mess that was her hair.  Soon the splashing of the water would strike the sink as steam started to rise,  the cold tap would soon follow and with cold water she would splash her face before washing the drool stains from her mouth with the warm water.

Returning to her room the young female would grab the hair brush and begin to Un tangle the wave of me,  after forty five minutes she finally was finished,  without any straighteners the mess was completely untangled and now as straight as well straight stuff.  Her silk night gown had been replaced with a beautiful snow flake like dress topped with the green and white jacket,  a white translucent material slid behind her holding high above her ankles,  when she walked it flew behind her flowing,  her parents were still asleep,  nothing to wake up for she supposed,  ever since the accident they did rarely get out of bed,  her mother was not as bad she would get up in a few hours but her dad was rarely seen and it affected her mother I  a strange way,  so she liked to be out before they got up.  She had decided to work on her ninjutsu abilities as she had signed up for the churning exams.  The area she had chosen was near the river that flowed through the forest  East of the mizukages tower, with the book in hand she would still down and read as much information about ninjutsu as she could muster.  Naturally she knew about the basics,  l chakra flow and how it is made up.  The manipulation of chakra to forum something.  This could be seen in the academy Jutsu that she was capable of using.  Clones and replacements or by simply transforming her appearance.  So how would she train?

First she would have to finish the book,  eventually it told her that chakra was like a muscle or similar or some thing and it can be used like one.  By changing the manipulation of chakra the female would be able to strengthen her core energy.  She could easily just work like that but she had to also increase her capacity in usage,  with the only techniques in her arsenal she would have to practice using the academy techniques that she had previously learned to pass the exams.  Standing up she would sigh softly before her hands swerved in to the handling that were required for the transformation technique,  her body would erupt in a white smoke that would be perfect for a smoke screen as she continued making  seals.  This next technique allowed her to create illusionary clones of herself in her new transformation.  She had of course already came up with some perfect combinations including using a stronger versions of the Clone technique,  she had not yet achieved the power to harness clan techniques but her power was not strong enough.  The young female would continue her manipulation of chakra,  maintaining  the Clone technique and the transformation technique while constantly manipulating and changing the flow of chakra,  why?  Chakra control by using multiple Jutsu and splitting her control while constantly changing the inner flow within herself she could work on her chakra control an effective ability for a shinobi whom one day hoped to have what it takes to become an effective medical ninja,  this was her dream and constant chakra flow would help her achieve it.

717 words
Chakra control novice reached,


Her day started as usual, the same method of dressing and getting ready. Her book still in hand as she left with a simple scroll that had information on her clans techniques, the young female was preparing to continue training for the long awaited for Chuunin Exams, these exams were being held in the land of fire, it was most likely held as usual in the village hidden in the leaf. She had never visited that place, the only locations she herself knew were that of Amegakure and of course her current residence Kirigakure or as they are also known the land of rain and the village hidden in water. The purple or black hair that flew behind her swayed in the slight breeze that helped shift some of the mist that obscured most of the village, it was light today and the temperature had risen significantly yet her outfit remained the same no matter what weather and it seemed to rarely hinder her to be perfectly honest. As the soft breeze glided past her, it would lift the translucent material behind her farther than usual giving way to the innocent look of an angel that she was currently known for. Innocence and light radiated from the young girl as she moved.

Even with her nose in a book thus disabling one hand, she managed to weave in and out of the crowd with expertise as if she could sense them, naturally she could not but the soft buzzing that she heard within her head would dictate her movements as she tried to absorb as much information from the book as she possibly could. It was like before explaining the masters of fine chakra control. This book was more suited towards medical ninja, it was the experience on fine chakra control and the basic of medical techniques. So today she had requested to take a trip to the hospital were she would be studying under a shinobi known as Akiba a young male whom was somewhat of an expert in the medical field. He was going to show her how to use medical chakra or to increase her chakra control by manipulating the power of a fish, somewhat keeping it alive through the flow of chakra instead of pure medical ability. It was a way many medical ninja trained to enhance the capabilities of there chakra control and it seemed the best fit for the angelic young girl.

It was a beautiful walk to the hospital and it really showed the life of Kirigakure, it made the village seem so much more than many believed it to be, instead of a simple dank misty village it bustled with life that could not grow in other places. Unique plants and tree's littered the village within the thick mist that would help nurture them, the medical trade was fantastic and was a big part of the income for the village, due to these unique plants having healing properties that other places desperately required. It was a lovely place to call home. turning the corner she would see the large medical facility and would push the door open, it seemed slightly quite not many patients in a time of peace in a way she supposed. Heading towards the desk she would smile as the receptionist waved to her, "Hi Lunar, how can i help you today?" she asked kindly. Lunar would of course return the wave as she walked to the desk putting her book in her bag. "Hi Tilly, i'm here to see Akiba" She would reply. nodding Tilly would push a button and soon enough her new teacher would appear.

Akiba was handsome in a way, though he had seen battle many times his medical ability had helped keep away the scars. he was also a tough teacher and threw the girl in the deep end by presenting her with a fish. "So your aim right now is to not heal the fish or reincarnate it or even to stall its life, this fish is dead, there is no reviving it at this point, its to far gone. But i do want you to move it, reanimate it in a way. Using your own chakra control i want you to flow your own chakra into the head of the fish and make the top of its head flop three times. Then i want you to do the same with its tail the same amount of times. When you have a feel for it, your next test is to make it", he would say before showing her. By inputting his chakra he would control the fish, manipulating its head and tail at the same time. Lunar could only gawp.

It would be her turn, she started with the instructions and also kept her book open to the area that described the flow of chakra, she felt it flow from her in to the fish but no matter how much she willed it no matter how much she wished for the fish to move it did not, This would remain the pattern for at least thirty five minutes until she slumped to the floor exhausted. How could she not understand how to make the fish move, It was or should have been a rather simple move. She would attempt it once more, this time clearing her mind and not only feeling the chakra within her but feeling it as though it were an extension of her own body. It would seem her mind held her back previously for when she started to feel the chakra as part of herself the head moved. This would be the pattern continuing the movement of the tail and head independantly as the teacher watched. He was impressed but others had already learned faster, she was mediocre at best. Then the two style. the head and the tail Sadly this was an utter failure, she had failed to make both sides move and it crushed her. How could she not do it. Eventually it got to much for her and the young genin gave in. She had increased her control that was a given but not enough to pull of the abilitilies that the medical ninja of this town could do.

She would soon find herself in the training field. Having decided to give up on the control at the moment and learn one of her clans techniques to ease her mind, when it came to learning clan techniques the young female was somewhat of a natural, perhaps her persona had rubbed of on her insects but they seemed to listen to her flawlessly whenever she requested something and this was shown in the ninjutsu, It was known as the bee sword technique a good jutsu to learn if a weapon were ever required. By channeling chakra in to a single bee from within, again harnessing her chakra control, this chakra rapidly enhanced the bee's growth as it left her body expanding its body in to the shape of a kunai holster, perhaps it were a part transformation jutsu but she was capable of wielding it with ease. The bee would soon have a stinger the size of a kunai holder and would become inanimate unable to move as if it had become a pure weapon in itself. Lunar of course had complete power over this move, and began to practice with it, basic weaponry was easy to grasp and as it was very much like a kunai she had no trouble with it. The young girl would glide slowly before releasing the stinger with a thought. The stinger shot forth impaling a tree. "Nice" she would say. Perhaps she may not fair so badly in the up coming exams.

1292 learned
1000/1000 - Intermediate chakra control
AME: Sutinga style: Bee Sword
DESCRIPTION: This technique allows the user to bring forth a single bee per use, this bee has a body wide enough to be held easily and a stinger two inches longer than that of a kunai allowing it to be wielded as such. This bee can fire it tail up to ten meters in one direction to impale, it has the same power and strength as an ordinary kunai. Due to the bee living in side of the wielder it does not require an upkeep cost. The stinger move at basic speed.


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