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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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A Walk Amongst the Natives

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1 A Walk Amongst the Natives on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:18 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

The day, like most since his arrival within the Land of Water, was gloomy to say the least due to the ever abundant Mist that lingered over the land and to which became the sole icon of the great village; Kirigakure no Sato. Light from the sun that lingered over the top of the mist refracted off of the small droplets within it to dimly stream through the blinds of the one bed room flat apartment that belonged to a shinobi not native to these lands, his journey over the course of his life has led him to call The Village Hidden in the Mist his home. The walls of the flat were bare, the room empty with the exception of an already made bed and a set of weights stacked together in the corner. The owner of the placed nowhere to be found within the room, but sounds from the only other door within the flat besides that of the one leading to the world outside indicated his location.

Without so much as a squeak the door swung open revealing the newest addition to Kirigakure's military ranks, Rōarku Puredetā. His well built frame was something extraordinary for shinobi of these lands, despite being 16 years of age the tonality of his body's muscle mass was on par with that of Jounin of this village, a gift among several other that he received through his lineage. Fresh from the shower, beads of water slowly accumulated on his bare chest before running down the lengths of his abs, also foreign to these lands was the caramel color of his skin tone unique to far off places in the Land of Lightning. As he walked away his left hand reached back closing the door behind him while his right began to playfully brush through the short blonde hair of his, the last bits of moisture from the morning's shower being slung around the room as he stopped before his weights. As routine the morning's workout was about to commence.

  • Dropping to the floor, fifty-five push-ups were to start. A set of regular, diamond, and Spiderman Push-Ups each.
  • Following this, Rōarku brought his arms together and rested on his forearms while elevating himself into a planking position. Three minutes ticked away on clock on his bedside table.
  • Rolling over onto his back, Rōarku began a set of crunches and sit ups at fifty-five a piece.
  • Propping up onto his butt with his feet and arms off of the ground, Rōarku began to twist to either side repeatedly. His hands came together to form a single fist which repeated to hit the ground until he had achieved fifty-five of each side.
  • The clock chimed again as three minutes and thirty-three seconds began ticking away, a set of jumping jacks occupied this time span before repeating the cycle of exercises thrice in succession, only then did the morning exercise conclude.

By the end of the morning's workout, per usual, the room had become something akin to a sauna. Certain characteristics of within the Puredetā lineage made possible for Rōarku to see the various smells wafting from not only himself, but throughout his room. Synesthesia was the technical term, but to those of his lineage it had become known as Blended Senses. By the looks of things, the boy had some cleaning to do, but that would come later.For minutes Rōarku laid spread eagle across the floor looking up at the ceiling as he began to slow his breathing, although his body was exhausted from the workout his mind drifted in the sea of memories he acquired over his short life span. Memories of his brother in particular…

It would be a few hours later that the young Puredetā child would find himself outside of his flat dressed in his usual attire and traversing the streets of the Village Hidden in Mist. Despite his collar being raised to where it sat just under his nose indicating he wasn't much of a talker, shinobi and villagers alike stepped up to him to question his means for being within "their" village. Obviously, people of noble nature, though not accustomed to outsiders. To avoid any confrontation he simply titled his neck backward revealing the piece of metal embroidered into his clothing which shown the Mist's insignia, and without another word exchanged they let him be. Although after the fifteenth or so person things became ridiculous, thus the boy darted away from the gathering group of people and used the wall of a building as his escape.

Chakra applied to the soles of his shinobi attuned sandals allowed for the young boy to scale the wall as normally as he would a regular flat surface. Reaching the top of the building signaled to those looking to question him further that he clearly wasn't interested, thus they went about their merry way leaving the Puredetā boy to his solitude. "Meh. . ." A sigh of relief escaped the imprisoned caramel toned lips of the boy as he plopped down on the roof, his feet dangling over the edge providing the most minimal sense of danger. Leaning back using his hands behind him for support Rōarku looked up at the misty sky, his enhanced senses providing most of the cover work in the event that another dared to venture to close to him.

Basic ---> Novice Chakra Control

Chakra Pool: 145/150
Word Count: 891

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2 Re: A Walk Amongst the Natives on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:58 pm

Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight
Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
The young female would have spent her time relaxing today,  having exhausted herself slightly with the training she had under taken recently.  The weather was drab to say the least but yet she still adored it,  her usual attire adorned the innocent angel as she had been dubbed would be wandering around at the correct moment,  she witnessed the boy whom was being rushed by villager after villager,  flashing his headband,  it seemed to be located upon his neck much like Lunar her own which was located around her milky white neck.  She would look with sad eyes as the young boy took it upon himself to remove himself from the area,  her eyes followed him to the building.  From his demeanour she could tell he was a recluse one whom was not a fan of contact.  She was originally from amegakure she knew how it felt to be an outcast.

She would quickly head in to the nearest shop and purchase an array of sweeties from jellies to suger coated chews,  all forms of chocolate and sour sweets,  leaving with her goodies she would give a smile as she noticed the boy still in the same location.  Performing the same feat he had done though much slower she would make her way to the top of the building with a gentle smile upon her face.  Not waiting or asking to join him she would simply plop herself down.  Taking a juice boz from the basket of goodies she would skip the straw in and without saying a word would slide the basket towards the big,  clearly offering him to help himself.  

[I will tally words when needed,  sorry it's not much but typing on the tablet large posts just takes so long]


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3 Re: A Walk Amongst the Natives on Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:55 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

One would think that somewhere in the process of his daily routine of strengthening the various muscles of the body that Rōarku would have implemented a period dedicated to the bodies nutrition, a healthy and balanced diet in addition to physical exercise were proven to go hand in hand in strengthening the body. Sadly, you'd be wrong. The door to smallish shop below closed shut after a consumer, anonymous to Rōarku at the moment, exited which in turn released a plethora of knew scents into the air which rose skyward in the form of trails of color that flowed into the boy's nostrils as he sat above. "Blrgrgrgrg" As a direct result from the inhalation of the new smells from below the young Puredetā boy's stomach began to produce sound as it ate itself from the inside out, clearly skipping breakfast wasn't the smartest of choices. The boy's head peaked over the ledge of the building taking into account the source of the sweet smelling treats, a young female who also wore the mark of a full fledged shinobi of Kirigakure no Sato.

The smile that she wore was in total contradiction to the grimace that the Puredetā boy wore in regards to his hunger pains, taking note of this he quickly reeled himself back from the ledge as she turned from taking interest in him. "Oooh great…" He mumbled to himself as he dropped his face into his lap where his forearms were being used as support. In all sense of the phrase, the world around Rōarku grew dark and silent as if he was placed in a dimension void of all light and sound. Puredetā Hijutsu: Kankaku Shattodaun no Jutsu | Puredetā Art: Sensory Shutdown Technique, was the provider of this sensory phenomenon, it allowed for nigh complete solitude so that Rōarku could be alone with his thoughts.  "That dumb face of yours has probably gone and scared her off… Way to go Rō… What else cou-" Or so he thought.

In his absence from the outside world the young female that he had the pleasure of gazing upon for a brief second had not only found her way upon the roof, but also made her way into his personal space. But, how did he become aware of her presence? The one flaw accounted for by the unperfected technique, the sense of touch. Thus, when the basket was slid toward him it awoke him from his void. "Woah? Umm… 3.14… Uhh, Hi? Welcome to the roof?" Roarku said stumbling over each word, the act of being caught off guard was very foreign to those of his lineage so going about passing the moment was of the utmost difficult at the moment. With his senses returning to him one by one the world began to come into complete focus, thus his attention darted toward the basket of goodies that had been pushed before him.

Jutsu Learned:

Name: Puredetā Hijutsu: Kankaku Shattodaun no Jutsu | Puredetā  Art: Sensory Shutdown Technique
Rank: [ D ] • C
Element: N/A
Classification: Ninjutsu | KKG
Description: Through the use of this technique members of the Puredetā clan can close off the use of one of their senses, effectively hindering themselves for a single post. Shutting down the users sense of touch requires the user putting out a C Rank amount of chakra, but in return their pain receptors will become disabled.
Weakness: A single sense of the user will be shutdown for a single post. Despite the pain receptors of the body being shut off, any damage they receive will become present all at once when the technique is resolved.

Chakra Pool: 130/150
Word Count: 485

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4 Re: A Walk Amongst the Natives on Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:11 am

Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight
Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
As she found herself upon the rooftop, the young girl whom would look at the boy would grimace, it seemed her presence had put him in a state of despair. The man had become even more reclusive and via his body language essentially cut off the young girl from making any movement towards him, but she would sit down all the same and push the basket of goodies towards the shinobi anyway. She would slurp on her juice as she did so feeling the awesome taste fill her mouth. Finally the male would speak to her as she swallowed, giving a gentle giggle as he stumbled over his own words to find the right ones, "Thank you" she would say innocently before following the gaze of the males eyes which had darted to the basket of food. "Oh...umm...i saw you being hounded by some of the idiots that live here....umm i wasn't sure what sweeties you liked so i got as many as i could....please help yourself" she would say as she began to blush. 

She had just revealed the sweets had been for him, not only that she revealed seeing the awkward encounters he had had which drove him to find a spot upon the very roof they now shared. As she placed her now empty juice box to the side of her, she would reach in and take a white chocolate bar. "My name's Lunar Knight, Genin, originally from Amegakure" she would say with a smile, pride seemed to emit from her voice as she stated were she had originally been from. amegakure as her true home and always would be, no matter what she would refuse to listen to the comments from villagers of Kirigakure, this village saved her and helped bring her up as a shinobi but it did not teach her what she needed to know, that was Amegakure. 

And one thing that she needed to know right now, was her protective brother, possibly upon her fathers orders was sent to look for her, she had promised to return of course but this had been a whole ten minutes ago, protective family and overbearing rules were beginning to take a toll on the innocent girl whom had begun to become bored of the strict routine, she had to bring home proof of missions before they set out and everything, you should hear the way they go on about how they hope she is set in an all female group. it was annoying and they acted as if she could not care for herself. Thankfully the young girl had been studying, she knew exactly how to confuse the sensory skills of her brother. Even now the bee's that leaked from the hand furthest from the boy would stealthily scatter down the building before dispersing themselves, joining the group she had planted previously to create a chakra signature large enough in multiple areas to be her own. This technique was similar tot he aburame's, perhaps due to them being related in an insect like way. 

"Do you perhaps want to head to the training fields? The chuunin exams will be coming soon, it would be nice to train with someone and actually see if im any good" she would say gently a grimace now sat upon the smiling face that she once had.

500/500 - Jutsu learned

NAME: Sutinga Style: Jamming Technique 
DESCRIPTION: Sutinga Style: Jamming Technique is a Ninjutsu utilized by the Sutinga clan. it is also used by the aburame whom utilize Kikachu. it is unkown whom theo riginal user of this technique is but many of the Sutinga clan believe it to be them and vice versa. To hide their presence from sensor ninja, the Sutinga clan member will disperse their bee's through the air and the surrounding area. Because these insects will share similar chakra to their host, the numerous multiple chakra targets with confuse the sensor to hide the Sutinga members true location.

Chakra - 120


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5 Re: A Walk Amongst the Natives on Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:44 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

And just like that, he was given the green light to commence the feast.

No doubt he variety of sweet treats was plenty, but what stuck out to the young Puredetā boy the most were the hand made Cookies and Cream covered Pocky Sticks with chocolate filling. Such a treat were designed with efficiency in mind, yet continued to deliver the sweet taste one needed in a snack. Upon taking the first bite Rōarku nearly melted right off of the roof, the enhancement to his sense of taste provided by his Puredetā lineage not only helped to provide information on the ingredients used in the snacks production, but also to make the experience even more fulfilling. So much so that he almost missed the introduction that his new acquaintance had made. "Lunar Knight… Of Amegakure? That's that Village Hidden in Rain if I'm not mistaken…"

"Hmm… It would seem that Kirigakure has become somewhat of the melting pot for shinobi born outside of these lands." A slight chuckle escaped the boy as he bit into another Pocky Stick. "My name is Rōarku Puredetā, but you can call me Rō. I'm originally from The Land of Lightning not Kumogakure… I hold no claim nor ties to that village and that's all I have to say about that…" His voice taking on a more stern tone that the light hearted chuckle he dawned a few seconds, but it would seem that all turned to normal as he popped the remainder of the Pocky into his mouth. In the midst of yet another cookie and cream covered stick Rō's faced began to scrunch up, his index finger from his free hand stretched and dug in his ear, twisting and turning to remove anything that might be blocking it. "What in the hell is that damn buzzing?!?! It's driving me crazy, I'm just about at the point of shutting off this damned sense… Kill it!?!"Nevertheless, his attention turned back to Lunar's question in regards to leaving the roof and heading to the training ground, but off in the radius of his enhanced sense of hearing a low buzzing noise continued to emanate. "Oh yea, I heard about those exams…" He said as he looked into the now empty box of Pocky's with a saddened look on his before placing the box on the roof and turning his attention back to Lunar. "I've got no problem with getting some training in, though I must warn you I hear a swarm of bees somewhere around us… Tread carefully… Race Ya!"

And with that said the boy hopped from the ledge of the roof and landed on all fours before the entrance to the small sweet shop, Rōarku flashed a quick smile up at his new friend before pushing off the ground and darting through the bustling Kirigakure Town Square. From the start, Rōarku knew more than speed would be needed to win. Yet, it would seem that his words of wisdom to Lunar should have instead been meant for himself for after only a few short members he had to begin to weave in and out of groups of civilians in order to not topple over them and lose the small race. Although not performed flawlessly, the young Puredetā boy's developing reflexive skills did help to not cause any serious injury to patrons along the street. A few bumps here and there meant nothing to him so long that he kept up his pace, but angry chants and shaken fists that followed in his wake clearly would bring about a bad reputation.

The thrill of the hunt in the form of this simple competition sent a familiar tingle coursing down the length of his spine, this feeling being the rush that he longed for. Utilizing his heightened senses, Rōarku kept a firm lock on the location of his new found friend. With the training grounds in sight, the only thing that would stop him from total victory would be to be out ran, but he was confident that his natural speed could handle things."Oh yea! Finish line dead ahead!?! The only thing that can stop me is me, hey! And I'm going to stop when the hook stops... Hold up!"

Basic ---> Novice Reflex

Chakra Pool: 130/150
Word Count: 704

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6 Re: A Walk Amongst the Natives on Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:12 pm

Lunar Knight

Lunar Knight
Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
The young girl, Lunar Knight would simply watch to begin with. Her new found friend "It would seem that the village we protect is home to more waifs and strays, the villagers are a little less in the know apparently" she would say giggling before popping a piece of white chocolate in to her mouth. Once chewed and swallowed she would continue to speak. "It's a pleasure to meet you Rō, and please you don't have to express your allegiances or lack there off, Im not one to gossip or judge someone's back ground" she would say her smile wider than usual. Examining the young mans face, she would wonder if he was not happy with the treat he was eating, it was only later that he revealed the annoyance was the buzzing of the bee's. How did he hear them? Enhanced sense of hearing perhaps? it was the only logical explanation to her any way.

Nodding with a sly smile as he agreed to come to the training field, Lunar had made a friend, or so she hoped. Soon her competitive nature would arise as the male turned what she was assuming would be a pleasant walk in to a race. A devilish grin slid along her face as she watched the boy leave the roof. She would watch the animalistic like movement of his landing to the ground. She on the other hand would take a simpler approach. As the male begun to weave in and out of the villagers. She would take the rooftops. Her hair flowing behind her as she gently flew from roof to roof. Zigzagging across buildings as she remained on par with the boys speed. She could go faster but as she ran her eyes kept darting to the boy watching his improvements. Mistakes were being made less frequently. Every now again she would stumble and have to tear her eyes away so that she could rectify her self. She never fell but came close to it.

As she ran, she would notice something. Her brother was catching up. She saw him as she was surveying the male whom she would soon be training with. This couldn't happen, he couldnt be allowed to interrupt. Thankfully his sensory abilities were flawed from the previous technique she had utilized. Now she had to use a different move, another clan technique that would hopefully throw him of her track. Sliding behind one of the large erected walls that held the entrance or exit to the roof. She would form handseals that would allow her chakra to flow. From her mouth she would expel a brown sticky material that would take the shape of herself. This was known as the Sutinga clans clone technique. Wax Lunar whom now looked like a normal human would soon charge in the direction of her brother making sure to be seen allowing the real Lunar to continue her run to the training field. Sadly due to the delay, she would lose the race.

"Dammit, looks like i lose. I'm a failure to the female sex" She would say jokingly. Smiling as she looked around the training field, the mist was slightly denser here, there were multiple scars on the ground that showed the years of training this place had endured. The large river that flowed around it was her favourite feature. it was beautiful. Pebbles were located within the water, "PERFECT" she would exclaim, she knew exactly what she had to train. A technique she had created to repel attackers. "Rō, would you do me a favour, I need you to pick a hand full of pebbles from the river.....and throw them at me as hard as you can" she asked, still with the smile upon her face. The tone of her voice would tell the boy she was serious. She had a plan, a plan that if done correctly would hopefully produce results that may impress her new friend.


500/500 = Bees wax clone:
160/500 = Kekkai Style: Rebound

Jutsu learned:

NAME: Bee'swax clone
The user creates an exact duplicate of themselves or other people, when they are struck they melt back in to there wax forms.


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