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Take Control and Gain Knowledge (Training topic) [OPEN]

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The days were passing quicker than one could keep ahold of. The exams ever nearing as each day setted and each night passed. There however was the young genin Hitomi Shiruku whom awoken to today to gain experience she needed. She looked to the ceiling of her bedroom for a long while before rolling over to sit up from her bed and look over to her brother whom was snoring all the while, it was far to early to wake him nor her mother so she chose this to get in as much time as she could to practice and train herself to the bone for the day. She went to change clothes into her normal attire of her light purple longsleeved turtle neck, then over top of it was her half cut turquoise shirt with her black shorts, the purple free flowing fabric at the bottom was tied on as well, she then placed on socks and her navy blue shoes and to finish her ensemble was the headband that was to be wrapped on her upper right arm with the village symbol shown outward.

With her dressing complete she fixed her hair just barely enough to not look like bed hair before she walked out of the house and closed it up behind herself, heading to the training grounds quickly. As she made it there she knew what she wanted to learn, she wanted to control her chakra and mold it into what she'd need, she didn't want to just rely on elements against each other or weapons that could be dodged with every attack, she wanted the most precise and sharpest ability to pin point accuracy to her target objective and she knew if she could control her chakra, being the closest part to herself, then she could easily do so. The other sort would be knowledge as she knew the exams were a test of knowledge as well as power.

Thus to train her chakra she'd be using the tree climbing and water walking techniques today to focus all her energy into it and make sure she could even walk on the most rapid rivers and walk the most twisted limbs. Never to fail even within any range of ability was her plan. The knowledge portion would be of course general studying and going over what she had learned in school repeatedly. She didn't want to completely focus on it but she still wanted to make sure she'd know enough to keep going and figure out what to do in a dire situation such as being lost and alone or in enemy lines. The first was chakra control which meant she'd be nearby to the trees or any sort of water holes to keep afloat or to climb the limbs without a single flinch, of course the first try would be difficult and she may end up falling a few times.

As said she did, she climbed the tree at first with some ease but soon she found herself falling down, luckily she chose the smaller trees thus she's just have a small bruise at worst. She got up and went back into it over and over to make sure she was getting the hang of it, hours would pass due to this. She was determined and straightforward towards her goal, but if someone were to come in that would be a different story. She didn't trust other individuals and especially didn't trust training in front of them due to her own special techniques being copied was her worry. With this in mind she couldn't continue her tree climbing or water walking if another were to come around, which would be disappointing but she had nothing else to choose about it. Hopefully to herself she'd be alone and quiet on this calm and crisp autumn morning.

Also the fact of the matter being that it was a bit chilly out didn't help her to focus being a bit cold. But this served to drive her to keep going and train even harder than before. Of course the way she trained wasn't recommended either, she was obviously tired and in pain and yet she still kept going and going. She wanted to prove she could but at the same time she was withering herself away just to do that. She hadn't even eaten that morning which held her stomach to ache, but she wanted to do this more than anything in the world, the reason being that she wanted to make her father proud. Not that he wasn't proud of her, but rather in his coma state of being withheld inside a hospital, this poor girl wanted to learn how to be a med-nin and treat him with the best she could, or even more. This is why she became a genin, to help him and protect her family from what he went through which she still blamed herself to this day.

Next was to train to not only climb but to hold and mold. Of course this was to mold her chakra to work both in and outside her body which wasn't too difficult just tiresome. She had to not only climb the tree, but stay on it and mold their chakra to stay there even when she wasn't completly aware. This alone could very well help her to mold chakra into tools, similar to what med-nins do for their scapels or other surgical tools. One thing that stiked interest was that she realized not everyone has the same chakra but also that it could be hard to mend or easy and that would mean she had very little idea about her own chakra, even what element it was.

That didn't mean she wanted an element but she had realized just then that she knew very little about herself, let alone her capabilities and limits. So it looks to be she'd need to test those out today. Hitomi decided to climb the tree then and there and as she got to the top she focused entirely on holding herself there, even if it looked like nothing, she was doing alot more than one could expect. She was young, and her body even younger than it ought to look, and she didn't like it. Not to say she hated it but it wasn't nice to know to her own peers she was a child, and to her own age she was baby-like. It made her feel inferior and it's been used against her in many methods during class and outside.

Still she was gaining ground after a while. She was able to hold herself there, but now she had to hold herself without using all her chakra to do so. Just as soon as she took her mind off the matter, so did her body as it fell to the ground and she gave out a thud. She shook her head for a while then got up, spiting out dirt and wiping her outfit off to look up at the tree. It wasn't even that tall and she struggled with it. But she wasn't giving up, no she went back to it with excitement and enthrillment but not to happier extent more like the intense idea.

With the day going by though she begun to notice others were waking or walking around and just as mentioned, she didn't want them to notice her out of line training. With that she looked at the tree for a moment then hid behind it and sat down. What she pulled from a small bag she brought with her, that had snacks and other sorts, was a book. She bought this book from a local vendor but the book was supposedly medical knowledge and certain movements to do so. She wanted to learn, to know, and to do what she could and be creative with her own touch on the matter. She wanted to use this knowledge to further questions or answer them so that she could understand just what to do when the situation comes that she needs this knowledge.

The autumn leaves covering the ground was just high enough to gather into a nest and jump into by the children of the area, the crisp air was gaining headway to start to warm itself slightly with the sunlight that was there, giving off a comfortable temperature for the time being and helped Hitomi to clear her mind and focus a bit better than she had. She looked up at the tree she was practicing then to those out there walking and passing by and with that she headed towards a further back into the forest and sat, able to hide herself because of her small figure right there behind a tree and held her book closely before opening it and begining to read through the text.

In the meantime however she wasn't just sitting down but rather she was sitting on the tree itself, not to high up but enough to focus herself and challenge herself on this order. Both control and mind to intermingle as one and work in harmony, that is what she wanted to achieve and that is what she was training to do. Occasionally she had to wipe her face clear of hair strands that hung down infront of herself or fix her clothing so it wouldn't be so uncomfortable, let alone fix her body to a less stressd motion even when gravity vs chakra was at this part.

She flipped through the pages and stopped at a few anatomy pictures and chakra information. Using her finger to point out each line as she became intensely into it and focused onto it. Hitomi even began trying to say some of the medical terminology in the book, as if trying to record it in her mind for later use. She read through each line and with how big the book was it could very well take days to completly read. But she was determined to do so in such a dizzy position as sitting actually on the tree itself. Anyone who could come by would be utterly flabergasted at the sight, such an odd position and not to mention the focusing factor was confusing to look at all over.

As the day passed on, what seemed to be rather quickly she felt a deep growl in her stomach as it rose up. Hitomi then took the book and closed it then stuck out her feet to drop down to the ground before heading to her bag and getting out a snack to munch on. She rather would have had her mother's cooking but she wanted to train more than anything at this point and besides, the more she ate the more dizzy she could become from such an odd method of training. Still it didn't help that she thought of the food at home with a bit of a smile as if relaxed from it. Family and friends, that's all of whom she trusts and no one else. That was her rules to life, as weird as they may be as her village came second to her family rather than vice versa.

WC: 1866
700/700 (Chakra Control Basic-Novice)
1000/1000(Chakra Control Novice-Intermediate)
166/700(Intelligence Basic-Novice)
*Note these above are what she's training for and how complete they are, they do go in order!*

Jutsu Used:
NAME: Chakra Focus
ELEMENT:[b] None
DESCRIPTION: The user is able to focus their chakra into a select spot(s) on their body, allowing them to cling to anything that part of their body is touching. This can be used for walking on water or even walking vertically up a tree. This jutsu is maintainable.

CP: 150-5=145



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