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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Stat System

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1Stat System Empty Stat System on Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:47 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Stat Overview

Here at Shinobi Gaiden we pride ourselves on a unique stat system. We like to allow our members to have a diverse pool of skills while still making them simple to understand. So before we get into it, you' ll need to understand the basics of our skill system.

The amount of Stat Points or Stat Tokens you receive is based on your rank, All D rank Ninja start with 8 and for each rank promotion will receive 4 more. Tokens can also be earned through events or special tasks.

Limitations: Depening on your ninja rank, no main stat may surpass these given maximum levels unless through the use of a passive skill.

D Rank: 5 Max
C Rank: 7 Max
B Rank: 8 Max
A Rank: 10 Max
S Rank: 10 Max

Firstly, there are five main stats. They are the following:

Ninjutsu: Any technique that allows the user to do things normally impossible. These can range from elemental to altering the rules of time and space.
Genjutsu: Techniques dealing with the opponents mind and senses.
Taijutsu: Techniques of the body. Unarmed attack strengths and speeds.
Bukijutsu: Techniques involving weapons
Fuinjutsu: Techniques involving sealing objects (or people) into other objects.

Af for the five main stats, they are ranked on a value from 0 to 10, 10 being the strongest and 0 being the default. In order to make these stats stronger, you must place 1 Stat Token for every level that you would like it to increase. So if I wanted my Ninjutsu to reach Level 3, I would need to use 3 Stat Tokens towards Ninjutsu. You will get tokens after you create your character and each time you rank up. tokens can also be given out during events or as other prizes.

In order to use skills within the five main stats, you must reach a certain stat level to use higher ranked jutsu. Upon placing 1 Skill point into a main stat you gain access to E ranked techniques. At 2 points you gain access to D ranked techniques. At 4 you gain C ranked techniques. At 6, B ranked. At 8, A ranked and at 10, S ranked.

Aside from you main stats, you also have Sub Stats. These are stats that are based off of your main stats. The current sub stats are:

Iryo: This is the only stat that grants you ability to heal players using Iryo Ninjutsu. This stat is based off of the main stat of Ninjutsu.
Nintaijutsu: This stat is a mixture of ninjutsu and taijutsu. Attacks such as a fire fist would fall into this category.
Ocular Genjutsu: This a specialty for those interested in using the Genjutsu stat in sight based attacks. This sub stat is optimal for Doujutsu users, as this passively increases the strength of your Doujutsu.
Sound Based Genjutsu: This sub stat, based on the genjutsu stat, focuses on debuffing an enemy using sound. It should be minded that sound can be seen on this site and by default moves at a speed of 20 m/s. This means that sound can be dodged.
Kugujutsu: This is the art of using puppets. This sub stat is based on the Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu stat, with your puppet being a weapon and the way you move it using ninjutsu. Puppets can be customized to have traps and such, however each trap slot and trap must be purchased from the market. Every puppet can have up to five modification, but modifications cannot be stronger than the puppets rank
Juinjutsu: This sub stat is based on Fuinjutsu and is the art of making curses and afflicting seals. Normally, Fuinjutsu is used to seal things away. While utilizing this sub skill, you are able to seal away power as well as seal power into things.

Each of these Sub Stats are similar to the Main Stats when it comes to leveling. Just put a token into it. Though, in order to put tokens into sub stats, you must have a high enough level within the main stat. For every one token you wish to put into a sub stat, you must have two tokens in the original stat first. This means the only way to get level 2 Iryo is to first have level 4 Ninjustu. To max out any sub stat you must first have the main stat maxed out as well, and so forth. Sub stats max out at Level 5. After reaching level five you will get the choice to pick between two passive skills, increasing the power of your Sub Stats.

Level 1 will allow access to E and D ranked skills. 2 allows access to C. 3 Allows access to B. 4 allows access to A and S is granted upon reaching level 5.

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Stat System Sharingan-9

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2Stat System Empty Re: Stat System on Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:34 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin

Passives are free abilities that you get once your stat has reached a certain level. They cost no chakra or stamina and act... well passively. Each time you gain a passive, you will get the option to choose between two, allowing you to have a custom experience in stats. For your main stats, these choices will be given at skill levels three, six and nine. For your sub stats, you will only get the choice once you have maxed out your sub stat, at level five. Below are the list of passives to choose from.

Main Stat Passives

Ninjutsu Passives:

Level 3:

Ninjutsu Haggler
25% Ryo Reduction when purchasing Ninjutsu Skills
Ninjutsu Prodigy
25% Word Reduction when training Ninjutsu Skills
Level 6:

Ninjutsu Saver
25% Chakra Reduction when using Ninjutsu Skills from Rank E-B
Ninjutsu Connoisseur
20% Ryo Reduction when Purchasing Limited Ninjutsu Skills
Level 9:

Ninjutsu Master
35% Chakra Reduction when using Ninjutsu Skills from Rank E-A
Ninjutsu Dominator:
25% Chakra Reduction for S Rank Ninjutsu Skills
Genjutsu Passives:

Level 3:

Breakout Master
The user can pay one Stat level lower of chakra when using Kai to break out of Genjutsu. (If Genjutsu is B rank, user can use C rank Kai to break out)
The user reduces all training WC requirements by 10%
Level 6:

Genjutsu Saver
The user's chakra costs for Genjutsu are reduced by 25% when using E-B ranked skills
Genjutsu Monster
The user's Genjutsu are one letter rank higher on use. (Chakra costs stay the same. C rank Genjutsu now have B rank effect, etc)
Level 9:

Genjutsu Master
35% Chakra Reduction for Genjutsu ranks E-A
Genjutsu Fiend
Genjutsu requires twice as much chakra to be paid before Kai has effect.
Taijutsu Passives:

Level Three:

Speed Specialist
You will always have a slight advantage in speed over someone with the same taijutsu stat as you
Strength Specialist
You will always have a slight advantage in strength over someone with the same taijutsu stat as you
Level Six:

Gentle Fisted
For each unarmed strike you deliver, you will drain the enemies chakra by 10 points.
Hard Fisted
Each unarmed strike you deliver is increased by one jutsu rank. Basic strikes will do damage of a C ranked Jutsu.
Level Nine:

You have the ability to learn Hachimon
Long Laster
All of your Taijutsu and Bukijutsu chakra costs are reduced by 25%
Bukijutsu Passives:

Level Three:

Weapon Lover
20% Ryo reduction on Equipment (swords, axes, armors, etc)
Weapon Spammer
35% Ryo reduction on Items (kunai, shuriken, scrolls, etc)
Level Six:

Extra Pockets
User gains 4 Equipment Slots
Master Swordsman
User can now wield legendary swords
Level Nine:

Bukijutsu Defiance
Bukijutsu techniques can be used to combat Ninjutsu Techniques. For example, a sword slash technique would be able to fend off a fireball should the techniques be of same level.
50% Ryo reduction on Equipment ability costs
Fuinjutsu Passives:

Level Three:

Numbers Game
User can hold an additional seal per scroll
User can seal basic elements (though only ones they've learned)
Level Six:

The user is able to perform summons (the user may only have a single animal contract)
Fuinjutsu Adept
20% Chakra Reduction for Fuinjutsu skills
Level Nine:

Master Sealer
The user can seal anything up to the size of Jinchuuriki
Ultimate Summoner
The user is able to have up to three animal contracts. User also gains 30% chakra reduction when performing summoning jutsu

Sub Stat Passives

Iryo Passive:

User gains access to Creation Rebirth Technique
DNA Sampler
The user is able to replicated a pure piece of DNA up to 3 times, each time creating a tainted DNA of the original
Nintaijutsu Passive:

The user gains access to Chakra Enhanced Strength
All Nintaijutsu cost one letter rank less. (B rank cost C rank, etc)
Ocular Genjutsu Passive:

The user can reflect the image of their eyeball off of surfaces within reason. Eye contact with these reflections will cause ignition for genjutsu
Doujutsu Revolutionist
Doujutsu no longer require chakra to maintain.
Sound Genjutsu Passive:

Sound can now be used as the trigger for Genjutsu skills
Rapid Effecter
Sound effects from the user now moves twice as fast
Kugujutsu Passive:

Master Puppeteer
The user can now control up to five puppets at once
The user's puppet can now have up to eight modifications equal to or less than its rank
Juinjutsu Passive:

The user can now create full curse seals
Cant think of one. If you have an idea for a strong Juinjutsu passive, let me know


Stat System Sharingan-9

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