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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Ondori Basa

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1Ondori Basa Empty Ondori Basa on Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:41 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
Ondori Basa Muu_colored_by_lamp3r-d4jl8a2
Ondori/Shishio Basa

Age: 18
Gender: Male

Village: Kirigakure
Clan: Jiton Clan
Rank: C-Rank
Shinobi Rank: Chunin

Height: 6`0
Weight: 179lbs
Ondori Basa 3074942
Ondori Basa Ondori10
Ondori stands at 6`0 and weighs in a 179 pounds. His build is athletic as most shinobi tend to be. Lean muscle, no bulk allowing agile maneuvering, but still harboring fair amounts of strength. He is always seen bound up in bandages and when I say always, I mean always. If he is not in bandages, then he is not Ondori, he is Shishio. An appearance from Shishio is extremely rare and shouldn't even be worth mentioning since Ondori has never had a need to not wear his bandages and doesn't ever plan on taking them off. All of his skin that is visible is his nose and eyes when he is bandaged up. Clothing that he wears while bandaged consist of a pair of black shinobi pants that stop below the knee and a thick sweat band around his forehead that is also a forehead protector. These are both a dark stormy grey in color. This stormy grey is also present in his natural eye color, which have stone grey pupils. He naturally looks very attentive always looking around, he has a very silent aura about him, giving the feeling of him being a ghost of sorts.

Shishio is a being who is very different from Ondori. He has black hair, almost always has a toothy smile displayed or some sort of expression that shows his teeth, and has markings like facial tattoos on his face. These tattoos are three dots underneath the eyes that are red, green, then red again on both sides, then three stripes across the bridge of his nose. These follow the color pattern of the ones underneath his eyes. He wears a biker jacket that is red and has wide eyes on the chest area on each side, these eyes separated by a zipper that goes vertically down the middle of the jacket. Underneath the jacket, since it's usually half zipped is a dirty sand colored tracksuit. His biker jacket stops at the forearms, showing his peach skin and brown gloves cover each of his hands. He wears black jeans and they meet up with high black combat boots on his feet. Unlike Ondori, his eyes are white with garnet pupils thanks to contacts.

Personality: Ondori is a very interesting ninja, but his personality all comes down to being self centered. His first and foremost concern and interest is himself. Without himself, the world obviously doesn't matter because he wouldn't be able to perceive it. This doesn't mean he has no sense of loyalty to his village or friends, but he would not make great sacrifices for them or to them. If him and a friend were starving in the wilderness and he had a supply of food that'd be enough to keep one person alive for another day, he would eat it. Even if it were his own mother. He wouldn't split it and he wouldn't gift it away. If it were their supply of food he would expect the same on their behalf, but probably attempt to kill them for the food if he had the stamina to spare.

His self interest and love does not make him one to endlessly drone on about himself and his feats or anything else concerning himself. He doesn't like to talk about himself and despises invasive people, especially those who ask about his bandages, true appearance, reasons he wears the bandages, and anything else that mentions his bandages. He's been known to do a range of things when asked about his garbs. These range from saying silly things, ignoring the question, or even taking the person to a nice dark alley and teaching them to not ask stupid questions. He wears them for reasons that are no one's business but his own and finds it idiotic that people ask about them given that they are meant to conceal his features.

What his self interest does cause him to do however is push himself to become greater and discover his true maximum potential. He's not a tried hard, "I'm gonna be the best ever known!!!1111" type person, but he does value the principles of strengthening the mind, body, and spirit and would hate to be considered as weak or seen as falling behind.

Being a hater of invasive people, Ondori is exactly that of which he hates. Not in the sense he asks a vast amount of questions about people, but in more stealth oriented ways of course. It is his profession after all. If he wants information, he'll try to gather it himself and doesn't like people knowing that he likes to snoop. While you're talking to him, he'll try to dissect your words, look for meanings within meanings and what words root from to make assumptions about people's personality, and their history. Ondori likes to learn and being one who likes to learn, he's one who likes to roam and expand his horizons. He knows not to be close minded and to always be accepting of present variables and potential variables. This makes him overly cautious in some instances when he's is up to things or even in random spells. Some may call it paranoia, but it hasn't developed to such a degree to call it paranoia, he just likes to know where he is stepping before he steps and have his next few steps planned out as well as additional routes of stepping in case a wrench in a plan makes itself none.

That said he's immensely observant. Very well known to think before speaking and even when he speaks his words are rationed as if limited in supply. Along with that he knows what words to use and when, making him not foreign to the art of lying or uncomfortable with such things. He has a manipulative side, but it's not something he really likes to use, not someone who enjoys misleading people to have them carry out task for him. He has a strong sense of personal justice and holds this sense of righteousness to be most true. Not preachy or religious, but ambitious and self motivated.

Flaws he has includes being a procrastinator at times. He knows how his mind works and he is very well aware of this flaw, but at times uses it to his advantage knowing he works well under pressure. He'll wait till the last moment lots of times to do something and use the adrenaline of energy of anxiousness to get it done.

When it comes to combat, not necessarily once it's initiated but just things that involve combat, Ondori goes by the words, "Any means necessary." There is no fair in combat, there is only a winner and a loser. If you come out on top, regardless of the means you used, you came out on top. Ondori likes being powerful, but doesn't like drawing attention to himself, so he is never one to be drunk on power or become over confident in his abilities. He knows how powerful he is and his capabilities and acts accordingly, never one to count eggs before they hatch. He will act off hunches however and in the case of being wrong, Ondori doesn't necessarily feel shame as he was staying true to himself and his instincts. Humble, but not one to apologize when not sorry or show pity when right or to the fallen if they are undeserving.

As Shishio he's nothing notable and acts however he needs. He rarely ever uses the persona and has never needed to, but if the need arose he'd act with whatever mask is needed at the moment.
Nindo: "Love and betterment of self, Ego."
Likes: Himself, Learning, People, sweets, mischief, chaos, mist, fighting.
Dislikes: Invasive beings, insects, idiots, stagnancy.

The origin of Ondori Basa begins in the very mist he now protects. He was born to parents who were traveling merchants, so he has no actual starting place, but he was raised in one of the distant village that dotted Land of Water, but not in the grandiose village of Kirigakure itself. His original parents had found the burden of a child, a.k.a. another mouth to feed, to be too great and sold him to a family they had met in a village they stopped at. This occurred at the age of four. His new legal guardians were owners of a livestock farm who were monopolizing the food business in the small village and a few nearby other ones since food was scarce at the time. With his guardians having this lifestyle, one would think Ondori would be well off, but he was treated like any other worker that slaved for his guardians.

This made him grow up very independent and eventually he left altogether. His escape was at age six and on a journey to another village to transport water to sell. His new beginning was a homeless street rat and is when he adopted the mummified appearance he uses now. Like many other youths in this new village, Ondori's life depended on getting money meal by meal to survive and avoid starvation and death. It's on these streets he learned how to fight to handle himself, his enemies being the other homeless children that littered the streets.

He racked up many breaking and entering convictions along with petty thieving, the child was well known as a curse to his small village, far worse than the other street goons. Reason why is because he had ambition to actually become something. He didn't want to wait for a miracle to sweep him up and drop him off in a better place, he wanted to become self established and would do so by any means. This was good, because none of the villagers bothered to try to lead any of the children back into the graces of good. This was the perfect psychological excuse or justification for such things that he continued to do. This type of life as a child would give birth to his views of good and bad being meaningless, there was only survival and what he wanted. The principles were only applied when they benefited Ondori in his attempts of manipulation, which he had grown to hate.

As time persisted -age 10- he soon found the number of friends and allies dwindling, mostly because he was branded as a misfit to society or just generally a bad seed to not be socialized with. At one time he found himself desperately returning to his old guardians, but he hadn't mustered up the courage or perhaps didn't have the willpower to humble himself and ask to be back under their wing and all benefits which were nothing but, food, shelter, water, and perhaps some people to talk to not he occasion. He settled with stealing some money from them early in the morning while the sun rested and hitched a ride back to the village he was accustomed to.

"Life's much like this mist for me . . . Just a bunch of mist. No real substance, nothing of value out there, just mist, mist, mist and more mist. Mist symbolizing meaningless living. I have no purpose." The Kirigakure Jounin laughed at a 13 year old Ondori's words. At this point in his life, the teen was completely independent, but was actually doing well for himself. He even had his own place. This petty discussion here with a random Jounin is what changed the teen's life forever however. "You see a bunch of mist, but that's because you look with your physical eyes. I look just like another person, but you yourself said no one had spoken to you in about a year. You tell me, with a closer look with the eyes in your heart am I just another person?" The teen meditated on the words and came to the conclusion that for all he cared the Jounin was just another person indeed. His words and teachings sounded dumb and like bullshit spat out of fairy tails and Ondori was no child. "This mist has the habit of producing odd people, odd but insightful and wise with a lot of potential. Think of the citizens of this village as the meaningless mist you see in your metaphor. Have you ever took a chance to add yourself to the equation and see what you were?" Ondori nodded, though he felt the man was talking out the ass and wasn't really buying the stretched nonsensical rambling. "You have potential, I can't tell you what your potential entails you to become, but don't waste it. I was actually sent from Kirigakure to neutralize you, but you don't seem to be bad. Just remote and misunderstood." With that the Jounin was never seen again, but his words left their mark on Ondori's soul and mind. It was one year later after physically preparing himself that Satoru robbed whomever he needed in the time frame of one night and escaped his small shitty home and village. Out in the unforgiving pearly mist with only his thoughts to keep him company and his loot to keep him fed, protected, and hydrated.

It would be a lie to say the fourteen year old didn't get lost or to say his 1 month journey was made without a single issue, but regardless he made it to the promising village of Kirigakure. The walls were nothing like he imagined and the very sight of them loosened the shackles of pessimism on mind. He tried many things, before entering the Ninja Academy. First he was a florist, then a carpenter's aid, then he got a formal job handling mail for the village. He even found himself in the Mizukage's Administration Building filing paper work for various ninja until he came across one file in particular. It was the Jounin from a year ago and a mission report deeming him killed in action or K.I.A. Ondori chuckled at the thought of the man trying to win over the enemy with his feeble spouting of glitter and pixie dust. Oddly enough however that was the day he allowed that man to steer his life once more.

The next day Ondori found himself at the age of 15 standing at the doors of the Ninja Academy. Enrolled in a program for older entrants of course, Ondori quickly graduated to the rank of Genin the same year. A surprise to many including himself, but it allowed him catch up to those within his age group. The blessing that allowed such tremendous growth would be discovery of his unique Kekkei Genkai, Jiton. It wasn't something that was commonly manifested in people and din't even have a single clan that shared a name that carried the gene for the ability. Though he didn't have the strong love for Kirigakure that many other's had, but being a shinobi just felt right for him. He finally felt he had control over his life and could improve himself and actually found himself with the ability to influence others

In two years, he attained the rank of Chunin through the examination process. He didn't come out number one, but was one of the highest placing participants and one who was feared due to his abilities. His life since then hasn't been anything out of the ordinary. He serves as a gate guard now and occasionally reached at the Ninja Academy as a Substitute. He wishes to become an Anbu ninja one day as he finds life rather stagnant lately, well more so the world.

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Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Looks good. Approved for Chunin


Ondori Basa Sharingan-9

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Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
done, thank you


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This character is gucci~


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