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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Akira! (Finished)

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Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
Akira! (Finished) Latest?cb=20120722081036

Age: 15
Gender: Female

Village: Sunagakure
Clan: None
Rank: C-Rank
Shinobi Rank: Chunin

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 125lbs
Appearance: Akira is a young teenage girl. She can be seen as many things but one thing she hears most about her appearance is her angelic features. To many, she can even look like a porcelain doll. Her skin is soft as silk and described as a fair skin tone. Often times, her skin can seem to glow from the Sun's ray,  which led to people calling her features angelic. Her arms and legs seem to be the perfect size. She seems weak and fragile. However, she can definitely show that she is strong. Her body is built small and she doesn't have much for curves, which seems to be the reason for people coming to this conclusion. She is also not very tall but that's seen as an advantage in her eyes.

Eyes.  Akira's eyes are a deep green. Some say they are more beautiful than emeralds. Others says they are the color green nature wishes it could have. When the sun reflects off them, people find they sparkle brighter than even the stars in the sky. They sparkle brighter than the sun shining off the bluest of oceans. Some even go so far to say they become brighter than the sun itself. To compliment these eyes, a head full of beautiful soft light blonde hair. To many, it's seen as golden in the sunlight. It also holds waves. Waves that the ocean's cannot even compare to or so she's been told. It's about to her waist, which can be seen as a problem but she takes pride in it. Akira likes to take very good care of her hair.

Now, what does a beautiful girl like Akira wear? Well, Akira loves to wear shorts and a T-shirt. The colors of her shirt varies from pink to blue to green to maybe even yellow. Her favorite is white, which also contributes to her angelic looking self. Her shorts normally reach mid way down her thighs. They are normally jean shorts. Her forehead protector can usually be found around her neck unless she feels the need for it to be placed on her forehead. When training or doing tasks, Akira may wear her hair up tied by a ribbon. On her feet, she can be seen wearing sandals.


Afraid: This cute blonde girl seems to be afraid of the world. However, she has her reasons for such fears. She's afraid of talking to people because she's afraid they'll make fun of her lisp or see the scars in her mouth. Akira is afraid of anyone of the opposite gender because she believes them to be stronger than she is. She is afraid that they'll hurt her or worse. She's afraid that most of them are cruel and heartless.

Akira normally isn't found talking to others due to two reasons. She is afraid of them and she has a lisp. So naturally, when others try to speak to her she gets nervous, which lead to her trying to ignore them or her trying to leave. There are times where she may stare them dead in the face with a most frightened expression or she may simply blush and look highly lost. In order to avoid this type of contact with people, Akira can normally be seen trying to hide herself. Sometimes it's behind her hair, or behind a wall, or basically anything she can find.

Although she may not seem it, Akira is a very determined girl. She is determined to become someone good. She is determined to come out of her bubble of fear. She is determined to make friends. She is determined to become and amazing shinobi like she believes her brother is. Akira wants to be more than she is, although it might take a while.

Under all of her feelings and the way she wants to appear, Akira is quite the girl. She loves things that are cute and soft. Her favorite animals are Puppies. She loves how small and soft they are when they're little. She loves how they like to be babied even as they grow. They are loyal and sweet. Speaking of sweets, Akira absolutely loves sweets. They taste so good and they always have pretty colors. Like most girls, she loves children. They are so cute and sweet. Even when they're mean, they are funny. Overall, Akira finds them innocent and loves that about them. She's also afraid of spiders, bugs, and snakes.

There is one way to completely break down this girl's shell, even though you may not want to. One could anger her, which would take them harming another or being a plain bully. The other is one could simply be a danger to her and cause her to feel threatened. In which case, she can become rather violent and possibly kill you without hesitation. If you are a male, this would not be recommended. A male is more than likely to be killed quicker.

Nindo: Break Through and Become Great
Likes: Younger Children, Food, Sweets, Puppies, and Her Brother.
Dislikes: Abuse, Drunks, Bullies, Bugs, Spiders, and Snakes.

History:  A long time ago, there were two families that lived side by side in peace. Literally, their tiny villages were built on hilltops next to each other. They were known as the Tokisaki and the Suzuki families. They were simple shinobi families that trained to protect their loved ones nothing more nothing less. So ne night when a woman from the Suzuki family was found dead in what was claimed to be Tokisaki family territory, it enraged the Suzuki family and they demanded someone from the other family die. So, to make piece a member from the Tokisaki family was killed. However, there were still members from each family that held grudges, which eventually caused a war between families. People from each side were killed or tortured. This happened while the daughter of the Tokisaki Family and the son of the Suzuki Family fell in love. Although they knew it would never work, they met in secret every night. Then one day, these lovers became the heads of their families. The girl had only become the families head due to the fact that she was an only child. This was wonderful news for the two but it was also heartbreaking. They knew they could never be together but they also knew that they could find a way to make peace between the families. After many attempts at a compromise, they had finally succeeded. It was stated that if anyone crosses into the opposite families territory, they could be killed on sight with no retaliation. For a long time, everything was at peace and the families lived happily in their own territories. The new family heads kept the peace treaty and prepared the next one to do the same. However, this treaty would one day be broken.

It was about 20 years ago, the family head of the Suzuki Family and his wife were about to have their first child. At the time, the two were very young and in love. The mother was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. Her name was Arisu. The father was a strong brown haired man with dark green eyes. His name was Hisashi. They would have a son with brown hair and blue eyes. His name was Hiro. He was their pride and joy. They believed he would grow up to be strong, brave, a protector, and a great family head. They would raise him to be caring and respectful. They would love him more than anything they had. This boy wold be their number one or at least they thought.

Five years later, this mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and green eyes. Her name was Akira. She would become their princess. She would become her brother's best friend. He would become her idol. They would be inseparable. He would hold her while she was little. He would play with her and make sure she wasn't lonely. Of course, he would have to take time to train but he would always make time for his little sister. Their mother and father would always have time for the two. They seemed like the perfect family, however things began to turn sour after Akira had turned four.

It was said that the Tokisaki family had been increasingly coming across the territory lines, which had of course caused the Suzuki family to become worrisome. They believed the Tokisaki family was planning to do something but what? Perhaps, they were getting ready to attack the Suzuki family. However, Hisashi assure everyone that the treaty would keep them safe. They simply stick with the treaty and everyone would be alright. They wouldn't take any bait the Tokisaki family could throw at them. For a while, everything seemed still. Nothing felt normal. Nothing felt completely safe. People across the hilltop were training everyday. They were growing stronger just in case. It was this way for a whole year.

After a year, everything simply exploded. The Tokisaki Family had found a few women and children dead on their own property yet blamed the Suzuki Family. The pressure blew up all around. Everyone was nervous. They were all on the edge of their seats waiting for the fighting to begin. The Suzuki were waiting for the Tokisaki to attack. However, they never did. Instead, they slipped in quickly and quietly. They abducted several of the smaller children, including Akira, in their sleep and took them to Tokisaki homes. Their plan was to torture the children and kill them. They were going to get revenge for their lost children.

As soon as the Tokisaki had brought the Suzuki children back with them, they woke them. Akira looked around in a panic as a man stood over her. She had never seen him before. He was tall with black hair and brown eyes. He wore a grin on his face that could frighten anyone. Akira at the time was only five. What could she do? There was also another little girl. She had met this one before. Her name was Kiyomi they had played together at her house but she didn't seem to be ok. She was bleeding a lot. She was strapped to a chair with only one finger left. She looked so pale. As the last finger was slowly cut off the girl simply sat there with tears streaming down her face. Not too long after she passed out. That's when Akira would realize she needed to get out.

The blonde haired child tried to crawl away. However, the man grabbed her small shoulder and pulled her back. Like any child, Akira would turn and bite him. She would bite down long and hard until his hand began to bleed. The man would bring his other fist down on the back of her neck causing the child to let go and fall flat on the floor. He would then kick her into a wall. "Stupid Brat. You like to bite huh? I can fix that," his voice was deep and angry. Before Akira could move again, the man grabbed her by her cheeks and pulled her up. He would pull out a knife and begin digging into the girls gums. She would scream in pain as the man cut her teeth out randomly one by one. Her mouth filled with blood, which she would spit out onto the man. He didn't seem phased by it. The black haired man had cut a total of 7 teeth out of the child's mouth. Tears streamed down her face and blood streamed down her chin. Her throat hurt from screaming but she couldn't stop. The pain was too much. However, after the 8th tooth. The man stopped and dropped her. He too would fall to the floor.

Akira cried as she curled up on the floor. She continued to spit the blood out of her mouth. The ends of her blonde hair were now colored red. A hand could be felt touching the girl's back. She would jump and scream. However, she would be brought into a hug and the words, "You're safe now," would enter her ears. It was her father. The girl would cry and latch onto him as he hugged her. He would pull back and look her in the face. He would notice the blood on her chin and have her open her mouth. At the site he had seen, he would get rather angry. His daughter had been tortured and another child was lying dead on the floor with no fingers. It was madness. Truly this family had gone crazy.

On that night, the tiny family villages were both destroyed. Anger and chaos had filled the atmosphere, the smell of blood has filled the air, and revenge filled their hearts. Many of the family members died, including Akira's mother and father. Her brother had managed to escape with her, however they weren't unharmed. They had been kicked around and beaten. They had been hit with Kunai, although Akira's brother took all but one for her. Eventually, they had escaped the area but they didnt know what to do or where to go. Sometime down the road, Akira's brother had passed out bu she kept him safe. A woman had found them and brought them to a hospital, where they would stay for about three years.

During their time in the hospital, Akira's brother would recover from any physical or mental harm rather quickly. However, Akira was different. She was too scared to be alone. Too scared to leave her brother's side. She was even too scared to have anyone close to her mouth, although her gums had been cut to pieces. She would have nightmares every night. However, it started getting better for her after the first year. She would talk a little more to the female nurses and her brother. Nonetheless, she wouldn't talk to anybody else, especially men. She also seemed to stop having frequent nightmares but she did have them occasionally. Sadly, her gums would heal on their own, some of her teeth would grow back, but her mouth would heal wrong leaving her with a lisp.

After their third year of being in the hospital, Akira could tolerate being around people but she was still nervous around males. Due to this fact, they let the duo go. Once again, they had no idea where they'd go or what they'd do, until Akira's brother had spoken to a man. He was kind and sweet but Akira didn't trust him. However, Hiro did so she believed in him. The man had offered them a home. The dup accepted and found their way to Sunagakure. In this village, the two would live their lives. Their home was wonderful and the man they lived with was good to them. Akira had never once spoken to him though, which he accepted. She would still be slightly afraid of him. However, she would warm up to him as she grew older but still no words were spoken.

During her time in the village, Akira would promise that she was going to be strong like her brother one day. She wanted to be a shinobi too. So of course, she studied and trained constantly. Slowly she would accomplish all of her goals and make new ones. Akira continues to struggle with communication but she doesn't let it get in her way.

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[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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