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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Do Your Best! (Fuin Training) [private]

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1 Do Your Best! (Fuin Training) [private] on Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:15 am


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
Hana would be lying in her bed when her mother entered the room. "Hana. Darling it's time to get up." She would say in a soft tone of voice. Hana's mother was usually a very nice woman always hard at work. She woke up early almost every morning so that she could get ready for her day. Today was one of the days she looked forward to. Today, she was going to help her daughter with training. Hana would never know what kind of training they were doing that day because she liked to be surprised. However, she pretty much knew what it would be since she didn't train anything other than the normal Fuinjutsu. So, with her mothers footsteps now disappearing down the hall the child would roll over so she was on her back. Hana would always take a moment to stare up at the ceiling. It helped her wake up and it was like her saying goodmorning to her father, who she believed was watching over her throughout her days. Although she was silent, she believed he knew and that is where her first smile would come from every morning.

After sitting for a moment, Hana would roll out of bed and into her. bathroom, where she would get washed up. The girl would then throw on an outfit she would consider normal. It consisted of a black T-shirt, Jean shorts, and her black sandals. After the girl was dressed, she would throw her hair up in a ponytail with two strands framing her face and her bangs covering her forehead. Atop her head just behind her bangs hair line, would sit her headband. The cloth of the headband would be black as well. Soon enough she was ready for her day or so she would think.

Hana would enter the kitchen, where her mother would be sitting at the table. "Good Morning, Mama." Hana would say with a smile, "Are we ready?" Hana was always very eager to get out and show what she could do. "Not until you have eaten. You know training isn't all about what you can do. You need to have a healthy body or else your other training is no good." Her mother would always have to tell her something along these lines on traininv days. Hana's answer would always be the same, "Of course, Mama." So, she would eat some fruit or something alomg the lines of healthy and then the two would depart to their favorite spot to train.

The place the two would come upon was a small flat area where the grass was about ankle height. About in the middle of this area, sat a tree that bloomed beautiful pink flowers in the spring and they would stay throughout the summer. Hana believed this place to be the most beautiful spot she had ever seen. It always brought a smile on her face to see it. The story behind how her mother came upon it was one the small Uzumaki never got tired of hearing. It was a time when her father and mother were dating. They were very young but they could tell there was a special connection between them. It was something Hana wished she could feel for someone but until then she would listen to these stories. Her father had covered the mothers eyes one spring leading her all the way to this very tree. When he revealed where she had been lead to, she couldn't help but stare with astonishment. However, the story would end right there. Her mother could never finish the story due to getting teary eyed. It was alright though because Hana was very patient and would wait until her mother was ready.

As they walked up to the tree, Hana would tilt her head a little and look up through the branches. She could see the pink flowers but they had a golden light behind them (the sun). It made her feel like her father was here watching through the flowers. She felt he was watching every step of the way as she continued to bloom. Hana would takw in a deep breath and then smile. The smell was beautiful but she couldn't stay distracted any longer. "Mama, what am I doing today?" Hana's mother would smile at the eager little girl. "Well, I thought today we would work on seals. Though, not just drawing them but sealing and unsealing as well." Hana's mother would look to the girl with a smile as she set a small pack down on the ground. Hearing this would make Hana sigh. Yes, she was an Uzumaki. Should this be easy? Hana would like to think so but she hadn't gotten this sort of thing quite right yet. Her seals always looked slightly off so she had never gotten passed making them. However, today she wanted to try her hardest and hoped that she would not be defeated today!

Han's mother had sat out a scroll along with some writing utensils and a few small weapons. Hana would sit down beside her mother and listen as she explained certain seals to the child. Hana would repeat back what her mother had just said and then watch as her mother drew it. Hana would study closely and carefully as her mothers hand moved. So, when it was her turn to draw them she would try to do it just as she was shown. However, it would turn.out wrong making the Uzumaki frown. "I did it just like you did. Why can I not get it right? It's so easy for you but I just can't do it." Hana would continue to frown as she stared at the scroll. "Darling, there are times where you can't learn by copying others. You have to be yourself and feel what it is you want to feel. You have to do what you want to do. You have to be what you want to be." The girls mother would be staring through the tree branches as she spoke. Hana would sit for a moment and contemplate on the words her mother had spoken. "Be myself. What does that have to do with-" Hana would then gasp just slightly as she removed the image of her mothers hand in motion. She would then study the seal her mother had made and trace it with her finger. After doing this action for a while, she would start to notice that the way she traced it was a slight bit different than what her mother had done to draw it. So, with Hana's own style on her mind she would connect the ink with the paper and draw. When she was finished, her seal looked just like her mothers. This would make the girl gasp once more and poke her mother repeatedly. "Look I did it!" Hana would smile a great big smile at her mother, who would return one just as bright. "I knew you could. Let's try a few more." So, for a few more moments, the mother would draw a seal, the small Uzumaki would trace it with her finger, and then she would draw it out herself. Hana would continue to smile as she got it right. This made her very happy, which made her mother happy. "What's next?!" Hana would ask very excitedly. Her mother would pat her head and laugh a bit.

"Ok. Next why don't we try to seal this kunai in your seals?" Hana would blink as her mother spoke. Seal them in her seals? Could she really do that? What if she can't do that? Hana would start to doubt herself once more as she listened to her mother explain how the process worked. "I will teach you two ways in which you can seal the weapon. One, you can place your hand on the seal or two you can use a hand sign with it." Hana's mother would demonstrate for the child as she spoke about the two options.Hana watched as her mother did so.On number one, she placed the weapon upon a seal, layed her hand over top of the weapon, concentrated chakra into her hand, and activated the seal. Within a matter of seconds, the weapon had disappeared. Hana would blink with her eyes opening wide. "You just-" She would begin only to be interupted by her mother. "Not done yet." Hana's mother would say with a slight smile at her daughters amusment. Number two would be Hana's mother placing the weapon of a second seal, she would then make a ram seal, and then it was gone. "You... what.." Hana would stare and then poke the place where the weapon had just been sitting. "Is it my turn?!" Hana would ask with a loud and excited voice. So, Hana would place a weapon on a seal of her own. She would take a deep breath before beginning. Then she would place her hand over the weapon. The harder part was focusing her chakra into her hand. The Uzumaki tried once and nothing happened this would make her blink and stare at her hand. Then, she would try again only this time she was more calm and focused. That time she had only been able to muster up a small amount into her hand. Hana would scoul as she stared at her hand. She would not give up! She was going to get this right! Again, the girl would calm until she couldn't possibly calm anymore. She would focus her chakra into her hand once more and then her weapon had disappeared. "Look I did it!" Hana would shout with excitment. "I wouldn't get too excited. We aren't done yet." Her mother would state with a laugh. The next part seemed like a piece of cake for Hana. She placed another weapon on a different seal and then made a dragon hand sign. The weapon again disappeared. This time she was less excited but still happy she could do such things. Hana would poke the l
place her weapon had just been. "Well, what now?" Hana would always ask a question along this line when she finished what it was she had to do. The little Uzumaki was what her mother liked to call a "Go Go Go Girl" when it came to training.

Hana's mother would smile at the small girl, "Don't you want a break. We've been at it for quite some time." Hana would look towards her mother and tap her cheek. "No. I want to keep going. I'm sure daddy would do the same thing!" Hana would smile as she looked into her mothers eyes. "Ok. Well good thing this is the last thing then." Hana's mother would then make the ram hand sign again. The weapon on that very seal would reappear right before Hana's eyes. She loved to watch as these things unfolded. Then, she would watch her mother place her hand over the other seal and make that weapon reappear as well. Hana would be eager to do the same so without her mother speaking a word. The small Uzumaki would make a dragon hand sign once more. That weapon had reappeared. This made the child smile. The second one was a bit more tricky but seemed less hard. The girl placed her hand one the seal and focused chakra to her hand once more. this time it took less tries. The weapon had reappeared just as the others did. "Did I do it Mama? Am I done now?" Hana would say as she looked to her mother. "You did great darling. We are all done. Now, you can practice on your own." Hana would smile and jump up and down. She was so excited to have done such a good job. She couldnt wait to do more on her own. However, it wouldn't be today because the sun was begining to set. They had been working hard all day and Hana was very proud of herself.

Hana helped her mother pick up all of her supplies and put them in the bag. Hana would look up between the branches of the tree one last time to.see the orange sunlight and the pink flowers mixing together. They were even more beautiful at the end than at the begining. Hopefully her father would see her like that when she reached the end. Hana's mother would pat the girls head, "Come on. Let's go home." She would say in a soft and sweet voice. Hana would smile and look back up to see the top of the tree getting darker. "Goodbye Daddy. See you tomorrow." Hana would say very softly as she walked off in the direction.of her home.

WC: 2125
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2 Re: Do Your Best! (Fuin Training) [private] on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:39 pm


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
Today would be another normal day for Hana. Hana normally wakes up, gets ready foe the day, trains, goes home, eats dinner, and sleeps. That's just what she would do on this very day. However, she seemed to be more excited. Hana would wake straight up and smile as she rolled over to look up towards the ceiling. She would jump out of bed and hurry to the bathroom, where she would take a shower. The girl would then get dressed in attire she saw as normal. The girl would put on a spaghetti strap tank top, jean shorts, her headband with the black cloth, and her shinobi sandals. She would adjust herself in the mirror she had on her bedroom wall. The mirror was large enough for her to see the upper part of her body in. The girl would smile believing she was ready to go whn she realized she had forgotten to put her necklace on. Hana would run over to her bedside and grab the small chain with a heart attached to it. The child would hold it in her hand and give a smile like she was thinking about someone she missed. Well, she was because the necklace was a gift to Hana's mother from the child's father. Hana loved her father although she hadn't ever met him but she loved the stories her mother had about him. So, the girl was very happy when her mother had given it to her.

Hana would stand a moment the necklace in hand until she heard her mother in the doorway. "Good Morning, Darling. There's breakfast waiting for you." Hana would turn around as she put the necklace on and walk to the table, where she would sit and eat. After she did so, she would put her hair up in its usual style. The usual style being a pony tail with two strands framing her face and her bangs lying across her forehead. It wasn't until this time she would put her headband on and stand next to the door where she would wait for her mother.

When Hana's mother entered the room, she was carrying her normal bag but it looked a bit heavier. This would make the young Uzumaki smile a great big smile. She couldn't wait to get started. So, soon enough the two would exit the house and start their small journey to where the young girl trained. The area being a small flat area where the grass seemed to stay the same ankle length with the same big tree, which still had the pink flowers on it. Hana loved this place more and more everytime she visited. It seemed like a place she would make memories not just with her mother but also with her father. This place did seem to feel like his presence was always around. She felt like everytime the two came around she walked into his embrace. It was perfect.

The two ladies would walk to the tree where Hana's mother would unpack a few of the things she was carrying. The rest she would save for a "surprise." Hana knew exactly what to do first so with a smile she would pick up a writing utensil and start to draw seals. She would draw the ones she knew first and then would ask her mother for help. "I only know these but i want to know all the ones you do." Hana would say this to her her mother while still holding her writing utensil. Hana's mother would laugh slightly, "Well, I don't know if I can show you them all but maybe one day. For now, we'll stick with simple ones and maybe a few harder ones." Hana would smile as her mother drew a few more seals. A couple she remembered from last session and some were a bit larger and new to the girl. Hana would spend a few hours drawing them over and over again getting familiar with them.

After a few hours of drawing seals and getting familiar with them, Hana would sit back and smile. "I think I'm good now mama. Can we do the next part now?" Hana would ask her mother this with a great big smile and a bit of excitement. Hana's mother would smile and hand her a small weapon. This would make Hana frown a bit, "I can already do this though." Her mother would continue to hold the weapon out. "Then, what's the problem?" This would make the small Uzumaki blink a bit and then shrug. She took the small weapon and placed it upon a seal. She would keep her hand placed over the weapon and focus her chakra to it. This time opposed to last she had done it with ease. Soon enough, it was gone and Hana would turn to her mother. "See told ya." Hana's mother would smile and pull out a book. "Try this." Hana would take the book and set it on a slightly bigger seal. This time though, she would use a handsign to be more specific a tiger handsign. Thie book would disappear almost as easily as the weapon had. This would make Hana feel happy. When she turned around, she would see her mother holding a vase. "This is the last one for now." Hana would take it thinking that it would be as easy as the two items before. However, she didnt know which seal to use. This would make her look to her mother, who was busy looking up through the branches of the tree. Hana would turn back and set it on one. She would then make a ram handsign and the vase would be gone as well. Hana would smile and look to her mother. "You know what's next." Her mother would say.

Hana would smile as she used the same methods as before to unseal the three items. It made her happy to know that she could seal and unseal an item that was such a large size. She was also amazed by how her mother could hide something that large in her bag. At this time the sun seemed to be not quite ready to set so until it was Hana would contiue to seal and unseal the three items. At one point, she would even walk around and find new items to practice with. Today, Hana had wanted to work as hard as she could and that's just what she did.

Soon enough, the day would be over and Hana would be happy with her work. The girl would smile and look up through the branches of the tree just as she always did. "I think I did good today. I hope you think the same." Hana would then walk off towards her mother, who had been watching Hana. She would smile and pet the young girls hair. "I'm sure he is darling." This would make Hana smile and tear up a bit. "Thank You, Mama." Hana would reply before the two turned to travel home.


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