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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Speer, Albert - Spook

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1 Speer, Albert - Spook on Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:47 pm


Albert Speer

Age: 23
Gender: Male

Village: Kumogakure
Clan: Hyuga
Rank: C
Shinobi Rank: Chuunin

Height: 6"
Weight: 180

Spook does not appear to be human, he appears as a goblin in the naked eye. It's much more simple than that, his physique evolved to the point of survival and that's that. Standing relatively tall at six feet he weighs one- hundred and eighty pounds. He doesn't seem chubby, but more so buff. Spook has the physique to punch a person and make sure that the punch he dealt has means to knock them out. Most of his clothing choices are based on the weather and other contextual means; ie: formal clothing to formal events, 'training' - clothing in events where he would train. Aside from those choices, his wardrobe is rather bland and simple.


General: Ghost has some weird sets or Motivations and Believes. Being the strange guy he is he ches to have fallacies otherewise Considered strange. A party animal at night. A criminal on the day. Because of course the thug life chose him. Not really, Ghost is just a sophisticated scamp. Or is designated as such by many. He lives in life where one gives very little to no amount of shelves. Had a farm where he would board his daily farm he had, one could make an observational statement and say that it was barren. Had not been such a clear prior to such a declaration, that is. He is quick to attack a bore in the company of others. Who is accompanied by his natural fatigue issues. Probably.

Ghost never got that checked out, but is pretty sure a few strands of his somewhat bipolar membrane. What event caused him to act in an unpredictable pattern. Certain madness sometimes wanders through his head, making him move strange.

Other than that, Phantom is an animal disguised in a man package. He has habits most animals, and terns to natural instincts that most animals have. This, of course, makes him the party animal he is. In battle, the male is found to be calm. Strategic- supported by his high intelligence than the battle strategies and just normal understanding of the status quo of fighting. Supported by his fine phrases put the male has won many battles by his past. Many of which were officially ranks higher than themselves. Because of this performance, he is very confident in his abilities. Because he is a missing- nin, he is being chased. Which causes him to be on his guard at a given time. Swords - He loves looting swords from the bodies of his victims.

He has a small collection in his safe-house in the forest of an abandoned village. The house is about two miles from the village that has been abandoned for about twenty years. Sharingan - He hunts specifically those from the Uchiha clan, or else just a sharingan. He likes to take them and keep them for themselves, he wants a sharingan transplanted into his own body, but that is a difficult task without getting one, obviously. As he chases after which the Sharingan and goes to great lengths to try to obtain one.

 Pray - He believes that the wisdom of God to follow the wrong kind of wisdom. He is a good habit to the Christian religion, while in his teens. While he is a young adult now, he does not like the idea of praying to your voice strong convictions about the god you believe is absolute. Although he dislikes jashinists because he believes they are also consumed not realize in their prayers to the 'bigger' image. Superior Authority - One of the main reasons for the village that he was once a part of it was due to higher authority, or whatever mumbo-jumbo that took place overflowed.

He believes that the highest authority is not alone. And therefore does not like the idea. God - His religious complex, Ghost wants Shinobi - to become God. When someone mentions his name in bad words he will want to show up and end their lives. This course requires ubiquity. This is a feat almost impossible to achieve in normal conditions. Ubiquity - He wants to achieve the impossible. The element that has any god. To be present everywhere, all the time and to be able to appear at a given time at a certain location under conditions which require him to achieve this simple. Obviously this is a goal that practically impossible to achieve. But, Ghost likes to dream big.

The sensations of lightning went through his body and hit him. This is a suppressed fear that he will only bothered during his sleep or rather his subconscious. He is not afraid of the actual lightning element, because it is predictable, while the natural light is not so predictable. This fear causes him more nightmares like the usual person. While he was a normal dream is suddenly interrupted by a lightning flowing through his body. Because of this, he usually wakes up with a lot of adrenaline, concerns, and other elements that the median average person would be annoyed by a great deal.

Certainly this is caused by psychological reasons that Ghost has yet to investigate. He is not a person's own mental state that much because he misses the importance of investigating to do this. Because of his parents he is capable of speaking and understanding languages That Are not only ghosts in his nation but in the nations of many around him.

Nindo: 'Abcabc'
Likes: Described in personality
Dislikes: Described in personality


1. Speer a delusional kid from his young years doesn't take too kind and never did from times of his youths. Ridiculous youth, generic dramatic story - too edgy to tell others about it. That about sums up the early ages of Speer. After these certain unmentioned dramatic events things took for a turn which afterwards he called or rather nicknamed himself as Spook, the daeldric gatekeeper of darkness and whatnot. His aspirations were to disappear in thin air and become what he couldn't be. Some abracadabra would be very neat. This is what he thought, and believed. Until he was more mature he had these feelings of superiority reflecting from his peers. Throughout his puberty he was a bit goofy. A non caring attitude that every edge teenagers holds to themselves.

2. Being a reflection in the lives of certain, being an abrupt command in others. The personality of the sole soul began in a chaotic state. As if the souls of thousands were screaming at the same time. Upon maturing, these screamings were silenced by the harsh reality that was. And still is. Being a man of few words, he spoke but little during the adventures of his past. His enjoyment of life taking a railroad to other types of pleasure, weird ones- strange ones- and rationalized normal ones. Blood was something that had been involved throughout his entire life, his delusional illusions replaced every type of liquid with a bloody goop. Sometimes when he swallowed the saliva in his mouth he was imagining that he was drinking the blood of the person he had in his mind. Pretty edgy, huh?

3. Growing up the soul learned to appreciate natural flora, culture and mannerisms of tribes deserted by communities of people. Tribes living alone without any type of communication with other humans interested him the most. Their culture, beliefs- the pyramid of sanity was completely different in most cases. I doubt you're reading this at all, actually. Which makes me able to say stuff like, topkek. Being the curious human he once met a deaf blind man. His mannerisms were completely something he had never seen before. He embraced the darkness in its entirety. During these years he was exposed to his so called - family pride - which came to be after his minor to great success within the ranks of his village. He was considered an outcast by his family prior to his great success which led him to give his familia the cold shoulder.

4. He felt with his senses and seismic disturbances. Unfortunately at this time, he could not pick up this talent- but rather understood the psychological aspect of it. He was intrigued by this man, and had decided to murder him. The murder was simple and plain, it involved baiting. After a bit of planning, in secrecy he killed the man- the ending of his life was quick and painless. The murder was almost instantaneous. The ways of killing a person was a trait Spook taught himself earlier in his life. It was something he didn't consider to be difficult by any means. Ebin. The most difficult part about it was hiding it from others. That, and of course the bloody goop- brainy parts that would be blasted over the walls of the vicinity he performs the deed in.

5. After murdering him Spook sawed his legs and arms off, saving the head for last and squeezed every drop of blood into a bath tub which he would bathe in bare. It is believed that bathing in the blood of his own kind would lead him to absorb their powers, being the placebo that it is Spook went ahead and did it. Therefor the people he meets he might hold hostile intentions towards which aren't directly placed or visibly shown in a cue but merely vaguely directed.

6. Allowing him to act of the must spontaneous moves ever seen. Being as this person he more or less became an animal- in the shape of a human. His instincts are primitive and so are his motives, that doesn't make him a barbarian in actions, but merely in thoughts and sometimes in acts. Such as concealed carry in case of danger breaking out, a / just in case / basically. This being something that gives him extra confidence. Without certain things, he feels naked when lurking outside. He lurks a lot during his idle hours, times when he has no particular assignments or certain one sided motivations to complete a task. This leads him to be slightly lazy and results in Spook doing little to no missions in his free time. Unfortunate for the success of his village, but somewhat fortunate for his potential victims who don't have to face him.

7. Upon graduating and becoming more mature, the sociopathic tendencies of the man were hidden among the group of nins that he operated with. His actions most certainly justified when he carried them out under the public eye and therefor avoiding any possible judgement from higher ups. But still, in some way of form the male had been cautious not to be noticed or caught weirdly under the public eye by those he didn't want to notice him of. During his deployment in the ANBU regiment things went quite smoothly. He could perform his hobbies out on people and be considered a silent- unknown hero to the populace. Patriotic stuff and all that.

8. Spook has a neat talent for violence. Sometimes alone, sometimes he teams up with others to conflict more violence in a more organized structure. Sometimes not as organized and more chaotic - which he's fine with either way - he strives for perfection in the destruction that he causes. His nickname Spook came to existence after Speers enigmatic acts and strange personality. Javelin could be translated to Speer, his first name. Voltaire because he's a vague dank memer and edgy.

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2 Re: Speer, Albert - Spook on Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:09 pm


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3 Re: Speer, Albert - Spook on Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:29 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
If you're apping for C rank, I have a few notes. Theres a lot in your personality that should be in history, and vice versa. Also I'd like to ses a chronological history that actually encompasses a real story, not just a list of random things. You cannot start IC with items gained from your app like the hideout full of Sharingan. Remember, length =/= quality.


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