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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Yasuo Uchiha

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1 Yasuo Uchiha on Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:23 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Yasuo Uchiha

Age: 16
Gender: Male

Home: Land of Iron
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: C
Shinobi Rank: Chunin

Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 lbs
Appearance: The appearance of the oldest and youngest Uchiha to reside in the Land of Iron is very similar to what one might expect upon thinking of the name Uchiha. With that being said, he stands out like a sore thumb within his home. Even his black hair fails to blend into the snowy background when he's simply walking around. He meets the normal traits of the Uchiha, lengthy black hair with dark eyes and slightly pale skin. His hair reaches to his collar on the sides and back, however his bangs only reach down to the bridge of his nose, covering his shadowed eyes when he allows them to. All hair is spiked and pointed, giving a feel of Uchiha as well.

The shoulders of the teenager aren't slender nor broad but meet a measurement in between. As for his body type, he's more lean than anything as most shinobi were in order to maintain agility. His skin is smooth and slightly bright, giving of a reseplendent gleam. His colorbone is slightly defined as well. The narrow shape of his body allows slightly over average pectorals as well as a musclar abdomen.Six divisions can be counted on his belly with a sunken line of flesh seperating each of them. He prides himself on his body and works hard to maintain it.

Yasuo's favorite outfit consists of a dark black jacket with short sleeves that stop in the middle of his upper arm, a light grey shirt with long sleeves that end in the center of his forearm and a pair of black jeans that hold his legs comfortably. On the waistline of his pants there is a silver belt that matches a pair of parellel loops on his upper thigh that allow ninja tools to be held. His hands are covered with a pair of fingerless gloves of dark blue color. It only stretches to the top of his wrist.
Personality: As a teenager, Yasuo feels many things that he couldn't accurately describe. A mix of emotions that are hard to put a tag on make up the postiiton of his heart. He's extremely talented in the sense of being a shinobi, having to try very little when it comes to showing potential. This is considered casual among the Uchiha however and is nothing superfluous within the clan itself. Not to mention a feeling of pride that comes with being part of the Red Fan clan. This pride however is at times his unfortunate downfall as it oftentimes distracts him from apparent weaknesses and areas requiring improvement.

Luck seems to be one thing that Yasuo lacks at all times. Never does anything go in his favor, at least not the things that he notices as he's constantly overflowed with what seem to be omens. He constantly runs into black cats and ravens, breaks mirrors and spills salt. No matter how careful he is, it seems as if he's constantly doing something that will only extend his pain sentence as luck seems to kick him everywhere he goes. Its common for him to lose items, have his wallet stolen, trip over a rock that didn't seem to be there and many other unfortunate events. This chain seemed to start originally when he opened and umbrella indoors, not believing in the silly superstition. However, now he's a strong believer in luck and has come to embrace his terrible hand in it.

It's common for Yasuo to seem extremely rebellious. The lazy side comes out of him when he's commanded to do things by a higher up within the village and he finds it very hard to take orders as the pride within him causes him to feel as if a natural born leader shouldn't have to take orders from someone else. This same rebellion is the stem of him being impious. Despite being raised with knowledge of the gods, he refuses their existance for reasons unknown even to he. The idea that one's life is controlled by an all powerful deity is offputting and therefore he refuses to accept it. Perhaps this same lack of faith his is reason for being aim-less and absent minded, as they are able to tie in with a lack of motivation and desire.

The least noticeable yet most powerful trait of Yasuo is that he suffers from depression. Unknown to him why, he constantly has thoughts of mourning and regrets of his own existance. Oftentimes his mind blankens the surrounding environement and he finds himself wondering what his purpose in life is and feeling extremely overwhelmed by the small amount of impact he has on the world. This demon has haunted him since a young age however he has never been sure why. The only certainty of it is the feeling of a pit in his stomach when thinking these thoughts as well as a sudden feeling of helplessness as if he doesn't care what happens to him and the future is as dark as possible.

On the bright side, the young Uchiha is very good at making friends thanks to his lackadaisical nature. He pretends not to be bothered about the world around him and puts on a happy face and people seem to eat it up as it's extremely easy for him to make friends. Admittedly there are very few that he holds close in his heart due to his fear of being hurt by people he cares for too much. Some part of his mind is convinced that love is just another weakness inside of people, though he knows its necessary to not feel all alone in this huge world.

Nindo: To find the meaning of life
Likes: Soft Music, Relaxation, Rain
Dislikes: Stress, Loneliness, Oysters
History: Yuudai was is the oldest traceable member of Yasuo's branch of the Uchiha clan. He the father of the boy's father. He was considered an emissary for the shinobi and owned a large embassy that housed a few other delegates from the land of shinobi. His exact position is unknown to the parents of Yasuo, however it seems as if he played a great role in maintaining the balance of power between countries. To him, a son was born of a woman in the Land of Iron. Shoichi was what they decided to name him, however this was not the father of Yasuo and his existence has little impact on the life of him. After the passing of Yuudai however, his estate, a large mansion claimed in the name of the Uchiha, was passed on to Shoichi as the first soon. However soon after Shoichi too became sick at a young age and passed away due to fever. The estate was then passed on to the father of Yasuo, Takao.

The estate itself was massive, however a shinobi that stood out like a sore thumb such as Takao had difficulties entertaining himself. Never having to work, he deemed himself a sort of grande adventurer and traveled the world, especially to the land of his ancestors within Shinobi Country. There he met great shinbobi and insisted on learning the trade as well before returning to Uchiha Estate. Once again within the Land of Iron, he met the girl who would become the mother to Yasuo, Shinako. She too was the daughter of royalty from within the Land of Iron, however her claim to her family was revoked after marrying a shinobi, a choice her father cleraly frowned upon. However, she minded littleas her persuit for love was stronger than that of greed. Takao begot her with his seed and then left to continue his adventures. He was unaware that she was pregnant before leaving and she had no heart to kill his dreams. Eight months later, Yasuo came into the world.

As a child Yasuo was extremely happy and had little trouble fitting in with the other children within the Land of Iron. Not knowing prejudice at such an early age, the other children were rather accepting in the younger years. Hachiro was the eighth son of his clan and therefore was a bit shy when it came to meeting others. Yasuo and he became good friends relatively quickly, seeming as if they were sprung from the same womb.

In his younger years, the young Uchiha was obsessed with the development of mythology within his own culture. Many of the Uchiha were highly religious, however Yasuo always saw himself as more of an observer than one who literally followed the religion. Never fully believing in a deity, he saw them more as legend than fact. This was often scorned by his mother as she had adopted the religion from Takao and insisted on Yasuo follow it as well. A slight fib, he would generally promise to try harder to believe it but more often than not simply digressed and put it behind him, continuing on as if the conversations never happened.

As he grew older, perhaps the same faith he put into the Gods was the same kind of faith he was putting in himself. Oddly, for some reason as he grew older a pit in his stomach grew, giving him an uneasy and anxious feeling deep from within himself. As a result he stopped really caring about what happened to himself and took the path of a Shinobi just as his father had. He and his mother both moved to Shinobi Country; this time the choice was Sunagakure. This place was obviously very different fromk a land full of snow, however harsh climate something Yasuo was used to and was distrated by rather his own mental issues. Since then he has gone through the ranks of Academy Student and Genin rather easily thanks to his affinity to the ninja arts. Now however, he remains at Chunin with a lack of motivation to drive him towards Special Jounin.


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2 Re: Yasuo Uchiha on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:03 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin


[01:54:14] Loki : as in Ryan is a dirty fig newton
[01:54:20] Loki : with a delicious chewy center
[01:54:20] Katsuro : he is
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3 Re: Yasuo Uchiha on Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:11 pm


This character is gucci~


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