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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Kimura Hotaru: The Lost Samurai

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1 Kimura Hotaru: The Lost Samurai on Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:05 pm

Hirashi Kimura Hotaru: The Lost Samurai

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Village: Ex: Suna
Clan: Hotaru
Rank: C-Rank
Shinobi Rank: Chuunin

Height: 5'11
Weight: 190
Kimura has Middle-long brown hair. This is something that he inherited from his father. His hair being quite long and tending to be in the way of his face as well as dropping down the back of his neck. Kimura also where a black eye-patch. This is not because he is blind but because he likes to make his opponents think he is. The eye patch is made of a special material so that he is able to see threw it but people are not able to see threw it from the other side. Hirashi also where’s a uncommon and original blue suit that he had given to him by his father whit the family name and crest on it. As Kimura’s clothes tend to resemble that of a Samurai being a reason for his nickname. Though it fits his way of life as he is a follower of Bushido. Body wise Kimura is tall for most ninja as well as the fact that Kimura is in perfect shape with his body having a very lean muscle build.

Kimura is a very special individual as he is not like most ninja in the way that he acts. Foremost Kimura is a very silent person most times tending to only speak when he feels the action to do so. As Kimura is one who feels that his physical actions speak way louder than his words can. As the saying actions speak louder than words is one that he has token to the heart. As he knows that lots of people may talk or say things that they will never actually pull off. And he is not a person who likes to just talk about things. Since Kimura is the type of person that if he says he is going to kill you he means it’s very much so. This is due to the fact that Kimura is one who sees his word as his bond. And if he says it he means it. Now Kimura unlike other ninjas follows the code of bushido like a Samurai.

Following the first virtue of Bushido, Kimura is Righteous. This is the fact that he makes sure that all of his actions justified as Kimura knows that he is being judged in this life and does not want to do anything that he feels is not good in the eyes of his people. As Kimura feels that the ancestors of his family are watching over him and every single action that he does. They are the ones judging how well Kimura will be treated in the afterlife. And so for this reason Kimura will never do anything unless he has a good reason for doing his action. This means Kimura won’t so much as even kill a fly unless he feels that he has a righteous reason as to why the fly must die. Though Kimura still has no problem in the act of taking life as he knows that obstacles in his way must be taken down in order for him to advance in his life like any great warrior knows.

Kimura is also very courage’s, due to the fact that it is also another one of the seven virtues of the code of Bushido. This is due to the fact that a true warrior should never buckle under fear and must face all odds. And do to this Kimura have come to accept pain as though it was just a part of life. Rather this pain is his own physical pain or emotional pain. Kimura is one who has learned to take the death of his friends and family members, as well as being strong enough to take action or have moral courage. Kimura has even come to voicing his opinions or acting right even in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal or discouragement.  And so due to this Virtue Kimura tends to not be one never who backs down.

Another one of the seven virtues of the code of Bushido is that of Charity. This is the act of giving help to those that are in need, not because you feel better than them. But because out of the goodness of your own heart you want to help them.  This being the reason that Kimura tends to help others around them though sometimes it seems he is only doing it because it seems right. Kimura knows that he must help others in order for him to get help by his Ancestors or the greater beings of the world. This virtue being the reason that Kimura is very helpful to the older and younger ninja’s. As he knows that one day he may also need their help in the future. Kimura would even go as far as to give his life to save another person as long as he feels that they deserve it. Though this is not something that can easily be earned in the eyes of Kimura.

Probably the biggest virtue in the code of Bushido to Kimura is that of Respect. This is due to the fact that Kimura is a person who does not take disrespect in any form. This is mainly due to the fact that Kimura is a person who gives everyone respect until they have given him a reason to not do so. As he knows that one must give respect in order for them to earn it from others. And if one does not show you the respect that you deserve. They most likely think of you as lower than them. And Kimura is not one to let people treat him as though he is below them in anyway. Nor does he decide to treat anyone as though they are below him unless he feels they had lost his respect. The Virtue of Honor also with the virtue of respect. As Kimura keeps his honor at all times never doing anything that he feels would cause him to lose it in the eyes of others.

The last virtue of the code of Bushido is that of Loyalty. This being another big one in the eyes of Kimura, as he is one who will never betray his village unless he has a righteous reason as to do so. Or betray those he holds dear to him as he feels that it will cause him to lose his honor and if he loses his honor he will lose the respect of his family. And this is being one of the biggest things that Kimura does not want to see happen to himself. As Honor, Respect, and loyalty are the three biggest virtues to Kimura and the ones that he follows no matter what. As Kimura sees the code of bushido as his way of life no matter what other ninjas make think of the code he feels that it is the best way for one to live their life. And sees it as one of the greatest things to follow.
Nindo: Live and Die by the sword
Likes: Swords, Bushido, Girls
Dislikes: Guns, Dishonor, Disrespect


Kimura was born in the village of the sand. His parents were both members of the village, as well as ninja. His mother being a medical ninja, and his father being a member of the Anbu. Due to this Kimura did not spend a lot of time with his family, as they were always working. So he was forced to spend most of his time with his retired ninja grandfather. He would be the one who would turn Kimura onto the path of not only wanting to be a ninja, but also wanting to be a master in the art of the sword’s. Though there was also the amazing story that his grandfather told him, of how some of the ninja in the village learned to use the art of puppets without the use of hand signs. This would be something that would shape the mind of Kimura for years. Since even as a youth he realized that with that art he could make a style of fighting that could become unstoppable. And so as soon as possible Kimura joined the Academy.
Kimura was an average student when it came to the Academy of the sand, though he did stand out in one area that no other student could even come close to him in. That being the art of weaponry, Since Kimura was a master when it came to almost all weapons. This made his teachers notice him very much considering that he was very good at what he did. Though soon the students would soon start to notice the skill of Kimura and shun him. Though this did nothing but drive Kimura to become and even better ninja. And soon he was able to rival with his weaponry Skills against ninjas way higher in rank then him. But none of that mattered considering that they were all still low rank. But Kimura passed his Genin exam with no problem as they only had to do a simple jutsu for them to gain their headband and it took Kimura no time to do the jutsu.
Kimura was not very happy with his Genin squad, but he had no choice but to deal with it. And soon they would all come together and be very close. Each of them having their own skills in one of the ninja Arts. Kimura being amazing when it came down to the art of Weaponry, while Rose was good in the art of Sensory, and Ryu being good in the art of Genjutsu. And soon under the instruction of their Sensei they would all learn to work and use their skills together. Though this was something that did take all of them of a long time to figure out it did make them closer as a team and even better as ninja. Because each of them picked up different skills from one another, this allowed for them to grow and become better ninja. And soon they would be ready for the Dessert Exams Suna’s personal Chuunin exam. And in this exam Kimura and a ton of other genin would be thrown into the dessert and had to race to get to the village oasis. Luckily Kimura’s squad would be one of the few to pass.
Kimura was only a Chuunin in the village for a short while as he would soon leave the village to find his inner self and study the art of the sword in the world. Though still holding his ties to his home village Kimura would soon become a ronnin.

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2 Re: Kimura Hotaru: The Lost Samurai on Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:24 pm


This character is gucci~


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