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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Daemon's Training (Solo)

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1 Daemon's Training (Solo) on Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:50 am

Byakugan training wasn't something Daemon wouldn't have thought he would ever learn in his life time of being a ninja but it would see if a little knowledge in some areas would be rather helpful. This would be a time of entering new realms which in particular would help his background in the into the Anbu as some of there task required sensory ninja something of which was made easier by dabbling in the byakugan. Breaking through to the secrets of the body was a valuable asset for Anbu Captain in both his eyes and the Hokage's.

Making his way to the training grounds he found it would be able to focus on using the sense of sight as a base to the start of his training of course training alone would require so much more room for error but giving up wasn't even in the confines of Daemon's vocabulary. Upon setting foot on the grounds he let the sights of nature take over just as he had planned. Forming the tiger seal he breathed in slowly letting his sight grow stringer reach further.

His breathing would slow to match the wavelength of the wilderness. If he knew something about the byakugan us that it allows the sight tenketsu or chakra points in the human body. What better sense then the eyes to learn that ability to dabble into the secrets of everyone's chakra points when he felt the need to familiarize him with the possibility of change. Spiking his chakra he began to feel the small yet obvious viens in the surrounding area of his eye socket everything had appeared to slow and become distorted as if the reality he knew was becoming nothing but chakra. He was able to see see everything surrounding the training grounds chakra points while simultaneously blocking out anything that didn't posses a chakra signature.

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2 Re: Daemon's Training (Solo) on Sat Dec 06, 2014 11:48 am

He was getting a handle over this byakugan training which would make him think that his next act would be to establish a point of focus and to determine the weak spot of the byakugan. From his own inner psyche he would force more chakra through his out to the surface to strength his own byakugan even it was only temporary he need to establish a proper connection to ensure that he was capable of continuing with the training. He would establish a new motto that if he could fool himself then what's stopping him from affecting others.

Visualization was key in learning this innate ability if you have no access to tapping into the power of a byakugan's field of vision then this certainly wasn't an area of expertise anyone should be learning. Upon a brief moment of thinking Daemon allowed his chakra to flare once again as his field of vision increased again extending outwards greatly while what was called the blind spot had become obvious. It was located at the back of Daemon a small almost unoticiable hole in the vision of his byakugan near the lower part of his next is were this ability would become useless in most cases. "Wow this is Amazing I didn't know I had this in me. Although I must be careful that blind spot could be the downfall of me. I didn't even know the Byakugan had such a thing..."

After a few short moments of surprise and cockiness he began to notice the flaws of his paradise no matter how well of a second attempt it had been for him. He still had no idea what the full potential of the byakugan was and wildlife overall wouldn't good speciemen to use this on. Visually his eyes created a distortion of the world. Their was nothing more than a sea of blue which could be assumed to be chakra, while other patterns of fading imagery of white were his clans way of distinguishing things visually with items that posses chakra and those that don't. He would remember that a while back the Hokage has installed training dummies who posses man made tenketsu in order for Hyuuga to train without requiring an alive person which would be useful for those like Daemon who often preferred to train alone.

"Well... Fine it may not be that awesome but its it certainly isn't bad." Talking to himself was weird trait that Daemon had acquired over the years which hadn't seemed to fade. In fact it is was allows him to flawlessly execute some of his own training issues because he feels it establishes some sort of system where he feels as is his talents aren't going unnoticed even if there's no around. It may seem crazy to most people but for him its a very reliable mental skill.

Before continuing he would pause for a moment remembering visualization was key in this process. Searching with his eyes for the dummy that held chakra points he searched for which was still in perfect shape. In this temporary moment Daemon would decided to try a ability that allowed him to manipulate and disrupt the flow of chakra from point to point. The chakra that files and flourishes the dummy was at its peak. The most valuable aspect to a ninja is chakra and to be able to manipulate it is a gift. Raising his palm Daemon would enter the stance fitting for the Gentle Fist a style native only to the Hyuuga clan.

He would ready his fist before sprinting forward with a burst of speed. Turning his left ankle to the right he would began to quickly spin his body in a circle as general speed lowered his body would whip back forward as he thrusting his palm into the chest of the dummy. Upon connection he would forcefully propel his own chakra into the dummy to disrupt its flow.

Everything he thought would happen had but even on a grander scale then he would even think possible. He stood completely on the training grounds, perfectly watching the damage to the tenketsu of the dummy. His eyes showing him that most of the upper part of the dummies chakra network had been severed with his own chakra.

Hewould be able to see the noticable build up of chakra in the other locations which would put a strain on the normal humans body but these dummies were made to return to normal three minutes after being struck.

 Even though his eyes didn't allow colored vision while the byakugan was active he still managed to see and feel the shimmering light of the sun as several birds from Robins to Swallows gracefully flew through the sky spreading pride and tranquility over the location.

Moments later Daemon would had to forcefully removing himself from the Byakugan seeing as he felt the effects of his mass chakra use starting to weigh on him. A large smile could be seen plastered across his face moments before the Byakugan subsided as Daemon was returned to the normal world. It had dawned on him that the power of his own eyes was amazing and Daemon took pride in learning and tapping into its secrets of his own family in which lay under his very skin and had always been.

Today was a great experience in tapping into some potentially useful power but Daemon didn't want to overlord himself with training. For now he would have to suck it up and return to his ninjaly duties which so happened to be taking a nap at the time. Wiping the sweat from his forehead Daemon began walking away from the field kicking a rock that was in his path, "That was fun."

He would then want to find a place to nap were he couldn't be disturb for a while and hey he in fact had been in the village hidden in the leaves so what better place would their be to nap in besides a thick forest of threes he would agree. "Now theirs something a Byakugan can read he would say as he walked through a thick path of the forest leading to the area of dead trees.

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3 Re: Daemon's Training (Solo) on Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:46 pm

Wasn't often that Daemon had a two jobs at once working with the Anbu Black Ops but when he did he spent his time doing easy low rank missions meant for Genin or just helping out around the village in case of wrong doings. Well today was an exception... There were rumors traveling around about some man who had been causing a uproar with the natives by cheating them out of their money with tests of strength and some faint beast terrorizing a village in the land of fire.

Funny thing was that the guy was as scrawny as an old man and had a bad back... He loved to call himself Mr. Perfect but Daemon wasn't having it. He would make his way to the place where the crook was often seen.

As suspected he was their as crowds of people surrounding him with faces confusion, anger, amazements, and awe as the man continuously trumped guys of great physical stature.
Daemon ought to personal inspect this ruse of this criminal. He made his way to "Mr. Perfect" holding his head high as the crowd parted from his sudden entrance.

"Mr. Perfect" offered a sly smile in Daemons direction as he was told to name his game. Simple yet worthy of the situation Daemon had chosen to take part in a simple arm wrestle. As the two prepared for their game the crowd stood anxiously while some were chatting silently others were staring shaking their head to knew would be Daemon's defeat.

Raising his arm to the table at the exactly moment Daemon did he would attempt to shake Daemon will, "Look son I have taken down much bigger guys then you so save yourself the embarrassment." Daemon would sit an silence as shook his arm to announce the beginning of the match. Yet something seemed off. As soon as "Mr. Perfect" grabbed his hand a certain few in the crow began going wild.

They seemed to be chanting for the crook loudly. Daemon would not allow this to break his focus. Now applying pressure against the crook he watched as he started off with a good start almost pushing down that mans arm fully. Just before it could hit the table it seems the crowds screams intensified more. Hidden under the rooting a muffled screeching sound could be heard originating from "Mr. Perfects'" coat.

Suddenly great force was pushed back upon Daemon with impossible force of his own pushing down Daemon to the losing side. Yet he wouldn't give up he knew the man was cheating and he this was a perfect time to see if his newly found Byakugan skills would work. He would under the table form the tiger seal expelling a wave of chakra over area as his viens popped from his eyes

"Mr. Perfect" watch cautiously as he did so, "Hey Sonny what are you using the Byakugan for?"

 He pushed back harder as the silent screeching from under Mr. Perfects coat intensified adding more weight against Daemon. It would seem the that under Mr. Perfects coat was a mechinized suit which was powered by chakra to increase his strength. He also found that the soruces of strenght came from a few people in the audience whom had been feeding the machine their own energy. Lucking using his eyes Daemon was able to detect a build up of chakra in the arms just which with enough pressure could destroy the suit.

Mustering all his strength he decided to pull his opponents arm towards his chest to reveal whatever the secret to his ridiculous strength. Upon doing so a loud poping noise boomed through the streets instantly stopping all other noise and sounds. A smile across Daemon's face as Mr. Perfects coat was visibly smoking. Stopping the match Daemon would reach over to Mr. Perfect pulling off the coat.

Under could be seen some sort of weird contraption which acted as a full body harness. This system was operated by his crews chakra like predicted sending it to all points of the harness which now was revealed to increase strength.
There was something else Daemon had noticed which wasn't as obvious as the contraption in which he felt the need to say it verbally, "Ladies and Gentlemen it would seem Mr. Perfects ruse was aided by some in the crowds but my genjutsu stopped them all.

He would point to the few that started the uproar shortly before starting the match as Mr. Perfect watched in embarrassment. He would stand backing up away from the crowd as his devious assistants were surrounded one by one.
Daemon himself walked towards Mr. Perfect reaching for his tattered coat throwing it at him, "It would be wise to high tail it outta here before things get ugly. I'll make sure all the money returns to whom it belongs to."

A sly smile of his own flashed across his face as he watched the defeated old scrawny man run from the horde of angry bystanders. This mission had certainly been a tricky one but easy none the less as Daemon managed to foil the crooks greedy plans.

Returning back to the Hokages office to turn in the report he took great pride in helping the innocent as he heard the sounds of screams consisting of thanks and gratitude for his services.
But then he turned to look back at the crowd only to see him being followed by the loyal hencemen of the slimy Mr. Perfect who Daemon assumed were attempting to fight him from interfering in what was possibly good money for them.

To be honest Daemon hadn't had enough fun yet with the Byakugan and felt he could do a little more to entertain himself and piss off his new friends.. Once again forming the trusty tiger seal he would stand still for a moment. Allowing the group of four to come closer as to not waste his chakra casting the Byakugan Daemon showered the group in his his owner chakra field allowing him to see their chakra network.

The groups hostility all if not barely subsided from fear but the ones closets to Daemon seemed to be stronger then others managing to resist his show. Although in a sad attempt they would all ultimately fail.

"This is going to be so much easier then wasting all my time why didn't I think of learning the Byakugan sooner?" All was true in his words this had certainly things much easier but Daemon still felt it lacked action.

It may not have any harmful effects but I find that my fist still do the job just a fine. Daemon would continue on to beating up the criminals with flurries of the Gentle Fist before continuing on with his original plan of reporting this to the Kage, "I suggest you guys be gone before the police come."

 Later on that night....

Normal to anyone is sitting at home relaxing or training to master a new jutsu with your sensei... Yet no on would have ever imagined a beast could be so destructive. Daemon had tasked himself with finding and killing the beast who threatened the daily lives of some in the land of fire.
Today he was dress in normal attire under a different alias. He would talk to several of the villagers about the exact details of the beasts arrival.

After gathering more Intel all Daemon had to do was wait for night fall. He himself wasn't just so sure that the events here was cause by a single beast or even a beast at all yet he decided to continue with this mission.

Sitting upon the roof of a abandoned home he decided to use himself as the bait. Of course this wasn't the best of ideas but the goal was to prevent the beast from eating the livestock not just throw more into harms way.

Then a plan would pop into his head a genjutsu he had been praticing which would attract the beast attention without much damage. He would activate the genjutsu mists servant to appear to give the small village life.

Daemon would sit pondering the size and appearance if the beast. In most of these situations the culprit had been a wolf or something of great resemblance... A big gigantic creature with claws bigger than a persons head, a body of a small some with fur so dirty and brown it could provide warmth for thousands... But his particular beasts description would not be visible until his arrival but maybe his Byakugan would be useful.

Activating the eye his field of vision had dramatically grown since his last training he could see miles away with his Byakugan searching for the beast. He would find it at the western entrance of the village as it headed towards Daemon, "Thank you Byakugan." He was also able to notice that this beast wasn't of natural occurrence like other animal it seemed fake...

Resting upon the building he could now hear the sound of light yet hard footsteps coming from deep within the forest of white trees. Along with the steps could be heard the sound of what sounded appeared to be howling... Now Daemon wasn't one for assuming but his stereotypical comment had been correct. Of course he was kidding but his hypothetical description of the beast wasn't far off...

It still held the dangerous sharp jagged claws body the size of a small home yet their was something silently different. The beasts fur had been pure white. Almost undetectable as its made its way across the field to consume Daemon. Now this beast certainly wasn't a natural occurrence of nature this thing seemed something familar like... A summoning jutsu.

Standing up on the roof of the home Daemon would begin to brace himself for the assault from the beast. Just as it would raise its massive paw he would leap into the air the end of the claw able to knick his shoe and genjutsu, "Phew that was too close for comfort." He would land on the beasts head as he prepared his own counter strike
Forming the necessary stance he would leap from the beasts back expanding his arms lenght and filling his palm with chakra. Upon releasing the torrent of chakra it would shoot forward morphing into the shape of a giant air palm as it rushed forward to it intended target, "Eight Trigrams Destructive Air Palm."

The rather faint air palm would slam into the beast with great explosive force as the remainder of the jutsu's would slam it into a small mountain. Daemon would now fall back into the ground as he would lung forward taking out his Anbu Blade which was attached to wire. He would drop the blade kicking it forward with much force by it's hilt.
Daemon would follow behind the devastating piercing attack by removing and returning the blade to his hand

He would wait for the perfect opportunity to strike again just as the impact caused the beast to fall over. Daemon himself leaping into the sky once again would let gravity pull him down quickly attempting to administer the finishing blow to the unsuspecting wolf. But just then the beast would disappear being completely replaced by ball of white smoke.

Daemon's assumption was correct the beast had been a summoning but who would do such a thing to their own country? It was then that Daemon noticed a mask figure not far off from where the beast feel he would run foward shouting, "Hey you! I'm gonna kick your ass for giving these nice people such a hard time."

Upon hearing his words the mask figure would take off running. It seemed summoning a giant wolf to do his business was the extent of his powers which meant this was an easy picking for Daemon. Taking off in a sprint it would be long before Daemon reach him. The masked man had thrown several shuriken in attempt to stop Daemon...

But he would use his blade to avoid the assault while reusing one of them to trip the man. As he fell into the deep snow Daemon had managed to catch up but not quick enough to subdue him. The man would prove to be more feisty then thought as he regain his footing while managing to throw a few quick punches towards Daemon...

Leaping backwards Daemon would sheath his blade, if the man wanted hand to hand combat he was certainly happy to oblige but not before he felt his worst fears. Dodging all the hits but one Daemon had managed to catch the last punch. Grabbing the man firmly with one hand he would use the mans hand to activate his own genjutsu.

This allow Daemon to show the weakling his worst fears by manipulating his senses. After letting him struggle he would lift the man flipping him over himself and slamming him back into the ground.
It that point Daemon would manage to shove his own boat into the neck of the assailant as the nearby villagers began to surround the two of them, "This ought to teach you not to mess with people man. Raising the defeatef ninja to his feet forcibly he would hand em' off to the police officer but not before releasing the Genjutsu with Kai.

Daemon watched as the Police Officer charged him with his crimes. Running his fingers through his hair Daemon would sigh as this mission was a little more difficult then those he liked to participate in during his free times. He would smile as he walked back to the snow village to rest for the remainder of his stay, "All in a days work I ought to say..."

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4 Re: Daemon's Training (Solo) on Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:19 pm

Next Daemon decided to switch it up and practice learning Fire Release, which would be helpful since he knew no ninjutsu. This particular one required no handsigns to prepare its release but since it was his first time he had decided to start off using the tiger seal to mold his chakra. After storing a lump sum of chakra to a sufficient level he would release it into a pile of leaves slightly searing the edges of them while they laid on the ground barely damaged. Daemon was an advocate of training takes time but this first attempt was sadly horrible.

His next attempt he would attempt to storing more chakra inflating and inhaling air into his chest. As he poured his chakra into his mouth. His next release would set ablaze a small group of leaves but it fades before even reaching the mass. It was much better then before but obviously it was not good enough to say he had learned the infamous fire style just yet. The leaves still fine had moved backwards with an increasing wind a great distance, "Much better although still not strong enough to burn a human." Before trying again he would laugh as he referred to using fire to burning someone. This time he would like to see its effect on a different surface.

He would attempt to set ablaze an old dead tree on the outskirts of the training grounds as a chance to see its effect on bigger things. Kneading and storing three times more chakra than the other times into his mouth converting it flame.

Once converted into a ample amount he would once again release the powerful blaze of fire towards the giant tree. Once the blaze of fire made contact with the old tree the bark began to ignite as obvious signs of flame spread over the tree like wind on the surface of water. Even after the fire release the tree still burned as the fire started to grow out of control, "Ahhh maybe that wasn't a smart idea." Moving back quickly to a pile of dust he would use rotation as a cloud instantly begin to raise covering Daemon in a thick dust cloud concealing from view temporarily while pelting and extinguishing the tree, "Alright! That was the perfect but I shouldn't do that trees again. But to ninja's that's the ultimate goal hehe."

Daemon for the last picked up a lead and molding chakra into it converting it into the fire catching it ablaze one last time. Daemon would then stand upon a boulder which laid next to him. Jumping from the boulder he would release the flaming leaf from his hand trying to maneuver it into the remaining pile of leafs. Flipping mid air to land on his feet he would watch as the leaf perfectly landed setting the remaining leaves on fire, "Hehe that's was so cool!" Flipping back onto his feet Daemon has finally managed to learn the easy fire release prefectly to be able to use ninjutsu to get out of tight spots.

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5 Re: Daemon's Training (Solo) on Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:06 pm

Training to achieve something was a goal that any ninja could understand especially Daemon. Today was one of those days to prove that he could accomplish anything if he put his mind to, truthfully he felt he could as well. He as an Hyuuga should be at the top of his game in Taijutsu, and the Byakugan and it's secrets made that goal only so much easier. He wanted to start off with a few basic punches and kicks before getting to the good stuff. The trusty training dummy was going to be a victim once again in this difficult training session. Stepping forward in front of the dummy he would raise his fist into a boxing position. Oh but of course just because he was a Hyuuga didn't mean the Gentle Fist was his only form of attacking hand to hand combat wise. Now focusing on the lower abdomen of the dummy he would strike forward with three jabs quickly one to the left, right, then back again. There was obviously signs of stress on the training dummy but nothing to cause sufficient damage just yet.

Now feeling the need to try using his feet he would back up a little more. Raising his right knee up to his chest while shifting it to the left he would within moments notice strike forward with his Alec quickly. Upon connecting he would quickly spin his body around causing his leg to connect with the opposite side. The force of the kick on the left side had managed to nullify the right side impact to prevent extensive damage, "Training in the Hyuuga Styles hasn't affected my normal skils that's reassuring."

Now was the time to dabble in what he truly wanted to train. The great Gentle Fist, forming the tiger seal he would let chakra build up in his eyes forcing the activation of his Byakuga. Luckily the was the trianing dummy used by the Hyuuga who seek to training alone during their free time. Entering the Gentle Fist stance Daemon gathered chakra into his palms raising them up once again for striking.

Spinning around rapidly on his heel he would slam his right palm into the torso of the dummy quickly following up with three quick thrusts to the chest. Using his Byalugan to read the damaged he would notice the immediate cut off of seven chakra points spread out all over the chest area. Since this was a Hyuuga training dummy it was set to heal the damaged caused after one minute of being struck. Daemon would be able to continue after the time lapse.

Using the same spinning motion Daemon would slam his right palm into the dummy again now spinning even more quickly to the other side striking with his left in the same manor. He would would reapeat the process several times increasing the speed and force as he went until the mass amount of friction and heat from assault caused smoke to appear from the dummy. Now stopping to see the aftermath of his work he managed to completely sever human constructed chakra network of the dummy. The protocol for these models requires it to cut the chakra source if a irreparable blockage occures.

Being somewhat surprised about the level of damage he caused Daemon knew his training session was almost complete. He just wanted to try one more thing but since the Hyuuga Dummy was broken he would have to move to a normal one which would prevent him from seeing the damage of his attack. Focusing chakra into his palms again a strange blue aura would began to glow around them. The aura upon further manipulation would expand greatly and began to shape itself into that of two blue twin lion heads with yellow glowing eyes.

"Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fists." Aiming for the second to last dummy he would enter the sixty four palms stance opening his trigram circle. Stepping forward quickly Daemon would hit the dummy twice with his palm as two obvious dents appeared in it's frame. He would then continue on with four strikes, the eight, increasing his movement speed as he went.

Speeding through sixteen strikes through thirty two he was able to reach a blurring speed as he entered the last sixty four strikes ultimately hitting the dummy with a double palm thrust the force of the chakra from his hands shooting through the dummy. He would release his twin lions technique as he dropped his fist and breathed quiet heavily. "Phew, this was a workout I need to do this more often." Daemon would turn away from the dummy as he felt he had enough training for today and that he accomplished the goal he had set out to conquer was achieved. Now running his fingers threw his hair he would walk off the training grounds as he dummy he attack fell apart from the immense pressure, "Yup, I'm finished..."

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