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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Xagan Jarukse-Kumo Chunin

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1 Xagan Jarukse-Kumo Chunin on Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:10 pm


Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin

General Info

Name: Xagan Jaraksu

Nicknames: None

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Clan: None

Village: Kumogakure

Rank:  Chunin


Height: 5"9/175.2cm

Weight: 135 LBS/61.4kg


(Yes, I know this isn't EXACTLY what she looks like. Quite different actually. But It's the closest thing. Just imagine her with tan skin and yellow hair.)

Description: Xagan, despite being in her early-twenties, has a much younger and less developed appearance than most of her age. First, let's start with her actual body.She is quite small and petite only standing at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, and her body in general seems quite frail, and not very intimidating. Her legs are long and skinny, and her arms the same, as if somebody decided to build a stick-figure with Xagan as the result.

As said before, the girl's body is not the most developed, and her curves are not extremely noticeable. Her skin is quite a bright tan color,and is mainly well-cleaned and unstained. The majority of the marks seen on Xagan's body are freckles, or injuries which are still healing.  Xagan has  heterochromia, which means the Iris on each eye is a different color. Her left eye is sky blue, whilst her right eye is a bright yellow.

Her hair is quite short, with the few strands hanging from it only reaching down to her neck.It is mainly smooth and well-preserved (Unless Xagan is having a bad day), and is a very bright shade of yellow. However, her hair is usually hidden, with the exception of the aforementioned longer strands and bangs of hair.

Finally, let's look at her attire. Xagan's favourite colors are red and pink, and thus both of these are present in her attire. Her formal attire, which she sports during missions of any kind, include a large red trench coat, with pink buttons, on top of a white vest. Her legs are usually covered by long pink pants, and her sandals are always blue.

In less formal occasions, Xagan chooses to wear her second outfit. She wears a short, white dress with a short skirt, pink boots, and a very tall, bright pink hat. On the chest area of her dress lies a single , red star.


Nindo: Xagan believes that, even if one does not respect someone, tact is always important, and should always be used when talking to those not close to one.

Personality Description: Xagan mainly acts, to those who do not know her, under a façade. This personality is very polite, formal, and actually quite kind and caring. She exhibits an urge to help others, but prioritizes the needs of her superiors. Her voice tends to have a mildly interested tone, and is usually high-pitched and soft.

In this façade, Xagan tends to be strict to those below her, at least when in the presence of her superiors. However, even when using this mask, Xagan is always silently thinking of snide remarks she can make. She is quite critical, always willing to point out the mistakes of others.

For those who she considers friends, however, Xagan is a completely different person. Firstly, she is not some kind, benevolent lady. She is a caustic, witty girl who enjoys mocking others and making sarcastic jokes to both friend and foe. However, despite her rather rude personality, Xagan still cares for people. She just has an odd way of showing it. Xagan can be quite pessimistic at times, add actually prefers not to fight all that much.

Xagan is a bit arrogant (though not as much as she used to be in her earlier life), and is not afraid to speak her mind, and add a bit of pompousness to it while she does. She holds a firm belief that males are boring and dull, whilst females are better. She refers to boys as the background music, or the bread of the sandwich, whilst girls are the main piece, or the filling, which everyone looks forward to.

The girl is quite gossipy, always nagging people to find out about the latest dispute. If there is a fight going on, Xagan is one of the cheering bystanders, rather than one of the people trying to break it up. Xagan likes small animals, bright colors (especially red, pink and blue.), classical music,  spicy foods and disputes. She dislikes extremely loud music, bladed weapons, sweet foods, the color yellow.

Favorites: The colors red, pink and blue, small animals, spicy meat.


History: Xagan's life is one of loss, gain, a bit more loss, motivation, and change. Though she cannot remember every single part of her life, she has written the major events in a small diary, which we shall examine later. But for now, let's start with a basic overview. Xagan's parents both had very well-paying and respected jobs within their villages.

The girl's mother was a scientist who studied and examined the bodies of many living creatures, including animals, insects, plant-life and even people themselves.She was well known for being one of the most intelligent civilians in Kumo, and liked to brag about it a lot, earning her a lot of bitterness from her neighbours.

Though more humble than the mother, Xagan's father also had a job that seemed pretty boast-worthy.  He was the village's most respected surgeon and medical ninja, known for possessing high skill in those areas of ninjutsu. He was renowned for always remaining calm during an operation, but his wfe's attitude was more than enough to earn HIM some rivals aswell.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Where the hell does Xagan come in all this? Well, after a few years, the couple gave birth to their child; Xagan Jarukse. Few people where actually happy that this family was getting yet ANOTHER member but, funnily enough, they all pretended to be, something which Xagan learns to do later in her life.

Speaking of her life:

The early years of her life, specifically the first ten, where spent at home. Since her parents took education very seriously (And also because the mother wanted yet another thing to boast about), Xagan's parents began tutoring her since the mere age of 3 though Xagan didn't pay much attention to the lessons. What she did pay attention to, however was the medical ninjutsu. Her mother made sure of that,

At the age of 11, Xagan was finally sent to the Ninja Academy, where she instantly became popular because of her wealth and appearance. This, combined with her mother's own arrogance, made her develop a pompous attitude. She would often enjoy starting fights at her academy, and was always watching the outcome.

This continued for almost 4 years, during which Xagan's pompous and arrogant character developed to an un-likeable level. Also during this time, much to her pleasure, Xagan learnt what it meant to be rich, and spoiled like so. Whether it was food, toys or even activities, anything that Xagan wanted, she received, and she only ever received what she wanted back in those days.

But luckily, before she became a really detestable girl, Xagan met someone. One of the few servants which her family hired, this one was different from all the others. He wasn't a weak-willed dog who obeyed every command and whimpered when even glared at. Yet he was not rebellious either. Funnily enough, he was the exact opposite of Xagan herself. He was very humble.

So, her personality would die down (at least a bit) for over 3 years. But whilst she seemed to become more tame, her mother seemed more wild (in a weird...formal way.) Her bragging turned into insults, and Xagan's father ended up having to break up fights on a daily basis. But Xagan usually ignored this bothersome news, spending time with her servant, whom with she had grown quite close.

But even she, who had always thought of her and her family as indestructible, as the greatest power in the village, would soon find out that nothing lasts forever. At the age of 18 Xagan witnessed her house burnt down by a drunken man, a man who nonetheless had been an enemy of her mother. Xagan's servant, who had saved Xagan first, charged into the burning building to try and rescue the parents.

But he was no fighter, and neither was Xagan's parents. They burnt with the building. Xagan found herself homeless, wandering Kumogakure for the next three months. Many people recognized her as the girl who had always bragged, who had always started fights, the girl who's parents had done something bad. This led to bad treatment, and nobody would take her in.

Except one man.

Four days before her 19th birthday, Xagan met Itome Uchiha, a man who found her and asked her if she would join him. She told him that she wanted to make sure no other houses in her village burnt down, and that all her enemies would suffer the fate of her parents. It was then she dedicated her life to her village, and to the person who had saved her.

After 2 years, Xagan attended the Chunin exams and was able to pass the first stage, albeit with some difficulty. The second stage was harder, but Xagan was determined to succeed. After a long, grueling exam, Xagan passed, and became a Chunin.

Key Events:

Her parents making enemies.

Xagan's birth.

Xagan's entry into the ninja academy.

Xagan's family hiring a new servant.

Xagan growing a bond with her servant.

Xagan's family and house being burnt.

Xagan meeting Itome Uchiha.

Xagan passing the Chu in exams.

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Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
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