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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Gankyou - The Drunk Of Konohagakure And The Mastermind

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General Info
Name: Gankyou (Meaning Eye Ball)
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Two Hundred Years Old
Clan: N/A
Village: Konohagakure
Rank:  A (Jounin)

Height: 5'7ft" Real height 3'0ft
Weight: 130lb Real Weight 10lb

True Appearance -

Former Appearance -

Child Appearance -

Disguised Appearance -

Some would call him the modern day alcoholic, cigarette smoking, loud mouth trouble maker, however this is all just for show. Hiding deep beneath the nice clothing, the red hair that attracts the ladies to him, his white bright teen and smile, his baby looking tough guy outlook, is a cat. He wears your typical winter set black leather coat, with a flask in the right pocket and cigarettes in the left. He carries a pouch full of cigarettes buds and the smell of alcohol. His eyes are a bright ember orange color that gives him that intimidation look, along with his leather jacket and black cargo pants with chains hooked to the loops near his frontal pockets. His real appearance is that of a cat in which he carries absolutely nothing.

Nindo: "Acting a certain way in public, is different than in private"
Personality Description:
A naive, loving, trustworthy, genius man of his time. Gankyou grew up with all those traits, however now it's different and he has different views than before. He is cold hearted, soft spoken, strategist, and evil. That's how he is when he isn't with people. But when he is, he is loving, a douche bag, ladies man, drunk,smoker, and loves life. Gankyou is a person who gave up his own life and cared for the well being of others, now that he discovered the truth about people when that person isn't around, he vowed to exact his revenge on the whole world. Gankyou is quick witted, able to outsmart a person in combat and out of combat. Gankyou is a real threat that shouldn't be taken lightly. Gankyou loves to be scratch, sleeps during the day, active at night, and is mostly nocturnal. He enjoys confined spaces than large spaces. Gankyou enjoys reading in his spare time, acting like a cat, and overall make himself just like a regular cat when around people.

Gankyou is a man of respect when it comes to the cats and not with human life, he gives them more respect, loving, caring, than any human he has came across. Gankyou respects animals more than humans. Gankyou appears to be sad at times knowing that his two comrades of childhood would betray him like that and that it just makes him more angry and wanting his destiny to change the course of the world forever. Gankyou at times is mad because he gave up his human life to save two lives who were traitors to him for god knows how long they really acted like that when he wasn't around. Gankyou went from caring a lot to not caring at all. From giving everyone his trust, to only giving it to a selective few.

Drinking,Sleeping,Smoking,Experimenting,and Sleeping.


Gankyou grew up with one of the wealthiest parents a child could ever asked for.
Two hundred years ago, Gankyou was born and his parents enrolled him in the academy at the age of six. He passed and graduated early at the top of his class and moved on to becoming a genin at the age of seven and started his active career as a genin at the age of nine.. He was paired up with two other genin who were his comrades, his best friends, and called them family since his parents always constantly worked and was never around the house. His father was the top doctor in konoha and the leading surgeon of his time, and his mother was royalty who didn't have to move a finger to get what she wanted. She was a princess from a minor country who was wealthy. Gankyou eventually took the chunnin exams at the age of thirteen and passed it with ease. Gankyou was given the rank jounin instead of chunnin since he showed not only leadership during the forest of death, but also highly advance medical training which saved the lives of both his comrades during the exams. The hokage knew that he outclassed his two squad members and the majority of the leaf village, that they promoted him to jounin, in which he took the jounin exams and passed it. By the age of twenty, he was in the anbu and doing missions that even the elite anbu's wouldn't even do themselves. He was bold, determined, and most all, a person who wouldn't abandon his comrades ever. However, a single infiltration mission, cost him his life. He was ordered to join up with his comrades that he had been paired up with years ago, to infiltrate a minor country that wasn't shinobi, but full of bandits who didnt agree with the peace of the world. They had entered a cave that was rigged with explosives and Gankyou had to make a choice,since he was closest to the exit than anyone else. He either had to choose to save both his comrades at the cost of his own life, or to abandon them. Gankyou chose to save his comrades and with the aide of the jutsu that he used to save them, it cost him his life. Gankyou's body was recovered three hours later and he was given a proper burial. That night, his father couldn't sleep and he chose to do something drastic and something unimaginable.

He decided to dig Gankyou's body out of the cemetery and bring him back to life somehow. His father spent many hours discovering how it was possible to do such a task. His father remembered that he saved the life of an anbu member and also saved his wife's life a few years earlier. The father met with the man that night and ask him to let him borrow the secret scroll that would allow him to do the reanimation technique to bring back his son. The anbu didn't want to do it, but in the end, he did do it because he had saved his wife's life and he saw the destroyed face of a father who had just lost his son. The anbu brought him the scroll and told him he had only one hour of practice to learn the technique so that he could bring back the scroll. The father learned the technique within thirty minutes and the anbu brought the scroll back without anyone noticing that it was gone. The father knew that he needed a sacrifice and he killed off one of his servants and placed his body on the ground and activated the jutsu within his basement. Gankyou was brought back to life and surprised to see his own son. Gankyou realized that this was his second chance at life and he was told from his father that his two best friends sold him out to save their own skin. Gankyou was in a state of shock and that's when his mind set changed. Gankyou knew that he couldn't live in this body forever and that he needed a new body so that the world knew Gankyou as a hero who died, not as a man who came back from the dead and caused destruction. He murdered a black cat and transferred his mind and soul into the dead cat and became a cat who can speak and do jutsu. He preferred to be an animal because no one would suspect a cat planning to take over the world. Gankyou then used a jutsu to make himself youthful and in his prime in his cat appearance, appearing to look one years old, when really he is two hundred.  

During his two hundred year life span, he has traveled to every single part of the world, and currently resides in Konohagakure. From time to time, he goes to his gravestone and has flashbacks of his past. Gankyou promised his father and himself that he would cause destruction to this village one step at a time and he vows to make it a reality. During those years, he has been experimenting on the bodies of prostitutes that he picks up at the street and all types of people. Over the two hundred years of living, he has collected over three hundred bodies and kept them preserved for years in his base.

During his long existence, he has asked around where he could find summoning contracts for cats, he later was taken to there location to sign the contract and later went to there domain and got training as a cat and they all were surprised to hear the story of him being a human and then turning into a cat. They knew his story since it had been going around Konohagakure and they agreed to keep his tale a secret and his true existence within themselves. They also agreed to also conduct a ritual that would allow him to live forever naturally but once he got critically injured, he was like all the others facing death once again. The ritual lasted a whole week and he gained not only the trust of his new friends, but also a summoning contract with the cats. After gaining the contract with the cats, he chose to be with them for one hundred years and he not only played around with the little kittens who would soon grow up to be adults, but the elders as well. Even though he was born human and transferred his mind and soul to a cat, he was still apart of the family and through out the years when a new guest arrived to acquire the summoning contracts of the cats, Gankyou was right there watching the shinobi grow and hone their skills. Years and years have passed that even a female shinobi wanted Gankyou as one of her summoning, but the elder of the cats refused, for her to pick someone else and that Gankyou wasn't ready yet to become a summoning contract for anyone. The elder kept protecting him for years and made sure he was never chosen and gave the same excuse every generation that Gankyou wasn't an option and that he couldn't be an option. The elder respected Gankyou's wishes and Gankyou respected the elder's wishes that even though he was a part of the family, that he couldn't go out and do what the summoning contracts can do.

Key Events:
*Died during an anbu assignment
*Got brought back to life by his own father
*plans to destroy the whole world.
*Is now a cat
*Gained a summoning contract with cats
*Eternal Natural Life

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Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
Now, lemee get this straight..
Has your 200 years been approved by a mod?

I need more words for personality.

If your father reanimated you, shouldn't there be effects? Even if you took a young body, your eyes would still be black and edo tenseis are controlled by the caster of the jutsu only if you managed to break the seal by knowing the exact handseals which aren't in your history.

If you are now a cat, I think a image should be required so, I'll get an idea of a cat who can use jutsu.


"Admit it Guest, I am a god"

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Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
200 years approved. idk how i feel about the cat part but its original. also note: you would not gain any benefits that edos do


[01:54:14] Loki : as in Ryan is a dirty fig newton
[01:54:20] Loki : with a delicious chewy center
[01:54:20] Katsuro : he is
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((There's no fucking way that a 200 year old Shinobi should be allowed.))


[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
I do support kidb kinda. If he can be 200years, then someone can decide to do something similar or in the end, have a charry that transformed into a....idk.


"Admit it Guest, I am a god"

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I'm perfectly fine with not gaining any edo benefits

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Approved unless someone still has objections.

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