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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Izzy-Bella Tamashi

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1 Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:24 am

General Info
Name: Izzy-Bella Tamashi  
Nicknames: Bella
Gender: Female
Age: 199 years old
Clan: Tamashi
Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Jounin  

Height: 5'4ft Actual Height: 2.7ft  
Weight: 108lb Actual Weight: 65lb
Disguise Appearnce:

Actually appearance:

Looks like this but with green eyes

   Bella may look like your average short, cute, little brunette girl but under all that is a wolf with teeth sharp enough to rip through human flesh. Bella always liked to have her hair long when she was human. She loves her long, wavy brunette hair. The thing that always caught people's attention was Bella's big green eyes. When she turned into a wolf, the only similarity she has are the big green eyes but her fur changes to a snowy white coat. Bella keeps a low profile when she’s in her human disguise. People see her as a petite girl and they believe she’s too innocent to cause any harm. They also see Bella as a shy girl that keeps to herself. The truth is Bella is a fierce, outgoing wolf. Her human disguise usually just wears skinny jeans and a nice shirt. The face doesn't have any makeup on it. Even before, when Bella was human she never liked to wear makeup. She believed in natural beauty.          

Nindo: "Looks can be deceiving"  
Personality Description:
   Bella's childhood was rough. She lived in a small house with both her parents. Her mother always made her feel bad about herself and she never felt good enough. At a young age, she didn't have self confidence. Loosing her father made her depressed for a little bit. It wasn't until after she left her home that Bella started to blossom. She became more confident in her training and when she was around others. Though, Bella was always an honest, sweet girl. She just needed to surround herself by people that cared about her. As she grew up, she was able to self-motivate herself. When she went back to the academy, she was determined to level up in rank. If Bella sets her mind on something she gets it done. Bella is a fast learner too once she got the right training. She always looked up to her father and wanted to be as good as him one day. Until she found out what really happened to him. Afterwards, she has trust issues. This explains why once she becomes a wolf, she doesn't really trust humans.      
   It was only after Bella became a wolf that she found a new enlightenment in life. The wolves looked up to her as a leader. Always coming to her for answer's and ideas for new adventures they could go on. Bella is known for being a good listener. She loves the thrill of being in a dangerous situation but knowing that she can get out of it. Late night runs are her favorite just being outdoors with the night sky alive above her. After a good run, Bella loves to eat. Since becoming a wolf her metabolism became very fast so everything she eats just turns into energy. She helps wolf mothers who go into labor and have their babies. Bella enjoys watching the little ones grow and she helps train them to be good hunters. They call her Auntie Bella.         
adventures, listening, running at night, eating  

   At a young age Bella's mother disowned her because Bella seemed weak towards her mother. Her mother wanted a strong daughter one who would excel in school. Even though Bella never seemed to be as smart or as strong as others she was just a late bloomer. As for Bella's father, he stayed as long as he could. He tried to always be there for her. He told Bella, "I'll never be gone. I will always be there for you when you need me." Bella's dad was a great ninja in their town. He was always out saving people. Until one day, he never came home. Bella was ten at the time. She waited a whole week, hoping she would see her father walking down the road like he always did after a mission. Bella cried a lot during that week until she could not cry any more. Her mother seemed to want to throw the blame on Bella even though she had nothing to do with it. After the seventh day of waiting Bella finally decided she would go looking for him. She tried to talk to her mother about the adventure she would go on. "If you leave this house, you are no longer my daughter and you will not be welcomed back!" Her mother yelled at her as a response. Bella left the next morning. She walked down the road and stopped to look back at her home. All her childhood memories lied there but know it was time for her to move on from this chapter.
   Bella took off at a running start straight toward the woods. She ended up running straight into a young boy and fell onto the ground. The boy jumped around and in offense put his attack stance up to see who attacked him. At the time Bella didn't know that this was going to be the beginning of her new chapter. The boy was named Gankyou and the two became friends that day. Bella told Gankyou about her father and her mother. She also told him why she was running and that she wanted to see if her dad was still alive. Gankyou told her to go home so she could go back to the academy but she explained that her mother wouldn't take her back. So he decided to take her home with him and see if his parents would let her stay with them for a while. At first sight of his mansion Bella felt she would faint but was able to keep it together. His parents adored Bella and would be happy for her to stay but they required one thing. Bella needed to get back into the academy, Gankyou offered to help her train since he was already a Genin and going on missions. With Gankyou help, Bella was able to exceed in the academy and realize her inner strength. She graduated within two years. Everyone there saw how much Bella improved and how much happier her attitude was towards life. By 12 she was a genin ready to start going on missions while Gankyou had just become a Jounin. Their friendship grew while they trained together but Bella also started to grow a crush on Gankyou. When he started his A rank missions she saw less and less of him but she kept busy with her own missions.
   Two years later, Bella took the Chunin exam and was able to pass. For those two years she did nothing but train and study. Whenever Gankyou was free he would train with her and give her advice. Bella had grown a new confidence in herself especially know being a Jounin she felt like she proved her mother wrong. Bella wasn't weak, all she ever need was motivation and support from people that cared about her. When Bella turned 14 though the following year, she decided she wanted a change. She could never thank Gankyou parents enough for taking her in and treating her as one of their own. Gankyou was away at a mission when Bella decided to pack her things. She didn't tell anyone she was leaving that day. Bella grabbed her backpack and headed out. Just as she turned after closing the door she bumped into a male figure, Gankyou. He saw her backpack and realized what she was doing. Before Bella could speak, Gankyou kissed her. Nothing big just a small kiss and when he pulled away he told her to stay. Those two words and the kiss made her stay. She couldn't hold back though she had asked him why and he told her it’s because he loved her. At first they hide their relationship from Gankyou parents because they weren't sure how they'd feel about it. But Gankyou mother figured it out and after a while both of his parents sat down with them and talked about it. They were more than happy for the couple but of course new rules were set for the house. Gankyou continued doing A rank missions with his two comrades while Bella was off with hers doing different missions. Whenever they could, the couple would hangout even if it was for just a few hours. The distance though only let their love grow for one another.
   Until a terrible day came for Bella when she was nineteen years old, this day she will never forget. Gankyou had left out his bingo while he was on a mission and Bella noticed a page folded. She opened up the book and immediately gasped. She would recognize that face anywhere. The face of her father was on that page, it stated that he went rogue. Bella than realized thats the reason he never came home. For a second, she felt abandoned and old feelings sparked inside her. Bella jumped up though a second later realizing Gankyou's mission was to assassin him. She was out the door as fast as lightning. All Bella could think about is two people she both loved trying to kill each other, this just couldn't happen. When Bella got to the area all she saw was rubble. She searched around but her father was nowhere to be seen. Her heart was pounding in her chest and then she recognized that white hair. That hair she's woken up to in the morning next to her. The hair she ran her fingers through so many times. Gankyou's body was badly injured as Bella ran over to him and tried to move some rubble off of him. He coughed. Bella knew he was dying and tears streaked down her face. She grabbed his hand and held his palm against her face. Gankyou's eyes opened then. He looked right into Bella's eyes and tried to give a small smile to her. Bella could tell he tried to wipe her tears away with his fingers but he was too weak. His skin was going pale.
   "You'll be okay, you can't leave me," Bella said in a small voice trying to not cry. "I love you Bella, I always have. Don't forget about me." Gankyou said and wheezed. "But...I want you to continue living your life and being the best ninja you can be." Bella could tell he was having trouble speaking. "I will, I promise. I love you Gankyou. We will be together again someday." Bella said. Her body was shaking. She leaned down to kiss Gankyou's cold lips and then his forehead. It wasn't long after that, Gankyou took his last breath, staring up into the sky. Bella closed his eyes for him and then broke down crying, feeling a pain she hasn't felt since she was little but this pain seemed to hurt more. Bella couldn't leave his body but when she saw the searchers coming near she was able to call them over where Gankyou's body laid. They sent Bella home to Gankyou's mother. His father went out not saying where he would be. Gankyou's mother was devastated she could barely stand, Bella tried to keep her company when she could. A few nights passed when Gankyou's father awoken Bella in the middle of the night. He told her to follow him downstairs. As they walked he explained to her that he got this scroll to bring Gankyou back to life. At first Bella was confused but as she entered the basement her body froze as she saw Gankyou's body lying on a table. As his father worked, Bella tried to not get her hopes up but she watched everything Gankyou's father did. It wasn't until Gankyou gasped for air that Bella could feel herself breathe again, her heart racing. Bella couldn't speak though or move towards him. She just listened as Gankyou father told them that his comrades got him killed. Then Gankyou finally looked at Bella. He told his father to give them a minute. "I meant what I said right before I died, for you to live on with your life. Just because I'm back...well this changes everything..." Gankyou was saying but Bella didn't let him finish and went over to hug him. It only lasted a couple of seconds before Gankyou pushed her away softly. "Bella, I can't live in this body anymore. I want Gankyou to be remembered as a hero. My plans for the future have changed and...We can't be together." Gankyou said as he looked Bella in the eyes. She knew he was pushing her away and then he left.
   Bella stayed with Gankyou's family for a couple of years longer while she went out and did missions. She trained every day and kept herself busy but she always had nightmares at night, of Gankyou dying next to her. Bella would wake up either screaming or tangled in her sheets from trying to run away from the scene. When Bella turned 23, she was given her most dangerous mission yet. Everything went wrong and she was separated from her group. Bella fought with her life on the line but the enemy was just too strong. They were two steps ahead of her. Bella felt a painful pierce go through her chest. Her heart started pounding in a way it never did before. She fell to her knees gasping for air, spitting up blood. No she thought this can't be the end. I made a promise; I'm sorry Gankyou she said to herself. Then everything went black.  
   When Bella finally woke up and she saw Gankyou with a concern face expression. His face seemed to relax seeing her awake and he tells her that he turned himself into a cat after he left. He heard that Bella was in trouble and went searching to find her but it was too late. Gankyou visited his father to ask him about how he saved him and after learning he did the same for Bella to save her life. "I'm sorry, for how I ended things. I thought you'd be better off without me. I've changed Bella but I never stopped loving you," Gankyou admits. He even shows Bella his true self which is of a black cat now. He explains to her that the human body is just his disguise when he is around other humans. Bella realizes she too cannot always stay in her body forever, that it be easier to be a type of animal. She decides to put her mind and soul into a snowy white coat wolf. Gankyou helps her kill the wolf. The body she left will be kept as her own disguise for when she is around other humans.  
   For the next 177 years, Bella and Gankyou stayed in contact and try to see each other when they could. Bella learned and trained how to heal. She started by healing other wolves and becoming friendly with different packs. They accepted her and find out about her past. Being a wolf isn't too bad. They are much more friendly and trustworthy. After being with the wolves and earning all of their trust they offered her a summoning contract. She signed it. They started to teach her some new tricks while Bella shared some of her training from when she was human. Bella only uses her human disguise when she wants to get into mischief or if Gankyou needs her help with capturing and taking humans to the base. She currently lives with him at the base. The wolves know about Gankyou and accept him even though he is a cat. Bella knows about Gankyou's plan to take over the world and she plans on helping him do that.  Gankyou and Bella decided they wanted to create a clan where any human who didn’t want to grow old or that was badly injured and close to death could turn into any animal of their choice, a second chance at life. In order for this to happen, they would have to meet either Gankyou or Bella and one of them would go through the procedure for them. The same way Gankyou’s father saved him and Gankyou saved Bella. Each member of the clan would then be marked with a seal, also known as a curse marked. Anyone in the clan who tries to betray the clan will be stunned and unable to move. No one is born into this clan. The only way to join is for one’s human body to die and then have their mind and soul put into an animal. Once one joins this clan they will be able to live for a very long time due to the aging that stops. After they chose an animal they stop aging and their animal body stays around the age that they died when they were human. The name of this clan is Tamashi which means soul. Members in the clan can use human or animal disguises. They will eventually have to return to their actually animal appearance after a while though.                

Key Events:
Bella's mom disowns her
Thinks her father is killed while out on a mission
Runs away and meets Gankyou
Finds out father became a rogue
Gankyou is killed but his father brings him back
Gankyou leaves
Bella dies
Is brought back to life by Gankyou
Becomes a wolf
Signs summoning contract with wolves
Now lives with Gankyou at the base
Created Tamashi clan   

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2 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:26 am

Atarashi Uchiha

Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Im not a mod but..
I think everything is good except for the fact that you need to be a human. You can make a summoning contract or jutsu that has to do with wolves though.


"Death is part of life."

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3 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:30 am

i'm not a human, she can be an animal. look at my bio

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4 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:31 am

Atarashi Uchiha

Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Aaah sorry.


"Death is part of life."

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5 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:30 am


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
Warning: Refrain from posting on what requires mod attention @ swagbito and gankyou. You many contact the person involved via pm not posting on their apps.

Also, izzy bella. 199 years old is a No.
Being a wolf is a No.
I disallowed gankyou's character app because I know someone else would want to do something else similar to that and I was right. And gankyou. If you keep supporting any and every person who makes animal ninjas, you might be placed on hold.


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6 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:47 am

Ryan said it was fine that she could do that and I told her to create one just like mine cause I told her to join this site cause shes my girl. And your going to place my bio on hold for what? Cause my creative idea is something that can't be allowed? When in fact it was approved and unique.

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7 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 10:12 am


Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
First off, only person allowed to post here is Izzy. Now, everyone refrain from posting here thanks.
Izzy, your app is almost finished. I'd just like you to add a bit more to the personality. On another note; I'm discussing the recent discovery of mine that he is allowing people to make characters who can transform into an animal. Sure, it's fine, BUT I'd actually only allow it if that character was apart of a clan which allows them to do that. Like for instance, I made a lycan clan a few times on different sites and I liked it. You can give them enhancements too (up to a point) like for instance the wolves would have enhanced taijutsu capabilities. So for now just work on the personality while I discuss it with Ryan. But as it's going now, you'd have to make a clan to allow your character this wolf transformation so just in case you can start on that too while waiting for an answer.

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8 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:45 pm


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9 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:42 pm


Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Ok so it's decided. You, and Eye, need to make a clan to do what you guys do; transform/be another species. It's simple really. Also, due to your ages, you'll have to include in the clan that they can live for a VERY long time or well that they stop aging at a certain point in time. An Idea I have for you two; Instead of making one wolf clan and one cat clan, you can make just one clan where the person can choose to be whatever animal they wish when they turn let's say 10 or 18 or whatever you wish, then from the day they choose to become their choice of animal they'll also stop aging. Just an idea to help you guys out

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10 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:39 pm

bumped and thank you for helping us

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11 Re: Izzy-Bella Tamashi on Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:07 pm


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