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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Collecting Taxes (Solo Mission)

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1 Collecting Taxes (Solo Mission) on Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:32 am

Atarashi Uchiha

Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Kritika woke up and got out of bed. His mission was from Hokage. Some of the villiagers were lazy or stubborn and just didn`t want to pay their taxes. Now it as Kritika`s job to collect all of their debts. Oh boy... he thought. He knew he was guaranteed to get in at least one fist fight,knowing the villiagers. Kritika only had to collect three,at least. How bad could it be? he thought again. It was only 3 taxes yet it seemed dangerous,somehow. Oh well,maybe he was just over thinking it.

Kritika sloppily walked out of bed into his bathroom. He brushed his teeth for about 1 minute. He always brushed his teeth for 2 minutes. What could go wrong if he slacked off once? Kritika washed his face with a clean,wet cloth,and prepared the shower. After a 4 minute soak,Kritika walked back to his room and changed his clothes. He wore his normal brown coat and red scarf. Maybe a the fat of the coat would absorb the weak punches he was about to endure. Kritika took his normal,black shoes and fit them on. He sighed heavily and opened the door.

Kritika walked down his stairs onto the hard cement of the villiage pathway. He took another final sigh and walked over to the first scheduled house he had to collect from. It was a white,square,2 story building that suprisingly didnt have a door. Without a door,Kritika had to manually yell at the person inside. Oh no... He thought to himself. Kritika finally mustered courage and yelled. "Excuse me! Please hand me your taxes!" After about 10 seconds a short,plump woman came. "I`m very sorry! I was visiting my aunt in the sand!" The lady handed Kritika the taxes. "Thank you,its no problem." Kritika walked to the next house with a sigh of relief. Phew..lets hope the rest are like this.

Kritika reached the next house. It was an apartment just like his. He had to collect taxes from apartment 201,downstairs. Kritika walked behind the apartment and knocked on the wooden door. In about 2 seconds a tall,muscular man with a frown answered the door. "What do you want!" The man stole the sheet that had the list of people who needed to return taxes. "Eh....backoff kid." The man pushed Kritika back on the cement. Kritika immediately got up and exclaimed, "You need to pay your taxes!" The man smirked. "Sure. If you can make me,that is." Here we go. Kritika jump kicked the man and knocked him off his feet. He immediately took the money for his taxes from his wallet and ran away. The man was still layind down,and by the time he got up,Kritika was already gone at the next house.

Finally,the next house. Kritika was ready to lay down and slack off at home after this. This house also had no door,just like the first. Kritika yelled. "Excuse me! You need to pay your taxes!" Kritika was answered by a skinny,short man with square shaped glasses. "Here you go kind boy." The man had gave Kritika the money that easy,and closed the door. "Well I guss thats over..."

Kritika returned the taxes to the kage and collected his ryo reward. Instead of spending it all right away,Kritika went home and layed on his small couch. He layed down on his basic and took off all his clothes except for a boxer and t-shirt. He was ready for a cat nap,and he earned it.

2 hours later Kritika was awaken by a knock on his door he wiped his eyes and skirmed off the couch. He opened the door,and right then he knew he screwed up. It was the same person that he stole tax money from his wallet. Kritika knew what he had to do. He had to fight. He didn`t expect to fight him a second time. Of course,a genin could easily defeat an all brawn and no brain villager. The villiager cracked his knuckles as Kritika backflipped to the beginning of the hallway. A fight in his house,it may destroy some things. Kritika had went into the Hyūuga stance,ready to knock him unconscious. The man wasn`t scared,so he obviously didn't know about the Hyūuga clan. Idiot. Kritika didn`t even think there was such thing as an adult male Konoha villager that doesn`t know about the Hyūuga clan. Kritika just assumed he was an outsider. He seemed like he was from the Hidden Cloud anyways,from his appearance. Dark skin,white braids,red and purple handkerchief. Yep,totally from the cloud. He obviously wasn`t a ninja,if he was able to get knocked over by a simple genin level kick. Espically with the muscles the guy had. Who even needs muscles that big? Kritika didn`t even need to come up with a strategy. The guy seemed like he thinks he`s stronger than anyone because he has huge muscles. Kritika pitied him.

The man immediately charged at Kritika recklessly. Kritika simply slid to the left,dodging the strike that the naive main attempted to connect. Kritika then proceeded to jump into the air and hit the man's back with a gentle fist strike,and backflipped once more. He had waited for the main to gain his momentum,and then smacked the ground. The man laughed,thinking Kritika was trying to play games. Outsiders... Kritika thought to himself. An electric current through the ground. The man looked confused and afraid at rhe same time. The shock hit the man,paralyzing and knocking him unconscious. Kritika moved him far from his house to remove any evidence.
Kritika had expected a hospital to take him in. After the legendary Sakura owned the villiage hospital many years ago,the hospital has always patrolled the villiage 24/7 for anyone with minor cuts to life threatening injuries. Anyways,shouldn`t this be a b-rank mission? Was the hokage not expectinf a fist fight? Kritika was over thinking again. Maybe a good sleep would do good? Kritika slept for another hour before being awoken by his dream. He was still tired. Why did he keep waking up? Was it a sign of something? Overthinking again?

Kritika decided to go back to sleep. He only wanted a cat nap,but the short battle had tired him much. Kritika heard noises and looked out the window. The hospital was taking the man in. Before sleeping,Kritika thought to himself. Why is fighting necessary? Just pay a bit of ryo and its all done. Was there a particular reason for a fight? Kritika could understand the first woman,but why couldnt the second one just pay? It shouldn`t of been taken to the extent that he had to steal the money and knock him unconscious jus to get him to pay taxes. The third one was too weird and quick for him to even explain what happened. Kritika,after a series of twisted thoughts,had finally fallen asleep. It was anout 6:00 PM,and he had forgot to set his alarm clock,but he would probaly get up early again. He had another mission to take care of the next day so he had to get his sleep. Missions might be a pain,but they were worth the reward. It was also great to see the hokage happy with the mission completed and the growth of the ninja.

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