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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Minoki Senju

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1 Minoki Senju on Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:31 pm

General Info
Name Minoki Senju
Nicknames: None :)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Clan: Senju
Village: Leaf
Rank: Genin

Height: 5"6
Weight: 102 ibs
Description: Minoki has somewhat beautiful turquoise eyes. She has VERY VERY VERY long hair. Her bangs go down to about her eye level. Her hair is a seemingly light black. She is usally seen with a blank expression,but her smile is white and is very noticeable. You could say Minoki has average sized ears. Her skin is a peach color.

Minoki is usally seen with a black jacket. In the middle are 3 buttons connecting both sides together. The jacket has long sleeves going all the way to her wrists. The jacket has 2 lower pockets at the thighs. Minoki wears a white shirt under the jacket. She wears a dark and light blue striped short tie on it. The shirt has a white turtle neck on it.

Minoki wears blue long pants. They have 2 black pockets on the knees. The pants also have 2 back pockets. Finally,she wears brown shoes with black bottoms. (Sorry this was all I could give :).)

Nindo: "I`ll unlock the truth!"
Personality Description: Minoki is a calm,collected,quiet,solitary person. She tends to be not as social as most. At first glance,Minoki is thought to be quiet and unfriendly. But once you get to know her,she cares about her friends and will do anything for them. Minoki is curious,but not foolish. She can easily tell if someone is trying to decieve her just by looking at them.

Minoki can also be seen as a bit shy. But is outgoing most of the time. Sometimes she doesn`t like being around crowding areas. Then again,she doesn`t really enjoy being alone either. She respects her enemies,no matter how evil or wrong they are. She still doesn`t hold back,and has a serious attitude against them. Minoki has made lots of friends due to her personality traits. She always lets younger kids play hide and seek or ninja with her,even though she is a real ninja.
Favorites: Minoki enjoys foods of all kinds. She doesn`t really hate anything at all. The only thing Minoki is afraid of is death. Minoki isn`t really interested in boys. Of course,she occasionally likes some boys for their personality and looks.

History: Minoki was born in the Senju clan of the huge villiage of Konoha. As a child,Minoki enjoyed going to a secret spot with her mother,and watching the sunset. She doesn`t really get these moments that much because her ninja occupation interferes. Minoki`s father died years before Minoki was born. Minoki`s mother dealt with it and moved forwatd. They could be seen as a family with a good amount of money.

When Minoki looked at the Hokage faces,she always dreamed of becoming a strong ninja. Doing missions,beating bad guys,earning money,what could be better? Minoki would always mimick punches and kicks of legendary ninja,wishing she could be just like them. When Minoki was 10,she found a paper that she stepped on one day,and it became wet. She told her mother about it,and she told her about the chakra paper,and how she has an affinity to water.

At the age of 10,Minoki had studied all about her clan history. It was then that she learned the 1st and 2nd hokage,were from the same clan as her. She had also learned that the second hokage also had a water affinity. She was excited,and wanted to tell the whole world about it. It was then that she knew she could become a really strong ninja.

When Minoki was 12,her dream of becoming a ninja came true. Her mother had finally agreed to put her in the academy. Ut was a dream come true. Minoki had average grades and skills,but had made alot of friends. Alot of boys seemed to be attracted to her as a bonus. Alot of the academy teachers knew about her Senju heritage,and treated her like a teachers pet.

When Minoki was 13,she finally took the graduation test. It was about time is what she was thinking. At the same time,she had butterflies in her stomach. She was nervous about finally becoming a ninja,but very excited at the same time. Of course,she wouldn`t let her mixed feelings interfere with becoming a real ninja.

To her suprise,Minoki had actually passed the Genin exams. She was now a real ninja. She couldn`t believe it,but it was true. Minoki jumped for joy and told the whole villiage about it. Her mother was the most suprised of them all,of course. She was proud of Minoki and they went out for a special ramen dinner.

Now,Minoki has completed many basic missions. She still has the dream of becoming a strong ninja,and now wants to become the Hokage. She still lives with her mother,who is still proud of her daughter becoming a ninja. Minoki does not have a squad yet,but is looking forward to getting one.
Key Events: Born as a Senju,Find out about Water Affinity,Studied about the Senju,Became a Genin
Writing Sample: This is something I did on an alien rp site :)

The creature boar his teeth to the predator, revealing the wolf canines in the very back. The burning glow from his furious eyes tour into the predator's sanity as he was logged up against the wall with a single hand holding his neck against the concrete brick. The hybrid's other arm against the wall, the Yautja roared. His cry would be in vain as the hybrid released his teeth from clenching together on top the left wrist of the predator, the yautja's hand was no longer attached. The wolf alien's tail swirled upward like a serpent rising from the ground, his grip on their neck released as he jerked back. The end of his tail sent flying into the pred's gut, The Predator unsheathed it's wrist blades n' took a swing, just in time to deflect the tail. The massive hunter step forward then sent a god-like kick into the alien's chest, throwing him backwards 15 ft into the wall opposite of the predator. Commando dropped to the ground on all his feet, throwing his right claw down to keep from face planting the ground. His eyes stared into the Predator's as they pulled themselves to their feet. The predator stood proud as their kind were, ready to continue battling. The Wolf, Alien hybrid stood in shame to his alien brothers, he was a traitor and an abomination. Yet he stood with a pride no one had ever seen before, a pride stronger then that of a yautja's. A pride only he had conjured up into existence, to keep him going. They charged, barreling down towards each other like huge freight trains colliding on the same track, head to head; neck to neck... One on one! Commando let out a roar heard for 50 miles, his existence would be known like a nuclear war head. The massive titans met, the sound of bone shattering power meeting one another rang through the air, as Commando gained the upper hand in the occasion. The predator went flying backwards, Comm leaped after them as the floor gave out from the force of the two slamming into it at the same time. They dropped through the interior of the sky scraper, smashing through floor after floor as they battered the staircase to nothing. Hurling it out in mid air punch after punch after swing, the two finally hit the half way point of the staircase. They stopped falling, but the Yautja's back suddenly gave out from the gravitational force combined with the sheer size of the hybrid. Comm's tail came down on the Predator as well, slicing through their chest like pancakes, exiting through the floor n' out the ceiling of the floor below. Comm seized his advantage and went for the kill shot sending his secondary jaws through the predator's mask, the combined power of gravity n' his own ripped through the yautja's skull like sand, blasting blood into the air. Commando pulled his head to the sky dropping his right claw against the ground roaring once more sounding more like a xenomorph then he ever had before. His body was morphing now, but that meant he was over due for a molt. He had to molt soon or his body would give out on itself, but he held on for a little while longer to get the hell out of the staircase before the damaged 8 stories collapsed on him. Luckily he knew every little trick in the book for aliens n' wolves, his legs bent almost to their dislocation point then the muscular power in his back half realigned the bones in an instant, throwing the hybrid sky high through the wall. He fell forward into an ugly front flip, slamming into the ground hard then performing a sick roll. He landed spread out on the floor looking down to the floor, but his arms held him off the floor just enough to keep his head angled strait. Behind him the staircase slinkied on itself, dropping like a slinky, pulverising the yautja's remains.

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2 Re: Minoki Senju on Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:30 pm



[22:01:06] V : oh boi another chance for kid to stompz

Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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3 Re: Minoki Senju on Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:48 pm


Akatsuki Member
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Disapproved, only admins can approve Senju and Uchiha.


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4 Re: Minoki Senju on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:16 am


Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Hmmm, approved

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5 Re: Minoki Senju on Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:37 pm


Moving this, as previous staffy has approved.

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