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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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The Garbage Man [D-Rank Mission]

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1 The Garbage Man [D-Rank Mission] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:59 pm


Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
Jigoku exited the Hokage's office with a look of disappointment on his young boyish face. He had hoped he would be tasked with a more difficult mission. Or at least one that did not involve chores. He did not clean too often, as his father did very well for himself and had a servant. Jigoku was a bit spoiled in that aspect, but he looked up to the woman. She was extremely funny and always seemed to be the only person who didn't defend his father's every action. She saw what a bastard he was and she was probably the only person in addition to Jigoku who did. Even Mei, Jigoku's mother, defended his father's actions when it came to his decisions and actions as a parent, despite their divorce.

Jigoku trudged through the busting village of Konohagakure as he made his way to the park to clean up the trash that some disrespectful group of kids had left all over the place. He would definitely teach them a lesson. The village thrived with activity on this Sunday morning. People were heading to and from their various religious groups, they were doing their Sunday morning shopping, jogging, and hanging out with friends and family. Non-shinobi kids Jigoku's age were running around playing what seemed like every one of Jigoku's favorite games. Must be nice to not have to work on a Sunday. He knew he liked his Shinobi life of constant training and missions better than their lives, but sometimes he still couldn't keep himself from giving longing stares...

The young Genin arrived at the park and had to avert his eyes from the playing children to resist the urge to neglect his duties and join in. He unfolded a trash bag from his belt and started at the southeast corner of the property. He proceeded in a circle around the area, and each time he came across a piece of trash, he bent over to pick it up. After about an hour, he surveyed the area to see what he was up against. The place was insane. There was graffiti all over the place, and there was no 3 square feet that there was no trash. He sighed as he got back to work, proceeding to go in his circular inward spiral to cover every inch of ground. He then proceeded to leave the multiple bags of trash in the dumpster near the Southernmost end of the park for the cleaning crew to pick up in the next few days.

Jigoku now went to the sheltered picnic area with various chemicals and cleaning supplies. He dipped his sponge in the chemicals and began scrubbing. After about 10 minutes of continual scrubbing in the same spot on the walls, he finally determined his efforts were fruitless. He decided it'd be best to just paint over all the graffiti and finished within an hour. Jigoku then surveyed the landscape around him once more. Seven hours of work... And the park looked magnificent. He was actually feeling pretty good about himself for making this a better place for kids to play.

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