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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Kenpachi Gurizuri

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1Kenpachi Gurizuri Empty Kenpachi Gurizuri on Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:58 pm


Akatsuki Member
Akatsuki Member

General Info
Name: Kenpachi Gurizuri
Nicknames: Kenpachi
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Clan: Kenpachi
Village: Leaf
Rank: Akatsuki Mednin (Rank B)

Height: 5'9
Weight: 210
Image: Kenpachi Gurizuri Tumblr_mvu59qof4J1svmalwo1_500
Description: A tall well built man. Long black hair. Stands at 5'9", weighing in at 210 lbs. a medical nin, who uses others to future his goals. Doesn't hesitate to do what he feels is a must/necessity. A member of the akatsuki, being member number 2, he follows the orders of only the leader.

Allignment:  Neutral Evil

Difficult to pinpoint, Gurizuri can be either warm or cold to someone seemingly as by the flip of a coin.  More often than not it depends on the mood he's in at the time, whether he thinks he can use the individual, or whether they may become useful later in life or not.  In any case he tends to both look for and avoid trouble.  The law isn't something he follows absolutely, however he does usually at least attempt to stay close to its boundaries in case he needs it for protection.  

People with ambition are people who can be used, this is often the mark as to how he treats someone.  Someone who buts in when they're not wanted had best be at least interesting or else they will be treated dismissively at best, like a soon-to-be victim at worst.  

Murder isn't beyond him, though he sees it as a waste and would rather ransom them back their life for some form of ownership over it.  Why run a village when you can run the man running the village, is another way that he thinks about things.   

If someone isn't strong enough to defend themselves then maybe taking what strength they have and placing that in someone else would be better.  It was with this logic that he founded the Harvesters, a group of medical shinobi who harvest vital organs and bloodlines from dead or dying shinobi to place in the Medical Vault.  From there they are available to other Leaf Shinobi who pass the application to receive them, though again Gurizuri isn't beyond forcing these implants on someone if he values their life enough.

As a young boy he was blessed.  He'd been born into the Kenpachi clan, one of the major founding clans of Leaf, one which had a permanent place in the council.  His family, though not the main family, were a recent offshoot of them, and thus held highly in favour.  Gurizuri's father was a wealthy man and medical shinobi, a man Guriruzi admired and the main reason Gurizuri became a medical shinobi in the first place.

At the academy Gurizuri had trouble making friends, his abilities made him someone to test against, and often he was picked on by groups of other more popular kids.  In combat one on one he'd have been a match for most of them, though in groups he stood no chance and was often humiliated.  He trained hard however, and those who troubled him simply gave him more ambition.  He would surpass them all slowly, and they would wish they had never tested him the way they had.  

Passing his Genin exam at the age of nine he was one of the younger shinobi to make his way through and as such received the attentions of the ANBU corps.  He accepted their offer and begun training to be one of the ANBU.  The ANBU squad he was place under was run by ANBU Captain Akuhei, with the ANBU Koumyou who was to become relatively famous amongst his peers for seemingly defeating death itself.  Akuhei was the high priest of Bishamon and had attempted to recruit Koumyou, and failed, however he managed to convince Gurizuri to give it a look.

Aged ten he made his way into the chambers of Bishamon and watched as the priests worshipped the god of battle in the only way they could, through the glorifying art of combat.  Gurizuri watched as these shinobi did battle and recognised their need for this.  Most of them were shinobi who were not the most intelligent, they naturally knew how to do battle, and had raw talents for combat, yet they lacked other more social attributes.  They reminded him of himself, and this enticed Gurizuri into this group. Gurizuri continued to grow and develope as a combat master, through his training as an ANBU and as a member of Bishamon's temple, yet at the age of 12 he dropped out of the ANBU program and moved to the medical sector.

The move seemed out of the blue, however Gurizuri had always felt a calling there.  He had raw talent for combat which was why he'd joined the ANBU initially, yet he also had an intelligence which had his parents question why he wasn't doing something more.  His capabilities with other people was still poor, and he made few friends.  He joined the Medical trainee program and began his learning anew, several of his earlier class members were there as well, they were now technically senior to him which hurt his pride.  Nara Bii-Ryu noticed the boys ability, and had worked with his father for many years.  Seeing him struggle with his fellow trainee's had the elderly shinobi step in and separate him.  He could see the ability there and what could be a great contributor to the medical sector, but he could also see the potential disaster there as well.

Gurizuri slowly stopped turning up to the Bishamon temple, though he continued his training in private, as he slowly lost the time available to do so.  His studies were more encompassing and the things he worked on under Bii-Ryu's watch captured his imagination.  They worked with corpses, dissecting them and finding cures to diseases which ravaged small communities in Fire Country.  Instead of being trained to kill, he was being trained to save.  A faint glimmer entered his mind as he wondered if perhaps people would like him more if he saved them.  Friends being something he'd always wanted, but always seemed slightly out of reach.

After a few years Gurizuri received promotion to Medical Shinobi and began his duties by taking part in missions.  He took on the most dangerous missions, knowing that other mednin tended to shy away from them.  Receiving many acclaims by the shinobi he served with for his abilities he was more admired than liked.  His abilities both as a shinobi and as a mednin merging to allow his ascention within the medical ranks.  Akuhei specifically requested his aid on a hunting mission.  It was like old times and Gurizuri wondered if perhaps the older ANBU Captain 'liked' him, and counted him as a friend.  They travelled for several months hunting their prey and brought him down eventually.  Returning back to Konohagakure Gurizuri was requested by Kogan to perform the operation to retrieve the clan organs and then destroy the body as his Cheif examination.  

The idea had never occurred before this task that there might be a use for these items.  Gurizuri opened the body up and dissected it as he'd been trained.  He found the organs which gave the bloodline user his powers and then went about systematically destroying the organs which had been damaged.  There was a short list of organs which could be useful for patients in the hospital at the time and so he removed those which might be able to be used there.  This was watched by Kogan himself who then took the items and gave them to other mednin to perform the other operations.  Gurizuri was now a Chief in the medical sector.  His first decision was an illegal one, though he used every trick he had learned from Akuhei to keep it secret, he formed the Harvesters.

The Harvesters was originally just himself, however as time went and he talked about his new idea with other medical shinobi he judged their responses.  Some were all go, thought it a great idea, while others were more hesitant.  The concept was one where they would take body parts, in particular focusing on the bloodline kekkei genkai and would seal them.  Issues immediately formed were how to seal them, so he and a couple of other researchers began formulating different seals which would allow this to work.  This part wasn't illegal, it was simply research which would allow the transport of organs from a legal doner to a dying person.  That was the justification behind it anyway.  Kogan approved the research and they completed it after a time.  The next issue was how to gain bloodline kekkei genkai, and what bloodlines received their abilities from where.  There were obvious ones, the Saito, Hyuuga, Uchiha, Tsuchimikado all received their abilities through their eyes for example.  More hidden ones were the Santaru who, through many trial and error autopsies, were found to have theirs in a small gland which attached to their chakra system, originally it'd been assumed they had been in their eyes as well.  Another issue was the Chigakai clan itself, Gurizuri using his own blood as it was surmised that the blood must be it.  It wasn't, indeed it was the marrow producing the blood which was, though this was a second conclusion so didn't take long to find.  Gurizuri worked on all the bloodline dead he could, preparing them for their funerals, a move which raised suspicion from Kogan and the ANBU alike.

After a short time he realized he was being watched, though for how long he didn't know, and he went about continuing as though he wasn't doing anything wrong, and didn't do anything wrong.  The bodies he'd prepare were being intercepted and investigated and only one or two were picked up, the more obvious bloodlines, in particular an Uchiha.  He'd removed the eyes and so the ANBU when searching the corpse figured out what had happened when they found glass replacements under the shut eyelids.  Gurizuri was made to produce the real ones and destroy them.  His house and offices were raided and he could do nothing but watch as everything was torn apart.  Yet they didn't find the vault, which was located in the walls of Kogan's office.  He'd used that location because he knew Kogan was going there less and less and it'd be the last place anyone would search.  A warning was given to Gurizuri to never do it again, they knew he'd done it more than once, but it couldn't be proven, other than his Uchiha eyes.
It was around this time that an envoy from Mist arrived.  A new village had formed and its Kage was visiting the village.  Gurizuri had nothing to do with it however it seemed he'd been picked without his awareness by one of their more businesslike families, the Masao.  This man approached Gurizuri and called him by name.  Gurizuri didn't know what was going on but was soon aware that this man had gathered intel on different clans within Konohagakure and which would be the ones to best make an alliance with.  He'd asked around and researched the different members of the different clans, and Gurizuri's name had come up a few times.  He wanted to marry his daughter, barely a teenager, to a member of Leaf, specifically to Gurizuri, and thus plant Masao roots there and gain access to the industries of Fire Country.  Gurizuri would receive almost unlimited funds, the dowry was most impressive, if he wanted he could retire.  Though Gurizuri still had goals despite his setbacks.  Gurizuri was only a teenager at this stage so the idea of a young teen wasn't that unpleasant, and when he looked at her he felt the tingle of desire.  She would be beautiful in a few years.  The father of her was also happier with the idea of him being a young shinobi, rather than someone twice or even three times her age.

The deal was done and she moved to Leaf, away from her friends and in with Gurizuri.  They bought a house which she liked, as he would only rarely be there, and she stopped her training to be a shinobi to focus on being a stay at home wife.  Gurizuri wanted to work on their relationship, yet like everyone else she grew a distaste for him fairly quickly.  She outlined what was going to happen to him, and he meekly took her wishes.  She'd been raised like a noble, while he'd been comparatively middle class.  They slept in separate bedrooms and though Gurizuri longed for her, she kept him at arms length.  

A couple of years later she'd begun taking other shinobi to her bed.  Often the ones who would seek her out were shinobi who had a dislike of Gurizuri.  He was unaware of this until he found that she had fallen pregnant and they had never slept together.  This was Gurizuri's breaking point, and it was from everything which had happened before this built up that Gurizuri snapped.  He killed her child as it was inside her using medical jutsu while she slept.  When she woke screaming he rushed to her aid, feigning concern and consoled her.  She needed someone to comfort her and clung to him weeping and apologizing for everything she'd done.  He knew that this was a falsity of its own, and he told her to stay in his bed and that he would clean hers.  She did as he asked, yet he sealed the stillborn fetus in a jar, both as a reminder of the cruelty of his wife, and to find out who the father was.

They grew closer over the following months, Gurizuri found out that her father had encouraged her to be with child.  She continued to work to try and regain Gurizuri's trust, and Gurizuri like all men with a beautiful woman wanted to believe her.  In his office remained the item to remind him of his fate and of her deception.  He began working on a DNA database in Konohagakure, several other shinobi worked with him on the project and slowly he began to take on the shape of a proper leader.  They used the database to look at the history of their work, figure out if anything was affected by the DNA.  They found that people with more similar DNA strains were more likely to accept each others organs during transplants.  Many other things were worked out as well, and these finding celebrated within Leaf's medical operations.  Gurizuri had begun the project with a selfish desire however, and he'd found what he was looking for.  The man who had impregnated his wife had died well before the end of the DNA project, an unfortunate case where the mednin operating on him failed to save his life in what seemed to be a fairly normal operation.  Complications did happen from time to time.

Gurizuri's success gave him confidence.  As another couple of years had passed his wife, now in her later teens had begun her true transformation into what all could see she would one day become.  She was also now pregnant with Gurizuri's child.  The two grew closer over Gurizuri's  success, she felt it reflected well on her, which is all she cared about really.  Gurizuri knew that she was shallow, and had kept his reminder in his office.  He'd also continued to ply his trade, though had learned to do so secretly.  Taking kekkei genkai and sealing them away for later use.  Indeed a couple of shinobi had been implanted with them, as experiments and promises of power.  They'd gained the abilities and taken to them well, the operations successful for the most part, and Gurizuri gaining a sense of power over those who had received them.  After all, they now had something which they weren't allowed inside them.  If the clans were to find out, chances were those shinobi wouldn't be alive for much longer.

Gurizuri found information on his Sennin Kotan, using it to force his way and the man to suggest that Gurizuri take his place.  Blackmail was a very wonderful thing when used correctly.  Hayata Shin granted the position and so now with a child recently born, Gurizurihas reached the top of the medical branch.  His first act was to legalize what he'd already been doing, the act allowing the medical branch to take kekkei genkai from dead shinobi and maintaining a stock of them.  The reason used to achieve this was that it would reduce the number of assassinations on the different bloodlines, and grave-robbing.  Both of which had slowly grown in frequency as knowledge on how to gain Kinjutsu became more commonly known. Due to his brutal ways and extremist surgeries, he was eventually exiled from the village. He lived on his own, performing his own experiments, while still making use of his Harvesters. Around a year after his exile, he came across the Akatsuki, and upon their knowledge of his experiments and medical skill, recruited him as the second akatsuki member.
Key Events: Passed Genin Exam at 9 years old. Gained ANBU attention due to this. Trained as ANBU, and at age 10, trained in the temple of Bishamon. At 12, he dropped out and went to the medical sector.

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2Kenpachi Gurizuri Empty Re: Kenpachi Gurizuri on Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:19 pm


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
1.Rank simply requires you to pick an alphabet between D,C,B,A,S.
Akatsuki leader is A rank so I guess members have to be below.
2. If you wanna be akats, fine. Leaf head med nin? The hokage would have to approve that so you can't be equivalent to an anbu captain.
3.You have to gain uchiha eyes, change that.
4.Medical experience is useless as you have to become a medical specialist to perform most of what you listed and you have to train each too.
Fix this and bump.


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Bump. Should be fixed.

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Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu


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