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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Ranga The Bloodedge Mission [The Three Masks]

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1 Ranga The Bloodedge Mission [The Three Masks] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:19 am

Death Scythe

Akatsuki Member
Akatsuki Member
Ranga jumped from the spot he was standing to the bottom of the small hill. As he lands near the gates of Amegakure, Ragna looks back at the hill as he then continues to walk forward to Amegakure. Ragna walked as he thinks to himself "Hmm three masks, an there also very specific mask to this will he fun". Ragna stopped in front of the gates of Amegakure as he looked at the gates guards not wearing masks except for one but he was wearing a "Dogs" mask. That wasn't it at all, Ragna continued into the village as he looked around the gates to see if he could have found a few anbu's maybe if he walked a bit deep into the village he might have found the people he wanted to find.

Ragna had to find the two specifics ones first, then he would look for a masks of his own. For the moment he thought or finding a swirl blue mask and orange one, does where the one that he had in mind for the most part. Ragna would walk threw the center of the village the most crowed part of the village as many anbu where there even from other villages but known had the symbol Ragna was looking for, so he continued to a less crowed place he looked threw where the office area of the Daimyo. This area is heavy populated by chunins and guards not many anbu's. this became a bit frustrating at one point to Ragna looking for two random mask in a village is pointless, or was he just looking wrong. Looking from the ground is the hard way to find things but looking from a higher point of the village is easier to spot things and easier to get to does points you spotted. Knowing this Ragna moved to a higher place in Amegakure, and he looked down on the rest. This was a lot batter know he could see much more anbu's from this spot as he notice two anbu's walking to the back gates of Ame. Ragna looked closely at there masks to find what he was looking for the swirly Orange and Blue one. Ragna had to make his way to them as fast as he could. Ragna started to jump from building to building until he got to the backs gates by that time they had already left threw the gates. Ragna jumped down and ran a bit to the gates and he notice then walking to a tree and a path to there forest, "Shit, i need to spot them before they get any more farther" Ragna thought as he ran behind them and jumped in front of them making a very small cloud of smoke that only covered there feet and maybe there knees.


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Death Scythe

Akatsuki Member
Akatsuki Member
Ragna had jumped in fromt of both Anbu members. This clearly catched there attention, As Ragna stood up and looked at the direction that Both Anbu members where walking towards, As he then turn around and looked at the Anbu members. They both jumped back about two meters away from Ragna making some space as they took out a katana and two kunais. "Hmm hey don't get so alerted so quickly guys, im not here to kill you guys, ... Unless you guys make me" Ragna said as they started to separate themselves to attack this was two against one. To some people this would have then a hard battle and to other this would be a fun training exercise, to Ragna this was a two on one disadvantage and it was going to be a fun fight his blood started to boil he got excited.

The two anbus quickly acted an started to attacks as one would toss his kunais at Ragna as the other one ran towards Ranga with his blade horizontally striking at the same time that the Kunais got there. Ragna quickly dodged to the left dodging the blade as for both in coming kunais ducked in time reaching his arm to the arm of the anbu closes to him grabbing it pulling it to him, quickly shoulder tossing him over Ragna. As that anbu stood in to the floor the other anbu quickly acted as Ragna looked back at him he had already performed hand signs. "Suiton: Gunshot" As the anbu took a deep breath and then exhale a big enough water Gunshot Ragna could have dodged it but he had a batter plan, Ragna quickly pocked up the body of the other anbu member and place it in front of him like a human shield. The gunshot technique could hit the anbu and send both Ragna and the anbu flying about four meters, as Ragna was not affected by the attack but the toss was pretty harsh.

One of the Anbu where out for the count. Ragna took this to an advantage and took his katana and stabbed him his the neck and he tool his mask in blood. Ragna placed the mask in his head almost mocking them as he dashed to the remaining Anbu as the last anbu took out his katana and they started a blade fight both swing at each other and collided with each hit. Making this a long battle Ragna jumped back a bit as he need to do something to get that mask. The anbu performed another hand sign "Suiton: Gunshot" the anbu said as he shot another One of this technique, Ragna ran towards the attack dodging at last minute this gave him a boost in speed getting to the anbu faster as they once again collided with there blades. This time Ragna hit so hard the anbus blade took off his hand, Ragna send it flying and Ragna stabbed the anbu in his stomach. And took his mask as he looked down on him "I told you to give me the mask, well looks like my job is done so good bye" Ragna said as he took the katana out his stomach and stock it in his neck.

Ragna quickly made it to the mountain. As he doesn't find him, "Alright then time to go to konoha, hope you don't get mad over the masks " Ragna thought. As he made his away out of the mountain and in his way to Konoha.


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