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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Oliver Hyuuga [Done]

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1 Oliver Hyuuga [Done] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:57 am


Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin

Name: Oliver Hyuuga
Nicknames: -
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Clan: Hyuuga
Village: Konohagure
Rank: Genin

Height: 6'1
Weight: 167

Oliver is a thin handsome young man, he stands around 6'1 with notable good posture. he has high arc cheek bones, and has pale eyes. Byuakugan. His hair is above his shoulders; his hair color is grey. His skin is olive, with a few tattoos on his right arm. His left arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos.

He wears a high collar black shirt, much like an Uchiha. Normally, his whole attire is mostly black, along with his long jeans and boots. His boot's bottom is actually red. He wears a few arm bands from time to time, along with a pair of black gloves. He never wears the tradition shinobi flak jacket uniform, unless he is prompted to do so. he hates the attire.

Nindo: He believe that everyone should do what is best for themselves.
Personality Description: Oliver is a proud man, selfish really. He takes it upon himself to have the best for himself. He was never the one to go out of his way and do "charity" work for others, that is not his nindo. He truly believes that everyone is selfish a heart, and that they are rightfully so.

Oliver also has a short fuse, he does not tolerate foolish behavior in front of him. Acts of buffoonery, childishness, silly antics, he looks down on heavily. Sometimes, he may resort to acts of violence himself, if pushed to the limit. However, with this fault, comes its pros. This shirt fuse allows him to stay focus on missions. He never strays away from his set goal, unless it does not gain him anything in return.

Oliver is a control freak too, he always needs to feel like he has a grasp on the problem. Being at the mercy of others is something Oliver tends to keep away from. Everyone has a being powerless, and according to Oliver, it is like having no soul. However, Oliver tends to keep weaker souls around him, those who are able to be controlled. HE loves to be worshiped by followers, but once again, he has no times for fun and games.    

Oliver loves to be in control

Oliver likes money

Oliver loves to be surrounded by the weak

Oliver enjoys respect

Before Oliver became a Genin, he was raised in a low house among the Hyuuga. His family was considered weak, due to off spring his line brought to the clan. Oliver, was different.

Being raised in poverty and injustice, Oliver hated his kind really. He was never taught any of his clan's techniques or secrets, let alone his history. The reputation of his family, bared most of them from every learning from the Hyuuga elders. This was how Oliver developed the habit of always being in control, and to keep I company only those who can be controlled. Growing up with a sense of loneliness, and with no control over his childhood life, made him change greatly.

Around the time he was ten, successfully completing the academy, he chose to live off the hyuuga reserve. In fact, at a point in time, he , made arrangements to leave the village, but at his current skill set, that was never going to happen. So for now, he lives in his own apartment, planning.

A few years later, when he just became a genin, he managed to learn a lot about the criminal mind, and how the criminal underworld worked. Surprisingly, he learned a few habits and knowledge about criminals that made others wondered if he was in fact a criminal. Oliver even made a remark as to how it was like learning a whole new culture, a religion. This was a jab towards his Hyuuga clan, since he was never taught about the ways of the hyuuga. So, instead, he continued to learn more and more about the criminal mind.

Now, at the age of 25, Oliver is a brilliant detective for konoha, due to his masterful knowledge of the life of crime. He has solved over a countless murder cases, thief cases too. The more he solved, the more he fell in love, with the life of crime. He currently is working on an international drug case, to figure out where the drugs In konoha are coming from. He now feels that it is time for him to ove up within the ranks, so that when the time comes, he can be free to pursue his agenda, without much nuisances getting in the way.

Key Events:
-Never learned any of the Hyuuga Techniques in his childhood, thus developed a hate for the knoha hyugga branch
-He fell in love with the criminal mind when made genin

Writing Sample:
It was silent, the office's roof was covered with smoke that rose from the left over cigar. The door swings open slightly, half way, for the intruder takes a glance towards the desk. He sees an envelop, yellow in color, about the size of a folder really, but as thick as a brick. The greedy intruder walks over with a fast pace, but is left at a halt within 5 feet of the desk. He was not alone. The dormant man lifts his head, his grey hair moves slightly as he sat in the chair, now looking towards the puzzled intruder. He stares intently towards him, eye to to eye with his won pale set of eyes. He sees it all, the bright bluish aura which surrounds that intruder.

"Hello Dobastu...", he says, still keeping eye contact.

At first, the first instinct of the intruder was to run, since the drop off point had been discovered, maybe it was a set up he thought? However, within the yellow envelop, held something he had worked way to hard to let go. The grey haired detective leans forward and places his hand upon the envelop, pushing it forwards, towards the criminal. He leans back, his face still as stone, waiting for the man to act. But, the criminal was a still as stone too, at a lost as to why his captor would do such a thing.

"For me?", the criminal asked with a cracked voice.

The detective nods, but retorts.

"Dobastu, don't you have something for me. I have dinner plans with a maiden?"

The criminal widens his eyes, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, and to how he himself, was so scared at first, for he had been doing this for quite sometime. He walks over, now more calmly, and reaches for the money in the bag, taking it. after which he himself reaches into his coat pocket, and places on the desk a small container, which had liquid contents inside. he walks backwards towards the door, still wary of his contact. Finally, it was all over, the dealer was gone. Our detective reaches over, and grabs the hard metal container, shaking it slightly.

He looks down towards the floor, his eyes seeing through the floorboard, and spectating the lifeless body of the real kingpin.

Now, who was the criminal?

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2 Re: Oliver Hyuuga [Done] on Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:32 pm


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
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