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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Kaji, Uchiha [Kumo Genin]

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1 Kaji, Uchiha [Kumo Genin] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:54 pm


Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin

Name: Kaji Uchiha
Nicknames: "The Young One", "Kaji Of The BodyFlick"
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Village: Kumogakure
Rank: D Rank

Height: 5,11
Weight: 132 lbs
Description: Face:
His eyes have bright green iris' with a dark brown, almost black, rim around the perimeter of his eye, and reflect the hatred that has accumulated in his soul from a disturbing past in battle. His stare is filled with dead eye's that pierce the soul of his opponent with his hatred. Upon looking at his friends, superiors, and people he did not know, his eyes seemed subtle but could become an intense glare on a moments notice.

Kaji is very tall and slender. He has a perfectly clear face, with no scar's, blemishes of the skin, or birth marks. His spike long black hair goes down around his neck, resting right on his shoulders with his hair down in no special way. His hair grows backwards almost appearing as if he had gel-ed it back but is natrual. His battle wear is always the same. He wore a dark black hooded robe, keeping the hod up only on missions. If in battle, he removes the black robe and reveals a Dark green-grey shirt with the Uchiha clan emblem on the back and shorts that barely surpass his knees of the same color. Under that was a long sleeve shirt that has a pattern of hundreds of diamonds (the geometrical shape) connecting on every side at the line. He wore long skin tight pants that had the same connecting diamond pattern has his under shirt. Around his waste was a black belt that carried the Konoha insignia on the silver plate, centered perfectly with his body. On his back rested a long black bow that his mother.

Nindo: "I Will Do Anything To Forget That Moment"
Personality Description:
Kaji was born into the cursed clan, the type of people he despised the most. Every Uchiha he had ever met acted high and mightier than everyone around them. Their arrogance filled Kaji with anger every time he had ever had the indecency of meeting one. Everyday, he tried to make sure to stay away from arrogant thoughts and actions so not to be like the clan members that he despised. He showed complete responsibility over himself since just a few years ago, when the incident happened he was left all alone. Since then Kaji's main ambition is to free himself of the hatred that welled inside his body and become the first Uchiha that he deemed respectable. Until then he used a front (different personality created to make the target person/people like him more) with every person he interacted with, being very friendly to anyone at all that he encountered. To hide his hate from the world and his friends, that became his main goal and molding point for the personality he created so others would genuinely like him again, and so he would not become like other Uchiha arrogant or corrupted by hate before his time, like his father.

Kaji did not only act friendly toward people, he would put his life on the line to prove he was not a bad guy. Even if a stranger was the victim, no matter what opponent he might have to face, he would gladly put his life on the line. This was also his way for atoning for the thing he had done in the past, hopefully finally getting rid of the hatred for his father and his actions. Kaji was very good about not letting his emotion take over his concentration in battle, as he liked to watch everything the opponent was doing and analyzing, looking for weaknesses and creating possible counter strategies in his head. His concentration was naturally high being as he has trained a lot with his bow and arrows, which require large amounts of steady concentration and watching the target at all times. During battle he did not talk to the opponent, for he had nothing to say to someone he had to fight. His since of honor and respect for all would be his main key for gaining relationships with the people around him, and hide the hate he wanted to seal away.

    -Reading-Writing stories-Drawing-relaxing-music

Two Favorite Things:
Kaji had two favorite things he loved to do overall. The first of the two was reading a book and expanding his knowledge. The second was drawing nature, outside life, animals, trees, and everything in between. His desire to paint the beauty of nature through his own eyes was inspired by Kagi's mother. This was his way of showing her the world through his eyes, and staying close to his mother's spirit. Spend's much more time getting stronger than participating in hobbies.

History: Kaji had a very basic and simple life all the way until he became a genin. He had no obvious talents that were anything to gawk over, and finished up his time in the academy with no real abnormalities. At this time, Kaji was a very lovable person in every since. He made friends with everyone at the academy that he ever talked to and loved being the center of attention for girls. He was one of the most popular kids if not the most, being from the elite Uchiha clan he had slightly above average grades all the way up until finishing the academy. His genin life was not much different until about three months after his graduation. His baby brother had just been born and he just learned how to use chakra flow he learned the previous month. His father, Ruka, was starting to act weird. Kaji woke up in the middle of the night hearing banging and screaming. Concerned, he ran to see what happened. He walked through the door and his father had his mother on the ground, bleeding from the nose. Kaji's father turns to him and screams to get out, and afraid for his safety, he ran straight to his room and jumped in bed. This started to happen more and more often and Kajim started to hear what his father was screaming about. It was about pain and sorrow, his hate shortened his temper long ago. 'War' 'Hate' 'Kill' The words he heard started to get worse and worse. He seldomly heard his mother make a single noise and assumed he was just letting it happen, just taking it, and hate started to grow inside his heart as well.

A few nights a week became every night. His baby brother Sora was in the room to the right of Kaji's, and his parents in the room to the left. Some nights it would start with the baby crying from the left and starting a new fight on the right, and sometimes a fight started Sora's crying. He was only month old and his father was going insane, his heart hurt for his mother and baby brother. One day after a long day of training on his Ninjutsu, he arrived home slightly after dark. He opened the sliding door with the Uchiha crest split between the two sliding panels and slid his sandals off by the front door. His house was completely black, with no lights on anywhere that he could see. Quieter than he had heard it in months, he walked around slowly thinking something was strange. He walked down the hallway and over towards his mothers room, lights off in there as well 'Blood curdling scream made by his mother' He ran down the hallway and bust in the door. Ruka was standing with Haisu's dead body and Ruka tossed to the ground like trash right before his eyes. The head of his baby brother was backwards on the ground and his mother tied down too the bed. Seeing Kaji, Ruka grabbed his knife and thrust i down toward his mother's chest. Without even thinking he drew his bow and shot his father in the back of the head. The arrow penetrated his skull and came out the other side. His fathers body went limp over his mother's. Blood was coming from her mouth, he had failed to kill his father in time. He stared down the dead eyes of his father that lay on the ground, still in shock to what happened. SNAP Another blood curdling scream echos through the Uchiha district, this time it was Kaji's. He turned and looked at his baby brother and picked up the body. His younger brother's body lay limp in the arms of the devastated boy. The neighbors around started knocking on the door, concerned after the screams. Kaji backed against the wall looking at his family for the last time. The police had broken down the door and rushed in to the mostly dead family. One of the shinobi on the police force who used to be close to his family picked up Kaji and took him to a different place.

After the events he took a short break from training and doing missions as a shinobi and took time to mend his pain. The pain would never mend, and it changed his personality forever. His hate for what happened to his was taken out on anyone who communicated with him, and his friends started to separate themselves from him. Quickly he learned how to fake it, acting like he had before anything had ever happened and hiding the pain that caused his friend to reject him. It has been four years since that date and it events that aspired between his family had given him two goals. Atone for killing his father by atoning for that and his father killing Kaji's mother and younger brother. Afterwards he would become an honorable and respectable shinobi, releasing and never letting the hate enter his hear again. With those two goal's in mind, Kaji would stop at nothing to achieve each one.

Key Events:

    -Birth-Academy-Mother's Death-Younger Brother's Death-Genin-Father's Hatred

Writing Sample: It was early morning as Kaji made his way over to the training grounds in Konoha. This was one of the most spread out training grounds within Konoha with a length of 134 meters from gate to gate. Today he would work on his precision and how fast he could draw the bow, pull the string, and fire an arrow without effecting his aim. To help him, he ask a friend from the village to stand across the training field at different distances and throw up a small red ball into the air. Each time he would start with his bow at his back when he signaled to throw the ball. As soon as the ball started to slow down Kaji reached for his bow, readied an arrow, pulled the string back, and release sending the arrow flying through the air across the field and just over the red ball that was 20 meters away from where Kaji was standing. After putting the bow back on his back, he signals and repeats the process until he could his the ball two out of three times. The ball went up into the air once more and he released an arrow. This arrow was not timed quite right, so he signaled for her to throw another ball. He grabbed the bow, pulled back the sting with an arrow readied, and released the string after a few moments of readjusting his precision and fixing his previous timing problem. He hit the The arrows hits the balls and then a tree fifty five meters away from where Kaji was standing, now all next to each other on the trees trunk impaled by arrows. He waves his hand, which was a signal for his helper to move back fifteen meters.

Now standing thirty five meters away she throws up the ball and he fires off another arrow, this one was about seven feet off to the bottom left corner. After making small adjustments to the direction of his arrow and the timing it is shot off and two hours of training, he hit the ball for the first time from 35 meters away. He fired off the next arrow assuming he had gotten it as he watched is arrow travel slightly to slow to his the falling ball, a simple timing mistake. After two more hit and a miss, Kaji starts to become aggravated. He took a short break to gather his concentration and then tried again. With a more clear head, Kaji hits the next three ball thrown in the air sending them with the first three on the large tree truck, now just five feet away from where Kaji's helper was standing. Kaji signals for the throw, takes three deep breaths, and shots off another arrow. "Just inches of to the two o'clock direction." He noted as he signaled for the next throw and took a few more deep breaths. He concentrated on the ball and where it would be by the time the arrow was about to penetrate, firing the arrow and missing again. After regathering his arrows twice and taking four concentration breaks, he finally started to get the hang of it. Every other ball would going flying back into the top of the trees when hit, eventually losing all visibility. After seven more attempts and 4 misses, he finally is able to his two in a row. One more and he could go home and rest his body. His right arm has never been more tired from just pulling back the bow string in training, and his muscles felt like they were on fire. Sweat dripped down his arms, legs, and face and shined in the sun. "One more, that's it." He looked as the red ball left his helper's hand and into the air. Precisely, he grabs the bow and an arrow, pulls back, and release's what could be his final arrow for the day. No ball ever came down that he saw but just through the top of the trees, and his helper started to walk towards him after a few seconds. Even though he didn't see the last three arrows in the tree with the first six, he was proud he could increase his own range by thirty meters in one day. He thanked his friend for her help and walked back to his house for some much needed rest.

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2 Re: Kaji, Uchiha [Kumo Genin] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:00 pm


Akatsuki Member
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It may take a bit for your approval. Only admins are permitted to approve Uchiha, and our only admin is on leave for a bit.


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3 Re: Kaji, Uchiha [Kumo Genin] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:47 pm


Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin

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4 Re: Kaji, Uchiha [Kumo Genin] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:31 pm


In Ryan's absence, I will deep this app approved.

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