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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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[Event] New Gods

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1 [Event] New Gods on Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:21 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
And so stood the man, silver hair draping down his shoulders as he leaned against the Tree, staring into the sky and wonderwing just how long it would take to have effect. With a single hand on the worn bark, he waited without end for days.  Though he minded not, for he was just passing time between birth and death, soon to turn to ashes himself. From within his skull, he could hear each of them speak, for they were not all one. The nine existed within him, all whole pieces bound within him in unity. He spoke with each of them.

"And you Shukaku? What do you seek?" asked the man.
"What are you a Genie or something? And ehre I thought you were god. But if I had to choose someone... someone like Gaara was. Strong but smart with slight blood lust."

The sage smiled as Shukaku was once one of the most blood-craving Bijuu of the family. Perhaps time spent with their latest batches of humans had caused them to become more forgiving on the race. If this monster of carnage had changed then most likely, they all had. There was only one that still concerned him on that matter.

And so he had it. Somewhere in a dream, Daemon Hyuuga would see the silver man. He would touch his chest and the seal would appear. When the man wakes, the seal would still be there.

"Matatabi, what do you seek?" asked the man.
"Compassion. Someone who will fight from the heart."

And so she had it. In a dream, Hana Uzumaki would be touched on the shoulder by the God. When she awoke, it would surely still be there.

"Isibu, what do you seek?" asked the man,
"I'm not ready to go back yet. My whole life, I've only been used for war. I would just like to rest."

And the man granted this wish, as he did not want to force anything upon his children.

"Son Goku, what are you looking for?" asked the man.
"Power! Straight fury coming from the human sould. That fiery passion that we all know so well!"

And he had it. Juri Han had the same dream the other two had, though this time touched on her neck at the tip of her spine.

"Kokuo, and you?"
The creature stopped to think for a moment before deciding.
"Someone smart and ready to learn from me. Someone who won't back down from growing.

And he had it. Mitsuki Rena had the dream as well. The silver man would tap her on her left elbow.

"Saiken, what would you like?" asked the man
"Someone... someone pretty." said the beast.

The man chuckled, but did not deny this wish. Carmen Terumi also had the dream, with the seal resting on her left ankle.

"Chomei?" asked the man.
"Someone high up, a role model."

And the seven tails had it. Though this person was a bit different. Kaseki would have the same draim and the seal would appear on the back of his right hand.

"Gyuki, what would you like."
And the beast said, "Someone cool ya know, always ready to bust some rhymes like Bee used to do."

And the eight tail was sent to someone further off than the rest had been. Loki Uzumaki would have his seal on his stomach. That made two Uzumaki Jinchuuriki

Then the god looked at the nine tailed beast. the most stubborn of the group stood before him, looking in disbelief, yet had not said a single word for the entirety of their meeting in this place.

"And you Kurama."
And the fox looked at him and gave legitimate thought into it. It was clear that the only person he had ever bonded with was the Uzumaki. But the only reason he obeyed was because the boy possessed a will greater than his own. It was clear after Isibu that he could choose to stay, though in the past hundred years he was tired of being cooped up in this same world, unable to move about.
"I want... someone like he was."

And the sage knew exactly what he meant. And so Grey Uchiha had the seal now on his left hand.

"And so be it." said the sage.

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2 Re: [Event] New Gods on Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:47 pm


Konoha Anbu
Konoha Anbu
On the 9th day of Christmas, this sage dude gave to me,

A big sand racoooon
Giant cats on fire
Turtles with three tails
Monkeys that shoot lava
Slugs made of goo
Giant giant bugs
Very big octopus
And very very edgy foooooooox.

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3 Re: [Event] New Gods on Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:42 pm



The leaves fell, and the birds sang. No one was around to hear him, no one was around to see. This single creature, was named Kaseki.

"Leaves from the vine, falling so slow..." he sang, his body dancing in the wind. It a song from his past, one of the few things he could remember. He was an orphan adopted by a Black Ops Anbu in Konoha. That's how he just grew up. It was by chance that the same person that took him in, was the same that saved him years before.

"Like fragile, tiny shells... Drifting in the foam..." His body was weak, but his soul was strong. He was close to death, only to have the Medical Ninja corrupt his body to save him. That single mutation saved him. His organs were no longer dying, his heart was no long bleeding. His expiration date was pushed beyond the end of the world. He would no longer rot from the inside out... but was given a sturdy exterior so he could see the end of days.

"Little soldier boy.... Come marching home..." Kaseki swayed, the cherry blossoms of the great trees that hung above him. He embraced nature and everything with it. Nothing mattered to him besides protecting life. Life.... the one thing he would never have.

He began to slow his dance, only to find his world slowly fading. It was too good to be true, he knew it so. This world was far from his reach, and covered up by his past. He would have to work hard to get it the way he wanted. He ceased his steps to endure the breeze that carried the pink petals so far. "Brave soldier boy... Comes... marching... home..."

Kaseki lay on the cold ground of the cave, somewhere around Konoha. He had picked up a single shard of metal that seemed to bring his past about. It was a Chakra Rod, used by "Pain" so long ago. He wondered what became of him after that fateful day. After Kaseki saw the final battle between the Seventh Hokage and the one known as Madara.

He wondered if using the name of Akatsuki was the best idea, only to redeem a dream that seemed to end so long ago. He opened his eyes to see his Gray Knight, Barbarian, and Green Warrior puppet sitting against the wall. "Another failed attempt..." he thought to himself. He was trying to fight himself with his own puppets by animating another puppet to control another. It was complicated in nature, and proved to see so.

"How unlucky. You weren't the one I expected..."

Kaseki's eyes grew wide as he quickly stood from his rest. There was something with him in that room. "Who's there?!" he called out. He has taken every precaution to make sure he was alone, yet a voice seemed to exist.

"I asked for a role model, and I'm stuck with you." the voice spoke, "Aren't you an interesting thing?"

Kaseki looked around. His body covered in markings. He did not see or even look at his right hand.

He was not alone in this.

4 Re: [Event] New Gods on Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:30 am

Kumogakure was a beautiful place during the winter, but particularly cold. It rarely snowed, but when it did, the ice crystals almost danced through the sky. Like a grand ballet, snow danced throughout the village, leaving rooftops white and windows icy. It was dark outside, with only the street lights providing a light source, the clouds blocked out the moon and stars. Overlooking the entire village was a large mansion, on the highest hill among the mountains. It was the Raikage's mansion, given to Kumo's most powerful Shinobi. A full staff of butlers, a chief and ANBU guards were on call 24/7, all for the sleeping Raikage, Juri Han. Since it was bed time, the woman was alone in her huge bedroom, naked, wrapped up in silk sheets on a king sized bed. Two ANBU guards were right outside the door, wide awake and alert.

A strange dream filled the woman's mind. Juri was climbing up a giant active volcano, sweat dripping down her face from the heat. The skies were filled with smoke clouds and ash, the volcano was roaring, about to erupt. Everything in her being told her to leave, this volcano was about to explode and engulf her, but a small voice told her "It'll be okay Juri... continue onward." The voice was soft but powerful, and yet, she wasn't afraid. She felt as if she didn't continue, a huge opportunity would be missed. So she kept climbing the active volcano, until she reached the summit and looked into the eye of the beast. A huge demon emerged from the magma below and roared towards the heavens, lava splashed everywhere and consumed Juri... though she was unharmed. In fact she felt... empowered! The demon stared into her soul and began to laugh, once Juri wiped the lava from her eyes and witnessed the monster she knew exactly who and what it was. "You're the 4-Tailed Beast?!" "Yes child, and you're the Raikage I'm to inhabit. You're pathetic... my previous host was better than you!" Juri laughed and began to emit her purple chakra, the beast ceased his smile. "Oh? You doubt my power? WELL I DON'T CARE! I'M JURI FUCKING HAN, THE MOST POWERFUL RAIKAGE IN EXISTENCE!" Her chakra actually becomes visible, and forms a sinister smile. Son Goku realizes if this woman shares his power, she'd become a major threat to the Shinobi world. He smiles at the thought of human beings witnessing his power, but she'd have to prove herself, talk is cheap. "Oh? So you're strong eh? Prove me wrong then, I'm not easily impressed child!" Juri floats towards the Bijuu and grabs it by the throat, she then swallows him whole and burps lava. Her body then begins to glow and explodes.

"AH!" Juri awakens from her dream sweating, her ANBU guards rush in to make sure everything is okay. She waves them off. "Just a dream..." she tells the two. A sharp pain is felt on the back of her neck, she touches it and feels... blood? Juri rushes to her personal bathroom and picks up a smaller mirror, aiming it at a bigger mirror. A black tattoo with the kanji saying "Power" 力. "Don't disappoint me girl." Son Goku says inside her mind. Juri at first freaks out, dropping the mirror. "DON'T COME IN!" She screams to her ANBU guards before they can act. "So it was real... I'm stuck with you?" Juri retorts. Licking her lips and touching the back of her neck, the woman begins to giggle. "Time to put in work." She says running the shower. Indeed it was time to put in work, Juri Han, a Jinchuriki? Insane.


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Natalia : who else can be raikage and sill look sexy? Only Kid can bear that responsibility.
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5 Re: [Event] New Gods on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:03 am

A Kages work was never done even after sleep but now was a time for pure rest for this young Hokage. Guards blending in with the normal civilians surrounded his chambers so sleep wasn't such a foreign idea to him. Closing his eyes Daemon was easily able to fall into a deep slumber after the hard day of work he had.

Now deep asleep Daemon would find that his subconscious had pulled hum into a dream one of which was like nothing he had experienced thus far. Daemon stood in a desert with a blazing sun the heat almost searing his skin as he searched about for any signs of life. Echoing from what seemed like miles away was an eerie deep animalistic voice shouting a Daemon,

"Show me your blood lust and you may be worthy enough to wield me." Within that moment the desert would transform into the home of Daemon during his child year in Kirigakure. Within a flash of his eyes Daemon was changed into his small boy frame as the night of his mother's death began to play over like a bad dream.

"What is this," Daemon would call out with no reply from the eerie voice. Just after finishing his sentence the thief would enter the home as his mother tried to fight him off. This time Daemon knew what was going to happen so he had the advantage. Grabbing a large knife from the kitchen Daemon would run to his mother's aid like before as he tackled the thief.

As he did so the thief still managed to hit Daemon dazing him as he recovered to strike him once again. Just like last time Daemon's mother would step in to help as the thief pulled his own knife to harm Daemon. But before his mother could be killed Daemon would step in front of her stabbing the man with the knife and twisting it as the thief coughed up blood a look of pleasure could be seen covering Daemon's face.

As the man coughed up blood Daemon would close his eyes immediately feeling the intense heat from before returning, "Huh...?" As he reopened his eyes he had found himself back in the rather strange desert still in his child body. Moments after regaining his composer Daemon would be a to hear the strange voice again calling to him, "You have showed me your blood lust kid I can tell there is much more deep inside of you.

I wanna be the one to pull that out of you... Even if you don't like it!" Upon the voice's last words the whole desert could be seen moving collecting into a giant ball in the sky leaving nothing but bottomless black under and around Daemon, "Where gonna have fun together kid." Just then the enormous sand ball would start to flow into Daemon mouth forcing itself into his mouth. The more sand that entered the older Daemon would get until he returned to his normal age.

At that point the ball of sand would be gone now planted deep inside Daemon. Yet the dream still wasn't over. The darkness that covered Daemon would create a small sphere which drew a symbol of strange marking shaped like a sun onto his chest then cover him completely in darkness forcing him to awaken... Gasping for air quiet loudly Daemon would hold his head as the events of the dream played over,

"Could this be real... No it couldn't be." Unbuttoning his shirt he would search for the sun shaped markings that covered his chest and a portion of his torso, and it was as bright as day leaving Daemon in shock. "What the hell is going on... Am I a Jinchuriki and all that sand was it the one tails?!?!?!?!" All these unanswered questions were suspicious but appropriate seeing as how Daemon pretty much solved most of the mystery himself. Just as he began to rest again thoughts pounding in his head he would once again hear the sound of the monstrous voice leaving him speechless, "Yup, Kid..."

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6 Re: [Event] New Gods on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:20 am

Mitsuki Rena

Kumo Chunin
Kumo Chunin
What ceased to be an eternity of agony and woe within the dreams of the young Mitsuki Rena finally happened to settle down in darkness. This time it had a warmth around it from before. In her bed she stopped tossing and turning while laying her head fully rest on one pillow. There her eyes remained relax, there was no sweat, and the beating of her heart was low. The air in the room was still cold but not enough to awaken a warm sleeping Rena. Diving into the void of her dream she is alone in the dark. This was odd for her and she was confused. A sense of wordiness came about her as she began to run into nothing. What seemed to be endless was all too true. "What is this?!", she yelled at the top of her lung while gasping for air from the miles she ran in her dream. Everywhere she went there was nothing. Just the emptiness of the vacuum of space and a solid footing. Thud! She heard it from afar distance! THUD! It grew louder and louder!

Until it went silent. With a blink of an eye a light shimmers away the darkness and all is white. Pure as snow without the cold of course. In an instant she saw an enormous creature. One she had not encountered before. In the shock of awe the creature with the body of a horse and the face of a demon bowed its head before her politely. "It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Mitsuki.", the creature said with manners. "You are the one I've been sent to." Rena looked at the creature who was obviously many meters beyond bigger than her be able to speak in such realism. "Who are you?", she asked directly. "Why are you sent here?" Then she felt it. A surge of pain inflicted upon her right elbow. "My name is Kukuou. I am here to teach you." With that Rena woke up from her bedside panting in shock. "..!?!" She had no words for it, and the pain in her elbow was as real in the dream. She daunted over what exactly this was… Curiosity gained the better of her as she flipped through old history textbooks from her academy days and there it was. The so called creature in her dream was in the articles of the pages. "A tailed beast are you? This cannot end well…", she said to herself aloud as she closes the book.


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7 Re: [Event] New Gods on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:40 am


Suna Chunin
Suna Chunin
Hana's day had been very long and very normal. Her day was spent training with her mother and sitting at the top of her favorite tree looking out over a wide area of land. Although it was normal, it was quite tiring for the girl. She always loved to do her best and try her hardest. So, that night Hana would dress in her warmest night clothes, crawl up into her bed, and under her blankets. Soon enough, the child would be fast asleep however, it wouldn't last too long.

Just as it seemed the girl had fallen asleep, she would see a blue light shining from behind her eyelids. However,when she opened them she wasn't in her room but on the ground. The grass seemed very dry but what really caught the girls attention was the fact that there was a forest in front of her. However, it wasn't a regular forest because this one was on fire. The flames were blue, "What's happening? Where am I?" Hana would ask aloud wondering if anyone was around her voice was almost frantic. She didn't know what to do or where to go. Hana would turn around to see darkness but facing forward she would see the forest.

That's when it appeared. A small blue cat came running out from the darkness and towards the forest. Before it got to the tree line, the feline would stop, look over its shoulder, and continue on into the burning forest. "Hey! Wait!" Hana would yell out as she bounded after the cat. She couldn't just let the creature get hurt. She couldn't just sit back and watch the feline die without doing something. So, without a second thought she would continue on running straight into the flaming trees.

Hana would look around as she entered covering her eyes from the light the flames produced. "Here kitty!" Hana would yell until she heard a meowing sound coming from the right, which is the way she would run. The girl would change her course until she reached the small kitten. It was facing a black wall, which Hana would find to be odd considering they were in the middle of a forest. However, her attention was so focused on the cat she didn't notice the blue flames start coming straight for her back. As they got closer, they would split going around the young Uzumaki and straight for the cat.

Hana didn't know what to do she didn't understand what was happening. So,she just stod and watched ans the flaming spun around the feline she had been chasing. The more fire that came from the trees the larger the cat seemed to grow in size. "What?!" Hana would shout as she took a few steps back. Soon enough, there were no flames left among the trees and there was a giant flaming cat standing right in front of the girl. It was still turned facing the black wall ad that's when Hana saw it. This flaming feline had two tails but that was impossible unless. It had to be that there was no other possibility but why was it here? What was it doing?

After a moment, the two-tails would turn around showing her mismatched eyes. "So, you're the one that has been chosen for me. You're just a child but you do have heart. I suppose you will have to do." Hana would stare at the two-tailed cat, who had just spoken her piece. "Have" Hana would look at the feline confused. That's when the cat started to look distorted and soon the Uzumaki was covered in flames. Hana would take a breath as if she were about to scream until she realized she wasn't burning up. It didn't hurt her, which the girl seemed to be confused about. To her, this whole thing was one big confusion.

As Hana stood staring at the blue that surrounded her, a man appeared from the black wall. His hair was silver and he looked older. "Excuse me. Do you know what's happening?" Hana would ask with a slightly nervous tone in her voice. However, the man said nothing but he did continue to move closer. The girl may have moved back if she was able too. For some reason, the girl couldn't move so with every step the man took the wider her eyes seemed to get.

Soon enough, the man was right in front of Hana and she didn't know what he wanted with her until he raised his hand. His hand would make contact with the girls shoulder and when it was released the flames started to receed into it. It wasn't until after all the flames had fully disappeared that the girl started to feel pain. When this happened, the ground would crumble beneath the girls feet and she would fall straight into reality.

The Uzumaki would wake up with a loud scream. At the sound, Hana's mother would enter the room faster than anything Hana had ever seen. "What's wrong?!" She would ask sounding rather worried. "I guess I just had a dre-" Hana would stop in the middle of her words and pull her shirt down to show her shoulder. "Was it a dream? Mom what happened?" Hana would stare at the seal on her shoulder with her eyes wide open. 'Compassion?' Hana would repeat the word written on her shoulder. The girl would explain to her mother what had happened in her dream and that was when Hana would receive her answer. "IM A WHAT?! AND I HAVE A WHAT?!" Hana would scream these questions right in her mother face. "It's true child. The Sage better have been right about you." The voice would come from inside Hana's head but it wasn't her own.

Hana would speak soon after but her words would be spoken like whispers. "I have the two tails inside of me? Im a... jinchuriki."

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8 Re: [Event] New Gods on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:33 pm

Trap Queen

Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
It was a late night in the village hidden in the clouds, and Carmen, anbu captain, of the clouds was finally retiring for the night to her bed. Her home overlooked the village and was just below that of the raikage Juri han's mansion. As she undressed for the night, guards positioned outside her room would stand at attention ready to notify her of any problems with security that may pop up. As Carmen got underneath her red silk sheets of her queen size bed, she felt a slight uneasiness, maybe it had been the tequila shot she had chased with vodka thirty minutes ago, or maybe she was just being paranoid. Either way Carmen felt that something odd was going to happen tonight.

As Carmen drifted to sleep she would smell something that would make most normal people gag. A stench that smelt of burning mucus, and rancid goop, thankfully Carmen was not a normal person instead just awoke slowly. Carmen was surprised to find that she was no longer in her bedroom, or even in Kumo for that matter. Instead she found herself in a dimly lit mossy cave, with a light green fog wafting through it. As Carmen stood a roar echoed through the cave shaking the area and causing her to place a hand on the mossy cave walls. Carmen would then find out that the walls were not only mossy, but covered in some sort of clear slime. Disgusted, but wanting to investigate, Carmen continued down the cave towards the sound of the roar.

As Carmen walked further down, the stone green cave grew bright and brighter and the fog grew thicker and thicker. The more she walked the harder it became to see, and pretty soon Carmen could barely see in front of her. She felt as if she should turn around, but something inside urged her on and she continued walking, the click of her red high heels echoing as she did. Finally after walking blind for what seemed like hours, the fog began to clear, but as it did the atmosphere of the cave became more damp and wet Carmen soon felt something wet on her check and looked around to see millions of tiny bubbles floating around the cave. Each of the bubbles seemed to reflect an image of her and began to floating around her in a circle, though soon Carmen's interest in the bubbles was interrupted by a voice coming from up ahead. She could not make out what it was saying but moved on, hearing the bubbles begin to pop behind her as she did.

Finally, Carmen came to the exit of the cave and walked through, but what awaited her was even more surprising. In front of her was a giant cavern, that's roof seemed to stretch into sky. Green stone walls enclosed the area, with shining white crystals lighting the place. In the center of the cavern was a massive pool of what looked like green water that hisses and sizzled, almost like a hot spring. Steam would rise off the ground and waft through the pool. This was all very beautiful, but Carmen's attention was focused on the massive white slug bathing in the pool. The slug was covered in a slime of some sorts, similar to that of the cave. It had a bluish tint to it, with no blemishes and had hole like openings for a mouth. It's optic nerve tentacles on top of it's head did not seem to see her, and it seemed as if it was sleeping. The main thing Carmen noticed about the slug though was that it had both stubby arms and stubby legs along with six massive tails that were barely contained in the pool. It was so....cute. Carmen stepped closer until she was at the edge of the pool, the clicking of her high heels causing the slug to awaken and let loose a powerful yawn that shook the cavern. The slug gazed down at with its optic nerve tentacles, a slight bit of slime trickling down its mouth made of holes. "Oh, so you were the one sent to me?" It said with a childlike high pitched voice. "What is your name miss?"
"I am Carmen, and you, you are a tailed beast? I thought they were only a myth." She would say looking up at the slug. The slug would emit something similar to a laugh.
"Yes that is me! I am the six tailed slug Saiken! Your beauty has been brought to me!" It would say, sounding like that of a boastful child.
"My beauty has been brought to you? I have been chosen? What does that mean?" She would say confused.
"Step into the pool and see what I mean." Carmen would look down at the pool and for the first time would notice that the water itself wasn't really water as it was eating away at the stone underneath, it was more like acid. She would surely be injured if she made contact with it, but the slug seemed to be testing and Carmen, Gorgon of the Cloud, would not be easily frightened. Carmen would dip her left foot into the acid, but felt no pain. Instead the pool began to glow white brightly and the slug began to laugh happily. "Now it has begun." Was all he said, and a harsh pain shot through Carmen's left ankle.

Carmen would gasp and awaken in her red silk bed, sweat beating from her forehead. She would try to stand to go to the bathroom but a pain shot through her left foot. She would look down to see a small seal on her left ankle with the kanji for beauty 美 written on it. A voice would echo through Carmen's head that did not belong to her, "The most beautiful bijuu and the most beautiful human, surely we will be a duo for the ages." Carmen would smile to herself, her life had just gotten far more interesting, she was now the jinchuriki of the six tailed bijuu Saiken.

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9 Re: [Event] New Gods on Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:19 pm


Kumo Genin
Kumo Genin
It was late in the night and a thick blanket of mist covered the town as if it was keeping it covered from the moon's light. During the middle of this cold and damp night, in the middle of Kirirgakure, was a rather average sized apartment housing only one. This lone person was known as Loki Uzumaki to all in the Land of Water. It had been a rather still night for him for the most part. Whatever dreams he may have been having were soon to be lost to him as he rarely remember what he dreamt of but tonight would be different than most. They man laid in his bed almost haphazardly, arms and legs sprawled out across the entire bed. What was once a peaceful nights rest was soon interrupted. It started off slow, a small twist or a turn here but soon the Loki was twisting and turning almost violently. This continued for a moment and then nothing... He was back to a normal position and the movement was the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest as he breathed. Taking a look inside of his mind however. Originally in his dreams he had been lying in the sand on a sunny and warm beach somewhere far away lettings the days go by.

But as if his mind was not his own the environment seemed to collapse around him. The beach stretched out over the ocean pushing the site of the waves farther and farther back until they could no longer be seen. The sand itself even solidified into a solid floor and the sky took on a darker shade. Now there was nothing around him anymore but an open area that seemed endless. It was certainly and daunting image to look at and Loki wasn't all too sure what to make of it until his attention was snapped to his stomach. What started off a dull irritating pain turned searing hot and before his very eyes black ink started to appear almost as if he had been branded. It's design was unique and seemed somewhat foreign to him as he didn't know what to make of it. While he studied these mark he could only deduce one thing that it was as seal of sorts but for what he didn't know, until it dropped out of the sky that is. Directly in front of him an enormous creature slammed into the ground from the sky as if it fell from the the heavens. The creature was quite strange as it had 8 tentacles for legs but two human like arms and the head of a bull horns and all. It took a moment for everything to click inside of Loki's mind but before he could move a muscle an equally enormous gate landed between the two, slamming shut and separating the two. On the gate was the seal that was now burned onto his skin. His mind raced as he couldn't believe his eyes but a booming voice broke the silence, demanding Loki's attention... Or maybe even somebody elses.

Perhaps I should of spoke more clearly old man. Then again perhaps I am judging too quickly. I am the Eight Tailed Bijuu sealed inside of you, I think you may know this already if not then you best get smart quick boy, I think this is not the case however as I trust his choosing of Jinchuriki. Now I think its time we have a chat.  

Loki would simply stand there dumbfounded he didn't exactly stand the how or the why or even the who but he knew what stood before him and word Jinchuriki rang in his head so much that he couldn't help but mouth the word to himself in disbelief. Not wanting to offend the beast however he would speak up and answer his question.

My names Loki Uzumaki... I... Well.. There are so many questions I have?

I'm sure you have plenty kid... Perhaps I should explain.

So the two would sit and take through the bars that separated them. The night went on and on as Loki slept silently, and it wasn't until much later that morning when he finally awoke. He simply smiled to himself as laid in his bed, his eyes still shut and his mind still racing about the many things he had just learned.


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10 Re: [Event] New Gods on Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:48 am


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
A light sheet covered the flesh of an underexposed Grey Uchiha sleeping soundly in the night. His dream was one of bliss, a picnic with Hana. This was the regular for him lately as nightmares no longer felt like a thing, but only another dream of the past. However, when he turned back, expecting to see Hana, a cute young girl but only saw a wrinkly old man with silver hair, he had to admit it gave him quite a scare. The man said nothing, but only reached for the left hand of the youngest of the Uchiha. While the boy was a bit scared at first, something in his mind told him that everything would be okay, and so he allowed it to happen. His calamity was rather helpful considering the amount of stress he felt on his hand as soon as the old man touched it. Slowly but surely, a seal began to form and all of a sudden he could feel something uneasy within his stomach, almost like a great evil had been put inside of him.

"What is this!?" A voice within his mind boomed. It was deep and ominous and frankly it terrified Grey just at the thought of it. He immediately opened his eyes in the real world, the sun was just coming up. He was in sweats, clearly distraught with what had happened in his dream, though he did not quite understand it so he chose to sit and think about it for a moment. "What are you just going to sit around all day!?" The same voice boomed. That's when Grey knew it was real. The monster was now inside of him and he had no way to get rid of it.


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Frost Princess

Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone;
but if someone puts their hand on you, send them to the cemetery.

[Was told to post here, so nobody freak out]

One entire season, that’s how long it took Isobu to finally find somebody he wished to be sealed within. His brethren had been sealed the previous season, all having known what they wanted in a Jinchuuriki and thus received their desired person, unlike him who didn’t know who or what he wanted. He knew for certain that he wanted a Jinchuuriki that wouldn’t use him for war, he having experienced plenty of it to come to loathe the very concept, and thus he wanted to avoid being sealed within a blood thirsty or war hungry individual. He also wanted to avoid being sealed within a pathological liar or someone with poor morals, or what he perceived to be poor morals. Basically he wanted an individual who told the truth, had no plans of getting involved in wars or starting one unless absolutely necessary, and above all else, somebody he could call a friend in the end. With a simple list of requirements, one would think that finding somebody worthy enough to posses him would be easy, but he was proven wrong. Very few people had what he was looking for, and choosing who would hold him had proven a difficult task. So much so that he began to wonder rather or not he would ever re-enter the physical world.

That’s until a Kirigakure Shinobi by the name of Karma Himitsu caught his eye. She was the daughter of the Mizukage, a woman who wielded both lava and boil with deadly precision. Her father, Tsubasa, was deceased, having died under mysterious circumstances though she had been raised to believe that Krenos Furue was her father. She had a rather large family, and though she felt distant from some members of the family, she still attempted to connect with them, believing family was the most important thing anyone could have. Lying was something that she did, but she was more prone to telling the truth, lying only when there was no other option and never with any malice. War was something that she wasn’t interested in, though that could be said about most who inhabited the island. Though she was friendly, she seemed to be missing something in her life, and he wondered if he could make a good companion for the child. Of course not wanting to immediately jump into the child’s body, Isobu had looked over his other options, but found himself uninterested in them.

With an entire season having passed, and not finding anyone better than Karma, Isobu would finally go to the Sage. “Have you finally chosen?” The Sage asked. “Yes.” Isobu replied, pausing for a second before continuing, “after much thought, I have decided that I want Karma Himitsu, daughter of Kali Himitsu and Tsubasa to be my container.” Silence descended between the two before the Sage spoke again, “are you sure?” Isobu thought for a brief moment and nodded. The Sage would smile and within seconds Isobu would find himself contained within Karma Himitsu, her seal located upon the back of her left hand. Though he wished to introduce himself to the child, he decided to let her sleep. He could communicate with her in the morning, and they would have much to talk about.

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