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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Road To Genjutsu Mastery....

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1 Road To Genjutsu Mastery.... on Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:11 pm

Genjutsu was something Daemon wouldn't have thought he would ever learn in his life time of being a ninja but it would seem as if a little knowledge in some areas would be rather helpful. This would be a time of entering new realms which in particular would help his background in the Kage as some of his task could require interrogation something of which was made easier by dabbling in genjutsu. Breaking through to the secrets of the mind was a valuable aspect for Hokage especially in the eyes of his village.

Making his way to the Valley Of The End he found it would be an easy place to focus on using the four senses as a base to the start of his training of Genjutsu Arts alone which would require so much more room for error but giving up wasn't even in the confines of Daemon's vocabulary. Upon setting foot on the Valley he let the sound of nature take over just as he had planned. Forming the tiger seal he breathed in slowly letting his senses reach further.

His breathing would slow to match the wavelength of the wilderness. If he knew something about genjutsu it required the manipulation of the senses and what better way to learning that ability to dabble in his on sense to familiarize them with change. Spiking his chakra he began to notice small yet obvious signs in the change of his surroundings everything had appeared to slow and become distorted as if the reality he knew was succumbing to his will.

He was getting a handle over this better then he had thought his next act would be to establish as place of his own inner psyche and force it out to the surface to confuse his own senses even if it was only temporary he need to establish a proper connection to ensure that he was capable of continuing with the training. He would establish a new motto that if he could fool himself then what's stopping him from affecting others.

Visualization was key in learning jutsu if you have no access to tapping into the imagination of a human mind then this certainly was not an area of expertise anyone should be learning. Upon a brief moment of thought Daemon allowed his chakra to flare once again as the location of the training grounds began to change again this time actually taking the form of a all to familiar place for Daemon, "Wow this is Amazing I didn't know I had this in me."

After a few short moments of surprise and cockiness he began to notice the flaws of his paradise no matter how well of a second attempt it had been for him. The place lacked life and overall realism as a whole. This mentally created distortion was nothing more than a distortion, wavey patterns of fading imagery of his clans grounds sprouted in and out of existence as he himself watched still proudly state.

"Well... Fine it may not be that awesome but its it certainly isn't bad." Talking to himself was weird trait that Daemon had acquired over the years which hadn't seemed to fade. In fact it is was allows him to flawlessly execute some of his own training issues because he feels it establishes some sort of system where he feels as is his talents aren't going unnoticed even if there's no one around. It may seem crazy to most people but for him its a very reliable technique.

Before continuing he would pause for a moment remembering visualization was key in this process. Reaching into his mind he searched for the perfect sound to this temporary paradise the life that filled and flourished the clan and their strong and most valuable clans crest high in the sky for all to see. Daemon spiking his chakra once again after his short moment of bliss felt this was the perfect attempt for his first day of genjutsu training.

Everything he wish would happen had but even on a grander scale then he would even think possible. He stood completely on the training grounds, perfectly fooling his sense with his own genjutsu. He would be able to see his clans barracks covered in the warm, bright, and  shimmering light of the sun as several Blue Rain Swallow gracefully fly through the sky spreading pride and tranquility over the location.

Moments later Daemon would had to forcefully removing himself from the jutsu as he felt the effects of his mass chakra use starting to weigh on him. A large smile could be seen plastered across his face moments before the genjutsu broke as Daemon was returned to the normal world. It had dawned on him that the power of genjutsu was amazing and Daemon took pride in learning and tapping into its secrets in which lay under his very skin.

Today was a great experience in tapping into some potentially useful power but Daemon didn't want to overlord himself with training. For now he would have to suck it up and return to his ninjaly duties which so happened to be taking a nap at the time. Wiping the sweat from his forehead Daemon began walking away from the field kicking a rock that was in his path, "That was fun."

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2 Re: Road To Genjutsu Mastery.... on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:45 am

Now day two for the genjutsu training Daemon would prepare himself for the new things he would do today to advance his skills. Still preferring to train in the Valley of the End for the perfect scenery and subject for the senses. Today Daemon would start at the bottom of the waterfall turned towards it to increase the sound of the water smashing into lake at the bottom.

 Forming the tiger symbol Daemon poured his chakra out into the Valley slowing down all motion using genjutsu to confuse his senses. Upon doing so Daemon would notice a rather large fish moving down the stream to avoid any possible predators. Focusing the casted jutsu on the fish Daemon wanted to trick the fish into feeling safe so it wouldn't run. Strengthening the chakra influence over it the fish would began to calm but not as much as he would like.

 Maybe if he envisioned what the desired effect would look like it would have more of an effect of the fish too. Now focusing his thoughts to visualize the peaceful nature for the fish he began to release the jutsu on to the fish as instant signs of tranquility and peace began to appear from the fish. As it now began to swim more freely and this time in a circle around a rock and other rather small fish and aquatic life. Daemon would smile as his genjutsu worked on other things besides himself which obviously would help anything in a fight against thoughs who dabble in the power of the illusions arts of confusion.

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3 Re: Road To Genjutsu Mastery.... on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:35 am

Well, day three of genjutsu training after being trapped in his office all day Daemon was excited to get out and learn this valuable skill trait. Rushing to the Valley of the End once again Daemon would have to think of what required his attention in today's session. He could always try to capture more wildlife into his genjutsu spell but what fun would that be picking on and confusing animals if cruel the only reason he mistreated the fish yesterday was because it was in such a panic that it was going to be harmed so Daemon saved it.

Now standing on the head of Hashirama Senji, Daemon wanted to start working on changing the size and feel of something. This would be a much easier task then working on a live thing but hey equally rewarding seeing as how this stuff needed to be learned anyway when performing genjutsu. Forming the tiger seal and covering the Madara statue in his own chakra the obvious signs of distortion instantly began to show signaling the readiness of the caster to perform the technique.

Well none of this distortion was a technique per say but it requires seals, and great thought called strategizing in preparation of a actual technique. But enough of that it was time for Dameon to perform what he said he was going to accomplish in this session. Shaping the casted distortion to his will he was able to notice small changes in the shape of the statue but nothing of great like erasing it from the mind to throw off the opponent.

He wanted to try again this time he adds more chakra so he continued and increased the output to allow for further manipulation and precision. Remembering visualization was key he pushed his inner thoughts to the surface his desires for the jutsu. This time he once again had gained the desired effect for the statute, he had now erase Madara Uchiha's statue from the valley walls and now appears to have it floating above the water.

Power like this would be enough frighten even the strongest of ninja's. Remembering that he was still a somewhat beginner in the genjutsu art he would dispel the genjutsu. He had once again quiet easily reached his goal without much issue jumping down off of the Senju's head Daemon would stretch as he made his way back to the village to continue his duties.

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4 Re: Road To Genjutsu Mastery.... on Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:33 am

Being Hokage allowed Daemon to do thing he normally wouldn't be able to do if his was a normal ninja maybe if he was Anbu since the operated in mostly darkness. Well in case he wanted to play around in the village and using genjutsu would be fun doing it. Making advancement on his already existing skills as well as having fun with working with rather hard abilities would be enticing to almost anyone.

He knew of the most perfect victims to harass with his power. He would aim for the Inuzuka clan who within the recent year have taken a liking to cat people. Making his way to the clan grounds yet using his skills from his time as Anbu Captain to stay hidden he would hide in the rather large tree not far off the grounds as not to alert the dog partners sense. Now forming the tiger symbol and pouring his chakra over the clan grounds he aimed to control the beast so that they could cause some trouble with their owners.

Daemon had no personal ill feelings against the Inuzuka but he felt their animal partners were ripe for the picking. Forming the chakra into a hypnotic pulse he would prepare the visualization he wanted to force onto the pets. Sense the merger of the cat clan and Inuzuka the two animals were no enemies but Daemon still knew of way to agitate both animals. For the dog Daemon would make them see squirrel and for cats giant mice. Both animals now under Daemon's hypnotic spell he would sit back laughing in the tree, as the animals ran wildly over the clan grounds trying to catch prey in which doesn't actually exist.

As the Inuzuka trainers scrambled outside to see the what the ruckus was they stood terrified. The ground was almost destroyed as both pets species were extremely dirty and still confused by the Genjutsu. After increasing the intensity of the Genjutsu Daemon would watch as the pets now attacked their masters in attempt to get the squirrels and mice. Daemon now satisfied and feeling bad for the animals had decided to release the spell he had over them.

 He would then like to move on to focus on someone else who was having a rather hard time with these same animals. Like three Genin who struggled with trying to catch a rather elusive cat. Daemon kept his distance from the cat and the Genin to startle both of them. Finding the cats location was easy with his byakugan and once he did so he would release his hypnotic chakra over the cat just as the last animals had been manipulated. This time Daemon didn't show the cat mice he revealed a cooked fish which laid in the direction of the waiting Genin. Leading the cat to the location he would make it obvious that when the cat was caught with the Genin's net that this was all but an illusions.

 The the cat upset and angered he would scratch at the young ninja but to no avail. He was captured and Daemon was successful at another attempt at fooling animals with his Genjutsu. He still had far to go before he could call himself a master but this was a start.

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