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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Chin Chin Nigs. [Character Creation]

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1 Chin Chin Nigs. [Character Creation] on Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:03 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

Name: Shunshuu Chinou Aburame
Nicknames: Chinou
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Clan: Aburame
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 187lbs
Description: Standing bare at five-eleven, one would notice a nicely-toned well-built dark-skinned man; not overly well-built but toned. His pectorals are outlined and are perceptible, standing out in his whole upper-body section. The abdominal muscles are visible, suggesting his indulgence and interval spent in some physical exercise – his body as a whole should’ve hinted such already. On to his lower-body section, one would also notice his well-defined legs – his calf and especially the thighs. These though are just few of the many things one could say about the male’s build.

Unfortunately, flaws also stand out upon his enviable build. His navel protrudes from his abdomen – an outie, many often finding this as a sort of “abnormal” trait for someone to possess. Not like it bothered him. A scar most-likely from one of his multiple altercations with animals can be visible right upon his left cheek, resembling a “lightning bolt”. It wasn’t a tattoo, just a scar from an incident – why it looked like such remains unknown to him. It was possibly an unconscious doing by a medical ninja, cruel joke while he was unconscious possibly. A few scars can be located on his back as well as his stomach (abs).

Beneath the dark-hued glasses he usually wears are dark-coloured eyes. Not dark-brown like most, but black. His eyes remarks favourably on his dark-coloured and curly short and well-managed hair; and his face possesses the sharp features of a perilous being, actually contradicting his personality. His attire usually consists of a long-sleeved coat reaching his and cutting short a few inches above his knee and pants with a plain shirt; his attire usually leaning towards the loose-fitting side with ninja sandals adapted for everyday use. He wears fingerless metal-plated gloves and a satchel.

Head: Black, short, neatly-trimmed curly hair, Kirigakure headband.
Face: Clear face, dark eyes, relaxed composure.
Neck: Bare.
Upper body: Long-sleeved yellow-hued coat cutting short just a few inches above his knee.
Back: A satchel containing items, sometimes even bugs.
Hands: Black coloured fingerless metal-plated.
Legs: Black loose pants coming to an end a bit above his knees.
Feet: Shinobi sandals.
Weapon slot: Two pouches: one behind strapped to his left thigh/waist and the other on the opposite side.

Nindo: To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.
Personality Description:
Positive Traits

  Laid-back: This easygoing characteristic of Shunshuu makes him an ideal person to associate with. He is unhurried and relaxed, with an absence of worry or stress in the world. A person you could feel comfortable relying upon or sharing conservative information with. Though his battle strategy conflicts with his complacent trait, it helps him to think thoroughly in tight situations and getting out of it instead of making hasty choices and digging a deeper hole for himself.

  Caring: He cares for his fellow shinobis, family (if any) and friends. He would leap into the way of an oncoming truck if it meant saving a live of a friend, which also hints to his protective instincts. He harbors the desire to protect an accomplice in trouble; a true intuition of an absolute hero.

  Disciplined: Along with being a well-behaved man is respect and self-control. He displays respect when due, and in some cases, when not necessary. He is obedient, though loyalty is on a completely different scale, so one shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't render loyalty to an authority but seems to display an amiable level of obedience. Self-control is essential in everyday life; nothing worse than having someone flip out on you unexpectedly just because you stained his favorite attire.

  Charmer: A charmer, nothing more than a well-said compliment to get someone (mostly females) to go through the rest of the day with a positive mind and good state of mind. The fact that he's handsome also contributes to his glamor enthrallment.

Negative Traits

  Cunning: A deceptive man, who would have ever thought? There was a reason why he had such a facade after all. Like a book with a bewildering cover, he's a man full of surprises. Also an intellectual) mastermind.

  Self-loyalty: Although he displays obedience and some form of loyalty to his superiors, he is self-driven and contains his own power source, his own engine for his motor like a car with its own ignition. You may order or give him an instruction, that doesn’t mean he'll do as told even if his response might be a "yes". This is a trait that derives from his cunning personality.

  Lover: He easy falls for girls, perhaps his sole weakness in his whole being; possibly also the one weakness that might contribute to his descent. He is easily charmed by, even though he himself is considered to be some sort of charmer, and mesmerized by beauty. He has always known women to be evil creatures, though never found a way to escape their grasp. Not yet.
Favorites: He's young. It'll develop. Bugs. Nature. Girls. Peace.

History: [Birth Arc]
It was not love that consumed the man, but a powerful sense of passion that made his blood boil of adrenaline and energy. Crawling closer to her, his tongue touched her soft snow white skin. He slid the tip of his tongue up her left leg as his left hand's fingertips trailed the opposite lower limb of the girl, a loud cry of pleasure echoed through the alley way. The moon glitter was getting more intense as he reached the crimson-eyed woman's groin, licking around her precious sex as his clothing was torn by Time and Space. He pleasured her with whatever means he had at hand, crawling up her body with his tongue and kissing, biting her tiny yet hard and sensual nipples. The perfect breasts Migoto had, neither big nor small, were enough for the man's hand to squeeze without any kind of tribulation. And as he did so, the girl's body shivered and trembled of fear and pleasure.

"Hakushin..." She whispered, calling out to him, desiring more from the man. She gave him her body; he would want to give his own in return. Gripping her knees with his hands, Hakushin spread Migoto's legs, giving himself space to enter the woman's womb. He leaned his hips forward, penetrating her as his length had a slow yet ecstatic entrance. She yelled out of pleasure, bringing her arms up and around her lover's neck, kissing him in his lips before feeling a very gentle bite on her lower lip. He pressed his teeth against it as he rammed his length into her, every single time going harder and deeper than the previous. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, tightening more as he kept at it. They reached the Perfect Orgasm, when man and woman reach the peak of their pleasure at the same time. And as Hakushin released his energy into Migoto's womb, the girl's juices creamed him.

Nine months, nine months since the satisfying night, Migoto laid in her bed. She waits for the medic's instructions. Her stomach was ever so large, and in it, she contained the one who would be later known as Shunshuu Aburame; the brother to the one known as Ikuza, The Demented Freak. Yes, she was presumed dead, but here she was, alive and having yet another child. "Just a little more Migoto, push! You can do it!" the medic would exclaim, in hopes of giving the beautiful woman courage. Screams, screams of a strong woman in pains could be heard all over the house. This noise that irritated others seemed to cease as a baby was given birth to. Oh what joy such an event brought to the heart of a mother.


The life of Shunshuu as an Aburame was the average life lived by any other Shinobi belonging to the Aburame clan: Hard-working and strict. He'd developed a love for books, insects and history at an early age. He'd read of and gained knowledge of Shinobis with all sorts of persona. This was perhaps what made the Genin vow to protect his village no matter the circumstances. All this prompted him to train all day, non – stop striving to be the best. He strived to surpass all the great Shinobis he had read and heard of. Perhaps he could surpass them, if he trained just hard enough. But to be among the best, one had to learn from the best. So he did, becoming a student of his own, being capable of working at his own pace and developing a style that suited his choice of battle. He soon became independent, taking on the strict, collected and solitary personality of his clan. He was viewed as a mysterious Shinobi to other members of the village. Shunned? No, Shunshuu wasn't despised. He was confronted and bothered daily.

With a calm and direct charisma, he was able to over-look the troubles and aggravation he faced in his daily life. He spent his time solely admiring nature and insects. He would make notes about their behavior, habitat and capability. Rarely did anyone see him in the village. This caused others (peers/friends) to be suspicious of the Aburame and remain alert while around him. Though they trusted him enough to reveal their secrets to him and be confident that he would not reveal them. Shunshuu became a vessel of untold truths, possibly the reason why he took refuge in a remote area, away from the rest of the villagers. They became a nuisance. After graduating from the Academy at ten years of age, the personality of the Aburame gradually altered.

[Genin arc]

The process of Shunshuu becoming a Genin was the same as any other Shinobi in Kirigakure. He was trained in the academy and prepared for life as a Shinobi. The various tests and exams the Aburame took part in were easy, due to his intelligence. Shunshuu was smart. It seemed being a bibliophile paid off. The procedure taken to become a Genin wasn't what the Aburame had expected.

"The exams were too easy,'' were the words which escaped the lips of the Genin. The requirements for graduating involved students having to show their proficiency in a randomly selected E-rank technique. Though he expected this for he was aware of the procedures. He though preferred the requirements Kirigakure had in times past... he seemed to take on the personality of his brother Ikuza, the demented freak, but evolved from that immature bull****, as he became a bit more open to others and communicated. He came to put little matters aside and pushed them aside... into the garbage, where everything else that didn't matter remained put. Shunshuu successfully passing the exams, he attained his forehead protector. The second test too, the Aburame passed giving him his title as a Genin.

Key Events: I'll keep you informed.

Writing Sample:
The Jounin had maintained his pace towards Chinou, his strange commitment to his course an enigma that puzzled the Aburame. Detached and seemingly introverted, one of his flippant idols had disregarded him, as though he was the scum of the village. There wasn’t even a smile or a form of sincere tenderness towards the Genin who had so eagerly saluted the white-haired sensation with optimism and adoration, but instead, his thrilled recognition of Jin Jotetsu was met with disparagement; like a kid downhearted by the ill revelation of his idol, Chinou was discouraged. So the young shinobi simply watched as the Jounin embarked on his alleged important mission.

He didn’t even know my name. He called me a kid. Jin-sama is definitely not cool, not cool at all. I hope you die on your mission you jerk! his negative trail of thought continued , overreacting like the emotional girl he could sometimes become, a transition he had no control over, he was human afterall and before he realized he was condemning a fellow Iwagakure shinobi, it was too late. His thoughts had increasingly become suggestive with indictable intentions to which he steadily stirred to, bringing his hands to his head to soothe his frenzied brute with light strokes to the temple.

But then he got over it, regaining his composure even if it was marginally, for it still poured and the high temperature only got intense by the minute; probably because he wore a coat. He had playful heroes for a reason, he didn’t really take them seriously, and they were just there to entertain his otherwise tedious routine. Situations like these only served to give him credible, dynamic character – one he could boastfully dictate to his peers, and the more he allowed himself to be emotionally entwined in these escapades, the more believable they became. Otherwise, Chinou was simply too self-loyal and apathetic to care about idols and frivolous pursuits of the like.

He had better things to concern himself about, such as the safety and flourishing of his beloved village, so when Mr. Jotetsu supposedly tried to justify his necessity of departure from the village as the outcome of an important mission, it gave cause for alarm, the Aburame’s already spirited consciousness ascending into new heights of deliriousness; perhaps not exactly crazed, but rather alarmed, to say the least. Although he believed the ruse for a moment, the subsequent plunge of his forged, yet still authentic admiration for the Jounin after being blown off caused unnecessary close speculation of Jin Jotetsu and his character; the attention leading to multiple theories ultimately leading to the young Genin’s conclusion to treason.

Chinou, however, had no evidence to his blasphemous accusation of treason, so he attempted to find one before the suspected felon escaped. Then he realized he had been absorbed with his thoughts this whole while and had forgotten to make use of the sacred freedom of speech. Usually, such a lengthy absence of a voice that had been so jubilant not too long ago would, under normal circumstances, incite one to turn around and confirm his state of wellness, but Jin Jotetsu kept on his march towards the gates, determined to leave … and complete this so-dubbed mission of grave importance.

Is he really that focused on his task that he doesn’t even check up on me? Huh, are we really that adamant about orders? I hope I don’t act like that! he tried to credit his village’s Jounin with the rock-hard attitude of Iwagakure shinobis, simply for the sake of Jin Jotetsu being a shinobi of Iwagakure just like he was. The heat was probably just messing with his insight. They were comrades until the Jounin declared himself no longer part of his treasured village, so he gave it a rest, his facade emerged once more and he excused the Jounin’s distasteful conduct and waved good-bye.  “Be careful Jin-sama! Return-” the rest of his parting words faded out, unintelligible, the sighting of an even greater shinobi the cause of Chinou’s case of tied tongue.

The Aburame too began his advancement towards the gates that where distanced, but still in range to hear the Kage call out to him shortly. His feet still bulldozed through the filthy street as though he’d forgotten his basic training at the academy. It was something about nature that intrigued and fascinated the young Aburame. He wasn’t afraid of which critters inhabited the mud soaking his naked, sandaled-feet, in fact he embraced them. They would cause him no harm, maybe tickle a bit here and there but ultimately, these critters were innocent and harmless. The enigma surrounding the Genin’s abnormal relation which nature would have surely elevated upon the execution of his next action.

Chinou, distracted from his previous prying on the village’s gates and the discussion between the Kage, guards and Jin-sama crouched and retrieved a worm from the dirty stream amongst the tiny rocks before him, standing up to intimately analyze the wriggling creature around his right hand. It seemed as though his interest in the events transpiring about the gates had diminished, until he continued his walk towards the gates, contorting his hand in various directions to follow the same circular path the worm unknowingly traversed. “So adorable, you little wittle e-” he whispered to no one in particular, his commentary of adulation and cuddling again interrupted by the Kage, to which he straightened his posture and made his way hastily to the side of Hideaki-sama.

With hands pocketed only after the little creature was set free into his habitat, Chinou bowed to his Kage and welcomed him back home gleefully, “Hideaki-sama, welcome back home! How can I be of assistance?”

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