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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Hikari, Judar [Jounin/Kiri]

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1 Hikari, Judar [Jounin/Kiri] on Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:44 pm


Suna Special Jonin
Suna Special Jonin

Name: Hikari, Judar
Nicknames: The Godly Swordsman, Multi User Swordsman
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Jounin

Height: 6,3
Weight: 187 lbs
Description: Elegance
Upon looking at Judar's face, your attention is drawn to a single feature. His bright, piercing Gray eyes seem to have different kinds of effects on people – but they never leave anyone indifferent. His slender face, pale skin and strong facial bone structure provide the perfect frame for the powerful pair of eyes, which strongly contrasts with his naturally silver, white hair. Though with a natural penchant to be kept long and, thus, unruly when kept otherwise, Judar's hair is not allowed to grow longer than a couple of inches, being refused at the same time to have its aberrant natural color displayed, at one point his hair was long. Instead, his hair is regularly dyed a pale silver, a color he deems much more fitting of his skin and eye color, avoiding an unsightly clashing of colors.

Built to perfection. That’s how anyone attempting to describe Judar's body would most likely approximate themselves to reality. Though tall and relatively skinny, standing at 6’3” and weighing 187 lbs, the Hikari Anbu Captain's body has been sculptured flawlessly through sheer hard work, every single muscle group worked on with utmost care to increase its efficiency and power, while still avoiding needless oversizing or an unneeded excess in mass. This results in a sculptured appearance that, when looked at in tight-fitting clothes, permits the observing of every single muscle, perfectly defined and visible. This, in turn, grants Judar an extremely compact build that, even though is built for sheer bursts of speed, can also be surprisingly physically strong, particularly when one disregards that possibility due to his lack of bulging muscles.

Nothing but the highest quality materials cloths will touch the skin of Hikari Judar. Even then, having very particular tastes, acquiring attires becomes a rather tiresome and gruesome process for anyone accompanying him, particularly his personal assistant, who is mostly in charge of the process. To add insult to injury, it is not uncommon for the Jounin to completely refuse to wear a particular attire more than once, thus cloistering these high grade clothes to his extended wardrobe, which at this point takes an entire room. It is, then, highly unlikely anyone will ever catch the Jounin looking less than stellar, as he simply shuns the idea of leaving the house unless he looks up to par with his extremely high expectations of his appearance. Regardless, there are two staple attires that, on regular situations, one might expect to see Judar wear. The first, for all formal business to be conducted under his honorary title of Jounin as well as his on-duty time, is naturally his official uniform, composed by a long, flowing white robe made of pure virgin wool, traditional wooden Geta sandals and the iconic golden crown. On the other end of the spectrum, during more informal situations and in his free time, his most worn attire is a simple, long satin robe with a blue and white frothy pattern, tied around the waist with a simple rope sash and, once more, Geta sandals (though, on occasion, he’s known to simply wearing regular sandals).

Beneath both of these attires, Judar insists in wearing his third most regular set of clothes – this battle equipment. Composed of a tight-fitting black shirt that sticks to his toned body while still allowing for easy movement, as well as slightly looser pants, this battle set is rounded up by a fishnet undershirt as well as regular rubber sandals with an anti-slip sole, covered in tiny rigid spikes and indentations that permit a much better adherence to most surfaces. Both his shirt and pants are fire resistant and water proof, thus granting him a moderate protection to these effects.

In terms of accessories, Judar refuses to sport his Kiri Headband, a symbol of his life as a regular shinobi that, now, he has deemed surpassed, having reached the pinnacle of the Shinobi existence. Instead, he represents his pride for his village through a small tattoo of the Kiri symbol on the left side of his chest. Wearing a solid white gold pendant of the same symbol, however, is not uncommon. Another possession he carries with him at all times is his Long Sword, built out of Metal and adorned with rings of pure gold. The blade of the long sword is very sharp enough to cut threw boulders.

Nindo: “Once you die, i might forgive you”
Personality Description: Haughty Egotism
One of the most defining traits of Judar's complex personality, every minute of his life reeks of his ego. While not exceedingly unreasonable and not unable to recognize value in others, Jounin does have a special knack for not only overestimating his own worth but also to flaunt it, sometimes obnoxiously, in front of everyone else, particularly good looking females. This leads to most people simply misinterpreting his inflated ego for a negative trait in his personality when, truthfully, it is a mere byproduct of his hard life. Having been forced on depending on no one but himself, working his way from the very bottom of the food chain to becoming the apex predator, Judar largely attributes his success to his own capabilities and, as such, is quick to laud himself.

Gifted with a superiority complex almost as big as his ego, Judar can become quite detestable, on occasion, upon finding himself head to head with someone. While normally remaining free of this blemishing trait, his sense of superiority leads him to exhibit two types of behaviors. Firstly, while still able to attributing worth and merit where it’s due, everyone else’s accomplishments – bar for a select few who have already garnered his favor before this trait was significantly developed – will always pale in comparison to his. As such, it is rather rare for Judar to find himself impressed by someone or establishing someone as his rival. However, when this does happen, the second version of this trait rears its ugly head, he will often resort to voicing his superiority over the person in question, in an attempt to bring a rise out of him or her, thus further establishing his blatant superiority. This is the main reasoning behind his uncanny taste and love for everything that is expensive – once you reach the top of the hill, you might as well enjoy it.

Markedly serious, Judar leaves little space for banter, enjoyment and laughter in his daily life – unless these are achieved at the cost of the dignity of one of his opponents. Duty-focused and resolute, one might even categorize the Jounin as austere, due to his occasional streaks of strictness, enforcing the rules he believes in to the utmost, regardless of context and situation, and leading his village in a rather militaristic fashion. This behavior stems from his desire to appear and act as professional and businesslike as he can, lest he embarrass his beloved Kir in the eyes of the other villages, as well as attempting to ensure the militaristic supremacy that Kiri has always more or less established among the other Great Nations. This, additionally, leads to a certain unrelenting behaviors as well as workaholic tendencies. Furthermore, Judar is known for being extremely cautious around mostly everyone, carefully assessing their intentions and goals, before making his own move or saying anything that may lead to a weakened position. This also leads him to having a difficulty in trusting people he is not accustomed to with, yet, and thus requiring of them (sometimes) extreme shows of loyalty. He is not, however, devoid of humor or playfulness – he merely chooses who to exhibit it to very carefully.

Another contradicting duality that is quite obvious to anyone paying enough attention. Despite the personality trait mentioned above and the fact that, generally, he only exhibits his sense of humor and playfulness to a select handful of close friends, the situation changes completely when the matter at hand is women. Extremely flirtatious and playful when it comes to females, he is known for parading around town with an entourage of his female fans, fans which grew to becoming his groupies once he quickly rose in ranks inside the militaristic establishment of Kirigakure. Though never daring to go overly far with these fans of his, for fear of shaming his honor and good name, Judar enjoys their presence and their fawning over his appearance and his abilities. This does not, however, fill in the void that, once in a while, reemerges inside of him.

Disregarding all of the special, rare occasions during which Judar's normal behavior is warped and twisted, he portraits himself the same way he carefully fashions his appearance. Gifted with a great amount of class and civility, Judar is quite polite and charming, as well as considerate to the needs and wants of those around him, as well as the village he rules. Though fairly militaristic and ruling with an iron fist, at times, his demeanor is generally calm and courteous, and he will always put his village’s needs above his own, being no stranger to dangerous and risky situations for the well being of his home. Focusing a good amount of effort into proper social etiquette, it is unlikely anyone will ever catch him being coarse or crude – as if he had been tailored from birth to become a nobleman.

Together with his gifts in etiquette and interpersonal relationships, Judar is also highly skilled in the arts of motivations. Being extremely charismatic and alluring, he is capable of enticing the hearts of those around him and leading them to shifting their existence towards the good of those around them, as well as his own ideas of justice, righteousness and honor. Though he can accomplish this through the power of words and motivation, he does so whilst restraining himself from manipulating others, merely attempting to nudge them in the right direction whilst potentiating their accomplishments and strengths, rather than fully utilizing them for his own, personal gain. This allows him to be easily accepted as a leader, once he has showcased these traits in full force.

Once fully committed to a cause or goal, Judar's unrelenting personality and his bravery meld into a single trait, one that allows him to chase his goal towards the edge of the earth. A courageous and fierce warrior, Judar will fight for his ideals and those he considers as his beloved ones – Kirigkure villagers included – with all of his might, unflinchingly putting his life on the line, if needed, trait which was one of the main reasons that led him to become a candidate for the Jounin position. The same thing applies to his friends – once he befriends someone, and if they truly matter to him, he will be as loyal as they come, even if he may seem reluctant on the surface. Gifted with a very particular and personal sense of honor and justice, he finds this sort of code ruling many of his decisions. However, sometimes, his notion of justice does not coincide with the general concept held by most of the others and, as such, it may lead to controversial decisions. When grouped with his strictness and desire to abide by his own laws, it is not overly uncommon to see Judar break those same rules in lieu of a stricter justice, particularly towards those who betray their friends and family – and nothing is more just than death when it comes to traitors.

Though all of the previous described traits are truly part of his current personality, their origin is more or less factitious. Stemming from a severe case of low self-esteem, loneliness and reduced sense of self-worth, Judar's humble beginnings have always plagued his whole being. Believing himself to be inadequate to the life of a Ninja, Judar rarely put up an effort into becoming what he was destined to be. These insecurities were, with time, more...

  • -Attention
  • -Recognition
  • -Music
  • -Exercising
  • -Mountainous
  • -Terrain

The history of Hikari Judar is one of mixed emotions. His life was full of mostly joy, but also glimmers of indecision and pain. Judar was born 18 years ago in a small private room in the Iwakagure hospital. He would become the first and only born child in the family. When Judar was born he was the apple of both his parents’ eye, especially his fathers as he had wanted a son for a long time. Being born into the Hikari Clan, a royal and respected clan within Iwagakure he would grow up in a loving family, one which would give him everything he desired and needed to survive in life. He would grow up in a large home in the Hikari Clan complex, with his caring family living a simple but fore-filling life which would allow him to experience everything that one should. But this would be naive of Judar to think, to live in such an idealistic world. He would soon realize that the path destiny chose for him would considerably different to what he thought.

Both of Judar's parents were ninja and were well respected within Iwagakure. They were patriotic and positive about the country and village they lived in, saying that there was no safer or better place to live in the world. Judar's father was a talented shinobi of jounin rank serving as a leading squad commander of high ranking missions. He was a loyal, professional man who above all else believed in the 'Will of Fire' and its impact and power within their society. A man of genuine nature he was said to be in the running for elder and clan leader of the Hikari Clan, following in the foot-steps of his own uncle. Judar's mother was said to be strikingly beautiful and a women with a very strong moral conscience. She was a proud kunoichi of chuunin rank who specialised in medical technique's. Judar remembered her as being very maternal in nature. She was also a very creative women and looked to paint and dance. It was said that her smile could light up a room, and this was the initial attraction that Judar's father had with her. They were childhood friends and begun to date in their early adulthood. They soon got married, and then Judar was born. Seemingly a fairytale, how could you not be envious? but there would be no happy ending with this story.

But the world outside of the gates were not what Judar was told. Constant war and strife between arguing parties was consistent. The turbulent world outside was a far cry from anything the child within the village could even grasp. The missions their parents went on were life and death, black and white, 50/50, but to them it all seemed like a game, the best job in the world. Well, to Judar it seemed that way even when he was young. But sometimes the game gets out of hand and someone always gets hurt. With the rising conflicts involving a terrorist group named Shantakai and other ninja Iwakagure soon found itself in the midst of great conflict. Downtime between missions quickly became shorter and shorter as Judar didn't see his parents for nearly weeks at a time. But one day, the saddest of his life he would soon experience the dark cloud in the sky of his life. To this day, he can still see the face of his great uncle. The puffy eyes, the saddened expression the look of utter fear on his face having to try and talk with a seven year old boy. Judar would soon be told that his parents would not be coming back, that they were just another casualty of the war, an individual who lost their life for the greater collective.

At that young age it is hard to know how to grasp such information. Senior members and females of his clan held him in their arms with tears streaming from their eyes, comforting him. But he didn't know how to react. His world had just come crashing down. The excited that he had manifested with joining the Academy had gone, things like that seemingly were not important anymore. It was be months of consolidation, flowers, food, tears, sadness. Nobody knew what to do with him, both his parents gone and his only immediate family within the village was his great-uncle, a man of great age who could not look after a young child. It was decided that Judar would live with his aunt in Kirigakure, in the Water Country. She was his mothers sister who apparently took great resemblance. But Judar protested with vigor, he didn't want to leave his home, leave the place where his parents lived, where they would resonate. But, it was a full gone conclusion, the papers had already been signed. A B-Ranked Escort Mission to Kiri and he was the client. But his grand-uncle reassured him that visits would be frequent, and showed him a scroll. This scroll outlined the basics of the Kekkei Genkai of the clan, he wouldn't miss out on the clan experience, to learn the some of the technique's, he was still a Hikari. He would carry on his parents legacy on to the Water Country.


So Judar was on his way to the Water Country being chaperoned by two genin and his grand-uncle. The only reason this escort was a B-Ranked mission was the fact that the scroll was with them. It would have been at least an A-Ranked mission if the leader of the clan wasn't personally escorting the scroll himself. But, it wasn't the scroll he was escorting, but his beloved brothers grandson. How could he let a young boy go across the world by himself, to live with another family even though they were his own. He couldn't and wouldn't. The mission did not encounter any issues other then that of minor boarder crossing disputes. The long trip had taken its toll on Judar and he was incredibly tired. His mind was still weighed down with the thought of his parents and how much he missed him. But he tried to stay strong it didn't want to start new beginnings as the sad boy who lost his parents. He just wanted to fit in with his cousins family and the village itself. Throughout the trip Judar's grand-uncle taught him the basics of the explosive release, the clans foundation technique. He would move to his new village with confidence knowing that he wasn't alone, that he hadn't lost his bond with his clan.

The day had arrived where he meet his surrogate family. The Hikari and Kobayashi clan's were distant relatives and this was also partially why Judar's grand-uncle also went along. Ties had not been solidified for years and it was well overdue. This exchange could have also been seen as a way to ensure a more concrete relationship between the two, but it was most definitely because of the tragic events of Judar's parents. This would be his first introduction to his new family, and what was to come. If his grand-uncle knew what would happen within this home he would have never let him go. It was a tearful goodbye when they left back for Taki leaving Judar in Kiri. he began settling into the family life and getting to know his new family. They were all nice, in the beginning, and he especially bonded with his cousin and that of Yuzuki. She was the only daughter and a very talented ninja. At first Judar was very intimidated by her but as he got too know her the closer they bonded. She would become on his his best friends, a true shoulder to lean on. He was excited to get his ninja career underway and he was fast tracked through the Kiri academy. He was slightly older than the others due to the move so he worked hard to train and become stronger to pass his exams which her compressed due this fact. It was quite handy because within his new family there was a strong work ethic instilled. They would train and train morning and night to hone their skills. But, this would be where Judar would begin to resent his auntie husband, a truly vindictive person.

Yuzuki's father was brutal to her. He would undermine her skill and train her to the brink to try and destroy any emotion from her being. This thoroughly upset Judar. He valued emotion above all else. It would be emotion that would drive her on the battlefield to help her rise above the pain and push on to defeat her enemy. This ideals of this house were the complete opposite of the house he grew up in. He was encouraged to express his emotion and write, paint or draw about it. Judar didn't like her father and he didn't like Judar. There was never really too much confrontation in the house between the two because the man ignored him like he wasn't even there. Judar was transparent to the man but in a way he preferred that. He would see the mans children getting beaten because they didn't meet his expectations and his wife would just stand there. She was mentally beaten by the man has he manipulated the supposed "love-of-his-life". The fact that her sister died didn't help the cause and her mental health slowly decreased. It was sad really, Judar looked forward to getting to know his mothers sister, a blood relative of his beautiful mother, someone who would have been close to her. He wanted to know what she was like as a child, how similar they were, if they had the same smile. The two of them had some close talks but nothing to what he had hoped. He just felt sorry for the woman.

Thus, he was constantly in his room. He would sit there drawing on his sketch pad and writing in his journal. He would often walk around the village with his Kiri headband on looking around trying to get his bearings. He found some beautiful places in the village where he could gain inspiration and sketch. Yuzuki and Judar would train together most of the time with her other brothers. Judar would often refuse to train with her father, even though he was never invited anyway. Although there styles were very different they developed a good combination together. But soon tragedy hit the family which directly involved Yuzuki and hit her hard. On a mission that her brother and her on he died and her father blamed her directly. The brothers death which had caused great heartache within the family meant there was much tension within the house and compound, the prodigal son of the father had died. Judar tried to stare clear in this situation giving the immediate family time to morn and air their grievances. He feelings were often ignored and he still felt incredibly lonely. He would often go up the rocky mountain side getting high and sketching the scenery. It allowed him to forget everything at home and just be within himself beyond that of physically realms. He couldn't wait to leave the home and flat by himself. But, excitement was in the air as the chuunin exams were about to begin. All the training and hard work was now being tested. Judar was incredibly nervous, but, in the end that nervousness would amount to nothing as he passed and passed well.

After this he was designated into a team with Yuzuki and their friendship would blossom even further. The team consisted of them and another member Kenshin Takahashi. For once Yuzuki entered into her emotional fray and bonded with these two people which made Judar very happy. All he wanted to do was to show her that emotion was not a bad thing, that emotion is part of humanity. He just wanted to show her a different side of life one which was not controlled and manipulated by her father. Yuzuki and Kenshin were particularly close with their friendship developing into a cat and mouse sort of relationship. Judar soon became the third wheel of sorts which he found awkward at times. But, the dynamic of the team was fun, interesting and skilled. The missions they did were methodical and well executed. Their teamwork was flawless and they could dispatch large groups of enemies with great ease and little determination. But, death once again would ensue and Yuzuki and Masashi would be subject to it. The ninja world would claim yet more and more victims, the violence would never stop. Yuzuki came home to see her little brother beaten on the ground by her father, she snapped and killed him. Kenshin and Judar stuck by her and helped her through the hard time. There were whispers and murmurs going around village about her which they harshly shutdown. Judar knew what type of man he was.


Years had passed and the experience for which Judar gained was great. Everything about him had improved dramatically and he was soon making a name for himself in the village and also the world. His skill was renowned though he liked to keep it low key. His original team had advanced greatly from their younger days. No longer were the set in concrete to participate in mission with each other, but now and then the old team was called apon to do a particular tough challenge. But, during a seemingly easy A-ranked mission, the trio was attacked by a squad of highly trained assassins in the rain. During the ensuing battle, Yuzuki and Judar were separated from Kenshin by two of these ninja. Kenshin was attacked by the remaining three while his partners were delayed by their opponents. Judar was using his seals and Light techniques to protect Yuzuki so she could get close to slash her enemies. He tried desperately to get back to Ken, but when they did he had a katana stabbed through his chest. The ninja world had once again claim another victim. But this time it was a man who did no deserve it unlike Yuzuki's father. Judar and Yuzuki were now alone. They would build both friendships and relationships once again from scratch. It was a new beginning, an new era. The world race was beginning and Kiri was to play a major role in it. The role that Judar will play is still unknown.
Key Events:

  • -Being Born
  • -Becoming Student Of Kiri
  • -Leaving Iwagakure
  • -Becoming Genin
  • -Becoming Chunin
  • -Becoming Spec Jounin
  • -Becoming Jounin

Writing Sample:

Judar smiled happily, feeling ecstatic just knowing that he was about to do two of the three things he loved the most: enjoying a good meal and hunting. Nightfall was nigh, as the sun hid its glowing glory behind the monstrous mountains that covered the horizon. The puffy, white vessels drifted in the still sea, above, enjoying the dusk-bound breeze. Entering the forest carefully, he noticed several mounts of feces on the plant covered floor, which he recognized as clearly being belonging to a particularly large, male brown bear. He smiled further, as that was precisely the kind of animal he enjoyed to hunt and fight: large, powerful and reckless.
He started crawling around, trying to find more clues pertaining to the direction and territory of this male. He found a few fresh bloodstains, which indicated that the bear had just got itself dinner. That also meant he was close by. Hearing a sudden rustling noise, Judar crouched and hid behind a large bush. This was where his ability to hide his smell came in handy. He glanced between a few leaves, trying to identify his pursuer, in hopes it was his catch. It was not, however, as in front of him, glaring directly into his eyes, he found a large, gray wolf. The beast’s wide, yellow eyes glared deep into his, as if it was reading Judar's mind, as it started growling.

“Now now, you’re not my prey today, big boy. No need to make a fuss, I’m just passing by…” he whispered softly, smiling towards the wolf. The beast softened its stance and gave one last, proud growl, finally taking it’s eyes off Judar and continue walking. He smiled again and got up, starting to walk the opposite direction.

The presence of the wolf made him realize that he was still a little far. Brown bears and wolves had a very special relationship in these areas, avoiding each other completely, as every time they met, bloodshed ensued. He walked for a minute or two, admiring the beauty of the scenery, but paying attention for any leads on his catch. He found some imprints of the bear’s paws as well as large pathways of broken vegetation around these areas, ensuring him that he was on the right path.

“This must be his hunting grounds… Gotta be careful, he’ll be acting very aggressively here” he mumbled to himself, as he kept looking over his shoulder. A loud, angry growl made him look forward as a defensive brown bear was looking at his from his right, its mouth dripping with blood, from the dead deer that laid beneath its frontal paws.
“Hello there…” said Judar, as his voice trembled with excitement, seeing this specimen. It was indeed beautiful, just over seven feet tall and with a muscular, wide body. Its brown fur was shiny and, around its neck, something similar to a mane could be found. The bear bared it’s bleached fangs, snarling in defense. Despite its size and powerful physique, it was obvious that the bear did not want any confrontation right now. Judar lowered his body and got ready to pounce at the brawny, brown bear.

However, his acute hearing got the best of him , as he heard slight wimping and wailing behind the beast. Sticking his head to the side, always feeling the bear’s eyes and hearing its growl, Judar saw a couple of cubs, hiding behind the towering titan. He laughed and relaxed his body, at the uncommon sight. Male bears very rarely stayed with their cubs and even killed them, sometimes. This one was indeed a special bear and killing it would be a waste.

“Eh, I guess I’ll have boar for dinner… again… Take care of those little ones, big fella…” he said, smiling, and leaving the scene, seeing, through he corner of his eye, the bear look behind and check if the cubs’ were fine.
On his way out of the forest, he spotted a sick, old boar. Approaching the creature, he kneeled over it and patted its back, saying “Here you go, some relief. You lived a full life, complete life. May your death be as good as your life was and may your soul rest in peace, as it returns to the earth and you reincarnate in your full glory. Goodbye” as he quickly and effortlessly snapped the creature’s neck. Picking it up, he placed the creature on his shoulders, carrying it towards his camp. Nightfall had indeed fall, and the starry sky shone like silver, providing a truly beautiful vision. Judar smiled and relaxed, as he placed the boar on a stick, over the campfire, and laid on his back, enjoying the natural beauty of the large gemstone people called ‘night sky’.

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Just a note....

You can't start as captain. Only the kage can choose the captain

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Suna Special Jonin
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Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
Your description still contains being an anbu captain and also, nothing in your history concerns being a konoha nin so why do you have a konoha headband and tatoo?


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