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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Ōsharu Kōkkai | Royalty of The Sea

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1 Ōsharu Kōkkai | Royalty of The Sea on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:43 pm


Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin

Name: Ōsharu Kōkkai

  • Ōshu | A nickname bestowed upon him by his mother as an infant, the women in his life tend to call him that to swoon Ōsharu over. Sadly, it does work.
  • Bleu | Due to the traits passed down through the Kōkkai bloodline, the nickname "Bleu" has come to be an interchangeable with his first name. Ōsharu actually takes pride in being called it as it is a symbol of his clan.
  • The Twenty-First Head of the Kōkkai clan | As the name suggests, this is an alias of Ōsharu's being that he is in the process becoming the leader of his clan. Typically, this title is used for political purposes.
  • Kirigakure no Mizuyajuu [ Sea Beast of the Hidden Mist ] | A fitting nickname bestowed upon him by enemies and allies a like due to the nature of his attacks and the intense chakra levels he possesses.
  • Whale's Stomach | This happens to be the only nickname that get's under his skin. Given to him by his peers because of the large portions of food he consumes at a single sitting, they say he holds a bottomless stomach like a Whale.

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Clan: Kōkkai
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Rank: D

Height: 5'5
Weight: 121 lbs
Image: N/A
[ Academy Arc ]

  • Head: From birth, certain traits in his genetics have come to blossom blue colored hair to sprout from his head, this is the most common and outstanding feature among his people. Ōsharu typically kept his hair at a medium length and with spikes tapering the back of his head, his bangs well exceeded beyond his jawline. For the most part, his hair would stay laid down with the exception of a spiked section of his hair that falls down in the middle of his face, resting smoothly in the center between his eyes. His eyes appear as bronze in low lighting while in areas of high lighting making them appear to glow a golden color. Being the unique type of person that he is, Ōsharu received a pair of snake bite piercings just below his bottom lip.

  • Torso: Being only a Nine(9) year old academy student, Ōsharu's body has not yet reached the very confusing stages of maturity, thus he is quite scrawny with little to no muscle on his body. Another characteristic trait of his people is the pale white skin of his body, some say this is due to the salt that they produce. As for clothing, Ōsharu wears nothing but a jacket with a furry hood attached to it and a zipper running down the front, dark blue line stream down the lengths of the sleeve before connecting with the same colored cuffs. Nothing is worn underneath this jacket because Ōsharu typically fights without it being on due to the nature of his techniques. His forehead protector is not in the typically place, instead it is tied around his right arm. In addition, he has bandages upon both of his arms, these unwind themselves when he performs his technique then wrap themselves when a technique is not in use.

  • Lower Body: Upon the lower half of his body Ōsharu wears a pair of standard shinobi pants dyed in a black hue. His feet are protected by a pair of blue sandals, a common piece of clothing in his village. Ōsharu is commonly seen with his right thigh bandaged a few times over, the purpose behind this is unknown in reality.

[ Genin Arc ]

  • Head: From his Academy Student years into those of his Genin, nothing really has changed about Xsalice besides the length of his hair and a few additional piercings. Ōsharu typically keeps his hair spiked all around the back of his head, his bangs well exceeded beyond his jawline. For the most part, his hair would stay laid down with the exception of a spiked section of his hair that falls down in the middle of his face, resting smoothly in the center between his eyes. His eyes appear as bronze in low lighting while in areas of high lighting making them appear to glow a golden color. Being the unique type of person that he is, Ōsharu received a pair of snake bite piercings just below his bottom lip. His hair has increased in length considerably, his bangs reach down to his chest while the rest flow just below his shoulders. More than one spiked region of hair now occupies the region between his eyes. Ōsharu has increased the amount of piercings he has to include a double helix piercing on his left ear.

  • Torso/Upper Body: As Ōsharu has moved on into his teenage years, Genin years, his body has begun to take on that of which his prime shall be composed of. His abdomen has begun to come through his now rather flat stomach and in addition his body has taken on slightly more muscle which is visible upon flexing. His forehead protector is no longer an accessory to his upper body. The jacket has been turned in and Ōsharu now dawns a short sleeved charcoal grey V-neck shirt with black trimmings along the neckline and the sleeves, metal fittings have been added to the shirt's designs along the shoulders. In addition, he has bandages upon both of his arms, these unwind themselves when he performs his technique then wrap themselves when a technique is not in use. Ōsharu has added a pair black gloves with the fingers cut out to his standard wear.

  • Lower Body: The lower half of his body is the least to have changed over the years. Upon the lower half of his body Ōsharu wears a pair of standard shinobi pants dyed in a dark grey hue. These are commonly tucked into a pair of black military styled boots that travel up and just below his knees. Ōsharu is commonly seen with his right thigh bandaged a few times over, the purpose behind this is unknown in reality. In addition, Ōsharu now wears wrapped around the bandages a maroon shuriken & kunai holster. Rather than traditionally being tied around his neck or, as seen in his younger years, around his arm; Ōsharu wears his forehead protector tied around his left thigh with a black cloth, adjacent to his bandages.

Nindo: "Allegiance before Blood…"
Personality Description:

[ Overview ]
In a brief summary, Ōsharu is a complex individual who has a difficult time with putting himself before others, he will put himself before others not out of greed, but because he knows that people will live their lives how they wish to and he'd rather ensure that his life keeps to how he wants it. Although he may not be evil or associated as a bad person, those moments do spring up that make people stop and wonder if he really could go all the way. The bond he shares with his brother holds through the most intense of strains. Patience has always been his strong point and from it a strategic mind and quiet nature have branched out and developed.

[ Image ]
Ōsharu has a deep sense of care about the image and the type of person that the public eye views him as. He'd rather make the morally correct choice, even if it wasn't his first option, for the sake of keeping his reputation tarnished or slandered. This is not to say that he is a goody-two-shoes because there are those times when Ōsharu gives in to his own will and let's an action that normally would tie his name with a negative connotation. When individuals that know him get word of mouth or even see these types of actions there tends to be a bit of a shock that comes with it, but at the same time the individual tends to get the feeling that this side of him has been present and repressed the entire time.

[ Good, Bad, Other? ]
Ōsharu gives no care for any type of alliance system that people try to categorize others in. In many eyes, Ōsharu is seen as the one that walks down the neutral line, wavering off the path to either the good or bad side as he sees fit. He stands for the advancement and safety of himself before any and all other individuals, if he can guarantee that any actions he may partake in will not hinder his advancement or safety then he will lend a hand or aid to others.

[ Intelligence Quotient ]
To say that Ōsharu is of a genius intellect level would be up to whomever said the initial saying. He tends to think that his intellect is higher than average, but only because he takes his time to think and make hypothesis about most things and then he takes in to account the many variables that come with life. For example, by simply knowing the weight of a standard projectile and approximate strength value of oneself a person could determine the distance they'd be able to throw said projectile without testing their limits, then from that a person could determine the piercing value of said projectile based upon the speed and distance at which it was released. It's these types of thoughts that stream through his head on a daily basis, he knows most wont understand, thus why he keeps them to himself.

[ Patient & Analytical ]
Patience has always been one of Ōsharu's biggest assets, he believes wholeheartedly that a little of it can definitely be the determining factor of one's life or death. Ōsharu has a knack for allowing his patient side to carry over with him into even the most intense moments of his life (I.e. a battle, bomb diffusion, etc..). Thus, he is known to have a calm, collected, and level-head about everyday situations all thanks to having the slightest bit of patience. Upon observing individuals that rush through decision making or fall ill, or hurt due to spontaneous decision making, Ōsharu tends to shake his head at them then explain the outcome if the person would have been patient. From patience grew the flower of analysis, a key factor in Ōsharu's everyday life. Ōsharu tends to have shifty eyes as he attempts to view all possible outcomes of a decision, step, or anything that makes up a variable in his life or the lives of others. In addition, if something is even the slightest bit out of what is seen as a persons or objects typical routine Ōsharu will pick up on it.


  • (+) Food | Despite having an insatiable appetite because of his bloodline, Ōsharu honestly loves all forms of food. Deep Fried Ice Cream being his all time favorite meal regardless of the day of the week, temperature, or time.
  • (+) The Kōkkai Clan | By being selected as leader from birth and training under both branches of his clan, Ōsharu has gained a deep sense of respect for his clan and what they symbolize. Utilizing the teachings passed down from the clan are Ōsharu's favorite pass time.
  • (+) Kirigakure no Sato | Although events between his clan and the village have been negative in the past, Ōsharu finds great interest in the village. He even dreams of one day being selected as the next kage.
  • (+) Women | Ōsharu's biggest obsession happens to also be his weakness, a beautiful busty woman. Their features and the knowledge of his childhood name are basically a one hit K.O. when it comes to winning him over.
  • (+) Friends | Growing up in the manner he did, Ōsharu felt as if his fellow clansmen only saw him as the next in line to be leader of his clan and didn't really allow themselves to get to know him. Being a Genin, he tries to befriend everyone, but his antics and personality may prove to be a problem.
  • (-) Harm to Innocent Life | Ōsharu has come to terms with the fact that he, along with the majority of the people in his life, live in a world where the escape is death, but when harm bestows upon innocent life he just cant stand it.
  • (-) Impatience | Impatient people or those that lack much patience really get under Ōsharu's skin. He feels that if a person is not helping to speed up a situation then they must allow the situation to run its course.
  • (-) The Ocean | This is the "God" that certain member's of his clan worship, it is the creator of their very existence in their eyes, but with it comes a price, a split personality. This is what Ōsharu hates the most because of the thoughts that it provokes in his head, he know's he wont be able to resist forever.
  • (-) The Restroom | Due to his bloodline, Ōsharu must keep his body hydrated by consuming plenty of liquids. A downside of this is the constant and frequent trips to the restroom that he must endure.
  • (-) Disorganization | This is more of a pet peeve brought on by people messing with his salt constructs, because they are so sensitive the slightest touch typically destroys them. This has also led Ōsharu to clean up after other's because they simply wont do it for themselves.



[ Chapter One (1): The Child ]

"If Water is the strongest force of nature then a God I am!”

Like all children of the Kōkkai clan, Ōsharu was born within the waters surrounding Kirigakure no Sato. This is done to develop a greater connection with the one they call “God” before branding them with the seal of the clan. Typically, newborns that have received the seal immediately begin to excrete water due to the seal tapping into the child’s chakra network. Yet, in Ōsharu’s case not a single drop of water was released from the seal and at this point the Kōkkai elders knew that he would become the next leader of their clan. Meetings were arranged with his parents to discuss what had happened, but Ōsharu’s parents were not fazed by the information. His mother explained to the elders that this was their first pregnancy and yet, she did not feel any pain. Ōsharu’s father gave praise to the Ocean for blessing their child like it had done their clan’s leader many years before.

Growing up was a rather difficult and strange process for Ōsharu simply because the people of his clan did not see him as a child, but as their leader. Very little interaction with children his age occurred outside of his trainings, this caused a sense of rushing to grow up to build within him because of his lack of a child hood. Hours upon hours and days upon days went into harboring the lessons taught by both branches of his clan, most would think this was too much for such a young child, but Ōsharu prevailed. His parent’s didn’t worry too much about him because they had faith that the elders would turn their son into the leader that their clan needed.

Ōsharu showed remarkable skill in the clan’s techniques, he highly favored learning the clan’s secret style of fighting. This was a feat even full grown members of the Kōkkai tended to have trouble with if not practiced and performed on a routine basis. By the age of nine (9) his skill in the clan’s techniques as well as knowledge of the teaching from both branches earned Ōsharu the right to enter the academy. Because of his prior knowledge and skill demonstrated countless times to the elders, they expected this to be a cake walk for him. Well, they were wrong . . .

[ Chapter Two (2): The Problem ]
~ "I’m royalty, kneel before me!” ~

At the age of nine (9) Ōsharu became enrolled in his village’s Academy and from the start he was already seen as an outcast. A note was given to his teacher from the elders of his clan to allow Ōsharu access to the restroom whenever he needed due to it being a downside to their bloodline, this was permitted with no problem. Unfortunately, the other children used this little known fact to pick on him, calling him all sorts of names and giving him rude gestures. He retaliated with the only way he knew how, through spar. Because none of the children received the excruciating trainings that he undertook, each and every one of them had been made to kneel before him. This got him suspended from the academy, but the people of his clan gave him praise, yet deep down he didn’t like the way he was feeling. He didn’t like being a monster to people he wished to simply be friends with.

After his suspension was up Ōsharu returned back to his class and tried to resume things as if nothing happened, but his peers only viewed him as a monster. It wasn’t until a class field trip did they start to trust and bond with Ōsharu. As most fieldtrips went, the class walked up by the teacher while Ōsharu tailed behind kicking up dirt as he walked. Upon being attacked by raging boars, the class started to panic and the teacher tried to contain the kids, thus it was up to Ōsharu to take care of the boars. Using his clan’s abilities, Ōsharu drove off the wild boars before anyone could get too injured. Minor scrapes and scratches occurred because of the panic the children were in, but after the experience they began to trust Ōsharu more and eventually he became one of them in a sense.

It wasn’t long after that incident did his teacher realize that Ōsharu was well beyond the capabilities of an academy student and thus promoted him to the rank of Genin. He was assigned to a team not too long after, thus putting him on the right track to his goals.

Key Events:

  • Birth | A New Leader
  • Childhood | Meaning of a Child?
  • Academy | Kneel before Me
  • Graduation | One of Them

Writing Sample:

And just like that, the day that the Mizukage would debut the village's new defense system was upon The Bloody Mist.

Even to his own surprise at times, much had changed about Mizukage from times of adolescence thirteen years ago. For starters, Ōsharu found himself sitting at the edge of his king sized bed which was emblazoned with his clan's symbol deep in thought and concentration, he had grown accustomed to waking in time for important events regardless of the amount of hours spent asleep, yet after many days of rest in preparation he couldn't find himself able to sleep much longer. No longer was he forced to get out of bed by the deafening cries of his father's pygmy sperm whale, both had succumb to the true death in battle sometime during the last war. The very thought of living with his mother were beyond absent from his mind, thus within the confines of an under sea house fitting for the Twenty-First Head of the Kōkkai clan. Pushing from off of his bed, Ōsharu drifted lifeless through the water before proceeding to swim toward the "bathroom."

Still to this day, it continued to be weird to call a place at the bottom of the sea a "bathroom" considering how every sea creature defecated in the same place where they ate, but then again, who was anyone to judge that didn't live under these conditions. The pale moon's celestial rays reflected off of the water's surface above worked in tandem with a species of seaweed which would glow under the pressure of the water at the depths which the Kōkkai people lived to illuminate the "bathroom" so as to allow Ōsharu to commence his daily routine.

  • Three (3) minutes of brushing his teeth
  • Three (3) minutes of removing his sleeping wear and washing his body with a bar of soap infused with sea salt. (Which is still, really good for the skin of Kōkkai members.)
  • Six (6) minutes of praticing both his royal speech and his Mizukage speech in the mirror to ensure accuracy and authority.

To a outsider, watching go through this daily cycle of events would be much of an amazement because of the manner at which he performed them in, he would be seen floating every which way and angle possible simply out of boredom. Since attaining the Title and true right to call himself the Twenty-First Head of the Kōkkai clan and Juudaime Mizukage of Kirigakure no Sato, Ōsharu gave little care to what people thought about his "image". Advancements in the clan's technology helped to keep clothing dry from all forms of liquids, thus worrying about the current weather conditions of the surface world and having to remain wet all day was a thing of the past. His daily attired consisted of him sporting a black jacket with an unusually high collar, fur laced the short sleeves that it had and an open zipper running up the front revealed the ripped collar of the white shirt he had underneath. Upon his bottom half he wore a pair of charcoal black pants and his standard black military boots, comfort ability and ease of movement was more than guaranteed with this fit.

A sense of maturity overcame the man as he looked back at his room before exiting through his bedroom door, unlike in his adolescent days his room was actually clean and presentable. A sense of honor fell upon him as he viewed the enlarged symbol of his clan spread across the entirety of his bed, seeing such a sight proved a passionate moment for him because without being born into such a clan like the Kokkai he wouldn't be able to enjoy all of which he had accomplished up until this point. Lastly, a sense of wanting flushed through him as he watched the iconic clam that had been at his bedside since times of young, a descent amount of time of his life ad been spent reflected at the jewel of the sea that lay growing inside of it. A special person on a special day would be the bearer of such treasures, but until that day he'd have to push aside silly thoughts of the future and focus on the current. The protection and what was best for The Village Hidden in the Mist was all that he could afford to have on his mind, thus with one last look he exited the room and eventually from his house.

Bubbles started to breach the surface of the waters residing around the island of Kirigakure no Sato before the iconic blue hair that belonged to the Juudaime Mizukage rose up, his body soon followed after as his hands coated with chakra used the surface of the water to rise to his full height. Through the mist he could make out the appearance of the Great Naruto Bridge, this being the only available entrance and exit from the village that wasn't by passage of water. The task of the day was to get to the village square to address his people, thus he began walking toward the mass connecting Kirigakure to the mainland. A little over fifteen minutes was how long it took the man to reach the bridge, he wasted no time in scaling, and per usual he was greeted by the Jounin ranked shinobi tasked with patrolling it.

Upon reaching the end of the bridge leading into the village, Ōsharu made a detour to the side were a cliff hanging over the water stood. Typically, this was used as a launching pad by the young Mizukage to propel himself into the sea toward home after a long days work, but at this moment it was to be used for different means. The mist from the waves crashing against the rocks below sprayed upon the pale skin of the man overlooking the sea like he had done for the village from his office window, a sense of pride and accomplishment bestowed him every time and this moment was no different. The sun had just begun to break over the stretch of sea leading toward Kumogakure, as a result the thickness of the mist truly shown as it blocked most if not all light from passing through.

"This is the day that I've been waiting for . . . This is the moment where the extent of all my hard work, research, and dedication to the safety and security over every single member of this village, Kirigakure no Sato, is tested . . . Now, I have to play both the role of the teacher and student, learning from myself the very principals that I try to instill into Squad Zero . . . Failure is not an option . . ."

The eyes of the Mizukage closed as he began concentrating on the task at hand, he began getting a feel for his own chakra as it began to circulate at a fast pace throughout his body, special secondary methods were used to focus on the seal on his back from which a dark brooding light would shine dimly if one had viewable access underneath his clothing. Upon opening his eyes the man brought his palms together in a clap, as the sound echoed out into the distance before quickly being consumed by the sea, a thick white mist began flowing from the pores of the Mizukage's skin. Eventually, the mist obscured all view of the one supplying it.

The naturally occurring Mist that resided over Kirigakure began to intertwine with that of the one cast off by Osharu, the two becoming one as it grew in size and thickness, spreading out across the sea to the other end of the bridge and filling every nook and cranny of the village. Everything and everyone within the territory of Kirigakure no Sato had succumb to the Mist, most were asleep and upon waking up would be able to tell no difference, this was a good thing. As the Mizukage, Ōsharu felt it was his duty to inform the village of the recent changes, thus the reason behind hosting the village event on this day. Less and less mist began flowing from the pores of the pale skinned man he folded his arms across his chest as he began critiquing his own work. Then all of a sudden his brain began to ache uncontrollably dropping him to his knee at the edge of the cliff, one misstep and the jagged rocks at the bottom could seal away his fate.

The pain within the man's mind was crippling to say the least, information regarding every chakra based being residing under the area that he controlled flooded into Ōsharu's mind, he struggled to process all of it at once. A little over three minutes were spent on the ground, but in the end the pressure slowly was lifted from his brain and he began to simultaneously grasp the information going through his mind and the reality that he lived in. Assuming his full height once more, a conniving grin stretched from ear to ear across the man's face as he turned from the cliff and began working his way to His Village.

Standing at the heart of the village over looking a large open plaza where festivities were hosted from time to time was the cylindrical structure of the Mizukage's administration building, over it's exterior a large banner displaying the mighty symbol of Kirigakure was strung up. Small children who were passing by with their parent's looked upon the sight and pointing at it to discover what it all meant simply out of curiosity, typically the answer was that it was the symbol of the village in which they lived. Although this was a nice concept to teach the young, he found himself filled with pride as through the use of the versatile skills from which Osharu pulled from he overheard a father telling his son the following:

"My son… That is the insignia that every Kirigakure native holds dear to their heart… Not only a symbol for the village which we call our home, but also a symbol strong will that we all hold… Even in the darkest of nights, no evil whether bred hear or elsewhere has ever been able to restrain the mist… Like time, we are ever changing and will continue to strive forever more… Under the guidance of the Mizukage, our one appointed leader, we have nothing but the limitations we place on ourselves… That my son, is the symbol of the Village Hidden in the Mist…"

Bold, prideful, and strong words spoke from the mouth of an ordinary civilian of Kirigakure no Sato, yet nothing truer could be said. The last time that he had stood atop his office building to address the people he had been distasteful in his actions in assuming the title of Mizukage, his interactions with villagers proved this to be true, but this did not hinder him from the goals and duties to Protect & Serve that had came with the position. Thus, he worked tirelessly from sun up to it setting out at sea to change the course of the village that he called home.

A clenched fist was held up as if signaling a person to stop then moments after five individuals whose features were shrouded by clothing and facial masks appeared from the Mist behind Ōsharu, already excellent work was being made out of the current village defense mechanism. Subtle words were exchanged between the man and the group before all six shinobi exchanged a nod, then the group left in much the same manner that they had arrived. Their current assignment was much like the last, rally up the people of the village in preparation for the event, thus they traveled from door to door informing everyone of the Mizukage's request that they join him on this day. Meanwhile, Ōsharu had found his way through the stairwell exit and into his office. Aria, his office assistant, awaited his arrival with the man's typical Mizukage garb and hat in each arm, wasting no time she began dressing Ōsharu herself.

The greatest sense of pride overcame Ōsharu whenever he dawned this attire, it represented everything that he had dreamed of as a young child, to be living it now was surreal at moments. A hug for good luck was given by his assistant before she shoved him back to the stairway to return to his people whom had began gathering around the village in an abundance. With his office on the third floor only one flight of stairs was needed to travel up, as he did the sounds people chattering outside grew louder and louder until it came full force upon opening the doors. Walking toward the edge the cheers and screams of the villagers filled the air along with a few dozen fists by the male population, a wave of pleasant chants passed from different sections of the crowd as Ōsharu raised his hands, seemingly embracing the entirety of the village and silencing them at once.

By this time the sun was at its highest point in the sky signaling that it was roughly noon, the little light that did pierce through the mist only helped to illuminate the area of the plaza, those who had not mobbed with the masses would have to rely on their sense of hearing or other means to find their way. Standing atop the administration building, Ōsharu was in a prime position for utilizing his newest skill before formally introducing it to the village, thus he called on the information once more and began to control the information streamed into his mind. Every villager, every being, everything had become seemingly intertwined with the man's very being through his Mastery of the Sensory skill, nobody nor object escape his vast new means of sense. The smile from before had returned, but in a more subtle state before he breathed in a deep breath before lowering his arms in the wake of the silence that grown over the crowd, hundreds of eyes stared up at him awaiting a response from who they called upon to lead them.

"KIRIGAAAAAAKKKKKKUUUUURRRRRREEEEEE" The man's voice boomed out breaking the wall of silence, the pure excitement in his voice rallied the people once more, their cheers and chants resuming as he spoke. "Five Months ago I came to you assuming the title of Juudaime Mizukage of the Village Hidden in the Mist . . . I have returned on this day to inform you of the positive changes that have followed in my wake! The laws that I set forth during our last encounter in combination with the driving force of our Military personnel has slowly increased the financial infrastructure of the village . . . With each passing month more and more shinobi enlist in our ranks, thus increasing our military strength . . . And now, I stand before you with exciting news . . ." Ōsharu paused for a brief second to collect his thoughts and clear his throat.

"At this very moment, the village's defenses are higher than they have ever been due to a single jutsu crafted by myself in the wake of the unsuccessful invasion so many moons ago . . . Utilizing the naturally occurring elements that are among us, I have developed a means of keeping an eye on all of those that may enter into the territory of Kirigakure no Sato . . . So as you go to sleep tonight, have no doubt in your mind that you will be safe. To this noble village and the great people that make it up, I give every inch of my being and every ounce of my power to ensure its and each everyone of your safety . . . Until we speak again, I leave you all with these parting words . . . Remain unwavered by outside influences, with this different approach to old tactics Kirigakure will continue to strive forward . . ."

At the closing words to his statement the people of Kirigakure applauded, cheered, and chanted the reign of the Tenth Mizukage. Mastered through constant practice when dealing with his clan, the man put on a picture perfect smile and waved at the masses before taking his leave. Traveling back down the stairwell, upon reaching his office Aria awaited his arrival once more removing the garbs that she had dressed him with before hanging them up on the appropriate coat rack. She congratulated him on the speech, but he shrugged it as he took his seat behind his cherry wood desk. Throughout the period of the event he could still feel the negative feelings toward him given off by a small faction of the village, despite his efforts to better the village which he along with them called home he continued to be scrutinized. What would it take to get these people onto his side? Did he truly need them on his side? Especially, if they weren't for the betterment of the village. All of the following questions plagued his mind, but in due time he would either find the answers or take matters into his own hands. This would go on to be a silent promise to himself.

Upon viewing him in his current state, Aria knew exactly what was wrong, thus she went behind him and began massaging at his shoulders to get him into a more relaxed state. Her loyalty and support never surprised Ōsharu, which is why she was but the only person he confided in to tell his most darkest secrets. Secrets like those that he had in the future for certain villages wishing to become part of an already broken system, their worth would definitely be tested, but all the pieces to the equations had to be assembled first.

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