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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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let the emotions burn(closed/training)

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1 let the emotions burn(closed/training) on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:22 pm


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
Nightmares are the worst thing that can ever happen.. Dray lay awake. Just a few days and he was going to be back in kumogakure no sato. This dreams just keep getting closer and closer. There seemed to be no end to them. They kept tormenting him like he was being punished for something he had done. Night after night, he felt his soul leave his body and enter into another to do something he himself wouldn't do.. Dray wonder what was happening. Had an infinite genjutsu been casted on him, he tried not to sleep so these won't happen again but this thoughts were too much, the attractions were too strong. There was something about this vi... dray slumped and slept off..

The night was rather tough for dray as a heavy rain fell throught bringing about a really cold weather. During the night, dray did nothing but toss and turn on his bed uncomfortably as he tried his best every single minute to bury himself under the bed sheets but the wind kept blowing them off him.. He got up to put some thick clothes on himself but the rainy weather didn't seem to stop sending cold chills down his spine.. Dray went to a corner of his room and put on a candle. He strechted his hands forward towards the fire as if trying to catch it but this method did not seem to work as only his hands were feeling the warmth of the fire.. Maybe some exercises that would make him sweat would work..he told himself as he got to the ground on both hands and his legs stretched, he began going down and up doing about thirty push up..still no change as he was already used to the exercise.. He wished he had some hot drinks available though, he was above sixteen..yet he did not know how to drink even the simplest wine..
Dray finally gave in to the weather's wants as he sadly sat on a couch with his eyes wide open waiting for the dawn of a new day.. At last, dray sighed as he saw little rays of sunlight peek through his windows as if surveying the area before the sun finally took it's place in the sky.. Having had little to no sleep during the night, dray's eyes were now heavy as he had the urge to close them every single second he had the chance to.. Stepping into the shower, dray had a quick bath of about twenty minutes as half of the time was spent sleeping under the shower and the other half trying to keep awake under the shower.. Luckily, he got out of the shower safely without having to bump his head on anything.. He put on his usual clothing consisting of a white vest, and black trousers before putting on his over all green kimono- like armour.. He looked at the basic projectiles lying on his desk and just equipped himself with a few of them.. He picked up his konohagakure head band and tied it round his head... He wasn't sure of what he was doing neither was he sure of where he was going. He just kept on dressing..
Well satisified with himself, he left his home with this weird set of heavy eyes.. Anybody who saw him would definetly think he was drunk.. and Dray would wish that were true as he had the least experience in drinking.. But on a second thought, he could as well learn how to drink today.. With this crazy idea of his, dray headed to konoha's popular pub.. "The shu" as most people liked to call it. This resturant was known for it's sweet wine, extraordinary services and for the fact that it was strictly limited to eighteen years and above as dray had heard but knowing fully well that he wasn't eighteen yet, he had a plan set up.
Upon getting to the resturant, dray met the receptionists and two huge men. The receptionist asked dray what he wanted and if he was at least eighteen years of age or above... Seeing the two hefty men, dray swung his plan into motion as he said...You kidding me baby.. Imma take you outta this world.. All you need do is ask he brought out some money from his pocket and dropped it on the receptionist's desk.. The receptionist blushed and smiled as she glanced at the two men to let dray in...
Faking his smile, dray walk into the main resturant as he occupied a vacant seat and asked the waiter to bring him some wine.. His first wine to be precise..

Away in the chi compound, the storm the night before had done a great deal to Soak down the training grounds at the sword saints compound. Most of any training would be done indoors for the younger members eager to increase their prowess but the older sword saints were taking this more as a day to relax. They knew their skills wouldn't wane away over the course of a single day and it would relieve stress from so long spent training. Letting the body relax and the mind have its time to cool down as well. Many of them had taken to meditation during this time while they waited for the training grounds to dry up. However Zen was not among the ones choosing to meditate. Instead he intended to head out for the day. Quietly he dressed up into his usual outfit. Black jeans and black socks along with a leather belt. The belt head was a red skull to symbolize the Chi clan symbol. He then slipped on a black tank top and his Silver angel wings necklace which was the symbol making him head of the Angel branch of the chi clan. Afterwards he slipped on his red sword saints long coat. The mark of the sword saints captain emblazoned on the back. Along with A konoha symbol stitched into each shoulder. His headband hung from a wall mount over his bed and he was fine with leaving it there. Lastly there was his weapons. First he pocketed his scroll into his inner right pocket. It was unlikely but he wanted to have his box of medical supplies on hand if they were needed. After he secured that he grabbed his twin swords, Cain and Abel. The strange weapons appearing to be some sort of launcher attached to each katana blade. With a swift movement he placed them, sheathed as they were, into the loopholes on his coat at his waist were they fit in snugly.
With that he turned and headed out of his room. As he exited his blue gaze lifted and he smiled to the guard outside his door. This man was wielding a Flamberge about as big as zen strapped to his back. The stoic guard nodded back but his expression didn't change. With a sigh at how serious some weapon specialists could be Rippa began to walk out of the compound. And of course his guard followed him. Unlike others though he didn't mind having a guard with him wherever he went. They knew better then to harass people in Rippa's presence and they were each skilled enough to take on anyone coming after zen. With zen there as well as captain of the sword saints attacking him was basically suicide for the common killer. After all zen had not inherited the captain title. He was the best swordsman currently within Konoha short of the Hokage himself. Still he wanted to go out and enjoy a warm meal outside of the rations at the compound. And so he was heading towards the Pub. The walk didn't take long but there was no conversation to be had with the guard. All of them were such stoic individuals. Still once they reached the Pub the large man positioned himself up outside the entrance and lit up a smoke while zen walked in alone. With a look about he brushed back his shoulder length white hair and looked about with soft blue eyes. Having noticed him however the steward approached and bowed his head. Upon offering him congratulations on his promotion to captain The man demanded Zen be seated at his best table. After all someone so famous could only bring in more business. Still as zen was seated he took his swords out of the loops and stood them up on the seat next to him. Easier to remain comfortable that way. Picking up his menu zen casually skimmed through it before his eyes raised again. All looked normal for the most part. Just civilians except for one individual who was wearing a headband and looked rather tired. He hadn't expected a shinobi to wear his headband into a restraunt so he found it slightly odd. But otherwise he ignored it as he too was in uniform.

Dray seated weirdly as he waited for the waiter to bring in his wine.. The only thought that went through his head was how he was supposed to drink the wine when it was brought. Was he to drink directly from the bottle by putting it to his mouth, or would he pour it in a cup and sip it little by little. While the waiter was away, dray looked around the resturant as he saw a man take a bottle of what definetly seemed to be wine and drank directly from it with the bottle in his mouth.. Eeww.. Gross.. Dray thought.. As he looked to see another man pour some wine from a bottle into a glass cup and sip it, dropping it, and picking it up again... Cool.. Dray thought again... Finally, he saw another man.. Pretty depressed, pour some wine into a cup and gulp it down immediately... Maybe that was how depressed people drank, dray thought...
Finally, the waiter came around and served dray with a bottle of wine and added some roasted meat sayin that it was a regular service of the resturant to respect new faces.. Hmmm... Dray smelled as the scent went through his nostrils.. Suddenly, dray saw a man ushered into the resturant by a steward.. He offered the man an empty seat. Dray's eyes caught a stich of konoha's symbol on the man's red coat.. Shinobi huh... Dray said as he felt the headband on his head... The man seated at the table as he placed some strange weapons on the chair.... Dray simply looked way from the man to his meal... He rubbed his plam and was about to pick up the meat when he stopped and thought... "This man being a shinobi didn't put on a headband since he was coming respect for konoha huh..." Dray too wouldn't have brought along his headband but due to the fact that he was stressed out, he wasn't really aware of what he was doing. He removed his headband and put it in his pocket.. He then opened the wine and poured it into a cup. He sipped the wine and saw it's sweet taste as dray decided to gulp down the whole lot that was in the cup....
Gulping down so much of this exact wine that dray was given struck up a reaction within dray's throat as he felt like he had eaten raw pepper.. His dull eyes lightened up as he tried to blow his mouth but still maintaining his matured attitide. The pepperish feeling was getting hotter as dray sighted a glass of water on the table of the man that had walked in earlier as the man was just a table from him. Dray couldn't help but open his mouth so as to allow air in but he just couldn't keep on opening it in public as he then started to whistle softly, inhaling and exhaling in the process as he walked up to the man and asked in a low tone....
sorry to intrude but I believe your glass of water could help my situation... All dray wanted was the man to simply give him a go-ahead since dray thought that the man didn't like drinking wine as there was nothing on his table yet.


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2 Re: let the emotions burn(closed/training) on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:41 pm


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
Zen was not an unobservant man. His blue gaze took on the restaurant or pub or whichever name an individual might care to address such an establishment as before looking to his menu and looking about before glancing up again. Taking in every shifting and new activity that had happened since his last glance. It wasn't uncommon for someone of his history to try and keep tabs on a room but he had become increasingly good at it. After all it wasn't every day that you found yourself being hunted by some very dangerous people. He had left before under the impression that not only his uncle but also Neo had been after him. A breif meeting in yukigakure during the exams had proven that to be a false bit of information after all. However his time there had driven him to be wary of those around him. He had made and would make enemies. He was not really a coward but a cautious individual all the same. after all they had managed to kill his father even though his father had been a very influential individual. In conclusion he most plausible solution was to view everyone around him to have the possibility they were considering homicide as a daily activity.
That was what attracted his attention the the individuals around the room drinking before noon. It was a strange practice and a true assassin would forgo any real liquids that could alter his abilities in combat, however he had been introduced to a very colorful assortment of thugs after him over a period of time each after him for some form of reward or payment. Typically however when coming at someone of his stature liquid courage was not beyond consideration. If they had to push themselves to actually attack him then they would likely get good and smashed first. The first man was drinking straight from a bottle but truth be told he had all the appearances of a simple drunk. As far as Rippa could tell he was just unarmed and incapable of stopping himself from drinking. The second caught his attention more. The individual was taking sips of wine from a glass and seemed remarkably calm. However that too denied his theory. A calm assassin would have no need for a drink to rile him up before hand anyways. The last one was just obviously depressed. He was drinking away some sort of hardship or another. His outfit suggested mourning and a faded white line sat around where a ring had once inhabited his ring finger. His wife had just passed. He had reason to be drinking.
But another caught his eye. The Shinobi from earlier was taking off his headband. After all he had been served his meal but typically removing the headband would of been done before hand. He looked tired and almost nervous. He also seemed to be surveying the room. Still he poured himself some of his wine and downed it as the depressed man was doing. For a moment Rippa expected the man to sputter and spit. He did appear to be struggling after all. When the man stood up Rippa noticed he was armed as well. Subtly Rippa moved his hand onto the table closer to the hilt of one of his swords as the young man approached him. Blue eyes watching him with caution and curiosity. One move towards one of those weapons would likely cost the young man his fingers, However zen felt rather foolish as instead the boy indicated he would like it if perhaps zen's water could help his situation. With a glance zen was able to ascertain his was in fact the only table with untouched water on it. With a nod zen set down his menu and used the hand not next to his swords to scoot his water towards the boy. When he spoke he tilted his head and watched Dray closely.
"Go for it. In return you can answer a question or two for me. Have a seat."He would wait until Dray complied to sit across from him before zen tapped the table with his fingers and continued."Are you aware of the bad form you are demonstrating right this moment? You arrived here before noon and decided to order wine while dressed and easily identified as a konoha shinobi. Do you not find that shameful? People might assume all Konoha shinobi are eager to drink in the early hours rather then guard them. They do after all hold us to a slightly higher standard more often then not."
Dray waiting for the man to respond with several thoughts flowing in his head.. Would the man accept his request and give him water, or would the man deny him? Or probably, the man could call on those two thinnys beside him to do the job.
As dray simply waited for the outcome, the man nodded and set down his menu and used the hand not
next to his two sitted thinnys to scoot his water towards dray. Within a second, dray maturely gulped down the glass of water as his throat was almost burning. The man then spoke and he tilted his head and seemed to watch Dray closely."Go for it. In return you can answer a question or two for me. Have a seat."the man said and seemed to wait for Dray to comply to sit across from him.
Dray refusing the offer would seem an act of rudeness and since they were both konoha shinobis as dray seemed to figure out, he accepted and took a seat across the man. The man with what seemed to be white hairs and blue eyes as dray noticed, tapped the table with his fingers and continued."Are
you aware of the bad form you are demonstrating right this moment? You arrived here before noon and decided to order wine while dressed and easily
identified as a konoha shinobi. Do you not find that shameful? People might assume all Konoha shinobi are eager to drink in the early hours rather then guard
them. They do after all hold us to a slightly higher standard more often then not."
Dray didn't find it well whenever he was being scolded as he hardly did anything wrong. If not for circumstances, he wouldn't have been in this resturant not to talk of meeting this man in red coat. The sleepiness in his eyes had cleared and the tiredness in his body had been nullified by the man's sensible words that seemed to dig right into dray's soul. Now switching to his usual self, the gentle and never causing trouble self, he proceeded to reply the man...
my story is not that of a thousand years neither is it one I would like to talk about but he who asks a question expects a reply.... Actually, mother nature cheated me by depriving me of sleep at night as since I was up training all day, I couldn't help but try to sleep at night and since I couldn't, my eyes were opened throughout the night.. The reason why I looked tired and also the reason why I forgot not to bring my headband here.. In addition, I ordered for a bottle of wine with the hope of learning how to drink but I guess I was wrong... I doubt if you do know how to drink since you've got none on your table..dray finished and waited for the man.

Zen watched and listened with a raised eyebrow as the young man replied. Of all things he was directing the blame away from himself due to being sleep deprived. To say the least zen less then approved. Still the waitress came by and zen ordered some eggs and toast with a glass of orange juice. No butter on the toast but some strawberry jam on the side was added before he handed her his menu. As soon as she was gone with the order written down zen crossed his fingers while resting his forearms on the table. His swords still close to him but now he seemed considerably less likely to draw them. The boy across from him was less then a threat. If anything he was sleep deprived and mentally exhausted. Still the attempted drawn out poetry of his words seemed to drag out the simple explanation of being sleep deprived. The stranger was as interested in droning on as he was about assuming things. To which zen responded to the comment of him not knowing how to drink. It was an awfully rude thing to say with so little evidence to support it. Still as the waitress passed by once more he asked her to bring the young mans dish to their table. Once she was gone he spoke in a calm tone but his blue eyes held little pity for the green haired individual across from him.
"If you didn't get enough sleep then seek better accommodations or a therapist if something plagues your mind. You are a shinobi after all. Use your earnings to improve upon your sleeping arrangements. That aside there is no law against sleeping during the day. A nap would of been the reasonable option as the weather is decent now. However onto the other matter you assume I do not drink at all simply because I didn't order any. It is well before noon boy. Drinking at such an early hour is unsightly and so I didn't order any. As for learning to drink its probably better practiced in private. You are aware you can purchase a bottle to go are you not?"
Zen looked over the boy quizzically as now he was beginning to question the boys age. He looked remarkably young to be in such a place ordering drinks. That aside not knowing how to drink seemed odd. Almost anyone that cared to drink was able to figure it out without making a spectacle of themselves. Unless they were fools anyway, which he was starting to suspect more and more as time dragged on. Still his breakfast arrived and he picked up the fork and knife cutting off a small piece of egg before placing it into his mouth and chewing with his mouth closed. Savoring every bite of the meal. The orange juice and the jam both smelled sweet from where they sat but his blue eyes still seemed to inspect Dray. As well as somehow seeming just as dangerous with the fork and the butter knife as with a sword.
Dray was furious within himself. The man seemed to talk offensively. He looked at dray as if he were but a mere boy. Dray boiled in his seat.. Sweat covered his face. He held the handle of the chair he was sitting on and the chair began to melt. What level of disrespect was this.. The man raised his face and sniffed at what was smelling. He looked at dray and saw his chair was melting. What sort of a lad was this....
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3 Re: let the emotions burn(closed/training) on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:25 pm


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
Dray woke up gasping for breath. His whole body was covered in beads of sweat and his bed was soaked too. Dray's head was banging. What in the world was happening to him? His body had been switched again. He could not remember much. All he could remember was that a certain man was pissing him off because he was in a small body.. Who dared to do that to him. He was dray yuki. The only living survivor of the yuki clan, the ice god. He wielded one of the dreadest seven ninja swords and he wad the master of weaponry in the whole of the shinobi world. Dray wished he was in his own body, then the man would have cautioned his tongue.
Dray was now very furious.. He heard bells ringing in his head. He hated bells. Their sound was just so so annoying yet when jingled softly like his mother does, they were a source of joy. This hard bells did not seem to stop. Dray let out a huge cry. He was helpless. He could not control this emotions.. He felt lightning sparks emit from his body. A part of his body froze while the other softened. All the elements in his body were reacting due to his unstable emotions. He seemed to lost control over them.
Deep within him, he felt a crack. Was he broken, from this crack, heat emitted. His tension intensified.. The crack continued until it formed a cycle. A cycle of chakra it was. Dray felt unusual. He screamed the more.. He stretched out both hands in pain while he was on his knees.. His head was taken back as he hair fell backwards too.. The cycle glowed red unlike his other elements. His suiton chakra was blue, his fuuton chakra green as nature, his ice chakra white while his raiton chakra was yellow but this was a different one. One which had not shown any signs in him before. Was it what he was thinking? He had hoped not.. This was, it was, it was.... Dray could feel sparks on his finger tips but they were not of raiton.. He calmed down to look probably, it was a small light on his right and left index fingers.. Was this true, dray was about smiling when he was hooked again.. The cycle's crack was extending. It was moving to the main cycle in the center of dray's body.. This was painful. When dray. learnt raiton, it was not this hard. Dray felt the heat within, his skin was burning, once again, dray let out a loud cry. This time, it was a painful one. More painful than the first cry portrayed. The katon cycle that had just developed kept moving and extending it's link until it finally connected with the main link, chaining itself with it.
Dray's cry went on until the cycles were chained before dray immediately stopped the cry. It was like he was programmed. Under some sort of spell. Like all that was happening in the few nights that had passed was to unlock this katon element. Maybe a simple training could not have done it. The element was fire. It contained rage, it contained hatred, it contained power.. but most of all, it contained a burning love. Dray was silent for a few second, the moment he raised his head, drops of swear fell from his face. His breath was steady. He soaked cloth was so visible.. It all happened slowly. Bringing his hands forward before him, he channeled the katon chakra through the main cycle and set his hands on fire though the hands were not burning but fire was created. It was a sight to behold. Now, he felt warm though he still had his cold likeness. It would take a while to get used to this.. Whatever had happened that made him unlock this, he was happy for it and he could not help but thank it..
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