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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Krenos Furue

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1 Krenos Furue on Mon Jan 19, 2015 7:20 pm


Kiri Anbu
Kiri Anbu

Name: Krenos Furue-Himitsu
Nicknames: Shindō Krenos (lit. Tremor Krenos) | Daidarabotchi (lit. Giant)
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Clan: Furue Clan
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Rank: A.N.B.U

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 221lbs (85% muscle)

Description: For one thing, Krenos is not the most ordinary of men that one could come across. He has great height to his being, towering close to seven feet tall, and having a body mass mostly comprised of pure muscle. It is not an indicator of having a great exercise regiment, but an indicator that his genetic traits allow for him to have such a defined body of immaculate definition. He is not what one would consider to be of the Furue clan, possessing amber colored eyes that almost seem gold in the glaze of light, and have a red tint in the complete absence of light. His skin is not as pale as it seems at a distance, but has a healthy tan to it that would most likely describe him to be of Persian-like descent instead of having a Caucasian-like ancestry. Krenos has rugged, short-cut spiky red hair that appears crimson in the heat and pales in hue in conditions otherwise. Such hair also works along-side noticeable side burns that appear as appropriate to his appearance. Krenos' eyes show some signs of stress and worry, indicated by the faintly visible creases under his eyelids that makes them appear somewhat dark. Finally, Krenos possesses a large X-shaped scar on his torso, which has a sketchy origin that Krenos is not willing to give out to public knowledge.

Clothing wise, Krenos does not wear much outside from his ordinary civilian clothes. He wears a black, leather jacket with a fur collar and a white V-neck underneath. He wears dark blue, denim jeans held up by a simple brown belt, with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pocket, additionally with black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit. Krenos also wears his standard A.N.B.U uniform which consist of black clothing, a grey flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for travelling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on his back-waist. At times he dons a black hooded cloak over his A.N.B.U uniform, and will wear the standard mask of the Kirigakure A.N.B.U. Krenos under certain circumstances will don skinny black jeans, a red and black flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and and a black beanie hat. Also worn are fingerless gloves that reach up his arms like vambraces, and also wears black boots to complete the outfit, as well as a pair of dark-tinted Aviator shades, as a means to blend into certain crowds when walking about leisurely. Most of the time, if he isn't drinking tea, Krenos is smoking weed

Nindo: "There's a really broad definition of the term 'alive'."  

Personality Description: Krenos is not the loose cannon as he thinks he is, although his abilities put him in the situation to be called as such. Krenos is an eccentric in most respects, almost always never acting as one would be of his rank within the village of Kirigakure no Sato. On that note, Krenos rarely acts as if he were a shinobi as it would be, behaving on his own singular terms that would make others worry in some regards. Structure is carelessly tossed out the window, and most forms of conventional thinking is replaced by a mind driven on almost pure contingency-preparation. Character alignment is awkwardly sectioned to Krenos, because he doesn't exactly follow any specific character alignment trope; he knit-picks from almost all of them to fit the right situation.

Often times many would characterize him for an elite socialite who is versed in the mannerisms and quirks of the upper-class, he is in fact borne from the working poor class and doesn't believe in the class system overall. He's found that such forms of class order which divide people themselves by materialistic wealth to be "awkward", but of course, he never expresses these ideas outwardly. Krenos finds himself in the village system almost as a pure accident, but he realizes that there are harsher ways to make ends meet, and he would rather take a less problematic route, although he does believe he would have to abandon his village eventually if he would have to advance his hidden clan ability.

Krenos doesn't seem to want to fight or engage in combat, but wouldn't go down without a fight, which stems from his martial pacifist lifestyle in terms of fighting and combat. There is the simplistic overall attitude of being calm, which Krenos maintains rather well, too well on his end, and will sometimes attempt to solve problems through speaking before taking up a blade to someone. Krenos could also be someone who's both traditional and willing to step forward from old views. When most Furue seek to destroy one another out of the sake of shady oral history of strange origins and civil war, Krenos doesn't truly care much about that part of his tradition to truly kill his brethren. However, he does practice certain ancient styles of meditation of the Furue at certain intervals of the day. At times he may be open to social interaction, while other times he just wants to be alone for the sake of it, to think of the past and future.

There is a strange aspect to Krenos' personality that reflects the first ten years of his life, an odd part of his persona that's kept rather hidden for sake of public appearance. It's not the destructive side of his personality, but the apathetic part of it. As cheery and full of vigorous life as he may more than always appear to be, the amount of things that Krenos truly appreciates and places at the least the slightest portions of empathy and sympathy can be counted on ten fingers. He has little value for irrationality other than the (in)appropriate comedic purposes it may suit for certain occasions. The Merciless Rule for Krenos comes into play when his patience has been utterly exhausted and, depending on who is speaking to him, and what is being said, and its relevancy to Krenos, life or death or some mid-way pact will be made. As his nindo goes, "There's a really broad definition of the term 'alive'."

Love is an especially intricate aspect of Krenos' personality, because he has never truly loved someone aside from his wife, their children, and his adopted "nephew". He never truly believed that his wife had loved him at first, or even his own parents. However, he never really knew his parents very well, especially his father. Krenos had a deep respect for them nonetheless, and made great strides to find them. However, his attempts were futile, and has not been in contact with them since he left the home at the age of thirteen and headed into the Shinobi World to explore. He has disregarded most emotions felt towards him by those that he cannot equally show a form of emotion towards; if there ever happened to be someone who hated him with all his/her might, but he didn't feel the same way emotionally towards that person, Krenos would dismiss the person as being "strange".

Favorites: Family | Traveling | Tea | Mutual Understanding | Havoc


Birth to Nine Years of Age:
There are probably books and data banks of a once lost town far into the dark recesses of the Land of Earth that possesses the official birth documents and certificate of the birth of Krenos Furue, but that old civilization is long dead and the site of it deemed by living Furue as Ground Zero after the fight between the village leader and his own villagers. Krenos Furue was born a rather small baby, not being expected to break six feet in his adult years and be a stay-at-home wimp of a father who couldn't really do shit. Such were the words of the arrogant and powerful Saturn Furue, who happened to be one of the leaders of an unstable town of Furue as well as Krenos' father. Anna-Marie Furue happened to be the mother of the young Furue, who was not as voracious and cruel as her husband was.

There was something off with the way Krenos' hair shone in the sunlight that gave an indication that he would be destined for a colorful future, in good respects or otherwise. Anna-Marie was a spiritual woman in that respect, always wondering the strange and odd things in life, and she used her practices on her son from the get-go, to the effect of altering his future as some would say. Saturn, on the other hand, trained his son from the age of three to utilize his kekkei genkai to its intended effect, but after realizing that a toddler couldn't as yet utilize ninjutsu it infuriated him. Maybe some would like to believe that Krenos attained his hatred for his fatherly figure at this stage of his life, in the early years developing and such.

Year Ten:
At this point in time, Krenos had matured and grew into a splendid young pupil of his father; despising his father nonetheless the Furue made great strides to perfect his Earth and Wind Release natures, never tapping into his clan's special prowess unless explicitly instructed to. At the time Anna-Marie spent many days away from home, spending the time at the houses of other families to perform duties that she couldn't mention around her young, information-absorbing son. Her husband had his suspicions, and so did the rest of the small town, mostly the males. At one point Anna-Marie brought over women for the night when Saturn had went about on his raids on other small villages in distant countries, and passed them off as "aunts" to Krenos, who obviously believed his mother's lies.

This sort of deal went on for seven months, and Krenos would remember to see "eighty-nine" of these alleged aunts. On the day of his tenth birthday, he was granted one wish that would be given to him regardless of its state of existence. Krenos decided to ask a question to his father, in front of his mother, the question that would destroy and tear his childhood asunder: "Mom, why do you have so many sisters?" Now, Saturn didn't really care to know anything about Anna-Marie and her history and family in great depth and detail, but he did know that Anna-Marie was an only child. He inquired more about these "aunts" to Krenos while Anna-Marie tried to stop her son from talking. Krenos would go on to say that these aunts would stay and come rather often, some staying for the whole week while others stayed for only one night. They slept together in Saturn's bedroom and make lout noises at night, as Krenos would put it.

It was enough to make Saturn snap, and he did. At first he physically went to attack her, but seeing that Anna-Marie was naturally a fast woman despite her voluptuous frame. So Saturn took the next step and began to use Quake Release, leveling the house in a single stomp of the foot. Anna-Marie saved her son and herself in good timing, and roused the rest of the village out of their sleeps in that early morning to see the abuse of their leader. Saturn had no shame in his actions and threatened everyone who would help out the one he labeled a "dyke bitch and her shitbag offspring". Anna-Marie felt hurt that, not only did he label her as such, but that Saturn had offended his own son for being naive. Anna-Marie fought her husband in a battle of two Furue, and soon the whole village would join in fighting this one man, fifty strong vs one singular titan.

No one exactly survived that ordeal, and those who managed to live on were just never the same and right way ever since. Krenos watched his mother's insides be crushed into mush while he witnessed an entire village die at his hands, as well as his father die in the process being crushed in my theoretical megatons worth of shock wave pressure. Few lived and ran away in fear, horror and confusion, while Krenos stood there in the ruin wondering why his birthday ended up the way it did. He never grew up knowing such emotional pain, and he received so much at once that his ability to have genuine emotions fried. He wouldn't be the same, and his teenage years would reflect that.

The Adolescent Years:
Hedonism and anarchy dotted the following ten years of Krenos' life, and those years saw Krenos in the most dangerous and lowest points of his life. He drifted from village to village selling drugs at the age of thirteen, and he appeared mature enough to pass for what he did. However, he would run into dangerous people, including dangerous drug lords and pimps and other shady characters in the backdrop of society. Traumatized from his tenth birthday, Krenos got into marijuana, and smoked constantly to achieve a mellow state to forget his troubles and pain. He got into fights, fucked around with women and screwed them over. He only followed on his pleasures and whims, whenever he wasn't sitting inside an opium den getting high. Things spiraled out of control, he never gave a fuck about what others had to comment about him. Krenos felt that he was entitled to the lifestyle he had from having his pride and childhood crushed into dust. He fooled around with one woman in particular, a rather busty and rowdy drug user named Lilith. Drugged up as she was, she was robust, horny and sexually-driven at the age of seventeen. Krenos was fifteen, but the two made it work. His body was ready for her, and Lilith desired and begged for the loving of this simple but mentally arrested fifteen year old. This went on like this for three years, fucking like rabbits for the sake of it, and smoking weed after the acts.

Krenos never got into the serious drugs that Lilith had a habit of taking, but he never grew any concern or real love for the woman. She was a pretty, broken and fractured thing that liked to be cracked a bit more every single day. Krenos had the job of driving the hammer in every time, every night leaving the woman half-naked on the bed panting and slowly grasping for breath after he laid in the wood. Krenos would sit at the end of her bed smoking a joint and wondering just exactly did his life mean. Lilith would twitch a bit as she'd get up and grab out from under her dresser a syringe filled with a black-colored substance and inject right away. There was always a strong sense of her to swear, and a resulting sigh from her "daddy". Things stayed like that for quite sometime until life began to approach Krenos at a quick and rapid pace, and he had no choice but to buckle down and prepare himself for the impending onslaught of Life.

The Children:
During Krenos' times serving his hedonistic pleasures, Lilith conceived a baby daughter for him. However, the practical drug abuser knew she couldn't handle raising a child as well as maintaining her habits, and handed her one and only child to the man that fathered it. Krenos accepted the child as his own, and proceeded to clean up most of his bad habits to make a good example and a new start to things. Years would pass, and Krenos would come to adopt another child, an abandoned three-year old simply named Keita, who came to accept his adoptive father's surname. With two children at his side, Krenos decided it would be his time to join a Hidden Village to give them some training that would be well-needed.

Year Twenty-One:
Krenos had made sure to set himself as a newly-changed man, and decided to be a shinobi for Kirigakure no Sato. He felt that it was the most he could do to help around since the village had allowed him and his two children to enter and make a new living despite the rumors and charges placed against Krenos. It had been more than a decade sicne he had utilized ninjutsu, but he remembered enough of it to utilize his Earth Release and Wind Release techniques that his deceased father had taught him. It had garnered him enough of recognition to receive the position of Chuunin, and he accepted the job with determination to support his children.

He would slowly move up in the ranks bit by bit, and on the day of his twenty first birthday he became a Jounin for the village, having assisted in defending the village from the attack of a small rebel clan of Kaguya. He served the Mizukage well, although he had never heard of the figurehead or ever saw of him/her, but decided that it was best to keep it that way. Krenos found himself doing more extensive missions outside of the Land of Water and in the remote regions of the Land of Water, prompting his emotions to feel for his progeny. He made sure they were well-off and learning their best, whenever he was in town for long. Things seemed to be working out in the end, hopefully, and Krenos' circumstances would continue to become more prosperous as time went on and the introduction of his future wife.

Kali Himitsu:
Krenos had the wonderful opportunity to meet a young woman named Kali Himitsu, whom he had casually met in the village during one of the Jounin meetings. The two seemed to click together very well, so much that after a few months of hanging out and getting to know each other better they shared their first kiss. Their introduction as a couple was something that close friends and Kali's family seemed to appreciate, but it would always be a scar for Krenos to wonder how his parents would react to their son finding a decent woman. Another year would pass and the two would wed, and nearly another year later the two conceived a child. Kali would become the Mizukage, and Krenos would remain in his Jounin position whilst also attaining a new rank: Father.

Year Twenty-Seven:
This was the year that was marked with two important moments of Krenos' life: his discreet promotion to A.N.B.U. and the reunion with his mother's last lover, an Uchiha named Matilda. Krenos had come to know more of his mother, aside from the obvious realization that she was a lesbian. He learned that there were more Furue scattered around the world, and was told of the clan curse to kill one another, but Matilda saw within the son of her past lover that he was a changed man from what his father ever was. Krenos took it as his duty to try and create neutral peace within the community of existing Furue was much as he could.

Krenos is now a thirty-year old A.N.B.U. and father of splendid and wonderful children and the husband of the Mizukage. He would have never expected his life to come this far from his destructive beginning to now, but he kept his confidence up and high, high enough to survive and be respected.

Key Events:
Birth [0 Years of Age]
Death of Parents [10]
Meeting of Lilith [15]
Conception of First Daughter [16]
Adoption of Keita [18]
Moving into Kirigakure no Sato [21]
Meeting Kali [21- 23]
Promotion to A.N.B.U [27]

Writing Sample: All of Maddox Ryuho's posts

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