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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished

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1 Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished on Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:42 pm

General Info
Name: Manda Uchiha
[Nicknames:  "The Phantom Legend"
Gender: Male
Age:  Thirty
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Akatsuki Leader ; A Rank

Height: 5'6ft
Weight:  150lb


What He Wears, As Described Below:

- [Head Gear] -

His head gear is an attached white elegant hood which has been passed over by the centuries of an assassin. What makes this hood different from others, is its appearance alone. The hood covers his whole head, then sliding down the back of the neck, where two medium size white collars meet the hood at each end, giving it that prowler look. The next thing you will notice are gold lining at the out edge of the hood, which goes around the edges of the front part of the hoody, where you see it near his face, to the white collar edges, making him look more elegant and possibly military status because of the look. The hood overall has no tear marks, dirty, or anything kind of blemish that you would normally see on a hoody, which compliments the wearer of this hoody because he takes care of it.

- [ Neck Gear ] -

Coming down around his neck, and stopping at the collar bone, is a platinum hand crafted necklace, with the engraved words on the left side of the necklace having his first name, and the right side of the necklace saying his last name. the collar bone reign of the necklace carries a diamond white polish stone which shines in the sun all the time, naturally blinding those who see it when the sun hits. The necklace appears to look like chains wrapping around each other, but any person who loves jewelry will see it as a rare and uncommon item, along with it's exotic look as appearing to be chains.

- [ Torso Gear ] -

White Elegant Military style with the symbols of not that of the military, but that of the assassins order. Each symbol representing something different, the left symbol on the upper left hand corner of his shoulder, having the insignia of two red strips, representing the lost of a family member/members who died during his youth. That same spot, right underneath the red strips, is a black strip, representing that he has never failed a contract mission he was given to assassin a person. Right underneath that symbol, is the insignia of a green snake, this symbol represents overall the number of kills he has done over the past years of being an assassin, however, his differs to others who carry that same symbol, for instance, in the snakes mouth is a black gem, which means that he has killed a fellow assassin member, along with countless other people in general he has killed over the years. The next symbol ever normally earned is a white gem in the snakes mouth, which represents the countless number of people that the assassin has killed over the years. The black gem are only given to those who are traitors or who are lucky to still be in the assassin organization. The last symbol underneath the snake, is a gold lion with red gems in the eyes, which represents the highest rank you can be given in the assassins organization. The torso of the military style uniform, has black medium size buttons going down the center of the uniform, being two inches apart from each other. This prowler looking uniform, reaches down to the ankle of the uniform from the back, while the front part of the uniform, stops down at the stomach area, being tucked in. The shoulders of this uniform has cuffs at the wrist area, with gold lines around the edges of the cuffs, with three gold engraved small snakes with green gems on the eyes. Overall the torso is white, clean, and elegant in appearance, with no dirt, or other blemishes on the clothing.

- [ Bottoms ] -

Elegant well dressed white pants, no dirt, blemish, or anything that would make him look unprofessional. His pants aren't baggy, nor sagging, fits well and he wears a military like belt with several items within those four pouches which are located two in the front and two in the back. The pouch on the left, holds twenty smoke bombs, the pouch on the right, holds twenty poison smoke bombs, left pouch in the back holds twenty poison darts, and the right pouch in the back holds twenty smoke darts.


Nindo:  "Fantasy is reality"

Personality Description:

Due to his upbringing and the events of his past, Manda is immune to feeling guilt in his actions, and is often unpredictable in nature. He has an enormous capacity for knowledge and is extremely intelligent. Manda's most impressive feature coincides with his lack of guilt; he is a paragon at deception and manipulation, as he has no bodily reflexes or moral guidlines that hinder him from lying. In collaboration with his smarts, Manda is able to plan and prepare a situaion before it happens, essentially playing chess with life. Manda is a temper prone, frustrated, and aggressive man who seeks answers about his origin and place in the world. His trigger happy attitude gets him into more trouble than necessary in the beginning, but also guides him to a legendary journey. As the series progresses, Manda awakening of power brings forth one-by-one the seven core sins that sleep within him as their master. Although he is tempted by all, his biggest downfall is his pride. Manda becomes detached, uncaring, apathetic, and his confidence turns to arrogance. Manda is calm, collected, cruel, but fair, and extremely confident in his abilities. Manda typically appears to be indifferent on most matters. He is capable of being flamboyant and energetic, but it is unclear how much of this behavior is forced and how much is his normal personality. He easily gets shy around new people, though he does not always express this outwardly. Manda's behavior can be, at times, erratic. He suffers from bipolarism, and thus, his normal behavior, as described above, can change at any given moment from one emotional extreme to the next, though this doesn't happen often. Despite this, Manda has shown a soft side to him, being extremely caring towards a few select people that he is close to.




Legends only come when the time is right, and this legend is about a five year old boy who was told a story that changed his life forever.

(The actual scene that changed his life forever)

The setting was nine at night, with the wind blowing fast mixing in with the heavy rain and thunder storm. The five year old Manda hid under his covers, with a bulge of his head poking out of the bed as he sat with his legs folded together on his bed. His father walked into his room and turned on the lights just a tad bit to where it was dimmed and you could see a person's whole appearance clearly. Manda noticed the door creaked open and the lights slowly coming out, and he popped his head out of the covers. Manda looked at his father and said, "Daddy!, I'm scared of this thunder storm... can you tell me a bed time story?" His father walked closer to him and said. "You have never asked me before to tell you a story, why now?" Manda looked at his dad with frighten eyes, "Because it never rained this hard and it wasn't ever this loud!" His father got into bed with Manda and opened the drawer next to the bed and got the book out. His father then got under the covers and with his son getting underneath his armpit and laying on his stomach. "This story is called, The Legend know as Manda Uchiha." Manda was in shocked and looked up at his dad. "This story is about me?!" His father showed him the title of the book and then began to read him the story out loud. "There once was a boy named Manda Uchiha, both of his parents died because of war....etc..." After minutes past by, Manda fell asleep in his father's arms and had a dream that night about the man in the story. His father slid himself off Manda and placed the covers over his body to where his head can only be seen. His father walked out of the room, turned the lights off and closed the door. Two hours passed by and a loud lighting strike came down from the sky and struck a near by tree. Manda awakening quickly and in a cold sweat. Manda opened the door and ran into the living room, where he saw two bodies on the floor covered in blood. Manda got down on his knees and shook the bodies of both his mom and dad. "MOM?!!?!?!, DAD!?!?!?!, PLEASE WAKE UP!, PLEASE!?!?!?" Manda cried and started shaking and stayed there for thirty minutes, he then grabbed the book which was locked against his father's body and arm. He walked over towards the balcony and spotted a cat right underneath their small tree, hiding from the rain. Manda opened the glass frame and walked out into the rain. Manda grabbed the cat and held it in his arms, shielding it from the rain. Manda looked up at the sky and noticed a faint lighting zig zag right above him. Manda's eyes widen and in a split second, he threw the cat right underneath the tree, and lighting struck Manda, to where he took the full brunt of it which lasted for three seconds, he was blown back into the house and in a coma. [Done]

Manda Uchiha was born in Kirigakure. His father was a book writer who wrote the book about Manda Uchiha, which became famous world wide and almost everyone has read that book to their own children to give them confidents and hoping that they will be strong to beat Manda one day or to even become like Manda one day. Manda was loved by both of his parents, his mother was the teacher at the academy, teaching the younger generation of shinobi. Manda had an incident happen to him at the age of five, which changed his life forever. He woke up to both of his parents dead during a stormy night, which unlocked his sharingan and he was also struck by lighting. He awoken two weeks later from his coma and was told that both of his parents were killed by an assassin. Manda was devastated and rested in his hospital bed, crying and wishing his parents were both alive. Manda got up from his hospital bed and as he was about to leave the room, a strange man in a robe blocked his path. The man quickly chopped Manda's neck with a karate chop formation of his hand, to which Manda collapsed on the ground and was knocked out. Manda was taken out of the hospital and was escorted to the outskirts of the village, with six other shinobis. Before the hospital could realize where Manda had went, it was too late and he was already out of the village. Manda was taken back to their base, where they woke him up and told him that he was the great Manda Uchiha from the book, and that they would train him. Five years have past and Manda Uchiha was taught fire style, he was taught many advance things that normally a little boy wouldn't know at such a young age by the academy. Manda then went back to the village and killed off three ninjas who were entering the chunnin exams and stole one of their faces along with his two accomplices who would also put the disguise on. The chunnin exams took place at the forest of death in the leaf village, to which Manda and his crew traveled to make it there on time. The chunnin exams started and all of the candidates were dead and eliminated one group at a time. Within eight hours of the exams, they sent in jounin level ninja and they discovered that all of them were dead by ninja and not the animals of the wild. They realized that the only group who wasn't killed were the three genin from the mist village. When they checked their records, they found out that these three genin not only had the worst scores known in history, but there records of them being in and out of the hospital was high. The Hokage later confirmed with the Mizukage that the three candidates were dead at the village and an investigation was going on. Both pages were puzzled and wanted to know who could of done such an act. Six years had past and Manda Uchiha returned to his village caused chaos to the village, and the Mizukage knowing that Manda Uchiha was the child with the blue sharingan eyes. Manda challenged the Mizukage for position of the title of kage, to which Manda lost and retreated the village. Having the entire village fully engulfed in flames. Five years later, and Manda was already twenty five, he came back to the village alone this time and eliminated not only tons of shinobi guarding the village, but also the Mizukage himself. Manda left the village with scrolls and burned the village to where it was nothing but fire and ruins all around the village. Manda was later being tracked by the anbu, but his whereabouts became unknown and they abandoned the search and were looking for a new Mizukage to take the previous place. Manda later became known as the phantom of legend, because he only came around once in a blue moon. Manda was marked as an S ranked criminal by the village and the world. Manda later on decided to create the akatsuki, and wanted to cause chaos to every shinobi nation out there, because he was told as a kid the story of how Manda Uchiha destroyed many nations. He also discovered that it wasn't an assassin who killed Manda's parents, it was an order from the Mizukage himself, sending an anbu member to their house because his father and mother had too many debts above their heads that the Mizukage had to get rid of them and make sure someone else who takes their home will be able to bring the money in to help stable the village. He journeyed out into the world and first traveled to Sunagakure. The guards on duty spotted him from far away, wearing the akatsuki robes that were infamous centuries ago. The guards didn't want to take any chances and they alerted more guards to come to the scene. Manda eliminated all of them before the reinforcements came. When they did actually arrive at scene, a shinobi who wore the sungakure uniform was covered in blood and told them he needed a medic and he told them that the intruder already entered the village. Two ninjas grabbed his both and took him to the hospital, while the rest scattered into the village searching for the man. Manda was that disguised individual who pretended to be injured and his arms were around the necks of both men. Manda quickly grabbed both of their heads and bumped it against each other real hard. As they dropped to the ground, Manda stabbed both their necks with a kunai. Manda continued his journey into the village, jumping off the rooftop of the building and gathering individuals to join the akatsuki and aiding him into intelligence that normally wouldn't ever be leaked. He wore the akatsuki uniform and told them that one day he would spare their lives when the coming wars do happen. The men that he approached knew who he was, he was the man who got rid of the mizukage and the village all by himself. They agreed to work with him and he left the village with his subordinates. He went back into his disguise and they went back into the akatsuki hideout. The years went by and he had at least two subordinates in every village willing to join his side and knew he was a dangerous man that would change the world some day.

Key Events: Locked

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2 Re: Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished on Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:54 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
There's not much development on how you became Akatsuki. Also, you didn't fill in Key Events. Also, blue Sharingan wouldn't be accurate until you develop MS. And your personality description needs to be longer considering you're going for S rank. Normally S rank would not be allowed but since you're Akatsuki leader that would equate a Kage


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3 Re: Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished on Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:02 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin
Changed my mind, Akatsuki leader will not start with S rank, but A instead. You need most wanted title to become S rank


[01:54:14] Loki : as in Ryan is a dirty fig newton
[01:54:20] Loki : with a delicious chewy center
[01:54:20] Katsuro : he is
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4 Re: Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished on Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:04 pm

bumped and placed it as A rank

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5 Re: Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished on Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:05 pm


Konoha Chunin
Konoha Chunin


[01:54:14] Loki : as in Ryan is a dirty fig newton
[01:54:20] Loki : with a delicious chewy center
[01:54:20] Katsuro : he is
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6 Re: Manda Uchiha : The Myth Finished on Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:09 am


Kumo Anbu
Kumo Anbu
He was a myth but now, he History.
Moving to archives


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