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It's been five generations after the first war between Samurai and Shinobi. The five villages were founded shortly after and there has never been a war between them. Until now, all five villages have been off limits to the outside world, however the gates have been opened and ninja were allowed to travel between. But suddenly, kage are falling ill and no one knows who's behind it. The Hokage and Raikage both lie in comatose state, awaiting an answer as to what put them there.
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Furue Keita

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1 Furue Keita on Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:23 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin

Name: Furue Keita
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Clan: Kiseimu
Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin

Height: 4'3'' or 1.2 meters
Weight: 72 lbs or 32 and a half kg
Description: Keita is a small but cute child that seems to ooze charisma, mostly because he has the overall tones of the cute kid that will turn out really handsome. He has rosy cheeks, large eyes that seem to twinkle when he's happy, a rounded a youthful face that is super cute, and even though he has all this, he has a bit of a tan and silky complexion. Starting from the top, Keita has a deep blue-grey color to his hair, which he has trimmed in the back and cut a bit short everywhere else, but he has it in a bit of a mess simply pushed to the front and ruffled up a bit to where it looks a bit spiky. He has small upturned eyebrows and large red eyes, which seem a bit bright and almost reminds one of the deep red eyes of the Uchiha. He has thick eyelashes that make him look very slightly feminine in his eyes, but this simply adds to his adorableness. He is fairly fit, especially for a person that young, but he actually practices healthy eating habits and exercise habits as well, so he is more fit than the average eleven year old.

He is a bit slender, although he is fit, he is still small and wears slightly baggy clothing as well, making it harder to discern his actual body type. He is lean, but with a bit of muscle on him, with a good complexion. He has a very large scar in the center of his chest, right above his heart and in the upper portion of his sternum that spreads out in an intricate pattern that looks like veins mixed with spider webs. The scar is darker and also appears on his back, and almost looks like he was struck by lightning and it went all the way through his body. This is his body's most prominent feature. The clothing he wears reminds one of a professional in a field, although he is so young. He has a long sleeved, button up white shirt with a light blue or turquoise vest over that. He usually likes to keep at least the top few buttons open, as he doesn't quite like the super stuffiness of the buttons around his neck.  He then wears shorts that are the same white or cream color of his shirt, but they only reach a little bit passed his knees. He then wears the normal ninja shoes with white socks.

He wears his village's forehead protector as a belt most of the time.

Nindo: Enjoy hardships and suffering, as enduring those hardships and conquering them will leave you with a powerful and pure heart.
Personality Description:

Keita is a bit of a normal little kid, although he is obsessed with medicine and medical knowledge. He is a bit of a sensitive person, in the fact that he likes pretty, cute, and beautiful things. Kittens, rainbows, cotton candy, and all of the overly shiny and colorful things appeal to him. He acts pretty adorable, and although he is a child genius in the field of medicine, he still is ignorant of the world, and is very impressed and fascinated with everything. If someone knows more than he does about any given field, he will show them that he greatly admires them, and becomes a sort of a fanboy. He is a happy kid that likes to impress others and tries to make people proud.

He is usually studying things, training, or the like. He really enjoys pushing himself to the limits, and to the point of exhaustion, whether it be through books or through his body, he wants to better himself all the time, as he wants to chase perfection. Even as a little kid, he knows perfection is impossible, but he wants to strive for it to push himself further and further. He loves getting tasks from the higher up ninjas in the village, whether it be something simple, like delivering a message for them, to something more official like a mission from the kage. He likes watching ninjas spar too, as simply learning from them fighting is a great experience. He is always seen with a pencil and paper, and loves to write notes about his every day experiences.

There is a bit of a dark side to the boy, and that is the Mushikoro that is twisted, entwined, and fused with his heart. The Mind Worm inside of him makes him constantly hungry for new things, and these things are other living beings. He is constantly hungry, and sometimes the hunger can get the best of him. Because of his kekkei genkai and the knowledge he gets from eating things, he often likes to eat different things. Because of the Mushikoro, he never feels any emotions when eating another being for knowledge, it's simply what he is, and he will go to great lengths for knowledge and to curb his hunger. Because of this, he is often seen carrying around and eating exotic foods, such as chocolate covered grasshoppers or the like.
Exotic food, cuteness, cats, dogs, rain, swimming, training, cooking, medicine and medical jutsu, new knowledge, anyone who can show skill in an area he doesn't have skill.


Birth Arc: Before Keita was born, he was already a planned experiment fodder for the new and improved methods in the Kiseimu clan branch in Kirigakure. This meant that as soon as he was born, he was to be bonded with a new breed of parasite that would attach itself to his heart and be a permanent bond. This was seen as a bit of a taboo, but his parents essentially sold him to the clan, as they were far too poor to take care of him, but selling their only son didn't seem to pain them as much as it should have. They weren't good people, and died years later when trying to rob someone and that someone turned out to be a ninja.

Keita, however, wasn't named while he was experimental material, his name was simply a number, two hundred and twenty one was assigned to him as a moniker. He had a healthy body, and his blood type was O, the universal recipient, and it seemed that he was able to handle the parasite that burrowed through his sternum and into his heart. The parasite wasn't attacked by his immune system, and it seemed he was the very first true success that the clan had in creating their own kekkei genkai.

Early Childhood Arc: Keita was going to be re-introduced into society, and for that, he would need a family. The Kiseimu clan wanted to keep conducting experiments, and none of them wanted to even attempt to raise a child, as they wanted to talk to him and study him in a normal life or ninja setting, and they weren't equipped for that. So, the clan had given him to an orphanage, saying his parents committed suicide after trying to take his life, because they were so poor. The clan said they had saved his life, but couldn't save the parents, and so he was dropped at the orphanage.

Upon hearing that story, Keita was given a name, and taken in by a person of the Furue clan, and was given their surname. He was raised as the man's nephew, and he was told that his parents died some other way. Keita was never really sad as a child growing up, simply because he always had a family, and although he wondered how his parents died and where their bodies were, it wasn't at the top of his list of things to learn. He was more obsessed with medical knowledge and how to impress his uncle. He wanted people to like him, because he seemed to like everyone.

Truth Arc: As Keita grew, his appetite grew, but also shifted wildly to things that a pregnant woman would crave, weird flavor combinations and food would find his palette, and one day, he found that he craved human flesh. This was very nerve wracking for him, and he felt that he couldn't tell his uncle, who he essentially felt was his father, as it would most likely cause him to be ostracized, and that was his greatest fear, to no longer be wanted.

The Kiseimu clan found out that he started craving flesh, and sought him out, telling him about the truth behind his birth. They didn't tell him about his parents, simply that they had found him and used him as an experiment once his parents were dead. they told him of the parasite, and gave him the incentive on becoming someone who studied in the medical field, and to join the ninja academy. Keita agreed, and he would often tutor with them in his limited free time, and learn about his own body and the parasite within him.

Academy Arc: Keita joined the academy at the proper age, and made sure to try his hardest. He still wanted to make the ones he cared about proud of him, so he made sure to study until exhausted and made sure that he knew all the material by heart as soon as it was given to him. This evolved into an extremely powerful drive and work ethic when he was aging.

He would pass the academy a little earlier than others, as he tried his hardest, got the best test scores in the class, and made a lot of friends in the process. His work ethic also caused a few problems as well, as some of the other kids were jealous of him, but they never acted on the impulse when they found out his was related to a Furue and the Mizukage, and so they just stewed about it.

Genin Arc: Keita become a genin at the age of eleven, which was a year faster than most people clear the academy, and he was going to continue this trend.

Key Events:

Birth - sold to Kiseimu clan as experiment material
Year 1 - parasite bonded successfully, Keita put in an orphanage
Year 3 - Keita adopted by Furue Krenos, but is said to be his nephew
Year 7 - Kiseimu clan find and teach Keita about the parasite within him
Year 9 - Kiseimu enrolls in the ninja academy in Kirigakure
Year 11 - Kiseimu graduates academy

Writing Sample:
Keita was simply in the local library, looking through some medical magazines that seemed to have a lot of information for those people that were enthusiastic about medicine and medical procedures. This issue of the magazine was specifically about problems with the stomach, such as ulcers, problems with stomach acids, the linings of the stomach, etc. Keita had a small bad of roasted red pepper chips he had made, and was happily munching on them as quietly as possible, when suddenly there was something that was brushing up against his leg. He was a bit startled at first, but when he looked down, it was a cat that had wandered into the library. It was a beautiful patched tabby cat, with orange, black, and white fur. The cat had bright blue eyes, and it seemed way too well groomed and pretty to be a stray.

Keita couldn't handle himself, and let out a delighted squeal, which got some weird looks from other people in the library. He had the biggest smile on his face as he scooped up the cat, which quickly started purring, and he wondered where such a well behaved cat came from as he looked around the library. His brow furrowed when he couldn't see anyone who was even interested in a missing cat, so he held the cat in his arms as he walked around the library asking people about it. No one in the library knew about the cat, and this made Keita a bit sad. someone had lost a cat, and the cat somehow decided to come to the library.

Keita's eyes then lit up, because this meant that Keita could keep the cat at his house and then put up found posters in the village, but mostly because the cat was going to hang out at his house for a bit. As he walked down the street, the cat followed him, and they eventually got to his home, where he walked up the steps and to the door. He was getting the keys, when the cat decided that there were better places to be, and left. Keita followed the best he could, and eventually found the cat's real home, and talked with a little old lady a bit. Overall, Keita received a pinch on the cheek and a cookie, so it was a satisfying outing.

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2 Re: Furue Keita on Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:00 pm


Kiri Chunin
Kiri Chunin
kay you little preppy boy, dis fine


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